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Found 3 results

  1. Just in Good Taste, By Fenris49, (Cowgirl TF) A, some WG uthor's Notes: A transformation story featuring: Two girls! Cowgirl Transformation! Lactation! Milk-drinking! Some milk expansion, and possibly addictive milk. My first post here, so be gentle, I'se a fragile little critter T_T …but to be serious go ahead and critique me if you like, I won't bite. …though I'm not abhorrent to flattery and general butt-kissing either ;p Enjoy! Just in Good Taste By Fenris49 Image Andy shuffled her feet, looking back and forth down the hallway as she waited outside Molly's apartment door. "C'mon, c'mon," she muttered to herself. "If you flake out on me, I swear to god, I'm going home. I am not jogging by myself." She reached up, rapping on the door again, then pressed her ear to the wood. She could hear feet shuffling. Molly had to be awake. "Mmm." a soft grunt from behind the door. Andy leaned up to the peep-hole and glared into it. "Molly, were you fuckin' asleep?" "Go 'way." Andy stomped her foot. "Look missy, you're the one who dragged us out to the store to buy ridiculous, jogging outfits!" Andy pinched the low collar of her tight, jogging top, stretched it out and let it snap back. "I'm gonna stand out here and pound on your door until you get dressed and get out here you lazy blob!" "Go way! 'mmm sick." Andy frowned, and leaned up close to the door. "Really? Like, throwing up? Or sneezing? Or just feverish?" "…" "Molly?" "…throwing up. Very contagious. Don't want to infect you." "I think you're making this up 'cause you just don't want to go jogging. We could do it later after I get off work. I wanted to do it later. Just remember, you're the one who said 6:00 AM." "I really am sick! Go away!" Andy furrowed her brow, hearing thumping, heavy footsteps on the other side of the door moving away. Shit, maybe Molly really was sick. "C'mon, open the door!" Andy knocked again. "Are you okay?" When Molly didn't answer, Andy reached into her pocket, starting to grab for her cell-phone, but stopped as she felt over her keys. She raised and eyebrow, thinking, then quickly pulled out her key-ring. "Locker key," she thumbed through the ring one by one. "House-key, garage key, car-key… Nick's house… Molly's." Slipping the key into the door-knob, then the dead-bolt, she pushed the door open a little nervously and peered in. "Molly? I'm coming in. Hope you're decent." "What? No, get out!" Molly called from the down her front hallway. "You'll get sick!" "I just want to see if you're okay. And besides," Andy sniffed the air and wrinkled her nose. "It's kinda… musty in here. If you're sick, maybe we should at least go outside and get some fresh air." She quickly walked down the hall to the living room, looking around. There was a flash of movement, and Andy was just in time to see a blanket yanked up over someone hunched up on the couch. "Go awwwwaaaay!" Molly moaned. "I-" Andy took another step forward then stopped at the sound of a wet 'squish'. Looking down and wigging her shoe, she saw the carpet was soaked through with liquid. "Oh, oh god," Andy jumped back. "You didn't puke right here, did you?" she wrinkled her nose. It didn't smell like throw-up in here. In fact… …It smelled kind of… good. Looking back over to the shifting lump on the couch, Andy saw the blanket had large, damp spots on it too. In fact, liquid was dripping down the edge of the couch onto the floor even now. It was white. "Molly?" Andy took a tentative step forward. "Is that… …milk?" She grabbed the blanket and yanked. "No, don't!" Molly shouted- then gave a loud noise that could only be a described as a cow-like 'moo'. Andy dropped the blanket, staring and blinking in shock. "M-molly? What-" It was definitely Molly sitting on the couch. The young woman's red hair, tinted blond at the tips was the same… …and there was enough in the face that Andy could tell it was her. But… The once normal girl was vastly changed. What appeared to be a thin coat of fur now covered her naked body, mostly pale white but patterned with black splotches. On her head, her nose had swollen up and become leathery, black and snout-like. Her ears were long and floppy, and gave a small twitch as Andy stared at them, convincing her of their authenticity. Down below, Molly's feet were gone- her legs strangely distorted where her ankles should have been, stretched out into another joint and ending in thick, dark hooves surrounded by a fluffy cuff of hair. So shocking was the rest of this, that it took Andy a moment to take in how else Molly was… …different. She looked fat, or some strange combination of it and an odd, swollen appearance. Though she hadn't been thin before, her hips were now spread apart in proportions no human could possibly have, backed up by thighs thicker than Andy's whole torso around. Her belly protruded forward in a fashion that made Andy almost think of pregnancy, and resting atop it was a pair of a basketball-sized breasts. Molly looked like- "Cow," Andy murmured. She shook her head quickly. "Molly, what happened to you? You look like a- like a-" "Like a cow?!" Molly wailed, then quickly snapped her mouth shut with a mortified look as her wail turned into a loud cow noise once again. She flailed for another blanket on the couch next to her. As she reached over, her breasts wobbed, and suddenly began to leak thick, white milk. "What happened? Is- Is this a joke?" Andy narrowed her eyes. "Does this look like a joke to you?!" Molly grabbed one of her big, clothy ears and gave it a tug. Dark patches were beginning to form on the front of the blanket covering Molly's chest, white beads of liquid soon welling up through the cloth. Andy look down at the carpet again. So all this liquid everywhere was- "Well- how'd this- how'd this happen?" "I-" Molly chewed her lip. Legs peeking out from under the blanket, her hooves wiggled anxiously. "I don't know? I mean… maybe it was something in the milk?" she waved her hand in the direction of her kitchen. "I mean, I had a bowl of cereal before I went to bed last night… Then I woke up at five an hour ago, looking like- like this!" "Have you.. Have you talked to anyone yet? I mean, have you called anyone?" "No." Molly sniffled. "Okay, well… Okay." Andy reached for her phone in her pocket, stopped, then tapped her foot. "Well… Okay. I- Okay." "Stop saying 'okay'!" "I- Oka-" took a step back, feet squishing in the milk-soaked carpet. "Those- those look heavy." She waved a finger towards Molly's chest. "I feel faaaaaaat." Molly groaned, scrunching the blanket up in her fists. "But it's… It's not just fat." she wiggled. "I feel all bloated. My stomach's- I think it's full of milk. Like- since I woke up I've been leaking. I'm all full of milk." "Well… have you- um… tried to- tried to… drain yourself?" Andy grinned weakly. "No." "Well… Oka- I- okay, we're going to… Look, doctor's not open until eight. Let's try to- um, you should go to the bathroom and see if you can… Like… I dunno, squeeze it all out or something? And I'll- I'll find something for you to wear-" "Nothing's going to fit. I'm a blimp!" "I'll find something." Andy said firmly. "And then we can call the doctor, and I'll drive you there." Molly was quiet a moment, then gave a nod. Rocking back and forth a moment, she worked up enough momentum to roll forward onto her feet. Though she was still clutching the blanket to her chest, Andy could easily see the edge of her boobs poking out from either side of it, and her wide hips easily out-distancing the cloth's coverage. As she turned and began to slowly lumber towards the bathroom, Andy was treated to the sight of her enormous, round rear end- a ropy cow tail dangling down from her tail-bone. Heading into Molly's bedroom, Andy scratched her head, looking around. In spite of what she'd said, now that she was actually thinking about it, she couldn't imagine anything working except maybe grabbing a bunch of sheets to use like a robe. She'd need a few layers too, if she was going to be leaking milk the whole way… "Moooooooo!!" Andy jumped, startled, and quickly ran towards the bathroom. "Molly, are you okay? What's wrong-" Andy shouted in surprise as her foot flew out from under her as she stepped on the bathroom floor. Puddles of milk were everywhere; leaning against the wall, splayed out on the ground, Molly was hugging her breasts, hands gripping each of her nipples and tugging. "MooOooohhh oh, oh!" she panted, a look of pleasure on her face. "Ahhhh!" Andy wind-milled her arms, but couldn't stop herself from falling. Tipping forward, she flopped right into Molly, landing with her face planting right between Molly's breasts. Wow, soft, she thought, Molly's milk-filled belly gurgling beneath her. "Ahh!" Molly shouted, giving Andy a shove. Andy shoved back, trying to sit up- but her hands sank into Molly's soft stomach, and behind her, her feet continues slipping around on the milk-slick floor. "Get off!" "I'm trying!" "G- ahh! Mooooh!" Molly shivered and twitched as milk sprayed out of her boobs under the weight of Andy's shoving. Her legs inadvertently clamped together around Andy, squeezing her against her tighter- milk was beginning to leak out from between her legs, dribbling thick and foamy out of her pussy, and even from her rear- clearly, she was full of milk, like a great, big balloon. "W- Let me go!" Andy cried out, giving a wriggle. "S-Sorry, I- Get off!" "Well let me up!" "Stop- you're squeezing the milk out of me!" Both girls stopped moving suddenly, staring at one another. Andy gave a little chuckle. "Um… Heh, sorry." Molly snorted, giggling a little as well. "I- I thought you were looking for clothes." "I heard you- umm…" Even under her fur, Andy could see Molly's face redden slightly. "I'm okay," she brushed a few, sweat-dripping strands of hair out of her eyes. "It- Um… it felt good." She sighed, giving one of her breasts a prod. "It's really slow though, and- I don't know how it's possible, but- I think I'm just- I don't feel any lighter. I think I'm- I'm swelling up faster than I can squeeze it out." Andy brought a hand up to her face, wiping a bit of moisture off her nose. Licking her lips idly, she suddenly shivered. Sweet. There was milk on her face, and it tasted… really good. "I could- ummm… help you." Andy said. "What"?" "…Nevermind." Andy shook her head, and rolled, sliding off from atop Molly's large, pillowy body onto the floor. Absentmindedly she brought a finger up to her mouth, and sucked it- The moisture on her finger tasted good. Sweet, and gooooood. "You said-" Molly scrunched her mouth to the side, and look down at the floor. "I wouldn't mind." "What?" "If you helped me. I mean…" she gave a little chuckle. "You've seen everything you're gonna see of me already, haven't you?" "Heh heh. Yeah." Molly rocked forward into a better sitting position, then licked her own lips, looking around. "Umm… So, I- I guess it doesn't matter if we get any more on the floor," she looked around. "So, just… just go ahead and try to… well, 'milk me' here." Andy scooted forward as Molly spread her legs apart, so she was sitting right in front of her, Molly's swollen belly in her lap. She tenderly reached forward. "So, just- just tell me if I'm doing it too.. Too hard or something…" Molly drew a small, quick breath as Andy pinched her nipple. "Ooh! Ahh, keep- keep going." Andy nodded, then pinched and tugged at the same time- the way she'd seen people milk cow udders. A thick squirt of milk easily came out, and splatted on Molly's stomach. Andy swallowed, biting her lip. It looked so rich, and thick, and creamy… "MoooooOooh…" Molly moaned. She closed her eyes, and wiggled a little on the spot. "Ooh, again- do it again!" Andy squeezed again, then reached up to the other breast, tugging at the other nipple. Molly sighed, giving a giddy, slow laugh, eyes still closed. Andy took a deep breath, then leaned forward, tentatively kissing at one of Molly's fat teats- then opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around it and giving a suck. Molly blinked, looking down. "An- Andy! Wh- OOooooh, wh- whooooh, ohhh…" Her eyes drooped closed again. A surge of milk filled Andy's mouth, stretching out her cheeks- and she swallowed. It was delicious! It was thicker, creamier, richer, sweeter than anything she'd ever tasted. She sucked and swallowed again, then again, starting to breath through her nose, huffing loudly against the soft fur of Molly's breast. Relaxing, she sank forward, leaning against Molly's body. It was so good… SoooooOOoo good… Andy felt dizzy and light-headed, her mind going blank. All she could do was go completely limp, and keep drinking. Between them, Andy's own belly gave a gurgle, filling up to its capacity as she guzzled Molly's cream, then puffing out it was so full. But Andy didn't feel full… In fact, she wanted to be more filled! She wanted to be stuffed with Molly's milk… She wanted to feel it filling her, pushing her out taught and round… She wiggled her toes lazily… Her shoe suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Slowly, her ankle giving a loud pop like a knuckle cracking, her shoes began to slide forward to the tip of her toes, as her feet began to stretch. Beneath her socks, he toes were growing dark and hard, beginning to merge together into hooves. Dark splotches began to appear across her skin, fur tickling as it emerged- growing thicker and puffing up out of her skin in time with each gulp of milk she took. Likewise in time with her drinking, Andy was beginning to grow. With each swallow, her thighs puffed up, and her rear would bloat out with a small wobble. Andy gave a small, muffled grunt through Molly's nipple. She squeezed her swelling thighs together as a wonderful sensation of pressure began to build up between her legs- Like she was stuffed full of liquid, and it was pushing out on her- on her- "An- an- Andy…" Molly gasped out suddenly, blinking lazily. "I- I don- don't think I'm- I don't think I feel like you're draining me any…" Andy shook her head, grasping on tight to Molly. No, she had to have more!" "Andy, I-" Molly looked down at Andy. She cocked her head to the side, and stared distantly, as if not quite knowing what she was looking at. "You're…" she shook her head slowly trying to clear it. "Andy I think- are you- is that a tail?" Andy's hair parted on either side of her head as her ears suddenly flopped out bigger. "Ahh!" Molly suddenly gave Andy a sharp push, realizing what she was seeing. "Oh shit- Andy! I- Ohhh my god, I'm- I'm sorry, you-" "What- hey, no, I want-" Andy gasped, drooling a bit of milk. She swallowed, then glared at Molly. "Hey! I'm just trying to-" "Look at yourself!" Andy looked down- and let out a loud moo of surprise as her shirt suddenly rode up atop a pair of giant breasts that gave a loud slosh of liquid as they fell out across her ballooning stomach. "Oh- oh no!" Andy gasped. "I can't- I can't-" "Sorry." Molly said, clutching her hands to her mouth. She looked Andy up and down, gave a tiny giggle. "I did warn you I didn't want to infect you." Andy glared at her. "Vomiting isn't really the same as this." "Well- I didn't tell you to start sucking on my boob, now did I?" "Maybe… maybe it'll all just wear off. D'you think it'll wear off?" "How should I know?!" Molly exclaimed. "A minute ago you were saying you were gonna take me to the doctor!" Andy gave a small sigh. There was a loud popping of bones, followed by the sound of tearing fabric. "Ahhhhh!" Andy shouted, sounding pained. "What?" Molly asked concernedly. "Wedgiiiiiiiee!" Andy reached back quickly to tug at the band of her strained panties. Molly rocked backwards, laughing. "It's not funny!" Andy shot her a glare. "It is. It really kind of is." "I'm a fucking cow!" "You sure are!" Molly nodded, her big ears flopping. "A- And you are too!" "That's mean." "Ummm…" Andy glanced around. "What time is it?" Molly shrugged. "I dunno? You're the one with the watch." "Oh yeah." Andy lifted up her arm and looked down at her wrist. "Six-twenty-two." "Doctor's not open yet." "Nnnnope." Molly twiddled her thumbs, then looked down at Andy's chest. "Did it- Did it taste good?" Andy's eyes glazed over and she gave a dopey grin. "Yeahhhhhh." "Can I… Can I try?" Molly licked her lips. "You didn't try your own before I got here?" "I wasn't really thinking about that! I was more concerned and freaking out 'cause I'd woken up as a cow!" "Oh." Andy chuckled. "Yeah." "So, can I try?" Molly bit her lip, looking torn between eager and embarrassed. "It-" Andy blushed. "It felt pretty good being… …milked, didn't it?" "A little bit." "…you can try it later. For now let's… we should get cleaned up. We should find something to wear. Maybe we should just drive down to the hospital now." "Is it an emergency? I mean-" Molly shrugged. "We're not dying." "I think it's an emergency." Molly licked her lips, staring at Andy's boobs. Her nipples were continuing to puff up and leak. "You sure I can't try some now?" Andy scrunched her mouth to the side, thinking a moment, then nodded. "…okay. …but then we go to the hospital." Molly scooted towards Andy then leaned forward. Awkwardly placing her hands on Andy's sides, she pushed her mouth down around the puffy nipple and gave a tentative suck… then began to drink quickly. Andy's eyes grew wide, and she gasped. "Moooh!" She exclaimed, involuntarily. "Oh! Well W-well… maybe we don't have to go r-right away…" She sank down back against the wall, giving a sigh and letting her eyes droop closed. THE END!