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  1. (Woman to Pig) A TF Zoo Story The Tampa Fe Zoo is having a promotion! To participate, simply pick which exhibit you want to have a more up-close-and-personal-visit to, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the dolphins and soaring with the eagles in no time at all! All you have to do in order to see the Tampa Fe Zoo through a fresh pair of eyes is call the toll-free number below*! 1-800-639-2639 *The City of Tampa Fe is not liable for any instance of participants losing their mentality or having potentially unwanted modifications befall their body, both of which have been known to occur during the ‘quiz' section of the Tampa Fe Zoo’s promotion. We thank you for your compliance. ><—><—><—><—> • <—><—><—><—>< Hannah sat in the Administration Office of the Tampa Fe Zoo anxiously checking her phone. Although initially excited about the promotion she’d seen in Cosmos earlier that day, see had been immediately put off upon arriving by how she was apparently their first “willing” participant. What they'd meant by that wasn’t clear, but she didn’t love the sound of it. She only had to spend a few minutes waiting, however, as Hannah soon found herself being led her through a side corridor and into back room by an employee. Once it came time for payment, she thought it odd why they only took cash when it was such a large sum of money. She still handed over the cash she’d been to bring, determined not to let skepticism ruin a good time. The worker turned on the room's overhead lights to show a large, curved monitor in the middle of an otherwise empty storage area as a slam of a door told her that she was now alone. Hannah was surprised that no actual human would be present in the room for her registration but wasn’t bothered by it. Hannah much prefered telling personal details to a computer than to an actual person. Her her heels clicked upon the stone floor as Hannah stepped toward the room's center monitor, under which lay a control panel with touch controls and an on-screen keyboard. While the setup was unusually hi-tech for such a banal use, she only saw it as a welcome convenience. Hannah tapped the flashing 'START' button below her to begin the process. After entering her name, age, and measurements, she saw it asked for a short blurb of who she was. “I’m a model on Instagram," Hannah typed. “My entire life, people have told me how hot I am, and so I made a career out of it!” She moved on to the next query. It needed two things from Hannah: where in the Tampa Fe Zoo she'd want to travel, and what her purpose in having an intimate visit there would be. She had easy answers to both. Hannah flexed her fingers before entering in, “I heard the Petting Zoo has pigs. People love baby animals, so I thought piglets would make for a great photo op! I want people to see me caring for tiny piggies like a mother would. My Instagram crowd would eat it up!” Even though hated the idea of being that close to such dirty animals, she knew that keeping up a positive image on social media was completely worth putting up with the smell of pigs for a while. Satisfied with her answers, Hannah pressed the ‘NEXT’ button and heard the computer internally whirr and hum in response. It finished whatever computation it'd been making and displayed a text box on the monitor, reading: "Hello, Hannah! Our goal is to offer a life-changing experience that fully immerses you in our habitats. To accomplish this, your inputs have been processed into a quiz that prepares you to go face-to-face with the inhabitants of the Petting Zoo!” She rolled her eyes. Unless this 'preparation' involved her putting in nose plugs, Hannah didn't how a quiz could make her actually enjoy that environment. There undoubtedly existed some people who could have more fun at a Zoo by knowing animal facts, so she understood why the quiz was in place. That didn't mean she thought it could help her, though. QUESTION 1: WHAT ANIMAL IS PICTURED HERE? The first question seemed ridiculously easy. The picture was simply of a mother hog with piglets suckling from its breasts. As she tried to hold in her disgust at such a bloated swine, Hannah keyed in "Pig" in order to just move on. Curiously, there was no indication of whether her answer was correct or not. It didn't matter to her, though; Hannah didn't want to spend forever on the questions. She was too busy reading the next question to feel a corkscrew-like tail pressing against the inside of her panties. QUESTION 2: WHAT NOISE DO PIGS COMMONLY MAKE? Another easy question. Hannah confidently typed "grunts" in the text field and hit 'enter', pleased with how quickly she was completing the quiz. The thought of how soon she'd be able to be with the baby piglets caused caused a grrrooink to escape from her lips, its abruptness catching Hannah off guard. Did she just... oink? Hannah disregarded the notion as utterly ridiculous and had to reaffirm to herself that the piglets were to be props in a photo: nothing more. For a moment, however, the thought floated through her mind that it'd be wrong to leave such helpless creatures by themselves. It was during this pensive contemplation that Hannah failed to notice the gradual shrinkage of her hair, her brunette locks only 3/4 as long as they once were. Eventually, she managed to push the moral dilemma out of her mind and could focus on the third question. QUESTION 3: WHAT IS A PIG'S ICONIC NOSE LOCATED AT THE END OF? She chuckled at how easy the question was, her laughter containing more snorting than it normally did. Tapping the touch-screen with cocky pecks of her finger, Hannah submitted "snout" as her answer. For whatever — due perhaps to a too-foggied brain — Hannah wasn't cognizant of her nose and mouth pushing out of her face, creating a cylindrical snout with two large, porcine nostrils at the end. This all strengthened her sense of smell to the point where Hannah was forced to scrunch up her face at the scents drifting out of nearby restroom. Soon enough, the sound of water flowing through pipes underground filled the air, the position of Hannah's now stronger ears having shifted to the top of her head. Hannah's eyes also grew further apart, no longer pointing straight forward like a predator. Instead, each one lay on one side of her broad muzzle and pointed her pupils slightly waywardly, giving her a rather dumb and vapid expression. As her hair shrank to nearly a quarter of its original length, Hannah began on the next part of the quiz. QUESTION 4: PIGS CLEAN THEIR SKIN BY WALLOWING IN WHAT SUBSTANCE? Hannah blinked. Was the quiz really saying that pigs wallow in mud to keep clean? That must be why they were always so filthy! Upon entering in "mud" for her guess, every inch of Hannah's skin flared with sensation. Her once pale complexion turned a faded pink as tiny hairs sprouted all over her body, causing bouts of itchiness to erupt underneath her clothing. Too uncomfortable in her outfit to worry about being indecent, Hannah urgently stripped naked. The feeling of comfort that instantly engulfed her made her begin panting in relief, a broadened tongue lolling lopsidedly out of her snout. The skin of Hannah's neck thickened and rendered imperceptible a separation between her torso and head, which now had had no hair but the patchy coat of white, almost transparent stubble that covered the rest of his skin as well. Mud. The word had stuck in Hannah's mind. The thought of feeling its coldness drip down her back on a hot day grew so prominent in her mind that it could quell any internal protests of it being gross. Hannah recognized who she found the concept of mud disgusting minutes earlier, but that was before she understood why pigs wallowed in it! More imagery of how refreshing mud would feel slathered on her flaky skin stormed her mind. As the earthy scent of a mudhole almost seemed to waft into her nostrils, Hannah was finally able to put her attention back onto the computer in front of her. QUESTION 5: WHAT TYPE OF FOOT DO PIGS POSSESS? She kept her mudlust under control in order to better concentrate on the question, which was yet again an easy one to answer: "trotter". Hannah forgot in which High School class she would've learned that fact, but she was grateful to know it nonetheless. A shooting pain in her hands made Hannah collapse to the ground in agony. The nails on her fingers and toes elongated and thickened. Both of her hands restructured themselves to work as feet in service a quadrupeic gait. The sensation of one digit on each extremity merging with another one elicited a squeal from Hannah. Finally, after what felt like an endless series of tugs and pulls in her limbs, she was able to stand. Hannah knew for absolute certain that she was supposed to be standing on two legs, not four — she knew that! But something felt so natural about standing on her trotters that, despite the voice inside her head saying not to, Hannah accepted her new piggy hooves and was just glad that the Zoo had thought to make the height of the control panel adjustable. QUESTION 6: WHAT IS THE CONSUMPTION CLASSIFICATION OF PIGS? Yet another no-brainer! Using her porcine nose to tap the screen, she had to expend no effort thinking up the answer: "omnivore". Hannah's jaws tingled as 12 new teeth grew in, bringing the total number in her mouth up to 44. Ger brain seemed to pulse with neural activity as she began to be rewired as having a pig's diet. Thick saliva seeped from Hannah's mouth, her mind becoming consumed with images of all kinds of food she never thought appetizing: roots; flowers; tree bark; worms; even garbage. Before moving on with the quiz, Hannah laid eyes on the viscous puddle of drool by her feet. She needed to taste something — anything, or else she'd go insane! She licked the floor to lap up the liquid, and the taste of her slobber overwhelmed her. Unbeknownst to her, Hannah had grown thousands more taste buds on her tongue, which, coupled with the sharpness of her smell and an omnivorous diet, made eating the most euphoric feeling in the world. Absentmindedly smacking her lips, Hannah summoned enough concentration to answer the next quiz question. QUESTION 7: WHAT CAUSES THE TEATS OF A SOW TO FILL WITH MILK? Some part of her was still fighting. A tiny corner of her brain that recognized the ramifications of continuing and pleaded that she just flee. But because she was so far gone already, Hannah ultimately keyed in her answer: "childbirth". Her body bloated past 200, 300, and even 400 pounds until Hannah's 500-pound mass made standing an arduous effort. A husky moan flew from her lips upon feeling the weight of 14 teats dangle from her chest, each bulging with milk. The stimulation Hannah got from the liquid sloshing around inside her mammaries at the slightest movement made her breath quicken with pleasure. There was no part of Hannah's body that was human anymore. Hannah's lazy gaze drifted back on to the monitor upon the display beginning to flash with the message: "You're almost done! But before you begin your new life in the Petting Zoo, our algorithm has assigned you both a new name and a special trait that will help you better adjust to Zoo life. We hope you enjoy seeing the Tampa Fe Zoo from an all-new, fresh perspective as you take on the role of Mabel, the most loving mother sow in the Petting Zoo!" That was the word Mabel was missing all this time: 'mother'. Mabel was a mother, and the size of her teats came as reminder that she'd borne a farrow of twelve not three days prior. Mabel was a sow, and her groin quivered at the thought of a boar's musky scent. But most importantly, Mabel was a pig. Her head spun with a flurry of information until feeling too dizzy to keep her eyes open, and opening them moments later, Mabel realized her surroundings had changed. Instead of standing on cold, stone flooring, Mabel was lying on her side, cushioned by the straw spread across the muddy ground of a shed. She was in the Petting Zoo! But, then, of course she was here — it was her home, wasn't it? Mabel looked around and felt a sense of security; it all seemed right. She basked in the sunlight coming from a window of her shed until movement from the door frame caught her attention and brought her indescribable joy. It was her piglets: all twelve of them. And they were hungry. Mabel's teats began to preemptively lactate until each member of the litter could could choose a nipple to suckle on. Mabel let out loving grunts in total and utter bliss. While she cared for her little piggies, Mabel peered at all the zoogoers looking on from the outside area and sighed in satisfaction at her request having been granted.
  2. My list of nice TF blogs on tumblr TF-blogs: http://girls2animals.tumblr.com/ http://cute-tf.tumblr.com http://transformporn.tumblr.com/ http://animaltfs.tumblr.com/ http://teeyeff.tumblr.com/ http://letstf.tumblr.com/ http://tgcollector.tumblr.com/ http://bodyshifter.tumblr.com/ http://tf-tnk.tumblr.com/ http://thesasquatchman.tumblr.com/ ? Artists: http://little-napoleon.tumblr.com/ http://watdraws.tumblr.com/ http://monstrousdoctor.tumblr.com/ http://kannelart.tumblr.com/ http://madamsquiggles.tumblr.com/ https://sasoriharem.tumblr.com/ http://expansionfancomics.tumblr.com/ http://macguffin78.tumblr.com/ http://c-3matome.tumblr.com/ http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/ http://ask-tgwonder.tumblr.com http://kevlarmelon.tumblr.com/ http://dragovic-art.tumblr.com/ http://cavitees.tumblr.com/ http://hypno-hat.tumblr.com/ http://incaseart.tumblr.com/ http://blogshirtboy.tumblr.com/ http://mechapuffin.tumblr.com/ http://tf-warlock.tumblr.com/ http://bendzz.tumblr.com/ ? More Artists http://ordostsceri.tumblr.com/ https://egspinups.tumblr.com/ http://tharakaos.tumblr.com/ http://subakitsu.tumblr.com/ http://lanjreestransformations.tumblr.com/ http://sutibaru.tumblr.com/ http://naughtyavalon.tumblr.com/ http://reddishmaroon.tumblr.com/ http://drmalpractice.tumblr.com/ http://eatthisslime.tumblr.com/ http://iancsamson.tumblr.com/ http://wookierage.tumblr.com/ ? TF blogs on tumblr. Adding some more links might be duplicates some Artists: http://little-napoleon.tumblr.com/ http://watdraws.tumblr.com/ http://monstrousdoctor.tumblr.com/ http://kannelart.tumblr.com/ http://madamsquiggles.tumblr.com/ https://sasoriharem.tumblr.com/ http://expansionfancomics.tumblr.com/ http://macguffin78.tumblr.com/ http://c-3matome.tumblr.com/ http://2hebubble.tumblr.com/ http://ask-tgwonder.tumblr.com http://kevlarmelon.tumblr.com/ http://dragovic-art.tumblr.com/ http://cavitees.tumblr.com/ http://hypno-hat.tumblr.com/ http://incaseart.tumblr.com/ http://blogshirtboy.tumblr.com/ http://mechapuffin.tumblr.com/ http://tf-warlock.tumblr.com/ http://bendzz.tumblr.com/ http://ordostsceri.tumblr.com/ https://egspinups.tumblr.com/ http://tharakaos.tumblr.com/ http://subakitsu.tumblr.com/ http://lanjreestransformations.tumblr.com/ http://sutibaru.tumblr.com/ http://naughtyavalon.tumblr.com/ http://reddishmaroon.tumblr.com/ http://drmalpractice.tumblr.com/ http://eatthisslime.tumblr.com/ http://iancsamson.tumblr.com/ http://wookierage.tumblr.com/ https://darkoshen.tumblr.com/ https://nakitacatsmut.tumblr.com/ https://grumpy-tg.tumblr.com/ http://witchfiend.tumblr.com/ https://danstanding.tumblr.com/ https://kibitko.tumblr.com/ http://superamiuniverse.tumblr.com/ http://ridiculouscake.tumblr.com/ http://dafs-fungeon.tumblr.com/ https://ecchipandaa.tumblr.com/ https://jeimorph.tumblr.com/ https://lemonfontart.tumblr.com/ https://jcheetahtf.tumblr.com/ https://tfcomics.tumblr.com/ http://domain-ii-s.tumblr.com/ https://gorfrag.tumblr.com/ TF-blogs: http://girls2animals.tumblr.com/ http://cute-tf.tumblr.com http://transformporn.tumblr.com/ http://animaltfs.tumblr.com/ http://teeyeff.tumblr.com/ http://letstf.tumblr.com/ http://tgcollector.tumblr.com/ http://bodyshifter.tumblr.com/ http://tf-tnk.tumblr.com/ http://thesasquatchman.tumblr.com/ https://transfunmation.tumblr.com/ https://transfurom.tumblr.com/ https://downgradetf.tumblr.com/ https://tf-tg-fantasies.tumblr.com/ https://furrytransformationlover.tumblr.com/ https://hfttf.tumblr.com/ http://betterapple.tumblr.com/ http://tgandtransformations.tumblr.com/ https://growingboobs.tumblr.com/ http://tffun.tumblr.com/ http://transfurmation.tumblr.com/ https://furrybbwandtfs.tumblr.com/ https://transformedandstillspiky.tumblr.com/ http://transformationm.tumblr.com/ https://mostlycowandpigtf.tumblr.com/ Miscellaneous: https://double-helix-cast.tumblr.com/ https://wavercd.tumblr.com/ http://tumbview.com/ http://matthewbilyeu.com/tumblr-top/
  3. Breaking Breda For Rayoelgatubelo By Draconicon Breda sat in a chair across from a floor-length mirror, the countess shaking her head as she waited for what she knew was coming. There was no avoiding her fate, and she hated the fact that the world had decided to turn on her like this. How dare her bodyguard die in the attempt to save her? How dare the were-boar crash through her carriage and impale her shoulder? How dare they, how dare they indeed?! She clenched her hand around her glass, shaking her head as she stared at herself. Every detail was something that she had to remember, something that had to burn itself into her mind if she wanted to feel at all human ever again. The thought that she might lose it all…all this… She ran her hand across her cheek, feeling the high cheek bones and the elegance of her face. A smaller nose, while not becoming pointed or pained, kept her from looking hawkish like some of her relatives. Breda’s eyes were a sharp as ever, and keenly pointed to find any weakness. Further down, a blue and white silk dress with lace on the fringes decorated her body. It enhanced the curves of her hips and modestly presented the swell of her chest, giving her a proper look among other women. She could be sure that most would quail before her beauty, and most would prefer to be seen without her around, lest they be outshone by her. It had been the way of things, and she had preferred it. She clenched her hand again around the glass, and had to pull it back to prevent herself from breaking it. The sheer hate running through her veins was pushing her, making her hotter and angrier than ever. That stupid woman, she growled under her breath. She should have killed the creature, not thrown herself in the way of it. Now, I will be the one that pays the price! What good are the redhoods if they can’t even fulfill their job of self-sacrifice properly? Finally, she swept her hand across the table, spilling the wine that she’d poured all over the cloth. She whipped herself off of the chair, stomping across the room until she stood in front of the mirror, holding it and turning it so that she could stare at her face, at her body, at everything that was good that she was soon to lose. She even took the scandalous step of pulling at the mirror, pointing it up so that she could look up her skirt at her legs, lean and fine, covered in tight silk stockings and leading up to – She would not look that far. A beast she might become, but a lady she always was at heart. Breda tilted the mirror back, and saw it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it, looming through the window and burning silver with her doom. The full moon broke the top of the trees that surrounded her manor, and she groaned. “No…not yet…” The countess turned around, leaning against the window that was nearby. She thrust her head outside, screaming at the sky. “Not yet, you damned light! I will not be taken yet!” She raised her fist, shaking it at the great silver circle, but it had already begun. Her glove bulged in the center, almost bubbling as her palm grew, getting fatter and fatter as her fingers started to swell within the white gloves. Breda stared in hateful fascination, her eyes widening as her glove ripped along the back, and then spread further down towards her fingers. The cloth fell away, revealing a hand covered in bristly brown fur, and getting thicker by the second. Her dainty fingers swelled and fattened, pushing outwards until they were bigger than sausage rolls, pointed with black, hard tips that looked more like the ends of a beast’s trotters than fingernails. She pulled her hand back, squeezing it at the wrist as if it would stop the foul taint, but it was already spreading. Her arm, so long so fair, swelled like some fat kitchen maid’s. She screamed as her arm expanded, getting heavier and wider, fat dangling down as the transformation reached her upper arm. As she turned, it wiggled, swaying beneath her biceps, and she nearly vomited from the disgust she felt for what she saw. The bristly brown followed the fattening, leaving her with little more than a brown blob for an arm. She cried as she stepped out of the moonlight, the arms of her dress straining to hold out, the bristles pushing through the gaps in the cloth before the rips grew bigger. RIIIP! They broke, blue cloth hitting the ground in shreds as her arms became too large and fat to be contained within her garment. She hissed and shook her head, trying not to see the ugliness that was spreading over her. Turning to the mirror, she stared at her face, trying to see the goodness there, the beauty that she still had. Even that was failing, though, as the bristles pressed down from her shoulders to her chest, spreading over her breasts. They were already moderately larger than most of her fellow noblewomen that she cared to associate with, but they were growing bigger by the second, swelling grotesquely huge as the fur covered them. The thin white lace around her chest, formerly tantalizing, became a too-thin barrier to the bestial tits that were slowly growing in. She felt them growing, getting heavier and thicker and weighing her down from the front. The lace was pushed to its limits already, and it was getting worse, breaking, pressed thinner and thinner against the front of her breasts. “No, no, you can’t! Don’t take these from me.” Her fat hands pressed to her chest in a vain attempt to stop the transformation, but it continued apace. The brown fur spread down the swell of her bosom, running all the way to her nipples. The soft, modest points suddenly popped, pushing against her dress and so visible through them, and as they grew and darkened, there was no question of how big they were. They were too large, too dark, to avoid being seen through the dress. She took a step back from the mirror as she kept growing, her fat tits finally bursting through her dress and leaving her bare from the waist up. She could see the bristles pushing around, covering her body so that the corpulence that followed couldn’t even be said to be the remnants of beauty. Breda watched as her belly swelled, hanging forward and down like some drunk’s, or some horrible man at the dinner table who never bothered to leave. Her beauty fading fast, Breda swore that she would find some way to avenge herself on the redhoods, on the boars, on anyone that she could for this humiliation. She would not be taken into ugliness without someone to pay the price, without someone else to hurt with her. The transformation slipped below her waist, a curly tail pushing out from the cloth over her rump, followed by a fattening that ripped through the blue back of the skirt in no time. She yelped, the sound coming out almost like an oink before she could stop herself. Breda reached back, trying to hold the pieces of the skirt together, but her hips and her thighs were growing as well, forcing it to strain until there was no saving it. Her rump kept pushing back against her fingers, becoming thicker and heavier with each passing second, demanding its freedom even as her legs demanded theirs. It fell to the ground, leaving her in her silk leggings and naught else. Her legs creaked and cracked by her feet, her toes becoming hard trotters at the bottom and melding together, coming to form thin legs for her, while the upper thighs were fattening and stretching until her stockings were nothing more than trash. The bristly fur ran down her legs and up to her sex, leaving her looking like the worst of farm maidens, the ugly, inbred ones. All that was left of her beauty was her face, and the transformation was fast at taking it away, as well. She cried out, pressing her fat fingers to her cheeks. “No, no, I can’t…please…no, not this…” It was relentless, her hair falling out as the bristly fur ran up the back of her neck, leaving her with none of the beautiful, flowing hair that she’d enjoyed for the rest of her life. It took everything from her, ripping away her delicate eyebrows, her softly sculpted face, even her earrings as they fell out and hit the floor as her ears started moving to the top of her head. “No…NOOOOOOOINK!” Her voice cracked into a pig’s oink as her face started pushing out, the wide, flat nose of a sow pushing out of her face. She kept oinking as it grew, the tusks of the boar pushing out of the sides of her mouth, slowly growing bigger and bigger as they curled up and out, framing the sides of her face. As she stared, the rest of her face warped, cracking, reforming into a different shape. Not a noble narrowing of the face like the hound, or the soft, considered look of a cat, or even the cunning arrow-muzzle of a fox. No, this was the horrible, stretched, ugly face of a boar, just the top of the fat, ugly thing that she had become, that fate had decreed that she deserved to be for some unknowable reason. She screamed at the mirror as her entire face deformed, becoming nothing more than the bristly, wild-looking creature that had attacked her. Whirling around, the countess grabbed the little table she’d been sat at and threw it at the mirror, shattering it into a hundred little pieces. “NO! I AM BEAUTIFUL! I AM BEAUTIFUL STILL! I CAN’T BE UGLY! I CAN’T!” Still screaming, she ran for the window between her and the outside world. The glass shattered around her, leaving a dozen jagged lines over her body as she rushed through it. The ground rushed up, more than thirty feet below, but she landed without injury. At least, none that she could feel. Breda kept running, her legs pumping, her trotters carrying her away in her fury towards the forest at the ends of her grounds. Someone will pay, someone has to pay. Not me, anyone but me, but someone has to pay. She kept running, and running, her fat bouncing and shaking and rippling all over her body, a constant reminder of what she’d lost and what she’d gained in turn. The boar screamed in an animal way, shouting her hate for the world and for the ones that had allowed this to happen. The End
  4. Guest


    Ashley wiped the sweat off her forehead as she dragged the rest of her baggage to the room set up for her. She had recently taken up a job offer at a nearby farm over the summer to help her fiance until fall came and a more stable job came along. Before she can really settle in she hears the sound of knocking on her door. Turning her head she sees the owner open up the door to her room. “Hey, once again glad to have you on the team.” The owner says clapping his hands together with a grin. “I’m sorry to ask but could you head on over to the stalls we need someone to clean them asap.” He explains to Ashley who nods in responded. “Yeah of course~ I’ll be right there!” Ash replies with a smile, the owner nods and steps out of the room. Once she finishes unpacking and getting dressed in some better clothes Ashley makes her way down to the barn, as she walked up the first thing that hit her was the rather strong stench of animal waste filling the air. She gagged and covered her nose trying to wave the scent away as she walked deeper into the barn. It seemed like other farmhands were working on other animals, leaving her with the donkey stalls, though while walking through the barn she noticed there was one empty stall for each of the animals there. She didn’t know why it stood out to her but it did. As she reached the donkey stables She quickly gets to cleaning, the animals didn’t seem to mind her much, mostly just laying around, and eating giving her a few small glances every now and again however as she moves closer to one of them she looks up, seeing the donkey’s tailhole start to stretch open nice and wide followed by a loud, and very wet PPPPRRRRRLLLLPPPPPPPTTT Strings of anal juices spraying all over her face and body. It takes a few seconds for her to process what just happened, though as it dawns on her the girls gasps and stumbles back, gagging and coughing on both the stink and the taste that filled her mouth. “G-goddammit!” She shouts in disgust getting the attention of a few of the other farmhands who stare at her for a few moments before getting back to cleaning up. Luckily Ashley had managed to finish cleaning most of the stall by the time she was farted on, and figured that it was good enough for now. Plus she didn’t want to be anywhere near that creature after that. As she gathered up her things the girl felt a little woozy, her head spinning as she stumbled out of the barn, figuring it was just the smell she decided to head back to the farmhouse to get something to eat. For some reason she was feeling extremely famished It doesn’t take long for her to get back to the main house. After explaining what had happened to her, the farmer nods and pats her on the back. “Sorry about that our Donkey’s tend to be a little more mean than most of our animals.” He leads her to the kitchen and sits her down at the table. Sitting down Ashley’s stomach rumbles loudly once again. “Anything you'd like to eat?” “Oh um I'm kinda craving a nice big salad.” She replies, as she waits at the table her teeth start to tingle a bit. “What the hell?” She mummers rubbing her face lightly. Though she doesn't have much time to think about it as the farmer sets a big bowl of greens infront of her. “Here you go~ after this though could you get to the fields and clean up a bit, we’re having a bit of a weed problem.” He explains, Ashley nods “Great come see me when you’re done then~” He says before walking off. Licking her lips and grabbing a fork she skewers a few bits of lettuce onto it and starts to stuff her face. After a few small bites her body seems to move against her own will, picking up the bowl she stuffs her whole face into it, munching down on every last little bit of salad her teeth tingled again as she felt them start to throb and stretch in her mouth growing larger and flatter, giving her a bit of an overbite by the time she sets the bowl back down she gets a good look at her slightly larger nose, nostrils flaring a bit as she reaches up to grab and push on her nose, as if trying to force it back in. “W-what the fuck?!” She asks in surprise as the realization of what happened suddenly hit her like a truck. She gets up and starts to walk towards the door as her mind tries to rationalize it. “There’s no way this is actually happening.. It has to be some kind of allergic reaction right? Yeah that’s it I’ll just have to tell the owner that whatever he put in there gave her some kind of reaction. Shrugging she heads out to get back to work, as she walks out her stomach starts to gurgle again, not with hunger this time but with gas. “Mmrrgg dammit what the hell did he put in there?” She mummers to herself lifting one leg a bit as she rips a loud and slightly wet PLLLLRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPTTTTT. A deep blush spreads across her face as she sighs and starts to move again. Making her way towards the fields she gets to work on cleaning out the weeds. Though with no gloves she found the weeds quickly cutting up her palms, leaving them a bit numb and very tingly. Looking down her nails were starting to look a little back, and maybe thicker, though that may have been her mind playing a trick on her. As she tries to think of a better way to clean the weeds she finds herself leaning down, chomping down on the base of the weed she pulls up, tearing the whole thing out of the ground. Without thinking she takes the whole weed into her mouth, the taste of earth fills her mouth as she chews, huffing a bit out of her enlarged nostrils. Swallowing it down she moves onto the next pest growing in the field. This continues for quite a bit of time before she finally finishes. Getting back up she stumbles nearby falling onto her now fat ass. Looking back and over her body she lets out a loud scream of surprise, she didn’t even realize how big she had gotten. “W-what the hell?!” She asks pressing her hands against her face. As she does however she would quickly notice that her hands hand changed as well, growing into fat, three fingered hands with a thick black nail and each, similar to that of an equine. “What the fuck is happening to me..” She mummers deciding to head back towards the farmhouse, wanting to find answers. As she walked towards the farmhouse she noticed some of the other workers staring at her before she could react she feels a hand grasp onto one of her chubby hoof-hands. “Why there big girl, what are you doing out of your pen?” He asks smiling up as he starts to lead her towards the barn. “W-what are you talking about, I’m not an animal let me go!” She shouts trying to break away with a deep blush. Oddly enough she couldn’t seem to break his grip, despite being a big rather massive by this point. As they walked her teeth started to tingle again, the first two front teeth growing even larger, turning into large buck-teeth giving her a rather large overbite. “Staaawwwwwwwwp.” She whines out, quickly covering her mouth as it turned into a loud animalistic bray. “Don’t worry girl we’re almost there I know you must be pretty hungry~” The other farmhand says patting her hand a little bit as they walk it doesn’t take long for the two of them to finally reach oddly enough the pig pen. Looking down into the trough she saw loads of brown slop, trash, and other disgusting looking things. “Here we are eat up girl~” He says stepping back and giving her a slap on her blubbery back. As he left Ashley immediately thought of leaving and getting far away from the farm, maybe if she got far enough away she would turn back, though as she did her eyes were brought back to the slop bubbling in the trough. Licking her lips she sighed and looked around as her stomach rumbled loudly in hunger. “Maybe one bite wouldn’t hawwwwwwwrt.” She thinks aloud, leaning down and taking a deep whiff of the slop. It smelled absolutely terrible, smells of trash and shit filled her nose, on normal circumstances it would probably make her vomit but oddly enough the stench was absolutely heavenly, and as if against her own will she stuffs her face into it and started to gobble it up. Eating through it she would quickly find chunks of old dirty garbage. Like cans, old food and other things. Along with that was the very strong and very obvious taste of animal shit. It was then she looked up to see a few pipes on either side of the trough pumping out loads of the slop into it, filling it right back up even after she ate quite a bit. Her face continued to push out a bit more, now forming into a long rounded muzzle, overbite even more pronounced now. Ears had grown out as well, becoming long and slightly floppy. Along with this her body had started to grow even larger, and while her clothes were strained from before it didn’t take long for a loud ripping sound to fill the air as all of her clothes suddenly burst off of her, showing off all the fur that had been growing underneath, her whole body wobbling with fat as she continued to eat blushing deeper and deeper. “Ready to go back to your pen girl?” The same farmhand asks as he returns. Ashley looks up, not even realizing how long she had been eating for. Looking behind the farmhand she noticed that the sun had already started to set. “Come on we have to get back so you can spend some time with your mate~” This sentence struck her a little hard, but before she could reply a long brown muzzle was clamped around her mouth keeping her quiet as the farmhand grabs the lead. As they start to walk Ashley would start to breathe and huff having a much more difficult time breathing. Heading deeper into the barn the two of them soon arrive at the holding pens for all of the animals. However Ashley noticed the all of the stalls were now filled, even the one donkey one she had seen before. As she wondered where she would be staying Ashley noticed the very last stall, the one where all of this had started. Below the original donkey’s name was hers, looking like it had been carved into the wood around the same time, like it had always been there. Tilting her head she would feel a slight she would feel a slight tugging right above her ass, looking back the best she could Ashley saw a long, slender tail snaking its way out of her tail bone, the thing swishes around slightly, swatting at flies that had began to gather around her ass. Before she can think more on it the muzzle is removed from her mouth, and she’s pushed into the stall, grunting a bit as she stumbles forwards. Looking back the door is slammed shut and locked, to make sure she wouldn’t get out again. Looking around she spotted the same donkey from before, and with a scowl she started to walk towards him. “Y-you! This is all your fault isn’t it you stupid animal!” She shouts, and as she does the donkey looks up and smirks at her. As he does the smell hits her, the Donkey smelled even worse than he had before. Something seemed to overcome her, she knew this smell after all, this was a smell of dominance. Once again her body betrayed her as she started to kneel down, getting on all fours as her body changed once more, fur spreading all over her ass, tailhole growing larger, and much more dirtier and her vagina had moved back a bit, allowing easier access to the donkey behind her as well as becoming much more puffy. The smell assaults her nose once again which had become round and bulbous. She feels the donkey start to approach her as a few farmhands open up the door to the stall,, bringing in a trough as well as a tube connected to a massive machine. Grunting a bit she feels the other donkey climb up her rear and thrust into her. As the donkey starts to pump in and out of her head slowly lowers into the trough as she eats from it, a few brays and moans exit her mouth as she eats, feeling the donkey’s fat, dirty cock slamming deep into her new vagina. She meanwhile starts to eat from the trough, the same sloppy taste from before filled her mouth, though this time it was a lot warmer, a lot of fresh than the other slop she had eaten. The farmhands watched and frowned a bit at how slow she was eating. “Hmmm we might have to give her a few extra feedings after this, luckily we brought the machine.” One farmhand says Ashley looks up, still moaning, braying, and eating from the trough. With a few more pumps the donkey ontop of her brays loudly, blowing his load into Ashley, she brays as well ripping a loud *FFRRRRPPPPPTTTTTT* her thick tailhole rippling as she orgasms as well. The donkey slumps over a bit, tongue lolling out as thick brown drool spreads across Ashley’s furry back, The two of them lay there for a bit, the drool drying up leaving her fur crusty and matted over, as the male donkey finally slides off he waddles over to the corner of the stall and falls asleep. “Alright one last thing then you can sleep for the night, okay girl~” Ashley goes to reply but all that comes out of her mouth is a animalistic “Haaaawwwww!” Unable to speak like a human anymore, the two farmhands pet her head as they pull out the tube and attach it to a nearby muzzle. The two of them strap the muzzle around her mouth and tighten it to make sure no bits of whatever was in the machine gets out. The other farm hand walks back to the machine and flicks it on, the thing starts to whirr loudly and shake looking at the clear tube Ashley saw thick white-yellow liquid push its way through the tube and towards her maw. As it reaches her mouth the taste of thick, creamy lard enters her mouth, her eyes shoot open a deep blush spreads across her mouth as she swallows down the disgusting tasting liquid as something else starts to push its way into her mouth, thick solid logs of shit mixes with the lard, Ashley knowing she had to eat chews up the filth and swallows it down, trying to do it as fast as she could, each bite making her swell up more and more. The farmhand smiles walking back over to her and giving her stomach a loving rub. “You’re gonna be the biggest farm slut in the whole farm.” He says with a chuckle walking around giving her ass a nice squeeze, Ashely yelps letting out another loud fart, a bit of cum trickling out of her pussy. As she eats more and more her mind starts to drift, she started to think about her life back home and what would happen to it. She worried about her fiance eyes tearing up a bit as she slows down eating a bit, but as the slop starts to backup she snaps out of her trance and gets back to chomping down on said slop before long the two farmhands take the muzzle off and turn off the machine, Ashley was left heavily bloated, the mix of lard and shit leaking out of the corners of her mouth as she held her swollen stomach. The two humans clean up a little bit and take the machine out, smiling a bit to themselves as they appear done with their work. The two of them close and lock the stall again leaving Ashley and the Donkey all alone. Ashley, now fully transformed into a foul, obese anthro donkey lays down in her hay bed and stares up at the ceiling. “Am I stuck like this forever? What’s going to happen to my family, they know I’m here they have to come for me right?” She thinks to herself letting out a small “Hee-haawww.” It doesn’t take long for sleep to start to overtake her, yawning out another bray she grunts. All that slop had pushed through her pretty fast, her stomach rumbles loudly as she starts to push out a rather large load of shit onto the floor below. A part of her knew this was absolutely disgusting, however at this point she knew she was an animal and it didn’t really matter anymore, her mind had almost fully adjusted to the foul smelling room around her, in fact she was starting to enjoy it a little bit. As she finished up and started to fall asleep one last thought raced across her mind, she hoped that her fiance would be okay and hopefully one day she could return to him, who knows maybe this is the job she signed up for and would turn back at the end. She really didn’t want to be some breeding donkey for the rest of her life. END
  5. Anonymous

    Becoming a Myth - by Amethyst_Mare

    When a man goes for a hike, his whole life changes for the realm of flight... --- A transformation short to keep things fresh between longer projects! This story has been available for early reading one month ago on Patreon! Please check the tiers on the following link if you would like to support! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/arianmabe My erotic eBooks are available on Kindle and Smashwords worldwide also! Kindle (Alis Mitsy): https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byl.....=relevancerank Kindle (Arian Mabe): https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_.....k%3Aarian+mabe Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ArianMabe As always, I am open for commissions! Please see my profile for up to date links and rates! Any topic goes! <3 Story © Amethyst Mare / Arian Mabe --- Becoming a Myth Written by Arian Mabe (Amethyst Mare) I didn’t know the day was to be any different when I set out on my hike. I loved hiking. I still do, but it’s hiking of a different kind now. I shouldered my pack, which was probably altogether far, far too much for a day trip, but you know what it’s like to want to be prepared, and set off into the mountains, the rocky trail disappearing beneath my boots as minutes ticked into hours. I knew the trail and setting off alone with the sun shining and a clear, blue sky streaming above me. There was barely a cloud in the sky and my spirits were light as I strode along my way, a familiar route that was one of my favourites for a weekend jaunt. That is why I will never know how I ended up at the spring. My feet must have led me wrong, but, somehow, the trail changed beneath my feet, rock disappearing as I dipped down into a valley, the path lined with pine trees with swaying branches. The wind had picked u too, but I did not cotton on to it as an ill omen, although there was nothing but good that came from that fateful day. I paused and inhaled deeply, the aroma of moist, rich moss filling my lungs. There was something different about that valley, something very strange, something surreal. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I don’t think I would have turned back if I had known the truth of the matter. My pace might even have quickened. Pushing aside branches, I forced my way through, curiosity getting the better of me as the undergrowth thickened. Once I’d begun, there seemed to be no sense in turning back and I was at least a little interested in seeing just where this trail led. It was probably my undoing, but I could not see that as I stepped up to a small pool, which seemed to be fed by a natural, burbling spring. And there, there was peace. All was quiet, bar the tinkle of birdsong and the sound of the water. My breath seemed too loud in the serenity of the moment and I had to push down the urge to hold my breath, an act that would have done me no good but to tighten the band that was already around my chest. It would have only allowed me to not interrupt the simple beauty of the hidden spot, but sometimes things like that had to come behind a man’s comfort. Without thinking, I dropped to one knee and scooped up a handful of water in my cupped hands, bringing it slowly to my lips to drink. The moment the water touched my lips, everything changed. It was not painful by any means, but it was sudden. My skin prickled as if raked over by a thousand fingernails and I reeled back from the edge of the spring with a gasp as a coat of silvery hair burst to life where there had only been the usual light covering of arm hair before. I held out my arms before me, mouth agape, and tried to brush it away, but it spread further and further, slinking up beneath my sleeves as nothing I did stopped its inevitable encroach. Dampness seeped into my trousers as they grew tighter and tighter. I remember thinking how very strange that was as they were loose and comfortable and perfectly suited to hiking, but all that went out the window when they split across the backside. My buttocks swelled as my spine pushed out, forcing me onto all fours as my fingers pressed together, turning dark and grey where the silvery coat of hair ended. What was happening? Oh, such an useless question, but it was one that went through my mind on an endless loop as my back end shot up before my front, bones grinding achingly against one another as my body was forced into a new shape entirely. I could not, dared not, look at myself as bone pushed against skin, not that I could have discerned the shapes as clearly with the hair thickening all over my body. Beyond my control, it twisted and bucked, muscle yanked into new position as it pulsed and drove me on. My arms became legs, horrifyingly so, but there was the knee and I gasped as my head pressed in, nose and lips shooting forward as if made from putty. I tried to talk, to say something, to scream, but nothing came out but a pathetic gargle. It wouldn’t last long, that lack of sound, but it was terrifying in the moment as my ears itched, migrating irritatingly to the top of my head. As my neck lengthened, longer hair spilled down the side of it, falling into place so naturally that it was as if it had always been there. My transformation was so close and yet so far, my chest heaving as I settled myself onto new, hard hooves, belly swinging and pulling up to the join of what I would later learn was my stifle. Parts like that, words for anatomy, didn’t come easily to me, but that didn’t matter. Nothing like that mattered as my body shifted, slowly becoming an animal that I had admired from afar in green fields and arenas, but never had the good fortune to meet. But that was not all. I snorted and heaved a breath, eyes undoubtedly wild as I scrabbled about on four hooves, a wither bump at the base of my neck and forelock falling heavily into my eyes, a darker silver than my coat. My spine tingled at the base as a tail shot out too – that I felt, falling down over my hocks and fetlocks, a shimmering waterfall of hair that would have been simply glorious to run my hands through if I had been human. My private parts were, embarrassingly, not spared the change either and I shuddered bodily as my maleness pulled back into my body, something warm and fleshy wrapping around it as my body settled itself, entirely intact and virile still. Churning up the soft ground at the edge of the spring, I spun and tried to rear, but struggled as my ribcage expanded, become the strong barrel that would protect my innards from harm. The change was not complete, although it must have looked so, my reflection shimmering and leaping in the water before me. I panted, snorting through twin nostrils that flared with each ragged breath, and my back ached just behind those rounded withers. I could not have anticipated what was to emerge and yet part of me still thinks I could have done so. It seems so simple in hindsight. Slowly, a pair of wings emerged from the front part of my back, bone swiftly coating itself with muscle and sinew and skin, the feathers following in a brilliant, gleaming arc of white. I could not help but spread them wide, testing their reach even as they grew as new muscles became apparent to me, all within the realm of my control. And it was done. The sense of change left me as suddenly as it had appeared and I stood gasping, ears back, in a mess of mud and torn up moss as if I had been there all along. My clothes – I hadn’t even realised they’d been shredded from me as I changed, but they and my backpack were the only remnants attesting to a life as anything other than what I have since become. But one cannot mourn a life that was never truly their own, sliding out of their reign and command on a daily basis. It’s much better to be under my own rule and do what I want when I wish to. And it’s not as if there are any predators that can take down a full-grown stallion on the wing. As a pegasus, the skies were at my command. And so, I spread my wings and took flight.
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    Cow Catchers

    Comic of 'Cow Catchers' by 0pik-0ort support his https://www.patreon.com/opikoort
  7. Mutandus

    Bulma Buu

    Bulma eats a majin buu cookie and turns into Bulma Buu I guess.?