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Found 7 results

  1. Mwantum Kiteti

    Tit Mouse - by GrandStorm

    Subi seems to have gotten a belly full of potions the witches were toying with. Only when she tried to get away she found that the smaller she got the more her own breasts remained the same size. She then realized that as a soon to be mouse she wouldn't be doing much running attached to human breasts.
  2. Jelle

    Mouse Serum

    sauce: https://68.media.tumblr.com/42a58a95249b72ea0b0e9d6ed7a2fcdd/tumblr_oug8a3OkSw1rpy9bao1_1280.jpg
  3. Anonymous

    Cute Dildo Mouse Girl.

  4. Anonymous

    Mouse butt shot

  5. A Bit Extra by Trashmouse (WG, SSBBW)One Mouse girl + One Mage's Curse = LOTS of fun! Original Posted at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3860465/ —– A Bit Extra "Are you sure about this?" The lion mage asked, pulling his mane back behind his head and tying it in place. He watched me over the top of his glasses, his blue eyes looking a bit worried and a touch amused. "I'm sure," I replied, crossing my arms. The mage tisked softly and shook his head. "It's just… this is the sort of curse I put on people who piss me off, I've never been paid to cast it on someone." Leaning over the small table I smiled at the feline, his ears flicking back in the process. "That's how I found out; your curse does attract a certain amount of attention." "Which boggles my mind. It's not meant to be a good thing, it's a curse after all. The last thing I expected was a cute mouse like you asking to be cursed!" With a shake of my head I touched the back of one of his paws. The coffee shop bustled around us, not one of them knowing that the lion was the second most powerful mage in the country or that I was just twisted enough to ask to be cursed by him. "Some of us find it fun," I said, blushing just a little bit. He took in a deep breath and shook his head. "I may have to find something new then. Very well, if you want this I would be happy to oblige. Would you like me to… tone it down a bit?" I shook my head. "No! Don't do that! I want the curse just like you always cast it, the whole thing." The mage laughed softly and leaned back from the table. "You are a strange one! Well then, you're the customer, I'll give you exactly what you want," with that he grabbed my coffee cup and held it firmly in his paws. I watched him intently and could see his fingers starting to glow a soft purple, thin tendrils of power wrapping around the paper cup and then pressing inside. It only lasted a few moments; if I wasn't looking for it I would never have seen it at all. With a satisfied smile on his muzzle he set the coffee back down and pushed over to me. "There you are, one full on whammy curse. It should last about a week, give or take." "Thank you," I said, picking up the drink and holding it in my paws. I was almost shaking; this was something I had been wanting for so long. He watched me closely as I slowly lifted it up to my lips and took a long swallow. It didn't taste any different, but I imagined I could feel the magic inside of it. The lion chuckled. "If you have any problems call me, the curse should hit you in about an hour, give or take." "Thank you," I said again, this time with a wider smile thinking of what my boyfriend would say when he saw me. "Thank me after you've gotten the full effect," he replied. With one last smile he picked up his own coffee and walked out of the shop, his tail flicking happily behind himself as he went. Leaning back in my chair I took another long drink of my coffee, my eyes half closed. I had been dreaming about meeting him ever since I first saw the video of his curse on-line. It was amazing, something I had never seen before or had even thought about before… but I wanted it. I desperately wanted to have that curse and had spent the last few months trying to track the lion down, and now I had done it. My smile was huge as I drank down the last of my coffee and stood up from the table. I had maybe forty minutes before the fun began and I wanted to get home for it. I hurried out of the coffee shop and down the street towards my apartment. It was all I could do to keep from breaking into a run, I was simply too excited. As it was I ran up both flights of stairs to me apartment and nearly dropped my keys in my haste. My tail was flicking in excitement as I finally got the door open and rushed inside. Closing the door behind me I ran into my bedroom and started to strip out of my clothing, I was down to my panties when I stopped and started to have second thoughts. What would the fun of it be if I was nude? I wanted something a bit more than just that. Leaving my panties on I dove into my closet and started to dig around for one of my ratty old shirts. I found one with a gryphon on it that had a couple holes in the collar. I pulled the shirt on over my head, my hard nipples poking out around the faded image of the gryphon. Walking back around my bed I went through my old workout clothing and found a pair of tights. I quickly pulled them up my legs, feeding my tail through the back, and pulled them snugly into place. Glancing in the mirror I realized I looked silly. The tights were like a second skin, showing off my panties and the fact they were now a little bit too small for me, the shirt fit but was starting to fall apart in places, yet there was a bit of charm. I adjusted my glasses and smiled at the mouse in the mirror, a moment later I felt a chill running down my body from my top of my ears to the tip of my tail. "Oh, here it comes," I said softly, walking back into my bedroom and sitting down on the edge of my bed. I didn't know exactly how it would happen, apparently it was different each time, but I was looking forward to finding out. Taking a deep breath I felt another chill, this time centering down over my breasts. My nipples got even harder under my shirt, pressing it out further than before, and then I felt my breasts starting to grow. Looking down at my shirt I could see them swelling out and starting to sag with the new weight. They quickly lost their perkiness as they grew heavier, spreading out wider as I watched, soon they were resting against the slight curve of my belly, the flesh pressed tightly together. As my breasts settled down the chill entered into my belly, quickly it started to swell out under my shirt soon binding against the material. Reaching down I pressed my hand against the growing curve, feeling my soft fat spreading out under the pressure as it kept growing. Soon my shirt was pulled tightly around my belly, the weight starting to roll around my sides as the shirt started to strain loudly, seaming beginning to pop. Closing my eyes I let out a soft moan as the weight continued to grow over my belly, I could feel it around my back and sides as the shirt continued to pop and strain, holes starting to open around my side. Hugging my growing belly in my arms I felt my new fat starting to make the shirt strain, moments later I could feel the same growth starting in my arms and shoulders. Opening my eyes I looked down to watch my fingers plump up like hot dogs, becoming thick and fat. My hands followed a moment later making them look very odd at the end of my normal sized wrists. Wiggling my finger I let out a giggle at how they looked, a second laugh followed when I saw that my shirt was starting to roll up over my huge belly; a belly that had swollen out over my legs almost to my knees. I had a heavy indentation around my upper body where my shirt had settled into place, keeping it from moving any more but it wasn't relieving any of the pressure. A moment later my lower arms started to swell out, the fur rippling as the flesh was pressed out in place with more fat, it rolled up my arms and to my elbows. My upper arms followed suit a few moments later, fattening under my shirt and growing even thicker. The sleeves were tight under my fatten arms and a moment later the right sleeve gave out, the seam ripping all the way up to my armpit. Letting out a pleased gasp I struggled up to my feet and walked to the bathroom. It was hard to move, my upper body was so big but nothing below my belly had changed yet. The mirror confirmed that, showing my out of balance shape. As I watched I saw my throat and neck swell outwards to develop a couple extra chins. The rest of my face followed suit, rounding out with soft fat. My cheeks puffed out and my bones vanish under the flesh, even the edges of my ears grew just a bit fatter. It made my face look cute. I ran my fat fingers over my belly and down to touch my hips, then slowly trailed them along to rub over my ass. That was enough to bring the pleasant chill of the 'curse' to my lower body. It struck my ass first, the two cheeks starting to swell out under my tights. The stretchy material spread out over the growing ass as the back of my panties rolled into my crack like a thong, making me squeak out in pleasant surprised. Quickly I turned myself around to look at my profile as my back side grew larger and larger, the material of the tights growing taunt against the soft flesh. My hips starting to join in the fun, pressing out in all directions, making my expanded body even wider and lifting my belly. It pulled the front of my panties tight across my eager crotch. I shivered and rubbed my hips and shook my ass, my tights had been pulled so thin that I could see the color of my fur though the fabric. The fat cheeks had pressed around the base of my tail making it look about six inches shorter then it normally was. As if my attention was all that was needed my tail started to plump up, a ring of fat forming at the base then rolling down the length of it like sausage being filled with meet. The fat rolled on down the length of it, filling it out in only a few seconds until it was sized to match my ass. Scooping my tail up in my paws I stroked the length of it, letting out a pleased moan as I did so. Everything felt so much better than I had expected. Another wave of the chill rushed down my legs and I felt them starting to swell. I quickly found that I had to take a half step to the side, spreading my legs apart, though a moment later the gap between them was filled in with my heavy thighs. My upper legs swell out, almost matching the side of my huge hips as the material creaked and strained. The fat folded around my knees the started down my lower legs but it wasn't as thick as before. They were still growing fatter yet getting thinner as it rushed down towards my ankles. In fact my ankles were hardly any thinker then before, on the other hand my feet started to plump out, the fat spreading out over the top and between my toes. Then, with a slight chill, it was over and I was fully under the sway of the lion's curse. I shivered and pushed my hand around and under my belly so I could reach my crotch. I rubbed myself, pressing my tight panties against my eager sex. I looked fantastic, almost as wide as I was tall, so much I would have to go sideways though doors. My shirt was just barely holding on to my upper body, and my tights might as well have not been there, at least when it came to my hips and ass. I was surprised that they had lasted so long. Turning around I started back to my bedroom, I only got a couple steps when the tights finally gave way with a huge tearing sound. I stopped in place for a moment, reaching out to run my hand over the tear over my hips. It had released some of the pressure but there was still a pleasant amount around my body. I waddled back to my bed and sat down, feeling it sink under my weight. My scale wouldn't go high enough to tell me how much I now weighed, but the few others who had been cursed had ended up around six hundred pounds. I suspect that that was the case with my new bulk. With a smile I picked up my phone and hit the speed dial. It only took a few moments before a familiar voice picked up. "Hello Cleo," he purred. "You need to come over, right now." "Why?" my boyfriend asked. I smirked, not that he could see it. "Because I just got home from meeting with a certain mage." There was a short pause followed by a deep laugh. "I'll be right there." "Just come on in," I replied as I hung up the phone. I leaned back against the headboard and tried to relax, but I was too excited. Leonard and I had talked about this very thing a dozen times before but now here it was, real and looking to be so much fun. My hand slipped down to my crotch again, starting to rub it gently through the strained material. It didn't take long before my excitement had soaked though my panties and into the tights. Half an hour after I had made the call I heard the front door open, a moment later I heard him call out. "Cleo?" I laughed. "In the bedroom!" He walked slowly down the hallway then slowly pushed open the bedroom door. My cheetah's eyes went wide when he saw me, his mouth falling open and his tongue lolling out. Struggling to sit up I smiled at my boyfriend. "Hey Leonard, like what you so?" I asked, patting my belly. Slowly he closed his muzzle then nodded his head, behind him his tail started to slowly sway from side to side as the twinkle of lust burnt in his eyes. I could even see a small wet spot on his crotch; my kitty was just as excited as I was. "You're amazing," he finally whispered out. "Care to try me out?" He smiled and pulled his shirt off, throwing it to the side. His paws quickly undid his pants, pushing them off along with his boxers and letting his fat cock snap upwards to smack onto his tight belly. With a smile fixed on his face he crawled up onto the bed with me. Reaching up he touched my shirt. "What should I do about this?" "Rip it off," I replied. "Yes, ma'am," he said, the grabbed the edge of my shirt, where it had been torn. Grabbing firmly he ripped it open across my chest, another pull ripping it all the way open, letting my fat breasts spill out. He bent down and started to suck of my heavy tit, working his rough tongue over my hard nipple, making me gasp out in pleasure. At the same time he reached down and grabbed my tights, pulling his claws over them, shredding them apart over my crotch. Another swipe opened up my panties in the same way and a moment later I felt his finger pressing into my wet sex. Letting out a gasp I spread my fat legs. "Oh, fuck me hon." My cheetah smiled and let my breast fall from his lips. Leaning forward he kissed me firmly while at the same time grabbing my wide hips. I kissed him back as he maneuvered himself until the pointed heady of his shaft was at my fat crotch and rubbing over my sex. I kissed him back, my tongue playing with his as I let out a low moan and wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him closer to me, pressing him into my fat belly. He didn't need any more prompting then that. He started to tease his tongue around mine as he slammed his cock into me. His hips smacked against my fat sending ripples though my body as he buried himself into me. I humped back against him, crying out happily as I kept kissing the sexy feline. Leonard broke the kiss and smiled down at me. He wiggled his shaft in my fat sex and gave me a smile. "You're so hot like this," he said, rubbing a hand down my massive hips. "And it feels so good," I replied. He let out a deep purr and licked my nose. "You'll have to get me his number," he said then started to fuck me proper. Each thrust sent my whole body shaking under him. I started to cry out as he pounded against me, being fucked by him felt wonderful, and my new weight made it better than I had ever imagined. I wrapped my hands around his back, rubbing his side and tail as he pounded into me. I kept kissing him as we started to move in time, gasping and moaning with each thrust we made into each other. "I love you so much," I said between gasps. "I love you too," Leonard replied, pressing his hands behind my back to grab a double handful of my giant ass. Letting out a moan I shivered, nearing my climax as he fucked me like a jack hammer. I pulled him tightly to me, kissing him as much as I could as we moved as one. My boyfriend braced himself against the bed and slammed hard into me, letting out a long moan into my muzzle as he started to cum into my fat quim. I started to shake under him as my orgasm washed over me just a moment later. We shook together for a few moments before he finally collapsed against me, panting. "God damn, you're the best girlfriend ever. How long will this last?" "At least the whole weekend," I said, petting his head. He looked up, his eyes twinkling. "Oh, I get to have a super sized sex mouse girl the whole weekend! That's the best news I've gotten all year." I kissed the top of his head. "I'm glad I found that mage." "I hope he can curse you again." A smirk crossed over my lips as I nibbled on his small ear. "With any luck he can 'cures' us both, I would love to see you nice and fat as well." He blushed and nodded. "I would love to be your big handsome man for you." I kissed him once more then smiled to the sexy thin cheetah. "Want to go again?" "I would love to," he replied and pressed back against me and we started to fuck each other once more.