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Honey was something that Mei Tanaka had never really seen the appeal of. It was sticky bee vomit, so what if it was sweet? She could just go with sugar – or, even better, splenda – if she was craving something sweet. So it was unfortunate that in the middle of a three week long road trip her old clunker decided to break down next to a stand on the side of a country road selling jars of honey. Mei had nothing to eat in her car, and when she called in she was told it would be three hours before anyone came to get her. It was in the middle of the country, and they implored her to understand it would take a while before any tow truck drivers were free to come at all.


So with a resigned sigh Mei hunkered down in her broiling car and watched the smiling man in white sitting behind the table covered in jars of honey. It wasn’t like honey she saw in stores either; from the display it looked thick – almost like a cream rather than the golden syrup Mei was used to seeing. And the bald, dark skinned young man at the table just looked so . . . relaxed. She was the only one in the area yet here he was, not even looking her way. And it was hot too! He didn’t even break a sweat as he waited and Mei glared at him from behind her steering wheel. 


She waited. And waited. And Waited.


It was the fourth hour and now that it was almost noon the heat in the care was unbearable, even with all the windows open. And, while she hadn’t been looking, the man had set the largest beaker of iced tea she had seen in her life on his table. And that was it. Finally Mei couldn’t take it anymore and she grabbed her purse before getting out of the car. 


“Hello!” The man in white greeted as the skinny Japanese woman walked over, sweat making her yellow sundress cling uncomfortably. “See anything you like?”


“Yes, actually,” Mei said in a clipped tone, “how much for iced tea?” Much to Mei’s surprise, the man in white just looked scandalized. 


“Tea? No Queen, that is free. To promote my honey,” he said with a grin and a nod. Mei arched and eyebrow then quickly reached up to adjust her thick glasses before he noticed the rude expression.


“Um. . .  yes. Well may I have some tea please?” Mei asked and the man nodded eagerly. He produced a disposable wax lined paper cup and poured out tea before passing it over to Mei. She was too hot and thirsty to care that there was honey in it, and when he handed her the glass Mei drank deeply. And in an instant her opinion on honey changed completely.


This was simply the best thing she had ever tasted! Mei closed her eyes and drained the cup, delighting in the bursts of sweetness on her tongue for what felt like a lifetime before suddenly there was none left. Mei frowned, disappointed, before she looked thoughtfully up at the man in white. He seemed so earnest, and his product was beyond amazing. “Can I buy a jar of honey?” She asked and the man in white looked positively delighted by the idea. By the time they finished the transaction Mei’s tow truck had arrived and she was more than ready to go.




It was going to take a few days for her car to be ready, as it turned out. Unfortunate but the little farm town was nice and had a big hotel that Mei had a loyalty program for so things worked out. The small jar of honey she had purchased sat forgotten in the bottom of her purse for most of the rest of the day and night; it wasn’t until around midnight when Mei had to go looking for her cell phone that she found it and remembered. Of course, how could she have forgotten?


Mei dropped her phone and purse on the ground and walked to her bed in almost a trance. She opened the jar and stuck her whole hand in, not really registering how uncouth her behaviors was. Mei lifted her hand to her mouth and started cramming honey down her throat as fat as she could. She ate all of it in a matter of minutes, forcing everything down and spearing honey all over her face and through her short black hair. At some point her glasses had fallen off but Mei hardly cared. She needed everything in the jar and Mei dug her knuckles along the sides and desperately licked her fingers and lips for more. Her ears were ringing, and all she could think about was honey and how much she wanted more . . . how she would happily make more herself if she could. She would make a whole team of workers and soldiers just to make her more honey if she could!


The ringing in her ears had become a buzzing, and Mei felt her skin starting to prickle. She glanced at her hands and noticed they had become a brilliant yellow that spread all the way up her arms, broken only by bands of black on her wrists. Mei watched, unable to think or respond as the yellow spread over her whole body until all of her skin was brilliant yellow, with a second set of black bands around her ankles. She blinked and her vision started to swim, disorienting her for a moment before she blinked open three new eyes, two small ones below her original ones and one right between her eyebrows. This seemed normal to Mei and she rubbed her hands together, trying to remember what was going on and place the dull sense of horror in her stomach. 


Her shoulders prickled and Mei pulled her dress off over her head so she was wearing only her black bra and panties. This seemed fitting, somehow and Mei smiled for a second before two distinct points on the top of her head suddenly lit up with stabbing pain. That shocked Mei out of her stupor and she shook herself as two antennae pulled out from the top of her head. She looked at her hands once more, and blinked her multiple eyes before it sunk in that this was real.


“What the fuck!?” Mei cried out as two translucent wings pulled out from her shoulders. She looked around wildly, before she remembered there was a mirror on the closet door. She made a move to run to it before there was a pain in her lower back, even worse than the one that had woken her. Mei screamed in pain and fear as her back ballooned out and became fuzzy, transforming into a bee’s abdomen with a little stinger at the end. It sat right above her ass, growing out of her lower back and it wiggled and twitched slightly with her fear. It was yellow, like the rest of her, but this was covered in soft fur with five black stripes down it and fearfully Mei reached back and touched it. 


“Holy shit,” she whispered, and much to Mei’s horror her voice was almost indiscernible under the sound of a bee buzzing. No, her voice was completely discernible, Mei realized. She was the one buzzing and with that realization came a stab of fear. Mei licked her lips, feeling another change blooming and she quickly walked to the mirror to see as her humanity slipped even further away. 


Her hair, still black, seemed to fluff up and Mei realized it had turned into the same bee’s fur that covered her abdomen. Mei ran a hand through it and blinked, but when she opened her eyes all five of them had turned completely black in color, even though she could still see just fine with them. Mei let her hand fall as her belly started to swell like someone was pumping it full of water. It pushed out until she looked five months pregnant. She touched it but to her surprise it felt hard and Mei realized she now had an exoskeleton as well as an internal one. She buzzed nervously as her breasts, ass, and thighs started to balloon out too until they matcher her belly and Mei fidgeted, the once thin girl not used to the sudden change even though she felt no different.


The last change was a ring of yellow fur that grey around her throat, almost like a collar and then Mei was done, and she knew it. She had turned into some sort of bee hybrid monster and Mei looked around her room, tears filling her eyes. Her panties and bra were too tight now but Mei couldn’t bear to remove them and see herself naked. 


But before she could do anything, the door to her hotel room turned and opened. Mei was frozen in horror, unable to hide herself and feeling her stronger wiggle defensively for a moment until the man in white came in. For a few seconds Mei was about to shout at him before she remembered something. Yes, she knew this man, Mei was certain of it. “Beekeeper?” Mei asked, blinking at him and he smiled at her.


“Queen, what are you doing here?” He asked and Mei looked around, trying to understand why she was here. “Don’t you remember?” He asked and his voice and eyes slowly drew Mei back under his spell. Yes, she had to remember. But what was it? Mei frowned and squinted at him. “I know you just left your mother’s hive but did you need to fly so far away?” Was that what happened? Yes, Mei remembered. “Such a bad place to try to start a hive,” the beekeeper tutted as he looked around, “If I may, Queen, I found a much more suitable place.”


“Yes, I suppose you did,” Mei agreed. Her wings started fluttering and Mei raised herself a few inches off the ground without even realizing that she was flying. She was wearing something too, how strange. Listlessly Mei pulled off her bra and wiggled out of the panties, wondering why she would wear anything so uncomfortable. The Beekeeper gave her a delighted smile and the Queen smiled back as she let her clothing, and human memories, fall from her completely.


“And there are many drones waiting for you.”


“Really?” The Queen asked with a smile, thinking of drones lining up to breed with her and father her new hive.


“Of course. Come along now,” The beekeeper beckoned and the Queen followed, buzzing happily as she thought of her breeding and birthing a whole hive to make her honey. And really, what more could be gained from life?

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