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Found 22 results

  1. Anonymous

    Female genie transformation.

    found this race change genie transformation somwhere.
  2. Splicing was just a fact of modern life these days. In the early days splicing was something edgy and bizarre, the exclusive to the wealthy and eccentric. Now it was as routine as tattoos and body piercings. Most mutagens fell into two categories, corrective and cosmetic. Corrective fixed genetic deficiencies, such as nearsightedness or less than stellar intelligence. These were simple, practical, and popular. Cosmetic were equally popular. They altered everything from eye color to muscle mass to breast size. You could dose yourself with a mutagen to swap genders if you were so inclined. There were even mutagens that allowed a person to take on animal traits, spliced from the species of choice. The sky was the limit as far as splicing was concerned. Entire industries grew up around the practice, completely changing society and our sense of identity as a species. I wanted something simple. Bigger breasts. Simple and shallow I know, but I was never satisfied with my modest bustline and I caught my husband discreetly observing the more massive mammaries of other women, natural or otherwise. Breast enhancing mutagens were the most popular on the market, even more popular than the IQ boosters. Go figure. I was stoked when my dose arrived in the mail. They were still pretty expensive, but I managed to find a distributer that was selling them at a discount. The adds said they should kick in quickly, with noticable results overnight. This was my first attempt at splicing, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The packaging included a bright red label that read, "Warning: Splicing results in permanent modification of base genetic structure. Splicing is permanent. Splice at your own risk." I swabbed my arm and gently pushed the needle in. The injection burned at first, then started to tingle, starting at my arm, then running through my entire body, especially my breasts. I took it as a good sign. My appetite went through the roof within a few hours, although for some reason I craved salad. I ate everything green in the house and them some, going as far as to run to the grocery store to pick up a bunch of ready made salads. Once I was finally sated, I grew incredibly sleepy. Which was weird, since it was like eight o'clock. I nearly passed out at the kitchen table, but I had the presence of mind to drag my ass into the bedroom before collapsing fully clothed onto the bed. I slept deeply and well, dreaming of sunny fields and the smell of grass. A painful sensation in my chest woke me. "Hey babe. You feeling ok?" my husband asked. "You were asleep when I got home." "Give me a minute," I muttered, my sleepy brain processing the source of my discomfort. My bra felt like it was about ten sizes too small. I reached back and unclasped the strained elastic, freeing my much more bountiful breasts from their underwired prison. "Damn Molly. Is it just me, or did you get a little...bigger?" Sam asked me, staring down my new and impressive expanse of cleavage. "You like?" I asked coyly, shaking my heavy tits back and forth for effect. "Fuck yes." I yanked my blouse up over my head, exposing my new breasts for the first time. Not only were they bigger, so much bigger, but my nipples seemed thicker, fatter, and longer too. There were darker too, the dark pink in stark contrast to my alabaster titflesh. I climbed on top of my very happy, very horny husband, brushing my nipples over his face. I gasped as he caught one between his lips, teasing the tip with his tongue. "Pants. Off. Now!" I demanded. I pulled of my capris and panties and he did the same with his boxers. I impaled myself on his cock, fuck foreplay. I ran my hands over my massive tits, sighing with satisfaction as I kneaded them, rolling my thick nipples between my fingers. "Moo," I moaned. "Don't hold back baby. Fill me up. Moo!" I came just before he did, my pussy squeezing the cum out of my husbands pulsating cock. I had no idea what came over me. The unbridled lust, the bizarre noises, the desire for Sam's sperm. Not that we had a vanilla sex life or anything, but this was the most intense, animal-like sexual encounter we'd ever had. "Holy shit Molly," Sam exclaimed. "Where did that come from?" "Must be a side effect," I said dreamily. I'd been fucked sleepy again. "Could you run to the store and get some more lettuce? I'm gonna take a quick nap." "Uh, sure. Enjoy your beauty sleep," Sam muttered, sounding a little confused. "Moo. Thanks babe." I woke up late in the day, pleased to discover my new breasts were still there and still looked fantastic. I threw a t-shirt on over them. I didn't own a bra that could possibly contain them, so I didn't bother. It was a little uncomfortable. The skin over my ribs, just under my breasts was kind of itchy and the fabric chafed my nipples. I frowned when I noticed my nails. They were thicker and darker than usual, looking kind of like claws, only with dull tips. Sam was at work, so I was left to my own devices. I took a week off to accommodate my genetic upgrade, so I had nothing to do and nowhere to be. I was starving, but fortunately Sam was sweet enough to remember to grab a head of lettuce. I managed to wash it before resorting to tearing leaves straight off the head and eating them as is. As I munched on the lettuce, I noticed something odd about my hands and arms. My skin was discolored, with large dark patches of skin emerging in random spots along my arms. My legs had the same spots as well, although my midriff was clear. I checked myself out in the mirror. My face had the same freaking spots, with one large one forming over the left side of my face and over my eye. "What the fuck?" I asked no one in particular. I called the manufacturer immediately, angrily chewing on lettuce while I waited on hold. And waited. And waited. And waited. I was on hold for so long I was starting to get a headache, although it seemed to radiate from two points on the top of my scalp. I felt for them, which was weirdly difficult as my fingers were getting kind of stiff, feeling a pair of identical bumps just under my hairline. To make matters worse, none of my shoes fit anymore. Not only did my toenails take on the same weird tough, dark thickness of my fingernails, it was as though I'd gone up several shoe sizes. My feet were just way too long to fit into my sneakers. Which sucked because I really wanted some more lettuce. "Hey Molly, how was your what the hell happened to you?" Sam asked as the caught sight of me. "Moo. I think I may have gotten a bad batch," I said irritably. The drive to the doctor was extremely uncomfortable, mainly because sitting down put this weird pressure on my lower spine that I couldn't identify, right on my tailbone. The nurse put me through the usual tests, taking my temperature, checking my blood pressure, etc. The doctor came in a few minutes later. "So, it looks like your mutagen is progressing along as expected, although there seems to be some oversight here. There isn't any record of you at any of the local dairies," he said matter-of-factly. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "No worries, I'll just scan your chip and pull up your records. Are you her handler?" the doctor asked my husband. "I'm her husband," Sam said, not sure whether to be offended on my behalf. "Her husband. Really? Don't see many married cowgirls," the doctor relied. "Cowgirl?" I asked. "Yes. According to your genetic profile, you've been administered with the bovine mutagen within the last twenty-four hours. It takes about a five days for the psychological and physiological changes to complete, although as you can see they've already begun. You should begin production within the next two days," he explained. "Production of what?" I demanded. He looked at me like I was a moron. "Of milk. Did you not read your contract?" he asked. "What contract? She took a breast enhancement mutagen," Sam insisted. The doctor blanched. "Oh dear. That is unfortunate." "What is happening to me?" I demanded. "Well, it seems as though you've stumbled across one vial from a lot of bovine mutagen that was reported missing a few weeks ago. This mutagen is very potent, very strictly regulated. It is a speciating mutagen, resulting in a fundamental change in the genetic and physical makeup of the subject it is administered to," he explained. "What does that mean?" Sam asked. "It means that you are transforming into what is colloquially known as a cowgirl, a genetically engineered hybrid designed for maximized milk production." "I'm turning into a farm animal?" I whimpered. "You'll still retain your human intellect, for the most part. However, the changes to your body and behavior will render you unsuitable for life as you know it. Your best bet is to register with one of the local dairies, where they have the facilities and equipment to accommodate your needs," the doctor said sympathetically. "No way. I'm not taking my wife to some place where she'll be treated like livestock," Sam said angrily. "That is your prerogative." The drive home was uncomfortable, and not just because of the tail that was starting to grow out of my backside. Yeah, turns out that pressure in my tailbone was in fact a tail. "We'll get through this," Sam insisted. "Look at me Sam. Moo. It's only going to get worse," I moaned. "I've seen cowgirls before. They're actually pretty sexy," my husband said encouragingly. "Really?" I was grasping at straws here. "Totally. A buddy of mine actually dated one in college." "Were they able to, you know?" I asked. Despite the stress of this mind-blowing revelation, I was still weirdly horny. Another side effect I guess. "That was basically all they did. Apparently when a cowgirl goes into heat, she can't get enough," Sam explained. "Moo," I nodded. "I guess we'll just see where it goes." I was exhausted when we made it home. Sam was already at work by the time I woke up the next day. He left a ton of salad in the fridge, along with an encouraging note. "Love you, no matter what. Sam," it said. Last night's changes promised to test that claim. A second pair of breasts were swelling up under my original pair. "Udders," I corrected myself. "They're not breasts. They're udders." The dull ache inside all four of them reminded me that I would start producing a fuck ton of milk soon, and my hands no longer possessed the dexterity to extract it effectively. The changes didn't stop there. My skin, save for my face, chest, stomach, and inner thighs was coated in a fine layer of soft black and white hairs. My horns stuck out of my hair, the white tips barely visible above my bangs. My nails were growing up into my fingers, the nail beds extending past the first knuckles. My toenails were fusing together, my big toes and index toes fusing together, leaving a clean split for the other toes on each foot to fuse as well. I was still able to balance upright on my half hooves, half feet, even though my heels no longer made contact with the ground. The tail, that was something else altogether. It moved, on its own when I didn't think about it, but when I focused I discovered I could control it. It was kind of fun. The hair on the tip matched the blonde hair on my head instead of the fur that covered my body. It actually liked it. I ate, napped, ate, napped. I tore through all the lettuce, but discovered something wonderful smelling in the backyard. Good thing we had a privacy fence. There wasn't a shirt that could fit my four massive udders and my tail precluded wearing pants. I stepped outside naked, happy to discover that the wonderful smell was our lush, abundant lawn. I dropped down on all fours and munched away, mooing happily. I was still outside when Sam got home. I was facing away from him, so the first thing he must have seen when he found me was my furry ass, my pussy lips obscured only by my tail swaying back and forth. "Hey there beautiful," he said sweetly. I didn't feel beautiful. For the first time all day, I remembered my sense of shame. I felt like a freak. "I'm a cow," I groaned. "You're a beautiful cow," Sam insisted. That's all it took. His words soothed me. We were married long enough for me to tell when he was lying. He wasn't. "Moo. I need you," I whispered. He unbuckled his belt and let his pants and underwear slide down to the ground. He was already hard. I felt the familiar pressure as he pushed into me. I was wet, so wet, but just as tight as every. My cunt was still fully human it seemed. "Moo! Fuck moo! Fuck your cow!" I cried. The need overtook me again. That deep, devastating need for him to fill me up, make me swell with his sperm, breed me. Holy shit, where did that come from? "Moo!" I screamed as we came. I followed him inside, walking on all fours. I could still stand upright if I were so inclined, but this was more comfortable. I crawled into bed and fell into a dreamless sleep. When I woke up the next day, I discovered I could hear things more clearly if I flexed something in my head. A glance in the mirror confirmed that my ears were large and floppy now, and could twitch and change direction at will. My horns were quite prominent now, jutting out proudly from my golden locks. My fur was thicker, obscuring my skin altogether, save for the bare human skin that ran from my face to my nether regions. My nose had changed too. It was broader and wider, black and textured at the tip and nostrils. I imagined a large ring through my septum wouldn't look out of place. My hands were now marginally functional as hands, the thick hoof-like nails rendering my fingers into stiff, hard, thick digits. My feet were fully bovine now, a pair of large hooves encasing my former toes. My tail cheered me up. I discovered I could swat my back and sides with it. Convenient if I got an itch there. It made the bathroom situation complicated though. It made sitting on the toilet a virtual impossibility. I tried to find a comfortable way to hover pee, but it just wasn't working out. I ignored nature's call for the moment, deciding to head outside for breakfast instead. I grazed happily, though the pressure in my udders was getting to me. Farmer Sam needed to get his ass home quickly so he could milk his cowgirl. My lower udders were almost as large as my uppers, and my teats were even longer and thicker, easily over an inch long. I could see white liquid dripping from the tips, begging to be coaxed out by a pair of skilled hands. That wasn't the only pressure bothering me either. I still needed to pee. And then, I didn't. I couldn't recall deciding it was a good idea to pee in the backyard. I just went. Clearly the bovine DNA was affecting my brain as well as my body. I fell asleep again, waking long enough to spit out a few of my teeth in the bathroom sink. My canines were gone, but I could already see a new set of molars emerging from my gums. I was officially a herbivore. Unfortunately all the roughage I was eating was catching up with me and my toilet issues hadn't changed. I went outside. I wasn't proud of it, but I was a farm animal. Sam would understand. He always did. I heard the door open. "Hey Molly," Same said with a grin. "How's my girl?" The tension in my udders was growing unbearable. I felt like I might burst. "Moo! I need you to milk moo," I explained desperately. "Yeah, of course. No problem," Sam said, running to the kitchen to grab a bucket. I stood next to the easy chair in the living room on all fours, giving him easy access to my engorged udders. He placed he bucket under me, then took the two closest teats in his hands and began to squeeze. Instant relief. I could hear the milk spray forcefully into the plastic bucket. "Moo. Thank you," I cooed. He continued tugging away, methodically draining the milk. When the flow slowed he switched sides, working on the opposite pair. The stimulation, the scent of dairy was incredibly arousing. My tail twitched in anticipation. As soon as he was done milking me, I wanted him to mount and breed me. Sam obliged, although his cock, while stimulating, was strangely unsatisfying. It was like masturbating, which I had done at length throughout the day. Pleasurable, but not quite the same. He gave a good effort, fucking his cowgirl like his life depended on it until he exploded inside me. The rest of the changes were minor. My horns finished growing, my new teeth came in, my fur reached full length. The final touches on my transition from woman to cow were complete. We fell into an easy, comfortable, hedonistic rhytym, which consisted of eating, milking, fucking, and sleeping. For a month this went on, and for a while it seemed to be working. Sam got me an series of milk pumps to take the edge off while he was at work. They filled way too quickly, but they worked in a pinch. My stomachs, plural apparently, were surprisingly efficient, so I only didn't produce too much solid waste, and what droppings I left composted easily. Sam also went out of his way to bathe and brush me, keeping my fur soft and clean. But it wasn't perfect, that the flaws were becoming more glaring each day. Our yard wasn't big enough to keep me fed without destroying it, so we spent a small fortune on lettuce. My milk production exceeded a gallon a day, outpacing the wholly inadequate milk pumps. Sam was in danger of getting carpel tunnel from milking me by hand for hours on end. All these things we might have managed. But then I went into heat. And all sense, all reason went out the window. I needed to fuck, I needed to be fucked properly, I needed to bred, to have a little cowgirl growing inside me. My husband, as much as I loved him, wasn't enough, I needed a cowboy's, a bull's cock inside me, filling me up with his seed. "Moo," I cried while Sam fucked me furiously. "I'm so sorry baby. It just isn't enough. I'm so horny, I can't stand it." "I understand," he said wistfully, slowing his pace. He was still inside me, which felt so good, I wished it was enough, I wanted it to be enough so badly. "I'll take you in to Swanson's Dairy tomorrow. They'll give you what you need there." "Moo. I'm so sorry Sam. I tried to be a good wife," I cried. "I know." I knew the implications of what would follow, what the next day would bring. That life as Iknew it was already over it. But there was still something I could do for both of us. I pulled away from Sam, beckoning for him to follow me inside. I climbed onto the bed and laid on my back, spreading my legs wide for him. "Make love to me Sam. Let me be your wife one last time," I said lovingly. "Anything for you Molly." I mooed as he entered me. He kissed me passionately. We hadn't made love like this in weeks. For a little while, I felt human again. I died a little when I felt him spasm inside me. I still couldn't cum, but I didn't care. The feeling of him resting his head against my chest, whispering that he loved me was all I needed. The next day I was at Swanson's Dairy, being inspected by my new handler. He checked my mouth, my udders, my cunt, everything the looked for in a healthy cowgirl. Sam watched him handle me dispassionately. I was finally out of heat, but the problem would only return again in a month. This was the right call. The tag pinched as my handler punched it through my ear. It was like a giant yellow earring. I felt a pinch in my ass cheek as he injected me with my RFID chip. Last but not least was the brand. Strictly unnecessary, more of a tradition than anything else. He was kind enough to numb the area first, but the scent of burnt hair and flesh was one I would not forget. I was part of the herd now. The other cowgirls were so sweet, showing me around, making me feel welcome. It was like having a brand new family. As the weeks passed, I settled into a familiar rhythm. Industrial grade milking machines replaced Sam's strong hands, extracting my milk with intense but pleasurable efficiency. Some of the other cowgirls got a good fucking during their milkings, sometimes by a handler, sometimes by a cowboy. Even the ones that were heavily pregnant already. Strangely, they left me alone. I was just as hot, horny, and naked as the other cowgirls. None of the males, regardless of species, asked a cowgirl's opinion regarding sex. They just mounted at will. Consent was implicit when you were a cowgirl. Then the day came. I woke up worked up, absolutely out of control horny. I mooed insistently during my morning milking, desperate for a little relief. "Moo! Someone, anyone, please fuck me!" I screamed. "Well, if you insist," a familiar voice said warmly. "Sam?" I asked, turning to face him. It was Sam, or should I say Sam 2.0. Everything from the horns on his head, his muscular fur lined arms, and his massive bullish dick screamed that he was one hundred percent, grade A cowboy. "Moo," I said, unable to find the words. "Moo," he replied. "I'd do anything for you." He mounted me without another word, pumping in and out, in and out. I screamed in pleasure, the rest of the herd watching my husband turned mate impregnate. I came so fucking hard when he spurted inside me. Milk sprayed from all four of my teats. His cum leaked out of my lips before he could even withdraw. I felt like he'd shot a whole litter inside me, and I couldn't have been more satisfied. He stayed inside me, I'm not sure for how long. I felt whole, complete. Nine months later I watched Sam mount one of the newer members of the herd. I stroked me swollen belly tenderly as I witnessed him fuck a little cow inside my new friend. Sam knocked up a few cowgirls across the herd, but he saved the bulk of his time, attention, and copious libido for yours truly. I couldn't wait to give birth, both so I could meet my new daughter and so I could kick off the whole exhilarating process all over again. My humanity was at an end, but in a way, my life had truly just begun.  
  3. Flames erupted and spread across the ancient wall of stone. The magnified image of the Great Lord's face appeared. Abalix knelt. "The intruder has taken the fourth seal of the Demon Realm. And now she comes for the fifth." The prior guardian had failed! Now it was her turn! "I will not let her have it," asserted Abalix. The Great Lord's blazing eyes narrowed, "Make sure you do. Do not attempt to beguile your way out of this responsibility." "I am ever loyal my lord," she said. For now. "Spare me. I have no patience for your deceitful ways. So I will make this simple, if you fail, and somehow survive, I will ensure that your suffering will be everlasting." "Yes my lord." The flames faded, and the demoness rose. The Great Lord expects me to run?, she thought. No, no, no, she was glad to be having a guest! "Muhahaha!" she laughed. Abalix had waited a millennium for this moment, and she was ready. ***** The shining crusader, armored and bulky, tore through the dark temple. Nothing could stand in her way. "Rrrrr," the skeleton growled as it jumped out from around the corner, its saber raised, ready to strike. Sonia was ever vigilant, and in a blur she bashed the skeleton with her shield and sent it slamming into the wall where it crumpled into dust. She quickly followed up with a wide swipe from her glowing sword, vanquishing a steady stream of the monster's companions. She pushed deeper into the dark tomb, passing through tight corridors. Repeatedly creatures attempted to bar her way but each was vanquished in turn. The path became tighter and tighter until the passage opened into a large rectangular room. In the middle of the room sat a giant undulating sack of flesh. "Ooo!" the pile moaned, and turned toward her. The ball was vaguely humanoid, but its legs and arms barely stuck out from its bulbous and freakish torso. Unique, she thought. She didn't wait for the giant 'thing' to finishing lumbering toward her. Sonia sprang forward and buried her sword deep into its core. And in a flash she pranced back, raising her shield for any possible reprisal. But none came. The creature moaned in pain as it rolled awkwardly on its back, seemingly defeated with one blow. "What the?" she said with a start as green smoke began to pour out from the creature's wound. She coughed and heard a loud bang. She turned to see a large slab of rock had fallen in place to block the entry way. "A trap!" She raced to the other end of the room, her coughing growing worse as the green smoke filled the room. "Damn!" she said as another stone slab slammed down. The creature deflated, and the air grew thick and hazy. Sonia pushed at the slab desperately, but to no avail. She felt her strength fade, and in a fit of coughing she slumped to the floor. ***** "Time to wake up my dear." I'm not dead, Sonia thought. That was good, albeit surprising. Demons were never known to use sneaky traps or take captives. But she was clearly a prisoner, stripped of her armor, and a series of leather straps held her down onto a table. Her captor was an oddly shaped demon. It was a tall shadowy pole, maybe eight or nine feet, and inhumanly thin. It looked as feminine and delicate as most demons looked gruesome and ferocious. In its black dress looked almost regal. But Sonia could feel the evil aura of a demon lord radiate off it. "Did you enjoy my creation? It took many years to get the internal stability of the gas just right." Its voice was high pitch and mocking. "You mean your trap? Let me go, you coward!" "Let you go? No, no, no!" the tall demoness laughed, "I have plans for you!" "You need tricks like this only because you're weak," Sonia said as she struggled against her restraints. Demons never turned down a direct challenge. "Face me, and I'll defeat you. I don't even need my sword!" The shadowy creature paused, then laughed, "Oh see now human, goading me won't work like it does on the other demons. I'm not like them! No," and the demoness raised two long shadowy tendril 'arms' into the air and declared, "I am Abalix the Creator! I care little for base destruction, I revel in true invention. And... you've yet to see my greatest creation!" The demoness looked around. "Prime! Come here my little imp!" the demoness called, beckoning something with her paper thin fingers. "Yes yes, I'm here mistress, I'm here!" The 'imp' bounded to its master's side. The imp was green, and small, maybe three or four feet tall, tiny compared it master's towering form. It was bald, and its ears were pointed. Between its legs slung a large green cock, which was way out of proportion to its body. "That's your greatest creation?" scoffed Sonia in disbelief. Was this little thing supposed to intimidate her? Rather tame for a demon, she thought, not at all deadly. Yet the demoness seemed proud of it? "You can't be serious." "You mock now, but you'll see soon," said the demoness as she daintily motioned to a large gear. It responded by clanking into motion. The ground appeared to rise around Sonia as the table was lowered. "There we go," the demoness said as the table became nearly flush with the ground, halting with a large clunk. Then she turned to the imp and pat him on the head, "Prime, give her a better look at your weapon." "Yes Master!" "Get off me!" Sonia yelled as the small green imp sat on her flat chest. It pushed its cock in front of her. Up close it looked even bigger. "Get this foul thing out of my face!" Sonia said as she squirmed her head away. "It's wonderful isn't it?" the demoness asked. It pointed out hard, fully erect, and very green. "Wonderful? Its disgusting!" Sonia cried. She hoped that once the imp finished its lewd display it would get off her. But the imp didn't move away. Instead it gripped its dick, using both of its hands, and began to slowly tug up and down. Sonia couldn't believe it, the imp was jerking itself off right in front of her! "Stop that! Get this fiend away from me!" "Oh don't worry," cooed Abalix, "You'll love it!" "What is this madness?" Sonia couldn't understand what kind of bizarre notions motivated this imp and its mistress. As foul and evil creatures, she thought, was this some plan to humiliate her? To shame her? It was the only thing that made any sense. They were toying with her in order to disgrace her honor. "You're making a grave mistake by not killing me," Sonia said, "I vow as a Crusader of the Holy Order to end you both! I will never stop until you both are dead!" The demoness and her minion only laughed. The idea that her captors were this arrogant, and thought so little of her ability, so much so they wasted time with such games enraged her. They did not even give her an honorable death. But that would be their undoing. "Listen to me you idiots, you fools," she said to the imp, " I swear I'll tear you and your master apart. And I'll start but cutting this dick off!" "Hmm! We'll see," said the demoness. Unable to stop the imp, for now, she consoled herself, thinking of how great it will be to finally kill the demoness, smash her pathetic side-kick into mush, and grab the fifth seal. But her thoughts were suddenly interrupted: Prime grunted and she felt the imp's hot wet cum splash onto her face! "Oh... fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!" she screamed as waves of pleasure rode over her. Her body reacted, her back arched and her skin pressed even more tightly against the restraints. "What... the... hell?" Sonia panted as the feeling faded. She had never felt anything like that in her entire life. Having her face plastered with the Imp's cum felt so damn good! "Now you see, don't you? Now that you've felt it," said the demoness. "Soon you'll be a slave to Prime's cock." "Slave?" she laughed. The feeling had shocked her, but she quickly got a hold of herself. No amount of pleasure would defeat her. "You're an arrogant fool! I don't care what you do, that will never happen! I'm never going to give in!" "Fool?" the demoness considered, "Ha! Brave words, but they're worthless. You will give in, silly girl. You act like you have a choice in this matter? But that's not how this works. In fact, I bet you can even feel it now, the corruption seeping inside, don't you?" "No!" exclaimed Sonia but her cum splattered face went red with shame. She had lied. Of course she felt it! It was hard to even hold on. Waves of an alien force surged into her very bones. It was a sickly dark presence seeping into her. And the feeling grew. She felt dizzy. Oscillating surges of power coursed up and down her limbs. Her head throbbed. The straps covering her felt strange, tighter in some places and looser in others. She sighed in some relief, the throbbing continued, but the nausea passed. Abalix peered over her, "Look, the subject's face is already dry! Wonderful absorption... Prime, I think our guest is ready for a second douse." "Yes mistress," the imp nodded. "And Prime..." "Yes mistress?" "Administer the next douse through her mouth." "Goody!" the imp cheered as moved to her again. The imp's cock, into my mouth? "How dare you even suggest that?" whispered Sonia in fury. "I'd rather die!" The imp giggled, once again climbing onto her. "You dare put that in my mouth, I'll bite it off!" The imp planted himself on her chest- presenting himself. "Oh!" she moaned inexplicably and stared at a big beautiful green cock hung over her face. She shivered under the restraints. "What sorcery is this?" Sonia whispered feeling her rage slip into confusion. Was this even the same imp? It looks so different, she thought. Her eyes shone with fascination. "Look Prime," the demoness noted, "this mortal is already having quite the change of heart." "Yeah!" the imp cheered as he wiggled his hard-on above Sonia's face, "You like the look of this now don't you bitch?" "N-no!" Sonia responded but she blushed. She licked her lips, staring at its rock hard cock. The way he waved it in front of her felt strangely hypnotic. And had it smelled that good before? Nothing in the world smelled that good! The demoness laughed, "Go ahead and try to fight. I want you to try, because I know it won't matter. You laugh and insult my creation, but I know you have never faced anything like it. I know you have no chance against the magic in this imp. Centuries of design...The ultimate creation of the ultimate creator. You will fall to its power. It. is. Perfect." "Perfect?," Sonia asked with confusion, unable to stop staring at it. "Yes! I know one simple fact: no female can resist its magic!" In a daze Sonia felt the imp pull her head close to him, pressing his rod to her lips. That perfect smell, it made her feel dizzy. But no, she had to fight, resist this foul corruption! She had to... Her eyes widened in shock as he shoved forward. "Ugg!" she gagged. How? No! She couldn't believe it, she had wanted to resist, but she reacted instantly- her mouth smoothly parting to let in the green shaft with a welcoming kiss. "Mmm, mmm, " she moaned. She felt it pass deep into her throat with every push. "Good, keep sucking it slut," Prime mocked. I'm sucking... demon cock?, she thought. Sonia knew it was crazy, but it also felt right. It felt almost... familiar? Yes, familiar. Similar to the motions of wielding a weapon she had trained and studied for years. The same familiar feelings of mastery, where her motions to block, dodge, and strike came faster than even thought. Her mouth moved like she had trained for these motions. Sucking his imp cock felt like using a weapon technique she had worked years to learn. It is a weapon, she thought, I'm sucking on a scepter of pure corruption. She felt it pulse power that vibrated into her bones. It was affecting her, radiating corruption. Disgust welled inside of her- being attacked this way, but she couldn't fight it. She had no defense against whatever this was. She even couldn't stop herself from diligently slurping on the imp's cock. "I told you, you'd love it!" the demoness offered. Damn it! Sonia's face burned with shame, because the demoness was right about that too. It felt too good! It's sick, she thought, my mouth being raped by demon cock... but I do... I love it. It made her whole body rock with pleasure. What compared to this, strapped to a table, being face fucked by this little green imp? It shouldn't be, but nothing in her whole life had ever felt this way. It felt so good to press her face to take in more of his delicious dick. "Now be a good slut and swallow my cum," the imp ordered. Oh god, she thought and braced herself. The cum on her face had hit her so hard. Look what that corruption did to me, she thought with worry. Now more being sent down her throat made her wonder, will this break her? The imp grunted and she felt a surge of power in her mouth. "MMMMMM!" she moaned around the imp's ejaculating cock. Again her body shook with an overpowering organism. She knew it was poison to her soul but she couldn't stop herself from swallowing down mouthfuls of its thick semen. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," she continued to moan in pleasure long after it removed its cock from her mouth. The pleasure and power were like a tornado in her body. "Oh god!" The corruption, she knew, was inside her now. ***** "Yes! Yes! Yes! So long I waited for this!" the demoness said with a spin. "What's happening to me?" Sonia asked as she scooted away. She was able to slip right out from under her restraints. "I'm smaller?" The demoness stop her victory dance. "Isn't that obvious?" she asked, and then waved to Sonia "Look at yourself." The skin on her forearm was slowly shifting in color. "Green," she realized, "I'm turning green!" "Oh more than that mortal," the demoness explained with a sigh, "you're turning into an imp." "What!? No!" "Yes! You'll be instrumental in my conquest of this Realm. I cannot as it were, directly challenge the Great Lord. No, I need an army. You're going to make me that army." "Me?" asked Sonia her voice now high pitched and sharp. "You're going to be an imp factory. It'll be your whole purpose in life!" "No, this doesn't make any sense," Sonia said with confusion but she could see it, and feel it too. My chest! She felt it pulsing, and saw her flat breasts were already unrecognizable. And they were still growing! She felt her nipples throb at the end of her expanding balloons. This isn't right, she thought, I'm a champion of the light! She focused on the image of herself, in shining white armor, slaying hordes of demons. But it didn't seem to help. My armor, she realized with a wave of sadness. She was too small to fit into her armor now. And even worse, she gripped her heaping pair of overgrown tits, her chest-plate would never fit over these! What the hell kind of champion is that? She rubbed her throbbing head, and found points protruding from there. "Oh no," she mourned. A growing pair of small horns. A mark of damnation! A member of the holy order with horns? "This can't be happening! My life, my order, everything! Its over! Its all over," she wailed as her breath became a fit and her face became hot with tears. It was impossible but she had really become a demon. "Awwww, cheer up bitch, we gotta get to work for the mistress." She paused her sobbing to look up and was confused by the big demon looking down on her. But it was him, the imp... but what did the demoness call him, "Prime?" "Yes little girl!" The size differential in her tiny form confused her for a second. She knelt, studying him. He's huge now! And he looks so... sexy. She had never felt so attracted to anything before. Her eyes were pulled to the huge cock swaying between his legs. "Come on we gotta start making some imps!" he said. "How?" "With this stupid," he said then whipped up his cock and began to wank it. Oh, she thought, as she finally understood the obvious. "You mean you're going to breed me with..." He nodded with a sly smile. "Oh," she moaned as the thought sent a jolt of lightning through her body. Her body shook with arousal. The hell, she reacted in shock to her own feelings, I don't want this, to be some demonic breeder! "Demonic breeder," she whispered and shuddered with arousal. The phrase resonated inside her. Her arousal kept rising. Her head pounded and it felt like her brain was melting. What was wrong with her? Why wasn't she horrified by spending her life as kind of breeding livestock for the demoness? Her whole body was on fire and she couldn't stop shaking. "You want it." "I... want... it..." she said, and as confusing as it was, it felt true. She wanted to be bred with that big green demon cock. She wanted it. "You want me to breed you," he repeated. "I do? I do!" It was all the she wanted! Her hands were already between her legs working her wet pussy. She could feel her womb throb with desire. "Good, now how about you get your face on the floor and push that ass up in the air." "Like this?" "Yeah! "Ohhh!" she screamed in joy as the corrupting scepter was plunged inside her. The crusader barely even took note that she had just surrendered her virginity to a demon. It was better than she could ever imagine. She was truly made for this, to be fucked by Prime. "Yes yes yes!" "Now wait one moment," said the demoness observing them, "I have second thought." She held up a small gold ring and gave it a twist. "Wha?" Sonia moaned in confusion. "[NOT CUM]," Abalix commanded and the words danced in the air, conveying power of magic. "Awww," said Prime with disappointment, and he pulled out of Sonia. "No! No! Please!," Sonia exclaimed. Just as she was about to break they stopped the mating. "Why? Isn't this what you wanted?" "Now, now, now, hold on my little dear. You were so rude to us before, talking about killing us." "Please I'm sorry!" "I'm going to need more than that, you even dared to call me stupid, mocked my creation!" the demoness said louder and louder until she was shouting. "A mere mortal mocking Abalix? How dare you call me a fool? How dare you pathetic thing look down upon the greatest entity In all the realms!" "Please I'll do anything," Sonia whimpered. Her body convulsed with desire. "Yes indeed," the demoness responded with calm. Fully transformed, the girl could not resit her demands, "First the the matter of your seals you took. "They're yours." "Then say it, release them to me." Sonia understood she had to release the wards "I Sonia of the Holy Order abandon my crusade, and hereby surrender the Demonic seals to you, Abalix the Creator." "Well maybe that's all I needed? Maybe I turn you back into human now?" "No please! I don't want to be human! Please you said you wanted me to be an imp factory, I will! I'll pledge myself to you! I'll serve you! I need this please, I need it so bad!" Her corrupted form throbbed with need. Abalix leaded down, her body curving in a bizarre zig-zag until her face was in front of Sonia's. "No," she said and then paused. "You're beneath pledging yourself to a greater demon like me. You're not good enough. You're nothing." "I'm sorry! I am, I'm nothing. I'm not worth to serve you but let me stay an Imp. I need it!" she groveled. "Yes," Abalix said, straightening back up to a towering obelisk. "I will be merciful, you can pledge yourself to Prime. If he desires it." "Yeah!" said Prime, "I want you to serve my cock!" "You want me to pledge myself to your cock?" She didn't understand. "You laughed at my dick before, you said you were going to bite it off. So now you're going to marry it!" Sonia nodded, if that's what it took. It didn't matter to her, she'd do anything now. "I swear! I'll marry your demon cock for life." "You're no longer mortal now Sonia," Abalix reminded the girl, "this pledge is forever." "I'll do it! I'll marry his cock forever, become an imp factory, nothing but a bitch to breed more imps!" "Fine," Abalix said and then twisted the ring "[CUM RELEASE]." Again the magic words resonated in the air and Sonia knew Prime was now free. "Yes!" the imp Sonia cried as the weapon that had defeated her plunged back into her hungry cunt. Abalix watched the couple mate, and quivered in joy at an eons long plan coming to fruition. Her design had worked! She knew its incomparable power, but it was a sight to behold. His weapon had completely defeated the human. The transformed girl surrendered pathetically, willing to do anything to mate with Prime. His cock had broken the holy invader, forced her to give up the seals, her life's quest, and transformed her into a servile mate in one fell swoop. Indeed this creation was a true testament to Abalix's power. "Take it, take my cum bitch," Primed exclaimed that he was cumming, plunging his cock deep into his new green mate. The transformed slayer of four greater demon lords cheered "Yes breed me! Breed me!" in absolute joy as Prime ejaculated his demonic seed into her fertile pussy in an attempt to impregnate the former holy champion. As he pulled out with a wet slop, Sonia didn't feel a single drop of hate or regret. The old Sonia would have found the idea of Prime imp siring his demon children inside her a terrible nightmare. Yet this corrupted Sonia held only a desperate hope that he had successfully bred her. And she would not lead it to chance, began at once rubbing her huge tits against Prime suggestively, ready to begin anew. As he got ready to take her again she smiled. She was so happy! Prime fucking her, breeding her, and birthing more imps was now her eternal fate.  
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