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    • By Mutandus
      Old story I found on my hard drive.
      The gravel crunched crisply underfoot as we neared the gigantic monolith rising from the desert floor. Wow babe, I said, can you believe it? Ayers Rock! I looked over my shoulder, but I could see that her enthusiasm didnt exactly match my own. I chuckled to myself, shed come around. I had wanted to see Ayers Rock since I was a little kid, and I had always been intrigued about the fact that the Aborigines only allowed their own onto the rock. Outsiders were forbidden to climb or touch it.
      I dont see why we couldnt have just spent our time at the hotel today, babe. Maybe driven out to the coast, done a little scuba diving? Naomi said, half-kidding. Of course, she had wanted to go diving today, instead of hiking out into the desert to see a rock we couldnt even climb on. We both had different ideas about what we should be doing on our honeymoon, and had been going back and forth over things for the last few days now. Nothing serious, we were happy, we just each had very different ideas about what the land of Australia had to offer.
      I know, I know, well get a chance to do that either tomorrow or the next day. Ayers Rock is the quintessential Australian landmark, weve got to see it. I said, hoping shed buy it.
      Oh, I see. she said, feigning sarcasm. So Ayers Rock we have to see, but not the Sydney opera house, or the Great Barrier Reef, huh?
      I looked over my shoulder, and was happy to see her grinning up at me as she leaned into her packstraps and kept hiking. I slowed down enough for her to come up alongside me and leaned over to kiss her. She kept looking at me with that, Youre an idiot, but I love you kind of grin and we just kept walking.
      Before long, the enormous red rock dominated the horizon in front of us, and we were soon standing right at the foot of it. You can see why people think aliens put this here. I said, looking up at the towering lump of stone. I mean it just rises straight out of the ground, but yet its all alone out here. I grinned to myself, Man, this is just so cool! I said, looking over at Naomi. She just shot me a look, hands on her hips, her beautiful dark hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. She had never enjoyed talking about abstract things with me. Things like how Ayers Rock might have gotten there never concerned her. She was more of a simplist I suppose. To her, it was there now, it didnt matter how or why.
      Come on babe. Were here, we might as well look around. she said, that same grin still shining from her face. She would never have come here on her own, but she knew I was happy, and that gave her some enjoyment of her own. She was good to me.
      We walked to our right around the stone, slowly, and I was amazed by everything. There were paintings on the rock that I thought must have been the coolest thing in the entire world, but everything was new and impressive to me. The kinds of rocks laying around, the trees, and how they grew out here in the Australian desert, the tiny lizards that were constantly flitting into the underbrush as we approached. I wonder how long these paintings have been around. I said, inspecting one as we walked by.
      Hmm, no idea babe. Naomi replied, unimpressed. As we continued walking, we came upon the entrance to a cave. Wow, now thats cool! she said, very much impressed by the entrance that was apparently carved right out of the rock. The walls of the entrance were lined with various vivid and colorful paintings, and the floor was smooth and shiny, indicating generations of use. Now that I want to go look at! she said, grinning at me from ear to ear. 
      Why the sudden interest? I asked, putting my hand on her shoulder as we stood at the mouth of this giant cave. 
      I dont know, she mused, her tone light and curious, it just seems neat that this was all carved out by hand, so long ago. I said nothing, both elated that something had finally grabbed her interest, and annoyed that I was always unable to predict what she would like and what she wouldnt. Lets go in and look around! she said, beginning to pull me by the hand toward the mouth. I resisted a little bit.
      No, babe, I dont think we should. All the park service people told us that non-Aborigines were forbidden to climb on Ayers Rock, and that the Aborigines had even killed a man in the 70's who tried to ignore them. I said, not wanting to piss of a group of natives this far from any kind of help. 
      Theres no one around babe, whos going to see us? I just want to look at these paintings a little more and then we can go. Ah, I thought to myself, now I see what youre angle is. She was trying to show some sort of interest so Id be more accepting of the Then we can go thing. She just wanted to see a bit and head back. Ah well, thats fine with me, I guess. I was getting a bit parched, and it had been a long day trying to coordinate a ride from the park service to avoid hiking the whole distance. Besides, there was always more fun to be had in the hotel room with Naomi than anywhere in public.
      Ok. I conceded, looking around. Well just dip in and see whats in there, but I dont want to stay for long. She smiled at me, and began pulling me up the stone ramp and into the cave. As we walked toward the mouth, we looked at the paintings adorning the walls around us. There were the usual cave paintings one might expect to find, men killing game with spears, fire, various animals and spirits. There were also sea turtles and a few other animals that I wouldnt have expected to see so far inland.
      Look at this one, babe. Naomi called, and I turned from my sea turtle painting to walk over to her. We had only walked a few meters into the cave, but the light seemed to be having a tough time in here. It was as if it strained to penetrate the cave, but couldnt quite make it. We were just out of sight of the bottom of the ramp, but the mouth was only a few quick steps away. I walked up next to Naomi and peered at the wall she was pointing to. 
      I saw a progressive depiction of a woman, her features slowly replaced with those of a kangaroo. In the first picture, a naked woman was depicted rather crudely. The next image showed the same woman with the long ears of a kangaroo, and a tail protruding from her tailbone. After that, the image showed a woman with kangaroo-like legs and arms, and covered in fur. Huh. I said, scratching at the stubble on my face. Thats pretty neat. What do you think it means? I asked, noting the last painting in the series depicting a woman with almost entirely kangaroo features, her head thrown back and mouth open. 
      Naomi snorted, Hell if I know. she said, putting her hands on her hips again and turning back to the mouth of the cave. She was waiting for me to say something. I just looked at her. Ready to go? she said, after a moment.
      I just grinned at her, having already known what she was waiting for. Yeah, babe. Lets go ahead and go on back. We turned back to the mouth of the cave and linked our arms together as we strolled along. Just as we neared the lip and could see the foot of the ramp, we stopped dead in our tracks. A small group of what I took to be Aborigines stood on the dirt at the bottom, staring straight at us. They were all males, and each stood stock still, only a few stray feathers and their loincloths swaying in the breeze. Naomi gripped my arm and tried to get behind me a little bit.
      What do they want? she said, as if I should know. I could hear fear creeping into her voice, and I knew she was thinking about what I had said earlier, about the Aborigines killing a man who had disobeyed them. One of the men, who I assumed was the leader, stepped forward. He was holding a staff in his left hand, adorned with a few feathers tied to it at odd intervals, and the skull of a some sort of dog affixed to the top. I assumed it was a dingo. Babe! What do we do? Naomi said behind me, I suppose unhappy with my lack of response.
      Its ok babe, just calm down. If they wanted to hurt us they would have done it already, and they probably would have brought more people. Just stay calm and dont lose your cool. The leader stepped forward again, this time taking a step onto the stone ramp. He slammed the heel of his staff down, and a sharp click echoed ominously through the cave behind us. Still, he said nothing. He took another step forward, and this time everyone behind him moved at the same time. Naomi and I took a step back. Another step forward, click, another step backward. Step, click, step. Step, click, step. It was like a dance now, and still nothing had been said. By now, Naomi and I were standing next to the series of pictures we had seen before, and the Aborigines were lined up shoulder to shoulder across the mouth of the cave.  Their silhouetted forms cast long shadows into the cave, and in a slow movement, the leader raised his staff and pointed it toward us. He still said nothing, but began gesturing with it as if pointing further into the cave. Naomi and I took a few steps further back.
      It was getting dark for us now, and still the group of men stood silently at the mouth of the cave, unmoving. The staff was still pointing deeper into the cave. Alright babe, stay calm, and were going to get out of this. Im sure theres another way out of this cave, and well just have to find it, thats all.
      No! I dont want to go in here! Its dark, and, babe, I just dont! she said, the fear in her voice very clear. She was on the verge of tears, and I was trying to think of a way to calm her down. One difference between men and women is that women often try to understand why something is happening to them. They try to empathize with another persons motive. Its why they make better mothers and friends than most men. But in survival situations, its almost always a hindrance. Women tend to try to understand why some guy is attacking her with a knife in a parking lot, rather than simply deal with the threat. Its one place where men usually have an advantage. We are simply wired different, and can think in simple terms. Naomi, look. I said, kneeling down in the darkness and unshouldering my backpack. She knelt in front of me, looking at me. Ive got a flashlight in here, as well as a good knife and some water. Were just going to go down into this cave and try to find a way out. It doesnt look like they want to follow us in here, so weve got all the time we need to get ourselves out. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the silhouettes were still standing there, far back at the entrance. I was probably just as worried as Naomi, and might have been freaking out too, if I were by myself. Trying to calm her down was forcing me to calm down as well, and I grabbed the flashlight from my bag and clicked it on. I stuck the knife into my waistband and reshouldered my pack. All right babe, lets go. I said, taking hold of her hand and heading deeper into the cave. I looked over my shoulder one more time, saw that the men werent coming into the cave after us, and kept walking.
      Naomi was very quiet as we walked. I could tell she was pretty frightened, but she had held back the tears so far, and didnt seem to be freaking out. It didnt take us long to find light up ahead in the cave. We walked a little more quickly, stumbling a few times, in an effort to get there. Reaching the source, we found that it was a shaft of light coming down through the roof of the cave, illuminating a set of steps that rose upward. I looked at Naomi. I think this is a good way to head. If you really want we can keep looking for a normal exit, but if we can get up on top of this thing we can probably find a quicker way down and out of here. I said, waiting to see if she would say anything.
      Ok, if you think thats the way to go. she answered, looking up the stone staircase. I was happy, she seemed to be holding herself together better than I thought. 
      All right then, lets go. I said and started up the staircase, letting her trail behind me holding my hand. 
      The climb was long, and it seemed that the light never got any closer. We were both getting tired, and had no idea what we might find at the top. The steps were amazingly clean, and well-carved, showing obvious craftsmanship. As we grew nearer the top, a slight breeze found its way down to us. Oh, that feels really good. Naomi said behind me. 
      Yeah, no kidding! I said, enjoying the breeze as well. We turned the final corner and climbed the last few steps to find ourselves on top of Ayers Rock. Emerging from within, the two of us stood for a moment taking in the view. It seemed as though we could see forever, and the enormous expanse of red rock beneath us seemed never ending. 
      Babe, I need to take a break for a second. Naomi said, flopping down beside the opening to the stairs.
      You ok? I said, turning to her and kneeling beside her. 
      Yeah, Im fine. she said. Just a little winded, but glad to be away from those people. She had one leg crossed underneath her, and propped herself up on her arm and other leg.
      Here, try and drink some water. I said, digging through my pack.
      No, I cant. My stomach is feeling a little messed up. My head kinda hurts too. she said, putting a hand to her forehead. 
      Ok babe, just take your time. I said, watching her as she breathed heavily and took her time. In typical tourist fashion, we were both dressed like Steve Irwin wannabes, wearing khaki shorts and button-down khaki shirts complimented by sharp-looking hiking boots. We both had our sleeves rolled up and the brims of our tourist-shop hats pulled down over our faces. Naomi unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt to let in some air, and reached up to kick her hat back from her head. Letting the hat hang by its drawcord around her neck, she reached up to pull her hair back into the ponytail which had by now mostly fallen out around her face.
      Babe? she said, fear in her voice again.
      What is it? I said, looking over at her.
      Oh God, what is this? Whats going on? she said, not looking at me, both hands up to her head. I looked to see her fondling long, golden-brown ears protruding from the sides of her head. 
      Wha...? I said, unable to come up with any more articulate of a response.
      Oh, babe, God I feel weird! she said, her breathing quickening. She was still rubbing her ears, sticking out from the side of her head almost 4 inches, and covered in golden brown fur. I still couldnt come up with a single thing to say. My whole body feels weird, I can feel my stomach twisting! she said, obviously scared, but holding herself together much better than I would have been if the situation had been reversed.
      Just, stay calm babe. I said, feeling totally inadequate. Im sure everythings fine. Everythings fine?! Shes got ears growing from the side of her head, how is everything fine? Just take a deep breath and stay calm. I said, unable to find better words.
      She did take a deep breath, just like I said, but it didnt make those ears go away. Babe, babe, somethings growing...out of...meeeeEE! she said through her teeth, straining. She sat up to her knees, and arched her back, her teeth clenched and her body tight with strain. I watched a small lump form above her ass, right where her tailbone should be. The lump grew larger, and I saw her shorts begin to tighten across her body. Oh, baby, its getting really tight, it hurts! she said, now on all fours and arching her back with the effort. 
      I was dumbfounded, and completely at a loss for words watching what was taking place right before my eyes. The lump on Naomis tailbone continued to grow, pushing against her shorts and drawing them tight against her body. I couldnt help but notice the outline of her pussy against the shorts as the bulge continued to grow. Its ok baby, Im right here. Im right here beside you. I said trying to keep her calm. I felt like an idiot, but what else could I say? I reached out to touch her shoulder, but then pulled my hand back, thinking that she might not want to be touched.
      Its so tight! My shorts are so tight! she said. I could see the waistband of her khakis digging into her hips, and as the lump continued to pull the waistband of her shorts away from her tailbone, I could see a thick tail, covered in golden brown fur protruding. Ohhh, baby, its so tight! she moaned again, just as the button on her front gave way. The tail continued to extend from her tailbone and she moaned through her teeth as her shorts were stretched to their limit. I could see a small tear beginning at her hips and slowly making its way down the side of her shorts. The tear slowly expanded, and then ripped quite suddenly down the side of her hip, falling in shreds still connected around her other leg. 
      God, oh, that feels so much better. she sighed, her body relaxing a little bit as her tail continued to grow from her tailbone. I watched it extend several feet from her body, pushing her thong underwear out of the way as it grew. Despite the circumstances, I could feel myself getting turned on as I caught a glimpse of her little pussy peeking out from behind her panties. The tail was thick and muscular, and extended from just above her ass nearly four feet behind her. 
      Naomi, I, I dont know what to say. I fumbled as she panted, still on all fours. 
      It doesnt hurt anymore. she said, looking back at me. Do you think it could be...?
      The paintings? I said, looking at her wide-eyed. She nodded. Her hair fell silkily around her shoulders, and she looked almost comical wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties and hiking boots from the waist down with a four-foot tail extending from her tailbone. Are you ok? I asked.
      Yeah, I think so. But I dont think its over yet. I can feel my body churning inside. she said, far more calmly than I could have ever mustered. Leaning back on her knees, she reached to try and pull her panties off over her tail. There wasnt enough flexibility at the base of her new tail to allow it to slip back through her panties, and she struggled momentarily to push them down. I remembered my knife and said, Here babe, let me help you. I unsheathed the knife and scooted over to her on my knees to cut her panties off at the hip. They fell softly to her knees and she swept them up in her hand. Being so close to her, I felt a stirring down below again. Babe, Im here for you no matter what. I said, leaning in to kiss her. Still twisting her head to look back over her shoulder, she kissed me, but broke away from it with a grunt of pain.
      My feet, its my feet! she said, unable to sit down to untie her boots because of her newfound tail. I began working on one boot quickly, trying to undo the laces and cursing my stubby fingers. I could feel her feet shifting beneath the leather, and I watched as her calves began to thin and change as well. Finally I wrested one boot free and turned to the other. Babe, hurry, it hurts! she gasped, in obvious pain. My fingers flew over the laces, and I had the second boot off much more quickly. Oh, she sighed, thats so much better. 
      I watched as her feet lengthened, seeming as if they wouldnt stop. Her toes shortened significantly, drawing together as her foot continued to narrow and lengthen. As I watched, her fourth and fifth toes shriveled and soon disappeared into her foot, leaving only three toes. Her middle toe swelled, growing longer and thicker as her other two toes continued to shrivel and move further back on her foot. God baby, why is this happening? she whimpered. 
      I have no idea, babe. I just want you to know Im here. I said, feeling completely lame. As her feet elongated, nearly a foot and a half long now, her thighs shortened and began to resemble haunches. We stood together now, and she was nearly as tall as she had always been, but was forced to lean forward on her haunches a bit now. I began to notice changes in her hands now, as claws worked their way from her fingers and her thumbs began to shrink. At the same time, thick claws began to push their way from her remaining toes as her feet completed their change. 
      Mm, babe, God...this feels so different! Its a completely new sensation! she said, closing her eyes momentarily. She stood in front of me, completely naked from the waist down now, with a large tail protruding from her rear, the feet of a kangaroo, and smaller, clawed hands. Still, there was something incredibly arousing about her, and as she moaned, I became more and more turned on. The fur on her feet, tail, ears, and hands began to slowly spread toward her torso.  Holy shit, that feels so good! she moaned, looking toward me now. I could see the fur spreading, but very slowly. Her little pussy still peeked at me from between her legs, and above it her toned stomach disappeared into her shirt.
      As I watched her beginning to squirm now, I saw her chest beginning to change. Apparently she noticed it too, because she moved her hands up her stomach toward her breasts. I had always been incredibly attracted to my wife when she was my girlfriend, and then my fianc, but there had always been one thing lacking. Despite her perfectly smooth, silky legs, and her tight stomach, she had always been a little disappointing up top. She could completely cover her breasts with her hands, and could only produce cleavage if she used both hands to push them together. She used to always do that when we were in the shower together, teasing me. 
      She knew that I was a fan of larger boobs, and I think it always bothered her just a bit, though she never said anything about it. She would just tease me as if it didnt matter to her in the least. Watching her now, though, I couldnt have been more turned on as her breasts swelled beneath her shirt, already beginning to fill the material out.
      Jesus baby, whats going on? This feels so gooood! she moaned, running her hands over her growing mass. She had chosen not to wear a bra out here because she complained that they made her sweat. I was thankful for that choice now as I could see her nipples outlined clearly against the fabric of her shirt. She stepped closer to me. Feel them. she said, looking me straight in the eyes. I lifted my hands to her swelling breasts and cupped them in my hands. She moaned as I did so and reached down to the button on my own shorts. Something about the furry ears poking from within her hair, and the way she was looking at me made me want her immensely. In my hands, and through her shirt, I could feel her breasts continuing to swell and grow. Her nipples pressed against my palm, and when I tweaked one between my fingers she closed her eyes and her body shuddered. Theyre so sensitive! she whispered, a sense of urgency creeping into her voice. 
      Her breasts were beginning to fill my cupped hands, and I could feel real weight to them now. They must have been a C cup, and filled out her small shirt nicely. Through the opening she had created earlier unbuttoning her top, I could see her cleavage swelling nicely. Her breasts were beautifully round, and looked soft and luscious expanding behind her shirt. I felt her pop the button of my shorts open, and with some difficulty, she worked the zipper open. I want you, Naomi. I said, looking straight into her eyes. She didnt say a word, but pushed my shorts down from my hips. I began to slowly unbutton her shirt, and it seemed that with each button I opened, more cleavage spilled out. Soon, her breasts were free, and hung from her chest like ripe fruit. I felt my dick touch her stomach, and I could feel the light fur continuing to spread toward her chest. Again, I tweaked one of her nipples, and she shuddered as a moan escaped her lips.
      Baby, I want you in me! My tits feel so huge! Theyre so tight and sensitive! she moaned, pulling me roughly into a kiss. Her tits were smashed against my chest, and I felt her nipples throbbing against my skin. Her breasts continued to grow, and I could feel them expanding between us. My dick slipped between her legs, and I could feel her soaking wet pussy sliding along it. As she hugged me to her even tighter, I reached behind her and gripped her ass in one hand and her tail in the other. I pulled her tail up just slightly, making her arch her back, and pulled her against me. Mmm, baby, I want you so bad! she moaned. I could feel her fur against my stomach, and on my back where she had her arms wrapped around me. 
      I backed up slightly and used my hand to guide myself inside her. I went slowly at first, feeling her body tense up, and then thrust hard. Oh Jesus, holy shit! she screamed. She felt tighter than ever, and her little pussy was dripping with juices. I could feel them running down her legs as we thrust into each other over and over. She was screaming wildly, and I grabbed her tail again to control her as I pounded myself into her. Baby, Im getting close, Im getting close, here it comes, huh, huh, huh...nnngggaaahhhh!! she screamed as she came. I could feel her entire body stiffen, and her pussy squeezed me tightly. Oh, GOD! she screamed again, little aftershocks rippling through her new body. Again! she screamed, Again! I started to rock my hips again, and she stopped me. No. she said, pushing me away. Like this. She turned around and bent forward, her ass in the air.
      She was covered in a light brown fur all over, and her brunette mane still flowed down her back in a ponytail. Her pussy was framed perfectly between her furry cheeks, glistening with her juices.  I want you to fuck me baby! I want you in me now! she said, looking back over her shoulder. I obliged, and stepped in closer. I pulled her tail up and draped it over my shoulder and guided myself smoothly into her. This time I went slowly all the way in, and she moaned softly with me. I gradually picked up the pace, rocking my hips back and forth as she began to pant and moan. Jesus you feel good! I said, thrusting harder. Putting one hand on her hip, I reached forward and grabbed one of her enormous tits. She was easily a DD now, and as I pumped into her they swayed beneath her rhythmically. 
      Harder babe, I want it harder! she yelled, rocking her hips back into me. She ground her ass against my stomach, and I felt as if I had never been deeper in my life. I slammed myself into her over and over, and she just screamed louder and louder. I pushed her tail forward over her back, forcing her to arch her back more and she cried out. Baby, Im gonna come again! Im gonna come for you! she panted, looking back over her shoulder at me and squeezing her tits against her chest. I felt myself getting close as well and ran my hands through the fur on her back, gripping her furry hips and pulling her closer into me. Jesus! she screamed, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. Ive never been so hot in my life! Im gonna come! she yelled, rocking backward and slamming her ass into me. She ground her pussy against me and moaned, Mmmah, ah, ah, oh god...baby! Oh shit, Im gonna come, oh god, oh god, OH, OH....OH MY FUCKING GODDD!! AaaaAAHH!! she screamed and we came together. I could feel her pussy spasm against my stomach as her body tensed. She convulsed and quivered as I came inside her. Together, we collapsed to the ground.
      Laying there, I could feel the breeze across my stomach, cold on Naomis juices. She lay beside me in a heap, her huge tits heaving with her heavy breaths. The light brown fur covered her stomach and dipped down to her pussy, still swollen and dripping as her tail protruded from underneath. We lay there looking at each other, at a loss for what to do next, when we heard a helicopter overhead. Swooping low over the rock, we could see the Search and Rescue markings on the side of the aircraft as the pilot got a good close look at us laying there naked. Naomi tried to cover herself as the pilot swung the bird around for a landing on the rock.
    • By Monster
      For the Body and Sole - by mankor
      On this episode of "In Search of Bigfeet", a traveling Pokemon trainer has undergone a startling transformation. While some witnesses have blamed her fall on a cursed banana peel, we were unable to make contact with said banana peel for questioning. 

    • By Thal
      Female Warrior → Wolf Women TF
      Although it was a female warrior who succeeded in the suppression of Warwolf, herself became a new threat due to the wounds received during battle. . .
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