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    • By Heqet
      He awoke with a daze, but quickly realized that he could not move. He was stuck in... something. He gave the material a strong pull and it stretched ever so slightly. 

      It was webbing. 

      "Oops, sorry!" 

      The voice was gentle and female, but the man in the spider's web couldn't see who was speaking to him. He squinted his eyes as a shadow moved towards him. As the figure entered the light, his eyes flew wide open in shock. It was a giant spider with a human's upper torso. She was oddly beautiful and obviously dangerous. 

      The man silently prayed that he would not be devoured before being jerked back to reality by the feeling of a hand tugging on his shoe. 

      "Hey! What are you doing?" 

      "Ssshhh, just leave it to me..." 

      She pulled of his shoe with a gentleness that matched her voice, the cool air brushing against his socked heel. 

      Suddenly, she dug her hands straight into his socked foot, scraping his cotton covered sole and eliciting a torrent of laughter.

      A member commission for Spikedpsycho. To make your own fan request and download all of our transformation comics, purchase a single 1-month membership to transformfan.com!

      (Technically, this one's from Bondage Fan - but I thought the spider girl might be appreciated here!)
    • By Mutandus
      A Cultural Prejudice
      **note in comments that I don't hate witches
                  Walking from the campus' theater, having just watched a live production of "The Wizard of Oz" that was skewed in a more comedic fashion, three new college friends began joking about the performance. It was then that Anna turned the conversation to the Wicked Witch, each of them chuckling and joking about how grotesque the witch was.
      "I loved the huge nose they gave her, was hilariously fitting, and how she would keep slapping people with it!" Anna jested.
      "I know! And it was funny how fat she was, waddling around the stage, trying to look menacing!" Chloe added, fondly remembering the comedy they had just witnessed.
                  The deceptively youthful witch wore a flabbergasted look upon her face, unbelieving what she had just heard, how dare they insult witches in such a manner! She quickly turned and faced the trio, her stony white hair whipping with her fast movement. The three strangers curled faces adorned with laughter, until each was startled by the woman's quick movement in their direction. An expression of ferocity boiled up in the witch's sharp features, the joking nature society had now placed on her kind had finally pushed her over the edge. Scowling at each of the three, she quickly analyzed each of them, searching for the most fitting punishments. First pointing a finger upon the young man and woman she angrily declared;
      "You two, you're nothing but pigs, fat, squealing beasts." Turning her gaze to the last of the three, a petite young red-headed woman she concluded; "And you, you'll find yourself becoming as plump and bulbous as the both of them… combined!"
                  With that the witch turned and left them with; "Enjoy your new forms, you disgusting humans." The witch storming off from them in a hastened pace, borne from a blinding anger. The trio stood in shock, somewhat confused about what just happened. Though, in additions to this confusion each of them felt an odd tingling dissipating through their fit, youthful forms, leaving them with somewhat nervous feelings about the witch's promise, though they would not admit believing in such a thing out loud. The three new acquaintances looked at each other, unsure of what to say. The trim redhead tried to brush it off;
      "Okay guys, well that was weird." Chloe chuckled, somewhat nervously, "If you want help with that project later just text me, I'll be in tonight studying anyway."
      "Thanks Chloe, was nice meeting you."  replied Anna.
                  With that, Chloe gave a nervous smile and turned and hurried off, being careful to be sure the "witch" she apparently was going to be walking in the same direction as was not going to be too close. The dark-haired girl, Anna, nervously smoothed out her modest v-neck blouse over her stomach, in turn pulling the neck of her shirt done a bit, revealing just the slightest of her ample cleavage to Tyler for a brief moment. Anna was an attractive young woman who had become a bit curvier in her college years, though hardly what one could consider chubby.
      "Well I guess I should get started on that project, think I had enough fun for one night." She said to Tyler as she started to head to the library on the Friday evening.
                  Seizing at an opportunity, Tyler retorted "Maybe I should come with you, ya probably don't want to be "poofing" into a pig on your lonesome do ya?" Tyler joked. Managing to earn a smile from Anna, she turned and agreed in jest; "Yeah, gonna need a strong boar to protect me from those hordes of witches. Come on, I guess a second set of hands could speed up this research a bit." With that the two of them started off over an artsy-looking bridge, heading towards the library.
                  Coming back to Anna's secluded desk in an already empty library, after retrieving a few books he found her eating a sweet roll, the rest of the bag sitting next to her. Anna looked up from her bun, sensing a look of judgment from Tyler.
      "Shaddup, I'm hungry, and it's all I could find in a hurry." Tyler smirked, dropping the pile of books on the desk with a thump, followed by a couple large bags of skittles and m&ms. When Anna noticed this, she chuckled. "Just look at us pigs." she said jokingly, the idea still dancing in the back of her mind, causing her to shoot a sneaky glance down at her belly, questioning if it looked a little more plump than usual. She dismissed this thought as paranoia, instead choosing to distract herself with the research project.
                  For about an hour the two college students sat in relative quiet, pouring over their respective research tools, every now and again passing their notes or findings to one another, joking about their professor and picking at their snacks. After being buried in his book for a while Tyler looked up at Anna as she intently scrolled through an article search, a puzzling look etching upon his face as he swore Anna looked a little more "puffy" than she had just a short time earlier, not to mention a bit of her cleavage was now plainly visible through her v-neck. His mind starting to swirl with speculation, he shortly began to lose focus and found himself becoming quite aroused at the sight of Anna. Before he could become too lost, Anna turned in her chair and questioned Tyler about an area of the project, breaking him from his trance. Seeing that Tyler was unfocussed and not even studying the material, she playfully scorned him.
      "You're reading about witchcraft? C'mon Tyler, she was just some hippy girl who dropped a bit too much acid today, forget about her. I've gotta go to the whizz palace anyway, you better be looking in the right book when I get back."
                  With that, Anna stood up, slightly unsteadily, smoothed her shirt over her stomach, and quickly headed off towards the bathroom. Waiting a moment, Tyler turned and stole a glance at Anna as she walked off, just missing a good look at her as she disappeared around the corner. Tyler sat, considering what he thought might be happening, popping a few skittles into his mouth. Not considering it until now, Tyler took a glance down at himself. Almost as soon as he saw it with his own eyes he just noticed how his clothes felt tighter. He wasn't imagining things, Anna getting bigger was not an illusion! Considering that he too certainly had gotten a fair bit chubbier than he had been earlier. Confusion and fear beginning to addle his mind, he quickly looked around to be sure no one could see him, then stood up from his sitting place of the last hour. In doing so his shirt rode up a bit, exposing some of his rounding belly. Tyler quickly turned and looked at his reflection in the darkened sixth story window, now realizing that he too looked a bit "puffy" all over, not just his belly looked fattened up, but his chest pushed at his shirt chubbily, his butt tight in the seat of his jeans, soft love handles easing out his sides and his face more full and rounded.
                  Managing to recover a bit from what he had just seen of himself, he thought of how this could be fixed. Surely this white-haired "hippy" was indeed a witch, and curses or spells could be reversed, right? Sitting his now larger butt down in his chair Tyler began frantically paging through his book on witchcraft, looking for a way to reverse what was happening to them. Lost in his determination for some time, Tyler then reached a moment of clarity, where was Anna? She had been in the bathroom for nearly a half hour. Just as he was considering going and checking on her heard a sniffle come from behind him. Turning in his chair, Anna stood before him.
      "Okay, I think I've gotten fatter." was all Anna managed to say, obviously coming down from being a bit shocked herself, as she looked at Tyler with shaky eyes.
                  Before he replied Tyler instinctively took a good look over Anna's body, she had grown even more than he remembered. Her belly now clearly distended and large, the bottom of her round belly hung from her shirt, her enlarged belly button clearly visible through her dark blue top. Anna's breasts now swollen and heavy, clearly overflowing from her bra, her cleavage now very much on display. His eyes shifted downwards, her thighs and fattening hips bulging within the material of her heather grey leggings, looking closer with an increasingly instinctual drive, he thought he could just make out the definition of her swollen vulva when his focus was broken.
      "Tyler, what's happening to us? That girl couldn't have actually been a witch, there's no way we're turning into pigs, this is just some weird food reaction, isn't it?" Anna proclaimed, seemingly not even convinced by her own words.
      Tyler looked up at Anna's face, it too looking a fair bit fatter, a double chin just staring to develop under her rounding face. "I don't think so Anna. I fear this is all too real, some strange force is changing our bodies, and we have to stop it."
                  Anna sat down, disliking the creaking sound the chair now made when taking on her increased weight, she must have gained over thirty pounds just this evening, she thought. She and Tyler talked for a bit, meanwhile each of them becoming paranoid of their bodies, each occasionally swearing their clothes had gotten just a bit tighter, or a new jiggle was noticed here or there. Once delving into the books on witchcraft more they realized they themselves could not reverse the spell, they must get the one who cast it upon them to reverse it, additionally, Anna noticed a clause to this;
                  "Only before a transmogrifying spell has been consummated can the spell             be hoped to be reversed. Once consummated the spell will take                                     permanence, and those affected will become lost forever to their new forms."
      "Consummated?" Anna thought out loud, her usually sharp mind for some reason taking longer to process this bit of simple information.
                  Then it hit her; "Oh…" Anna quickly looked at Tyler, her face flushing red as carnal thoughts of him crept inwards after the realization. Though Anna could see Tyler was thinking of something similar as it took him a moment to realize Anna was looking at him, he broke his gaze away from her increasingly curvy body and cleared his throat.
      "Erm, what's that now?" Tyler clearly having lost focus on the issue at hand, the animalistic desires starting to strengthen their hold over him.
      "It's nothing." Anna said, nervously as she forced herself to look away from the bulge pressing against the front of Tyler's jeans. "We just need to find this witch." Clearly still a little fuzzy from his recent daydream it took Tyler a moment to respond; "… and how do we do that?".
                  In that moment in dawned on Anna, "Chloe! She had to walk in the same direction as that witch when she went home, maybe Chloe saw where the witch went, or lives." Tyler lit up a bit when this good news registered with him, "Nice! Text her, let's get over to her place and figure this out, don't think this shirt's gonna stay on me much longer." Tyler tried to joke, though it was somewhat clear that he was nervous about his changing body.
                  A little while after the the text was sent to Chloe, under the guise of wanting help with the project, they heard no response. It was then that Anna decided to follow that text with a bit more honesty, it read; "Chloe, something is happening to us. Help." In a minute's time she received a response, simply of Chloe's address. "Shit." Anna declared, having to clear her throat a bit. "I wonder what's happening to Chloe?"
                  Anna and Tyler packed their things, when Anna noticed Tyler's attention was momentarily elsewhere she seized the opportunity to eat those m&ms and skittles that had been mocking her for the past two hours, she was so hungry. Almost in a frenzy, Anna scooped up two big handfuls of the candy, being indiscriminate, not caring to mix the two as she shoved them in her mouth. She had already swallowed quite a bit before Tyler turned and noticed her, at which point she froze, quite embarrassed by her piggish behavior. Acting as though he didn't see anything, as to avoid further embarrassing the poor, chubby Anna. Tyler stood from his chair; "C'mon, let's get out of here." he said beckoning to Anna as she finished chewing. Anna shakily got to her feet, feeling awkward as her weight and center of gravity were far different than they had been even an hour ago. Looking down at herself, feeling her new double chin fold and squish as she did so, her body had got even fatter, her larger breasts blocking much of her view, but not enough to see that her shirt didn't even cover her belly button anymore.
      "Ohhh, Tyler, I'm so fat!" she mewled as she adjusted her ill-fitting bra over her misshaping breasts. Tyler placed an arm around her now thicker, slightly hunching back, which managed to keep her from breaking into tears, and they walked from the library, though somewhat more laboriously as they did when they arrived two hours ago.
                  "This is it." Anna grunted as she looked up from her sizable burrito she was currently enjoying a bit too much, despite being her second in the past fifteen minutes. "This is Chloe's house." Looking down at her phone, Anna was just about to let Chloe know they had arrived when a text from Chloe popped onto her screen. "Come inside" it read. Reading the text to Tyler as she shot him an uncertain look, noticing how much fatter Tyler had gotten, his fat belly quite visible as his shirt had ridden up quite a bit, small tears beginning to form here and there. While inspecting her new friend Anna noticed a course fuzz had spouted from Tyler's body, which seemed to glow like an aura under the dim, yellow street lamps lining the road that sat on the edge of campus.
      "Well, c'mon let's get to it." said Tyler as her reached to take Anna's free hand, each of their hands swollen with fat, and oddly stiff as they clasped with each other.
                  Tyler knocked on Chloe's door with his chubby fist, feeling bits of his growing body jiggle from the action, which only served to unsettle him that much more. Within a few moments the deadbolt clicked, and the door cracked open, the redhead's eyes peeked from the gap from within the darkened house, Tyler and Anna having a hard time picking out any changes in the cute redhead. "Hey guys" Chloe said meekly, her voice sounding slightly deeper than before as her eyes slid over her two fattening acquaintances. "Come on in, I think we should talk."
                  Tyler and Anna pushed the door open as they made there way into Chloe's dark home as they each struggled to see what had been happening to Chloe, though, in the darkness it proved difficult. One they had reached a back room for a moment the three stopped and stood in silence, Chloe having some difficulty deciding how to proceed.Once gathering up some courage Chloe broke the unsettling silence. "Guys, something weird has been happening to me too, I think that girl really was a witch." With that, Chloe mustered the courage to flick on the room's lamp.
                  Before them no longer stood the cute, trim redheaded girl, that girl had long since passed, possibly swallowed by the behemoth that stood before them. Chloe's body had apparently outgrown the ripped clothing that lay scattered throughout the room, she was now stuffed into a pair of Kansas State sweats. Despite the sweat's elasticity Chloe's body bulged at every bit of material, fat thighs squeezing outwards from her widening hips, Chloe's belly hanging heavy from the once-baggy sweatshirt, riding up hard, Chloe's breasts now massive, straining at the material, having grown into a pleasing roundness that could clearly be seen through the undersized top. Chloe's arms sitting extremely tight in her sleeves, the wildly obese girl began to sob at having revealed herself to her equally fat friends, her body clearly jiggling from the crying.
      "Oh, my girl, it's okay. We'll figure this thing out." Anna said soothingly as she moved in to hug the  fattening girl, some awkwardness being found as their fat bodies and breasts squished against one another's, each finding difficulty to reach their own chubby arms around the other's growing body.
                  Tyler watched as the two unusually chubby girls embraced, somewhat ashamed that he was feeling rather turned on by their chubbiness, an embarrassing bulge beginning to form in his jeans. Briefly, he considered turning away but he was almost memorized by their interlocking fatness, how their bodies squished into each other, Chloe's enormous breasts dominating over Anna's sagging mammaries. With some effort Anna turned her thick neck to see the mesmerized Tyler, the bulge in his pants clearly visible, inciting the ideas of "consummation" within Anna once again, her face flushing as she began to realize how much she wanted it now. Breaking herself from this dampening spell, Anna looked to get back on track and end these changes before they went too far.
      "So Chloe, we think we can fix this." noted Anna, noticing her voice sounded a bit deeper as well, as she let go of her plumping friend.
      "H…how?" asked Chloe, as she dried her eyes with one of her tightening sleeves.
      "We have to find that witch, only she can turn us back. We have to apologize to her, let her know this is all some misunderstanding." grunted Anna, her tongue feeling thicker, less dextrous.
      "Right, well let's get going, I don't want to get much bigger if I don't have to." Replied Chloe, filling with determination as she heavily made her way to the door. Stopping at the doorway, Chloe noticed her two pals were not following. Turning, she looked to Tyler and Anna, who stood in their places. Noticing a strange look upon their faces Chloe inquired as to what was the matter. Not receiving a response from here friends she started towards them. Just then, with a loud groan Tyler grabbed his stomach in pain, Chloe's eyes darted to Anna as she began groaning as well.
      "Guys, what's wrong?!" Chloe asked, becoming frightened.
                  Chloe's question was shortly answered, though not with words, first Tyler began rapidly growing larger, his already strained clothes beginning to tear away here and there, accompanied by loud ripping and pops as the material and stitches gave way to the swelling folds of fat. Then it hit Anna, she too blowing up considerably, she pulled at her overly strained blouse with her thickening hands, tearing it free from expanding body, revealing to the world the rows of teats that she had been hiding since they left the library. Pudge was piling on the two college students at an alarming rate, Anna gasped as she felt her brassiere digging deep into her soft, hot flesh, beginning to cause some constriction to her ragged, labored breathing. Anna reached back with her thickening arms, fumbling to undo the bra's clasp with her dumbing hands, but before she could her barreling torso did the work for her, the clasp snapping with a tremendous force, the bra doing nothing to support Anna's now exposed breasts. Anna looked down, snorting in embarrassment once she saw her body, her once full, round tits that men had fawned over now resembled little more than swollen pig's teats, now just chubby versions of the ones that were growing in size down her belly.
                  Anna's self pity was cut short when she heard Tyler let loose a shrill squeal, looking up she could see his pants tearing from his thickening thighs, the jeans loosening, dropping into a pile around his feet. Anna tore her eyes away from Tyler's bulging genitalia from within his now skin-tight boxers as she noticed the sensation of her own legs bulking up. Grateful she had chose to wear leggings today Anna watched as her own legs swelled with fat, the stretchy material easily accommodating the growing girl's fat thighs. Feeling the sensations beginning to die down, Anna's heart fluttered in relief, thankful that she wasn't about to fully devolve, not now, not before finding this witch and making things right with her.
                  Chloe stared, flabbergasted at what she just saw, sure. when Tyler and Anna arrived a short time ago they were quite chubby versions of themselves, but now, now they had gone through some rather serious changes, changes that only served to ignite a deepening fear in Chloe's chubby heart. Tyler and Anna's recent growth spurt had not only increased their girth, but left them much less human, the both of them now adorned with a number of pig-like features; their limbs seeming, shorter, stockier, their faces swollen and saggy, tusks beginning to poke from their mouths, noses beginning to upturn, nostrils flaring with each labored breath, their ears poked from their hair, the ends lengthened and becoming pointy. Chloe then looked to Tyler, his body had sprouted course, translucent hairs all over, his boxers doing little to conceal his changing genitals, his balls larger, straining against the green material, and a pig's sheath creeping out of his waistband, stopping just short of his navel, completely concealing his changing penis within, like some kind of morbid chrysalis.
                  Turning her attention to Anna, Chloe noticed Anna's body had now taken a sharp turn for the porcine, her mammaries clearly no longer human, all eight of them, the fat Anna had been putting on no longer held the heavy feminine curves Anna had arrived with but now Anna's body had barreled out, even her rolls had been absorbed into Anna's rounding torso. Behind her, Anna's butt had lost its feminine plumpness, now oddly small and flat considering the rest of Anna's swollen body. Trying to maintain some modesty, despite what just happened, Anna clutched what was left of her breasts in her hoof-like hands. "Oh my God, we really are turning into pigs. The witch didn't just mean we'd get fat." Anna grunted in disbelief, turning her gaze to Chloe, her look clearly asking why Chloe wasn't turning too.
                  Almost being beckoned by the look Anna gave, Chloe began feeling odd, a strange tingling spread through her body, Chloe's heart sinking as she feared what was coming, she did not want to become a pig too, her friends looked so gross. Then, quickly a weird squishing feeling began blossoming throughout her body, firstly beginning in her rear. Chloe likened the feeling to something like chunky jello squeezing through too small an opening as her butt began to inflate with cellulite behind her, tightening her sweats even more. Momentarily loosing her balance from the rapid weight displacement, Chloe wobbled in place, finding purchase once her thighs followed in the same manner, pressing ever more tightly to her grey sweats, Chloe's hips widening with a pop to accommodate her massive thighs. Then, to Chloe's disgust, her pubic area began following suit, getting so bulbous and round, sitting in a fat paunch above the girl's groin, straining the lap of her pants. Feeling as though the changes had stopped Chloe looked up to her fat friends, embarrassed by the pear shape she was taking. Though the changes did not abate for long, Chloe shook hard as a chill ran through her plumping form, feeling her body jiggle all over, her belly and torso began to expand quickly with mass amounts of fat, her arms being pushed outwards as heavy folds of fat formed beneath her fattening upper arms, Chloe's grey sweat top being pushed upwards as her belly could no longer fit beneath the already stretched material. Her top coming to a rest just beneath her inflating breasts, acting as a makeshift bra for her heavy, bowling ball-sized breasts. The crescendo of this horrible act came when the look of fear on Chloe's face became accentuated by a thick double chin and inflating, but sagging cheeks, her entire face thickening into the visage of an obese young woman.
                  The three, now unrecognizable college students stood in silence for a moment, their terrifying predicament washing over each of them, feelings of hopeless came as they felt like strangers in their own bodies. Anna, getting her wits about her, took charge of the situation. "Okay, we need to get moving. *Squeal* But first, *snort* we're gonna need some clothes." Snorted Anna, talking was becoming an issue, seeming as though she was grunting as often as producing human speech. Chloe, still reeling, gathered herself enough to reply with a nod, snorting back her own tears, at least in a more human manner than her pals.
                  Making their way out into the night, each of the sweats-clad college fatties wobbled through the front door, Chloe having to squeeze through the door's opening, her widened and fat hips not doing her any favors. "This way." Chloe announced, taking lead, still wearing the same ill-fitting sweats she had on before. Much of her swollen body exposed to the night's air, Chloe somewhat envied her piggy friends, for at least only bits of their fat bodies shone through their tightened sweats, whereas Chloe felt like she was on fully display, body and breasts bouncing with each laborious step. As the group almost comically wobbled down the quiet streets Chloe could feel her sweats tearing, notably between her thick thighs as cool air would periodically rush in around her nethers. Anna, having lost much of her butt, found herself continually having to pull up her heather-grey leggings, a task that wasn't becoming any easier as her hands lost their dexterity. Each time pulling them up presented Tyler with a nice, chubby camel toe, illuminated under the street lamps. Only passing a few others while waddling towards their hoped salvation, they were each time almost certainly met with either gaping stares, snide passing remarks, or a quiet snickering. Each of the plumped students glowing red in embarrassment, though they were somewhat thankful that they would not be recognized by anyone, considering how much they've changed over the past few hours.
                  Chloe stopped in her tracks in front of an unassuming, victorian house, that seemed surprisingly well-lit for this perceived "dark witch". Gulping down her fear, after hearing Tyler and Anna shuffle to a stop behind her Chloe started towards the beautiful red front door. "C'mon guys." She said encouragingly to her friends, not bothering to look in their direction. Almost like the scene from a cheesy horror flick, as Chloe knocked on the front door in creaked open, opening enough for her to hear a vaguely familiar voice beckon to enter. "Come in my dears, I have been waiting for your arrival". Heart pounding in her chest, Chloe pushed open the door and stepped into the room, her friends in tow. Before her was the oddly attractive white-haired young woman, sitting in some grand throne-like chair, peculiarly facing the front door. "My my my, looks like you three have had quite the evening." The woman said with a wry smile, seemingly pleased with what she saw standing before her. "Look, we've come here to apologize. I'm very sorry if we offended you earlier, but please, don't let us be forced to live like this." Chloe begged, unsure why her friends weren't chiming in their pleas, especially the chatty Anna.
                  Chloe turned to face Tyler and Anna, seeing what had become of them had caused her to gasp, they both stood behind her, wildly hunched, as though they were nearly ready to plop down onto all fours, the two took turns sniffing each other, now looking far more pig than human. Some realization of what was happening managed to shine through in Anna, shaking away the instinctual tendrils that were creeping into her  devolving mind, she took the opportunity to speak her peace. "Pleathhhh, *snort* hahalpmeeee *squeal*". Anna managed to grunt, before she let go of a loud fart, she and Tyler breaking into a strange mixture of stupefied laughter, squealing and grunting. Quickly, the both of them apparently forgetting what they were doing there, as they then took to groping at each other and trying to kiss with distorted, growing snouts. Anna reached down and began rubbing at Tyler's exposed sheath, wanting what was inside so badly. Chloe's fat face wore hopeless disbelief, heart sinking, their best speaker apparently just gave in to her animalistic desires. "Why certainly." The woman smiled. "I'd be happy to help you with that little issue." With that, the woman snapped her fingers.
                  Anna fell to the ground with a loud snort, her body bloating with piggish fat as her sweats began ripping off her barreling out torso. Trying to stand again Anna found herself locking into a quadruped position as her joints popped with their adjusting realignments. Anna's rear now propped up and facing Tyler she looked back at him, fear quickly turning to animalistic lust as her eyes shifted downward to his penis as it poked from its sheath, revealing its new, piggish shape. Anna bit what was left of her human lip as her face flushed hard, before she shuddered in a mixture of ecstasy and bodily growth as her rear end entered into a growth spurt that sought to see her misshaping butt finish its devolution into a sow's hindquarters. Tyler watched in lustful anticipation as Anna's heather grey leggings slipped down her pig legs, leaving just her overly tight, pink panties clinging to her most delicate parts. Chloe cried out in protest as she saw Tyler begin his approach to mounting his desired mate, desperate not to lose her friends to this curse. Yet Tyler cared not for the fat human's garbled noises, all that mattered now was taking this sow, making her his mate, getting his hot member into her swollen and wet pussy and filling her with his seed, and nothing could stop him now, not even the small voice in the back of his head, telling him it would be over if he did this. That small voice was not long for this world as he too thumped to all fours, eyes fixed on the swollen folds beneath the wet panties, taking his growing tusks to the material he ripped the undergarments from his mate, Anna squealing in a submissive lust. Chloe's eyes widened as she stood frozen in shock, now watching Tyler penetrate her new friend, Anna. Animalistic, vigorous rutting began between the two of them as the changes accelerated ten-fold. Color washed from Chloe's face as her two friends were rapidly replaced by two vigorously-mating, wildly fat pigs. Almost declaring their complete transition from human into animal, clothing loudly tore from the grappling pigs' bodies, a necklace broke free from the Anna pig's thick neck and their thinned hair fell to checkered floor as the two pigs were lost in their mating.
                  Now understanding how this situation with the mad witch was likely to unfold for her, Chloe's fight or flight response kicked into full gear, she turned her wide, green eyes to the deviously smiling witch before breaking for the front door. Yet poor Chloe was so large and cumbersome, her attempted escape appeared comically slow and ponderous as her heavy steps carried her wobbling and jiggling body towards the door. Despite the humor of it, the witch was not about to let her prey escape, as she darted from behind, shoving the excessively plump redhead from behind, easily causing Chloe to lose what little balance she maintained. Chloe heavily timbered forwards, toppling a small shelf she reached out for in hopes of finding balance, both she, the shelf and its many trinkets scattered to the ground. Laying face down, her large cleavage now exposed as her top ripped down the front from the violent fall, Chloe could hear the witch teasing her and promising a nasty end for dear Chloe as she calmly stepped around the bulbous and curvaceous redhead. Almost literally grabbing at straws Chloe sneakily snatched up a fallen trinket, one that had something of a familiar appearance to it. Of what little knowledge Chloe had of the world of the occult she had the vague sense that this particular design was that of a warding from evils, hopeless and trapped, Chloe cluing to desperation that this small, etched bronze piece could save her from a terrible fate she was hearing promised for her.
                  With some effort, Chloe rolled to face her adversary, the witch stood at her feet, an evil smile fixed upon her. "I see how you've been looking to your friends… in almost a motherly kind of fashion. Here, let me help you realize that, you look like you'd make an excellent mother to a couple of suckling piglets." The witch playfully threatened Chloe as she again snapped her fingers, actuating the spell. Chloe felt a tingling began spreading through her that somehow itched with a darkness, that was at least until she felt the bronze piece in her hand glowing with warmth, the dark feeling abating and the warmth taking over. The witch's face still adorned with a creepy smile, as she eagerly waited for the redhead to begin her devolution into a pig mother, though her face turned to confusion as she felt a tingling blossoming within herself. Taking her gaze from Chloe for a few moments, the witch tried to place why she felt this strange, unsettling feeling washing through her.
                  While the white-haired witch was distracted Chloe felt a wonderful feeling dancing within her fat form, Chloe looked down with astonishment as she could swear her large, fatty body was beginning to lose weight. Then the changes picked up pace as Chloe could clearly tell her body was rapidly losing weight, the skin tight sweats beginning to ease up their stranglehold they maintained over her fatty, curvaceous body. Yet Chloe was not the only one who felt their clothing become slackened, the witch stared flabbergasted as she noticed her own clothing becoming ill-fitting. The witch stared as she felt her bra cups lose hold on her shrinking breasts, straps slipping from her shoulder. The witch pulled her top over her head to get a better look at what was happening to her, now standing in just a too-large brassiere and loosening pants the witch looked to Chloe, seeing the bronze totem clutched in the redhead's thinning hand. Seeing Chloe now only slightly chubbier than she was at the theater, the witch understood the situation, her spell had been warded and her evils turned back on her! "You fool!" the witch scolded the trimming redhead as she began to move towards Chloe, in an effort to remove the totem from the prey-turned-aggressor. Yet before she reached the girl she noticed Chloe's legs began to tremble, driven by an unknown force Chloe pulled her much-too-loose sweats and panties from her legs, exposing her vagina to the witch. Confused, the witch stopped in her tracks for a moment. A moment was all that was needed as Chloe felt an intense need to push, so she did so, and was met with an explosive surprise. Both Chloe and the witch's eyes popped wide as a tentacle-like umbilical cord shot from Chloe's sex and latched onto the witch's exposed navel.
                  The shocked witch looked from the equally surprised Chloe and down to her stomach where the strange growth had attached itself firmly. The witch pulled hard in panicked and desperate attempts to remove the cord from her. Though her efforts proved fruitless as she could feel the cord fixing itself in place, attaching to her as would an umbilical cord to a baby. Chloe and the witch's body's now linked, the two of them trembled and groaned in unison as their bodies synched with one another. The wide-eyed Chloe watched as the witch continued to shrink, gently easing herself to the floor as the witch rapidly grew younger. Feeling this, the witch tried to grasp for a way out of her humbling predicament as she felt herself regressing more than just in age, her thoughts becoming more juvenile by the passing seconds. Chloe could feel the cord pulling the regressing witch closer as she grew smaller and smaller, the witch's efforts to resist growing less and less motivated, as she found it harder to care as she began to notice feelings of emotional attachment to Chloe. As the witch grew smaller her features too began changing to match Chloe's her white hair shifting to a vibrant red, freckles adorning her paling skin. For several minutes Chloe watched in a strange amazement as the witch progressively became younger and more similar to her new mother, Chloe. As the regressing witch drew nearer and nearer to Chloe's vagina, Chloe too began to feel emotional attachment to her new daughter, who was becoming rather infantile, at which point Chloe then noticed a pressure in her own breasts as milk began filling them, once again inflating them in size, them pressing gently against her now baggy sweatshirt. The spell nearing completion, in one quick and strangely painless motion Chloe's daughter was pulled inside her, Chloe's belly growing large, then shrinking down somewhat as her new pregnancy regressed into just a few months from her new due date, the spell firmly stopping there.
                  The witch now sealed inside her new mother, she was now being changed at the most fundamental of levels, her very being was now being rewritten to reflect a true daughter of Chloe. Chloe worked herself to her feet, hand on her pregnant belly, she now was very much back to her old self, except the obvious pregnant belly and a bit of extra plumpness brought on by her pregnant hormone shift. Chloe stood in the witch's home, wearing just a stretched-out KSU sweatshirt, while a pair of pigs continued to loudly rut in the background. Looking from her permanently-pigged friends with some pity, despite how much they seemed to be enjoying themselves, Chloe rubbed her distended belly. "Well, this is going to be hard to explain to my boyfriend."
      Tyler begins to devolve much quicker, Anna & him sex, Anna reluctant, Chloe intervenes,  stops when she begins inflating into a blueberry/ball of fat.
      The 3 of them head out, movement's becoming more and more laborious, drawing odd looks and ridicule, make it to witch's home, pleased to see them, speeds up Anna & Tyler (or just Ty) they sex, lose themselves, Chloe appalled, frightened, tries to flee, witch attempts to finish off Chloe (or turn into pumpkin/fruit) Chloe gets lucky, causes spell to backfire (Deny the Witch), witch gets sucked into/grows into Chloe/ witch grows just as fat, becomes male/is fucked/ witch changes place with Chloe, Chloe becomes a dark witch/, Chloe turns full fatty, brainwashed into fat woman, Chloe shoots umbilical cord into witch's belly, witch shrinks, sucked into Chloe becomes preggard/regresses completely to early pregnancy/moment of fertilization.
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Witch Crafting Her Halloween Mount by SpaceFur

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Witch Crafting Her Halloween Mount" (A unique take on "witchcraft'.) 
A commission for @pixelmorpher1 :iconpixelmorpher1: in a halloweentheme 

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