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Found 47 results

  1. (Woman to Pig) A TF Zoo Story The Tampa Fe Zoo is having a promotion! To participate, simply pick which exhibit you want to have a more up-close-and-personal-visit to, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the dolphins and soaring with the eagles in no time at all! All you have to do in order to see the Tampa Fe Zoo through a fresh pair of eyes is call the toll-free number below*! 1-800-639-2639 *The City of Tampa Fe is not liable for any instance of participants losing their mentality or having potentially unwanted modifications befall their body, both of which have been known to occur during the ‘quiz' section of the Tampa Fe Zoo’s promotion. We thank you for your compliance. ><—><—><—><—> • <—><—><—><—>< Hannah sat in the Administration Office of the Tampa Fe Zoo anxiously checking her phone. Although initially excited about the promotion she’d seen in Cosmos earlier that day, see had been immediately put off upon arriving by how she was apparently their first “willing” participant. What they'd meant by that wasn’t clear, but she didn’t love the sound of it. She only had to spend a few minutes waiting, however, as Hannah soon found herself being led her through a side corridor and into back room by an employee. Once it came time for payment, she thought it odd why they only took cash when it was such a large sum of money. She still handed over the cash she’d been to bring, determined not to let skepticism ruin a good time. The worker turned on the room's overhead lights to show a large, curved monitor in the middle of an otherwise empty storage area as a slam of a door told her that she was now alone. Hannah was surprised that no actual human would be present in the room for her registration but wasn’t bothered by it. Hannah much prefered telling personal details to a computer than to an actual person. Her her heels clicked upon the stone floor as Hannah stepped toward the room's center monitor, under which lay a control panel with touch controls and an on-screen keyboard. While the setup was unusually hi-tech for such a banal use, she only saw it as a welcome convenience. Hannah tapped the flashing 'START' button below her to begin the process. After entering her name, age, and measurements, she saw it asked for a short blurb of who she was. “I’m a model on Instagram," Hannah typed. “My entire life, people have told me how hot I am, and so I made a career out of it!” She moved on to the next query. It needed two things from Hannah: where in the Tampa Fe Zoo she'd want to travel, and what her purpose in having an intimate visit there would be. She had easy answers to both. Hannah flexed her fingers before entering in, “I heard the Petting Zoo has pigs. People love baby animals, so I thought piglets would make for a great photo op! I want people to see me caring for tiny piggies like a mother would. My Instagram crowd would eat it up!” Even though hated the idea of being that close to such dirty animals, she knew that keeping up a positive image on social media was completely worth putting up with the smell of pigs for a while. Satisfied with her answers, Hannah pressed the ‘NEXT’ button and heard the computer internally whirr and hum in response. It finished whatever computation it'd been making and displayed a text box on the monitor, reading: "Hello, Hannah! Our goal is to offer a life-changing experience that fully immerses you in our habitats. To accomplish this, your inputs have been processed into a quiz that prepares you to go face-to-face with the inhabitants of the Petting Zoo!” She rolled her eyes. Unless this 'preparation' involved her putting in nose plugs, Hannah didn't how a quiz could make her actually enjoy that environment. There undoubtedly existed some people who could have more fun at a Zoo by knowing animal facts, so she understood why the quiz was in place. That didn't mean she thought it could help her, though. QUESTION 1: WHAT ANIMAL IS PICTURED HERE? The first question seemed ridiculously easy. The picture was simply of a mother hog with piglets suckling from its breasts. As she tried to hold in her disgust at such a bloated swine, Hannah keyed in "Pig" in order to just move on. Curiously, there was no indication of whether her answer was correct or not. It didn't matter to her, though; Hannah didn't want to spend forever on the questions. She was too busy reading the next question to feel a corkscrew-like tail pressing against the inside of her panties. QUESTION 2: WHAT NOISE DO PIGS COMMONLY MAKE? Another easy question. Hannah confidently typed "grunts" in the text field and hit 'enter', pleased with how quickly she was completing the quiz. The thought of how soon she'd be able to be with the baby piglets caused caused a grrrooink to escape from her lips, its abruptness catching Hannah off guard. Did she just... oink? Hannah disregarded the notion as utterly ridiculous and had to reaffirm to herself that the piglets were to be props in a photo: nothing more. For a moment, however, the thought floated through her mind that it'd be wrong to leave such helpless creatures by themselves. It was during this pensive contemplation that Hannah failed to notice the gradual shrinkage of her hair, her brunette locks only 3/4 as long as they once were. Eventually, she managed to push the moral dilemma out of her mind and could focus on the third question. QUESTION 3: WHAT IS A PIG'S ICONIC NOSE LOCATED AT THE END OF? She chuckled at how easy the question was, her laughter containing more snorting than it normally did. Tapping the touch-screen with cocky pecks of her finger, Hannah submitted "snout" as her answer. For whatever — due perhaps to a too-foggied brain — Hannah wasn't cognizant of her nose and mouth pushing out of her face, creating a cylindrical snout with two large, porcine nostrils at the end. This all strengthened her sense of smell to the point where Hannah was forced to scrunch up her face at the scents drifting out of nearby restroom. Soon enough, the sound of water flowing through pipes underground filled the air, the position of Hannah's now stronger ears having shifted to the top of her head. Hannah's eyes also grew further apart, no longer pointing straight forward like a predator. Instead, each one lay on one side of her broad muzzle and pointed her pupils slightly waywardly, giving her a rather dumb and vapid expression. As her hair shrank to nearly a quarter of its original length, Hannah began on the next part of the quiz. QUESTION 4: PIGS CLEAN THEIR SKIN BY WALLOWING IN WHAT SUBSTANCE? Hannah blinked. Was the quiz really saying that pigs wallow in mud to keep clean? That must be why they were always so filthy! Upon entering in "mud" for her guess, every inch of Hannah's skin flared with sensation. Her once pale complexion turned a faded pink as tiny hairs sprouted all over her body, causing bouts of itchiness to erupt underneath her clothing. Too uncomfortable in her outfit to worry about being indecent, Hannah urgently stripped naked. The feeling of comfort that instantly engulfed her made her begin panting in relief, a broadened tongue lolling lopsidedly out of her snout. The skin of Hannah's neck thickened and rendered imperceptible a separation between her torso and head, which now had had no hair but the patchy coat of white, almost transparent stubble that covered the rest of his skin as well. Mud. The word had stuck in Hannah's mind. The thought of feeling its coldness drip down her back on a hot day grew so prominent in her mind that it could quell any internal protests of it being gross. Hannah recognized who she found the concept of mud disgusting minutes earlier, but that was before she understood why pigs wallowed in it! More imagery of how refreshing mud would feel slathered on her flaky skin stormed her mind. As the earthy scent of a mudhole almost seemed to waft into her nostrils, Hannah was finally able to put her attention back onto the computer in front of her. QUESTION 5: WHAT TYPE OF FOOT DO PIGS POSSESS? She kept her mudlust under control in order to better concentrate on the question, which was yet again an easy one to answer: "trotter". Hannah forgot in which High School class she would've learned that fact, but she was grateful to know it nonetheless. A shooting pain in her hands made Hannah collapse to the ground in agony. The nails on her fingers and toes elongated and thickened. Both of her hands restructured themselves to work as feet in service a quadrupeic gait. The sensation of one digit on each extremity merging with another one elicited a squeal from Hannah. Finally, after what felt like an endless series of tugs and pulls in her limbs, she was able to stand. Hannah knew for absolute certain that she was supposed to be standing on two legs, not four — she knew that! But something felt so natural about standing on her trotters that, despite the voice inside her head saying not to, Hannah accepted her new piggy hooves and was just glad that the Zoo had thought to make the height of the control panel adjustable. QUESTION 6: WHAT IS THE CONSUMPTION CLASSIFICATION OF PIGS? Yet another no-brainer! Using her porcine nose to tap the screen, she had to expend no effort thinking up the answer: "omnivore". Hannah's jaws tingled as 12 new teeth grew in, bringing the total number in her mouth up to 44. Ger brain seemed to pulse with neural activity as she began to be rewired as having a pig's diet. Thick saliva seeped from Hannah's mouth, her mind becoming consumed with images of all kinds of food she never thought appetizing: roots; flowers; tree bark; worms; even garbage. Before moving on with the quiz, Hannah laid eyes on the viscous puddle of drool by her feet. She needed to taste something — anything, or else she'd go insane! She licked the floor to lap up the liquid, and the taste of her slobber overwhelmed her. Unbeknownst to her, Hannah had grown thousands more taste buds on her tongue, which, coupled with the sharpness of her smell and an omnivorous diet, made eating the most euphoric feeling in the world. Absentmindedly smacking her lips, Hannah summoned enough concentration to answer the next quiz question. QUESTION 7: WHAT CAUSES THE TEATS OF A SOW TO FILL WITH MILK? Some part of her was still fighting. A tiny corner of her brain that recognized the ramifications of continuing and pleaded that she just flee. But because she was so far gone already, Hannah ultimately keyed in her answer: "childbirth". Her body bloated past 200, 300, and even 400 pounds until Hannah's 500-pound mass made standing an arduous effort. A husky moan flew from her lips upon feeling the weight of 14 teats dangle from her chest, each bulging with milk. The stimulation Hannah got from the liquid sloshing around inside her mammaries at the slightest movement made her breath quicken with pleasure. There was no part of Hannah's body that was human anymore. Hannah's lazy gaze drifted back on to the monitor upon the display beginning to flash with the message: "You're almost done! But before you begin your new life in the Petting Zoo, our algorithm has assigned you both a new name and a special trait that will help you better adjust to Zoo life. We hope you enjoy seeing the Tampa Fe Zoo from an all-new, fresh perspective as you take on the role of Mabel, the most loving mother sow in the Petting Zoo!" That was the word Mabel was missing all this time: 'mother'. Mabel was a mother, and the size of her teats came as reminder that she'd borne a farrow of twelve not three days prior. Mabel was a sow, and her groin quivered at the thought of a boar's musky scent. But most importantly, Mabel was a pig. Her head spun with a flurry of information until feeling too dizzy to keep her eyes open, and opening them moments later, Mabel realized her surroundings had changed. Instead of standing on cold, stone flooring, Mabel was lying on her side, cushioned by the straw spread across the muddy ground of a shed. She was in the Petting Zoo! But, then, of course she was here — it was her home, wasn't it? Mabel looked around and felt a sense of security; it all seemed right. She basked in the sunlight coming from a window of her shed until movement from the door frame caught her attention and brought her indescribable joy. It was her piglets: all twelve of them. And they were hungry. Mabel's teats began to preemptively lactate until each member of the litter could could choose a nipple to suckle on. Mabel let out loving grunts in total and utter bliss. While she cared for her little piggies, Mabel peered at all the zoogoers looking on from the outside area and sighed in satisfaction at her request having been granted.
  2. Anonymous

    Pig test of lust by excidium242

    I`m not sure how it came to be, but here I was standing outside waiting for Tiffany, of all people, to show up at my doorsteps. My girlfriend and I were studying abroad in separate city and it turns out that this weekend, Tiffany was making the road trip back to my hometown. Tiffany and I had a short history; we dated a couple of years until I ended it. She exuded sexuality but had the mind of pubescent catholic girl. Her flowing blonde hair cascaded down her petite curvaceous body. She always had skin tight tops which let one indulge in the sight of her ample mammaries being hugged tightly by the fabric. It wasn't enough that below such a sight was the slim belly of a gymnast giving rise to a set of womanly hips which served as foundation for a comely tight bum, again, being exemplified by a pair of jeans two size too small for her waist. Yet, despite her body that reeked of lust and passion, laid an insecure girl who's objectification had led to systematically mistrust men and their intentions as perverted. She played hard to get, and at the time, I didn’t feel like wasting time so I ended it after only a few dates. It was only a year later that I met my girlfriend. Somehow, Tiffany and her became pen pals which led us to the aforementioned carpool. She was hardly different from my memory when she pulled over. Her window lowered and she gave me a timid ‘Hey’. It was clear in her voice that whatever tension our past had created still bared scars unto the present. I slumped into the front seat giving her a shy smile of my own and we were off. It was possibly one of the most awkward travels of my existence. I tried making small talk but our exchanges would be brief and stiff. A slight bulge formed in my pants as my eyes consistently drifted to the sweet sight of her breasts softly squeezed by her seatbelt. She didn't seem to notice my quick peeks and soon enough we ran out of things to say. I turned my head to the other side and dozed off. I woke an hour later to the tremors of a dirt road. Still groggy, I rubbed my eyes together before exclaiming: -“Hmmh mm … Where are we at?..” -“Oh. I`m not sure. There was a roadblock on the highway and my GPS led me to these countryside roads.” She responded. I took a second look outside and we were deep in a pine forest. This road probably had barely seen the rise of western civilization by its appearance. -“Are you sure this is right? Let me see the GPS.” -“Hold on. Let me unhook it-“ As she turned her head, and laid off one arm from the steering wheel to turn the GPS over. A hole in the road jammed one of our tires and sent the car off the ridge of the road and into a mud pit. We both screamed and braced for the impact. Crawling out of the car covered in mud and dust, we shared a panic look as we gazed upon the damaged vehicle. The desperation of the situation hit us: We were stuck in the middle nowhere without food, supplies nor a working vehicle. I beckoned her over to try and comfort her and myself at the same time. It was then that our situation became a whole lot stranger… I noticed her first, a black clad woman holding a wooden stick and observing us from a distance. I prodded Tiffany to look and shouted: “Help us, we… we were just in a car accident”. The womanly figure did not respond. Tiffany joined her voice to mine: “Please.. Madam, we are in need of some help.” It was at this time that the woman slammed her staff into the ground letting out a shockwave of magical energy that froze us to our very core. Even if we had tried to move, our muscles were stuck in place as the apparent witch stepped forward. She walked slowly around us studying us with her evil glare. We felt violated as if our mind was opened to her as a book and our bodies were helpless to stop it. She paused before me staring into my eyes, before turning around and spouting words that will forever be etched into my soul. -“Two creatures of carnal perversion stepped onto the path. Two creatures consumed by their animal lust but too weak to act upon it. Well, my dear pets, tonight's your lucky night for this one will liberate the animal that hides inside your pathetic human body and expose your true selves.” As she finished her sentence, the freezing spell broke and we fell on all four, breathless. Still trying to catch my breath, I managed to utter: -“What do you intend to do with us..?” -“Oh my dear. I intend to have a little fun with you both.” She responded waving her staff toward my privates. My pants started to decompose and turned to ash exposing my groin. I lifted my hands staring below as she kept twirling her staff toward my nether and chanting in an ancient tongue. Swirls of magic exited her staff and entered mine sending pangs of lust to my brain. My penis elongated into a rigid rod covered with bristly pink hairs. Its girth and thickness increased as well becoming more and more swine-like in appearance. Each throb of expansion made me gasp in shock. A sheath of skin extended from the lower part of my cock connecting partially with my belly. The magic continued to flow as I screamed in both pain and pleasure. My balls were next to be transformed, growing to the size of grapefruits before shifting to hang just below my buttocks. The witch`s power continued to mold my rear end into curvaceous hills atop which a tiny curly pig tail started to sprout. And with a snap in her voice, the magic stopped and she contemplated her handiwork. I looked down in fear and saw what I never thought I would ever see. My body had been transformed from belly to knee into one of a pig with genitalia to match. It wasn't long before the witch drew her eyes upon the petrified Tiffany who had observed my transformation with horror. The witch twirled her staff once more making her jeans explode into dust. As if trying to prevent it, Tiffany threw her hands down covering her exposed privates. The witch began her curse and her hands rose upward as if dragged by two magical ropes. She screamed in defiance as the magic reshaped her hips. They grew bigger, more rotund, and curvier as her vaginal slit slowly migrated to her back. Covered in the same bristly hairs, her ass expanded looking comically large next to her human legs and belly. Her thighs quickly grew to hold the bulk and a curly tail sprouted from her end marking the final token of shame offered by the witch's magic. We stood there on all four, still shaken by what had transpired, as the witch spoke once more: -“Consider this a test. You’ve tried to hide your animal instincts all your pathetic lives, but now you cannot hide your true selves no more. This forest will either make you emerge a human in both soul and body OR it will make you accept your true form. Each hour, your body will continue to change until you reach the forest`s end. If you do reach it, I will change you back.” She proceeds to give an evil grin. “However, if you partake in the carnal pleasure and fornicate, it will mean you have both accepted your fate and will remain as pigs upon my lands.” As the words ‘carnal pleasure’ reached my ears, my rock hard cock twitched. I swallowed in fear of the trials ahead. I glanced back to Tiffany who stared back at me and the fifteen inch penis giving her a proud salute. Her eyes quickly moved back to the ground in shame and as we tried to look around once more for the witch. She was gone and we were left to our own devices. Tiffany sobbed silently before wiping her eyes and looking back to the forest ahead with resolve. -”We.. We can't stay here. We have to move forward or else.. Or else…” she stutters a few times as she tries to finish her sentence. -”Listen, Tiffany. Don't let the witch’s words sink in too deep… She is trying to torture us and we can’t let her have that satisfaction. We’ll make it out of here.” She looked back at me timidly and gave a slight nod. It's clear that despite the strangeness of the situation, whatever sexual tension laid between us before had been multiplied tenfold. Tiffany led the way through the muddy path and I followed. Our minds were doing their best to keep on the task at end. The transformation had given us a slightly hunched postures and walking on two legs was harder to balance than before. Although I did my best to focus away, my cock remained rigid and it wasn’t long before my eyes were absorbing Tiffany`s forms in all their curvy glory sending pulses of lust to my very core. I paused a moment and urged her attention: -”Tiffany… we need to switch place.” -”What do you mean?” she stopped and turned to face me. -”I.. I…” I stuttered a few times feeling embarrassed over the situation. -”The witch’s spell drove my arousal through the roof… I can't have you in front of me, it is too enticing at the moment…” I slowly finished trying to retain some dignity. -”Oh you *pig*... Fine. Anything that will keep you under control.” she responded putting emphasis on the word as if to make me feel guilt about our current situation. We continued our walk with me in the lead through the muddy soils of the forest. Despite my best efforts to calm my raging arousal, my penis remained stiff as a rock leading me to squirm in pain as it hit thorny branches getting in its way. It was when we arrived through a clearing that the next step of our damnation took place. The witch was sitting on a fallen tree trunk. We both froze in fear as we spotted her. She gave a malevolent laughter and told the following: -”One hour is up my pets. This tireless march seems hard on your fragile feet. Allow me to alleviate some of your pain.” As she spoke the words, dark swirls of black magic engulfed my own and Tiffany’s legs. Toes and nails merged together becoming cloven hooves. Bones and ligaments rearranged making odd snapping and crackling noises to better suit one for a life on all fours. And again, as the magic exited our bodies leaving two pig hybrids on the ground panting and drained by their transformation, the witch was gone. I slowly rose back up struggling to balance myself and get used to our new hindlegs. Tiffany wasn’t so lucky. Her large buttocks made it that much harder to stand and therefore she found herself in need of an improvised cane to prevent herself from tilting forward. She gave me a shy smile as she succeeded standing up for longer than a minute. I politely returned it, only to find my eyes drifting toward her voluptuous cleavage. The stimulation reminded me that I was still sporting a massive erection. She noticed my glare and spoke with a sigh: -”I thought the goal of you walking first was to chase those perverted thoughts from your mind?” -”So did I…” I responded blushing. “I can’t help it. You were always attractive to me before, but standing alongside you...here… naked, I fear the animal lust is getting the better of me.” -”You know that what made me closed up to you was that all my friends kept saying you were a pig only trying to bed me. Never thought they would be literally right…” she lets out with an uncomfortable snicker. -”No no… but if we don’t address this.” I said giving a nod downward to my erected, pulsating shaft. “The lust will continue to build and the animal inside might take over..” -”So you`re saying we should just accept this fate and indulge ourselves?” she sneered back. -”No. Of course not. That would fulfill the witch’s curse. However, masturbation would help relieve the pressure though. If our hands are next to change, we might not get another chance..” -”Urgh.. Fine.. Just get it over with.” I glanced back at Tiffany as she looked away. Her rump as well as the two milk sacks pressed in her tight shirt haunting my mind as I laid both hands on the massive shaft. The touch sent shudders through my spine. Despite the strangeness of the situation, I was so horny I could have blown my load right there and then. I started moaning as I my hands began to move slowly up and down. I could see Tiffany sneaking a peep from time to time. It wasn't long before I was pumping full speed shuddering as each stroke gave me shockwaves of pleasure. Animalistic grunts escaped my lips as I worked the massive shaft. My mouth remained open as I felt my balls churning. In an uncharacteristic move, Tiffany turned to face me with a smile lifting her shirt and exposing her two magnificent globes for my eyes to soak in. With a gasp of shock, those big swine balls emptied themselves sending a gallon of swine seed upon the ground. She giggled and covered her chest back with a stern motion. -”What was that about?” I said panting and sweating profusely while lost in the afterglow. -”You were taking too long.” I gave her a thin smirk glimpsing back down at my limp shaft. It was still heavy, and bloated but I definitely didn't feel the pangs of lust no more. We resumed our trek through the woods with a determined stride. The hooves made it harder to walk on uneven terrain and I had to help Tiffany through some of the more rocky parts. It was something out of greek mythology, two half-human half-pig making a journey through the dangerous woods in order to regain their humanity. After a mile of walking, we stumbled upon a freshwater stream. It was clear that we were both on the brink of dehydration. The crash, the transformation as well as my little self-indulgence left us exhausted. We both rushed to the water bending down to lower our heads under the water guzzling down. As I rose my head back from the stream, I noticed the witch was waving to me on the other side with a sad pout. -”Indulged yourself in swine lust. Tsk tsk.” She waved her staff toward my groin before continuing her rant. “You thought it would be without consequences but you were wrong my pets.” -”WAIT! We did not had sex. We-” I screamed in panic thinking these words would be my lasts. -”Oh I'm aware that the only sex you’ve had was with your hand, *swine*. It will still cost you.” The witch finished her taunt putting emphasis on the word swine. She waved her wand in my face chanting her black curse. I could feel the tangled webs of her magic stretching the cartilaginous structure of my face making them more swine-like. My nose slowly extended into a massive snout jutting my lower jaw forward. My ears lengthened into two leathery pink flap of flesh hanging comically by my side. I tried to plead for mercy once more but only an high pitch squeal greeted my ears. Her magic began to spread below reducing my shirt to dust and barrelling out my torso. I examined my hands as my fingers and nails merged into a three-fingered mix of a hand and a hoof. The magic then stopped leaving me almost entirely pig-like. My hands could still grasp awkwardly and only the lower parts of my chin and face had fully transformed but it was almost all that remained of my humanity. I turned my heavy body on all four only to notice the terrified look on Tiffany`s face as she stared back into my eyes. I tried to speak but only oinks and piggish grunts came out. Tiffany turned back to flee only to awkwardly fell head first into the dirt. She sobbed painfully as the witch walked casually behind her whispering something in her ear and within seconds, a ray of black magic shot from the wand unto Tiffany`s back making her shirt disappear into smoke. I observed the transformation in amazement as Tiffany`s torso began to bulge as mine and rows of gorged teats began to form underneath her belly. Her hands merged into three hooven fingers also, but unlike my transformation, only her petite nose morphed into a feminine looking snout. The magic must have impacted my mind as despite all of the transformation, I still found Tiffany incredibly attractive. -”The *sow’s* curse is a bit behind yours for she didn’t indulged herself in swine lust… yet.” The witch exclaimed as the spell ended. She turned to me and added. “Let me just fill those balls of yours once again to the brim. It should make the final miles more interesting...” The witch started to walk toward me. I squealed and tried to run but her magic stopped me mid-motion. I then felt a hand applying a salve unto my ball sack which led to another squeal of both pain and pleasure as the pressure of lust and arousal filled my balls and mind once again. She stopped, looking pleased before releasing her spell and vanished. I squealed again and looked down at my privates only to thankfully see that although my cock felt heavy and bloated, it was not erected and rigid. We likely still had time to escape before the animal lust took over. I rushed back to Tiffany trotting there on all-four and nudged her side with my snout oinking. She slowly rose on all-four herself and looked back to me before mumbling with a sob: -”I`ve .. I`ve always been proper and chaste all my life.. But like everyone, wild sexual fantasies popped into my mind. Being taken like an animal by a perverted pig like you was one of mine… I… feel so ashamed from it...” The admission of her guilt and fetish didn`t help quell down the desire of my bulging groin, but I kept focused, nudging her side until she moved and looked into the direction I was pointing with my hooven finger. We could see the ridge of the forest and with it, our salvation. The sight inspired her as she nodded and started trotting again. -”Yes.. We’re almost there. Let us stay focused.” she said. I oinked in agreement and trotted back hastily to her side. The last transformation made it harder for us to ambulate. We looked almost completely like pigs to a careless observer but our joints still kept their human flexibility granting us the ability to grasp objects yet making the casual trot all the more gawky and bumbling. I kept point to avoid the distraction of Tiffany’s swaying bum and udders. It did help but unlike before, her pheromones were now being secreted in full throttle and my large snout drawn them in with each breath. I kept on trotting but could slowly feel the blood pooling back to my groin. I tilted my head upward to look how far we needed to go but a hand yanking on my cock left me squealing in shock. The sensual touch of another massaging my aching member immediately made it rock hard. I struggled to turn my head as waves of pleasure were assaulting my mind. I grunted in mellowed anger thinking it was first the witch’s final trick only to see Tiffany, that horny sow, squashing her teats over my back as she mounted me to allow her hand to stroke my penis. She was reddened with shame as I stared back in her eyes. -”F-face it. T-the witch is right. We’ve always w-wanted this. Don’t deny this. I don’t have to strength to h-hide it no more. Mount me.” she whispered to my ear as I squealed and oinked in pleasure. She unclasped her hand from my cock dismounting me. She bent over to expose her bloated wet vagina lips and turned her head pleading for me to mount her. I could have continued down the path a few more feet and reached the edge of the forest, but my bloated rigid cock sought only one thing. Each step took incredible strength as my heavy shaft dragged on the ground. I looked to the ridge of the forest and back to Tiffany. The wild fantasies I had of fucking her invading my mind. Powerless and defeated, I accepted my fate and mounted Tiffany with my hooven hands squeezing her udders as I pounded her vagina relentlessly. Her moans of pleasure slowly became piggish squeals as with each ramming, our features became more piglike. And where there had been two troubled cursed humans before now lay two pigs going hard at it consumed by their bestial lust. The squeals of passion echoed through the forest as the instincts of the pig subjugated us. The witch looked on, watching as if she had seen this scene happen a hundred times before. She smiled to herself satisfied that the curse of the true-form confirmed her view of humanity once more. Anonymous poster hash: 59d02...6dd
  3. Blackbunnyman

    Greased pig content.

    Jess sat in the back of the truck, pushed up as far as she could get away from the door. When she had woken up it was moving, and when the slow vibrations of the highway gave way to the violent jostling of an unpathed country road. The first bounce off the a heavy rock and slammed her into one of the sides of the horse trailer she had been locked in and that had knocked the pale-faced redhead out of her drug induced slumber from the night before. She was still dressed in her clothes from the night before; a pair of ultra-tight black jeans and a sparkly silver top, one that showed off all of her back and managed to hide the fact that she was too stick thin to have any curves. Sometime during the night the heel of her right shoe had snapped off while the left one was entirely missing. She must have taken a nasty fall, one side of her jeans had ripped across the knee and the skin underneath was red and raw. Her shoulder hurt as well, and she knew that her makeup was running on her face. From what Jess could tell, she was in the hands of some farmers. The trailer she was in now was cleaned but it still smelled strongly of animals. There were slits that let in sunlight high on the top of the trailer but Jessica’s legs were bound tight with her arms pulled behind her. Outside of tearfully looking around she was unable to gather anything about her surroundings and after a couple hours she felt pins and needles all up and down her legs and slumped over. When she woke up it was something around noon and she stayed awake and upset all through the night as the truck weaved deeper and deeper into backroads, bringing her impossibly far into the backwoods. She didn’t think she was anywhere near Boston anymore, and unfortunately for her Jess was a Texas native and she wasn’t even familiar with the area enough to tell which city she was in at any given time! It was just after dawn when the truck finally stopped It was just after dawn and Jess waited in fear as she heard metal doors slam and the sound of boots on muddy ground. There was the muffled sound of men speaking outside, arguing a price? Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that she was being sold and Jess finally let out a proper sob. She was being sold into slavery! Jess pushed herself further into the back of the trailer as the door finally opened after the men had settled on her being worth three hundred. Jess yelped as a man stepped in. He was huge, heavy and ruddy with a thick beard and hands like boxing gloves. Jess, who was already limp and weak from so long lying limp was unable to fight back as he grabbed her firmly, yet gently and carried her out. The world outside was a great field, around half the size of a football field and surrounded on all sides with a waist high fence while beyond that there was thick forest. The ground was churned up mud with tufts of grass growing up here and there and Jess stumbled when she was set down but one of the man’s hands kept her upright before an older man caught her other arm. He had a shockingly kind face and his leathery hand was soft on her skin, but that didn’t stop him from handing beardy a stack of bills. The first man grunted and left, driving out the gate that was quickly latched behind him but all Jess could pay attention to was the pack of young men suddenly surrounding her. Around fifteen of them, all strong and lean and shockingly handsome. Each one wore a white tank top and loose blue-jeans with heavy brown boots and they all looked like they could have been brothers. They came closer, surrounding her and examining her. They weren’t . . . looking at her the way she expected. She was fearful of it but she had expected lustful gazes these men . . . they were looking at her the way farmers looked at stock! “She’s a scrawny one,” One man complained as he touched her shoulder and she flinched from his touch. “Then she’ll be nice and fast, it’ll make for a better chase,” the old man said calmly, “This here is a prime one – Davey said this one is an athlete!” It was true, Jess was a track runner and she trembled in fear as the men grew excited. “Let’s get her nice and ready to go, where’s Tucker?” “Here!” Squeaked a tiny voice. Jess looked down to see a ten year old boy, dressed like all the other men holding a heavy bucket. He set down the bucket at her feet and looked up at Jess curiously for a moment before he turned and sprinted away. He ran to a small group on the other side of the fence, a group of young children and women all watching on like they were about to see a sporting event. Jess stared at them for a moment before she felt young hands grab her hard and begin to cut away at her bonds, same time as another man reached into the bucket and came away with a thick handful of lard. That was the last time Jess was aware of who was doing what. It felt like she was floating, her arms and legs were suddenly free but all her limps were held as lard was smeared in thick gobs all over her, over and under her skin and so greasy that the men around here were barely able to hold her. “There we go, all greased up!” One of them laughed. Jess struggled to her feet and they separated and let her bolt out. Jess stared at them, wide eyed and fearful as the farm boys looked predatory. She backed away before she whirled on her feet and sprinted away, putting her runner’s legs to good use. She sprinted to the far fence, planning to spring over and escape into the woods but just as she got close she was tackled, and a man had wrapped his arms hard around her waist. Jess screamed and writhed as she hit the ground and mud splattered across her chest and face. The wind was knocked out of her but more men were falling upon her, grapping at her jeans as Jess writhed wildly. Her jeans had clung to her tight body but with both them and her legs underneath greased she managed to wriggle out of her pants. Hands grabbed at her legs as she struggled free and she stood and bolted quickly in a different direction, stumbling through the mud. Her thick thighs rubbed together and her thick belly pressed uncomfortably against her thong as she ran. Her shirt felt like it was restraining her and the mud against her skin felt revolting. Jess made for the other side of the pen but this time she only got to the middle before she was tackled painfully to the ground. A man was pinning her down hard and her curly tail swatted his face as she squealed in protest. The man, Roy, smirked at the feeling, knowing that the girl under him was not yet aware of what was happening to her and that he could make her body even more eager to change. In a quick movement he put his hands on her hips and brought her ass firmly against his half chub, knowing she would feel it even through his jeans and her panties. “Aw, sick!” One of the other men said as he ran up and he kicked Roy off, “What the hell, man? Don’t do that!” He gave Roy a look of disgust but Roy’s touch had been enough. While it had frightened her greatly, a row of nubs blossomed down her chest and her ears flopped through her red hair. While Roy and the other man, Jack, argued the rest of the pack of men finally fell upon her, ignoring the fight. Roy was far from the only aroused by the event but most were like Jack, finding the excitement no real different than being excited by an actual animal. Jess was blind to the fight, she wriggled out from the men, kicking one in the face with a cloven hoof and had her sparkly top ripped away from her slowly fattening teats. She ran on two legs with a bad hunch as her fingers slowly morphed into hooves as well. After the next tackle her legs finished deforming and was left running on all fours. Her ass slowly grew slanted and fine hair started sprouting up from her hind legs. Her nose turned up as a man caught her again and rolled her onto her back. Roy had her front hooves while Jack had caught her by the hind ones. Jess squealed fearfully as the old man finally called it, calling the brothers the winner. “Damn, you were easy,” Roy laughed as they hauled her out of the pen, and hauling her transformation before it could be completed, “Most girls turn all the way before we can get them!” Jess grunted and tried to kick him before she was flung, once more, into the back of a trailer. It was only then that she realized what she had become. Her legs, all four of them, were completely piggish complete with thick pink skin and little black hooves. A curly tail twitched over a slopped ass. Her genitals had pushed back between her legs in a porcine position but it was still very human. Her torso was as it had been, mostly. She had a swell of soft fat on her belly and too many nipples up and down her front on layers of small breasts. Her ears flopped along her long cherry hair and her face was dominated by a little snout. But Jess could no longer really recall what had changed. Part of the curse of the valley, and why none of the local women dared enter that pen. As far as Jess could recall, this was as she had always been and her more animal brain struggled to recall what she was afraid of. The chase had been frightening, yes, but her owners had her now and one of them seemed like a friendly boar! The other one wasn’t interested in her yet, but Jess oinked softly to herself. Once she had finished pleasing one of her owners she would work on Jack. He seemed disgusted by her NOW, yes, but she was sure she could fit his cock in her snout and she was eager to please him.
  4. Thal


    MENIAL 1.Court Audrey was waiting in dread for the judge's verdict, she knew it was illegal what she did but almost everyone does it, they needed a scapegoat to put an example of, she thought, but why did it have to be her? Judge; 'Will the accused please stand.' Shaking on her legs, like she never had experienced before, Audrey slowly stood up. Judge; 'You are aware of the severity of the crime that you committed?' Audrey; 'Yes... Yes, ma'am...' Judge; ‘Good... In my eyes you are still nothing more than a common thief, you stole products from honest hard working entertainers just because you believe that digital goods should be free, well guess what... Nothing comes free in this world and Hollywood is bleeding because of parasites like yourself. So I will give you the same sentence as any other thief in this country... 7 years and a fine of 100 000 dollars!" Audrey; 'Oh Please...! This can't be real, judge... I beg you, give me any punishment... ANY... But don't put me in a jail. You know what they do to beautiful frail girls like me! I need to become somebody's bitch for protection! Judge; 'Well you brought this upon yourself and frankly I hope you will open the eyes of some other 'digital' leeches by this hard sentence.' The judge was about to slap the hammer but at the last moment someone interrupted her.' Kawari Representative; 'WAIT!!!... Pardon me for interrupting your 'hammer slam' madam judge, but if I may propose a more alternative punishment that would advance important research. Judge; 'Who on earth do you think you are to get between my hammer and the final verdict?' Kawari Representative; 'My apologies madam judge, I haven't had time to introduce myself yet. I work for Kawari the largest biotech company in our day and age, and we are in need of test subjects to advance our experiments... to improve our human lives if you will. I'm employed as a Kawari seeker who looks for willing individuals who want to risk their lives for us, and what better place to find them than in court? Of course I know I'm not a lawyer but I'm asking for a quick recess to discuss with you in what Project Audrey will be included, If the accused agrees with becoming a test subject of course.' Audrey; 'Oh God YES!!! Anything but prison thank you Sir!' Judge; 'I'm intrigued... make it quick!' 15 minutes later, the judge and the Kawari representative came back out of the chambers and with a smile on the judge's face she went back to her seat in the courtroom. Judge; 'Accused please stand up again... Right, normally I wouldn't reconsider a punishment, but after hearing what the project entails I came to the conclusion that it is as severe as doing 7 years’ time, maybe even worse... So my sentence will be as Follows. Audrey Williams you will remain in the custody of Kawari until they have no more use for you, Once the project is finished you will enter a halfway house where you will be reintegrated in society, you have to report to Kawari research headquarters in 7 days from now, That's all.' Judge; 'Next Case!' Audrey; 'Thank you judge, THANK YOU!' 2.Hayasi Audrey arrived early in the morning at Kawari headquarters she was familiar with their company everyone in the world basically was, they were the first who successfully integrated technology in the human body. Their first product was the successor of the smartphone called the 'Kawari 1'. It is a small smartphone like device that gets implanted in your hand and out of it projects a screen when you press the button, the battery basically is the human body that never runs empty... unless you die. At first people didn't like the idea of having an implanted chip with a button on top of it in their hand but after they saw what it could do it became a success in no time, they are about to reach 1 billion customers this year. There are even rumors that they will cannibalize Apple if they keep on growing like this. Audrey didn't have the Kawari 1 though, she still preferred to leave her smartphone behind and there were a lot of conspiracies circling around about the Kawari 1, that they would send all of your data to the government heck even some believe it could cause a heart attack if the government or Kawari wanted to get rid of you. When she thought about it she realized they started to introduce it with inmates and kids at first, and after that the Kawari 1 became a normal thing. Audrey entered the main entrance and hesitantly walked to the front-desk. Audrey; 'Good morning, my name is Audrey Williams and I am supposed to put myself available to the Kawari Research Facility. Secretary Melissa; 'Let me see now... Audrey... Audrey, Ah yes Audrey Williams the pirate criminal volunteer. That's interesting, you are supposed to go to our underground facilities for the 'Menial Project'. Most stuff that they do there is top secret that shouldn't see the light of day. Let me check if it's not a mistake. Doctor Hayasi; 'Doctor Hayasi speaking, how may I be of service?' Secretary Melissa; 'Good morning Doctor Hayasi, there is an Audrey Williams here who... Doctor Hayasi; 'Ah yes! Ashley Williams she is the main ingredient for the menial project. I'm on my way!' Secretary Mellissa; 'Well I guess it wasn't a mistake. Please wait ma'am, Doctor Hayasi is on his way.' Audrey was about to take a seat when she saw a short, Asian looking old man running towards her. He came closer and closer until he stood in front of her gasping for air.' Doctor Hayasi; 'Good... morning...., Miss... Audrey.... I presume? Audrey; 'Yes doctor nice to meet you.' Doctor Hayasi; 'Come... Oh my it's been a long time I have been that excited I shouldn’t run like that on my age.' After the weird introduction Doctor Hayasi escorted Audrey to his research sector. They entered an elevator and down it went, and it kept on going down until it stopped at the letter X that showed on the elevator display. Doctor Hayasi; 'Welcome to sector X, there are still 2 floors below us that contain even more high classified projects than mine, not even the great genius Hayasi is allowed to go there. As you can see we have this sector all to ourselves, not to worry an old squinty eyed midget like me opposes no threat... My experiments on the other hand..., Anyways you can feel comfortable here. Feel free to explore all the rooms that aren't locked, you can pick whatever bedroom you like, except for my bedroom... Hayasi's bedroom is Hayasi's precious. No wait! Hayasi's Experiments are Hayasi's precious, Hayasi's bedroom contains Hayasi's private stack of hentai that shouldn't exist... Oh my I shouldn't have said that... Well... Are there any questions?' Audrey; 'How long do I have to stay here? What is the 'Menial Project? Can my family and friend come visit me?' Can I ... Doctor Hayasi; 'Hold your horse there, I may be a genius but remembering trivial questions is not one of my talents.' To answer your 1st question, I have neither the interest or approval to state the duration of the menial project. To answer your 2nd question I have neither the interest or approval to explain stuff about Menial. And to answer your 3rd question I have neither the interest or approval to inform you on visitations. Having said that I will explain them to you now because I'm bored. Menial duration is in stages. Depending on the stage and the amount of stages the time varies. My plan is the '7 stage plan' depending on the average duration of one stage you are a free human...like creature in 1 day however the time to adjust to your new self is indefinite. The Menial project is intended to make no do good doers do good, does that make sense? The bad news is that I can't come forth with more information the good news is that you will find out soon enough. Visitation isn't allowed in these 11 days. Audrey; 'Thank you doctor Hayasi... for explaining, one final question when will we begin?' Doctor Hayasi; 'Tomorrow 6 am after waffles, we will do a medical examination, or in other words you remove your clothes and I inspect and Inject... with needles I mean not with you know what, then we begin with stage 3, 5 and 6 they are the mildest stages so we start with them first. 3.WAFFLE TIME The first day of the Menial stage arrived and doctor Hayasi woke up early just to get his waffles he checked on Audrey who still appeared to be asleep, and walked over to the kitchen of sector X where the cooks delivered him his waffles. When he got ready to eat he didn't notice that Audrey just entered the kitchen behind his back. Doctor Hayasi; 'Oh god I love waffles, I hope that she will stay asleep so that I can eat them all... Oh hi Audrey I was only joking about the waffle theft, we all know who the REAL thief is, oh sorry bad joke, my parents always told me I have no filter in my head. Please sit down and eat a waffle or... 2 if you must, we have a big day today. Audrey; 'Don't worry sir, I'm not hungry can I have something to drink?' Doctor Hayasi; 'No food? well that’s good news for Hayasi's waffles, the only drink available to you is milk, milk and more milk, it’s part of the experiment, Ha-ha don't worry it won't turn you into a cow, Seriously though it won't, transformation into another creature by fluids is highly unlikely I must regret. Regardless after tomorrow the only thing you are allowed to drink or eat is milk so you sure you don't want a waffle... or 2 if you are extremely hungry?' Audrey; 'Gheez... sure a glass of milk will do. Doctor Hayashi; 'There you go one beautiful white glass of milk for a beautiful white girl...Hey Audrey you want to hear a waffle joke? just so you know, to lighten up the mood a little. I know it must be hard for you to endure your punishment, even though you have great company.' Audrey; 'Sure I could use some humor.' Doctor Hayashi; 'Why do fat people like twitter?' Audrey; 'I don't know... Please do enlighten me.' Doctor Hayashi; 'Because the hashtags look like a waffle. Hihihi' Audrey; 'Well I must say that is the funniest waffle joke I ever heard, it's is the only one I ever heard though.' Doctor Hayashi; Ha thanks dear, I'm glad you liked it. Please follow me, we need to do a medical examination.' 4.Bonding She entered a weird looking examination room along with Doctor Hayashi, a lot of devices she never had even seen, the entire room was filled with preserved organs, animals etc... Doctor Hayashi; 'Welcome to my life's work. Everything you see here has led to Project Menial and you are the lucky person who will put this journey to an important first end. You will be the end result my dear Audrey. Please remove your clothes, shall we begin? Audrey; 'I... I guess...' It didn't take long for Audrey to undress and within a couple of seconds she stood bare naked. Doctor Hayashi; 'Wow looking at you makes me regret a little that you are the first person who will endure Project Menial... but only a little. First let me read your information out loud feel free to interrupt when something is wrong clear? Audrey; 'Clear.' Doctor Hayashi; 'Your name is Audrey Williams, you recently turned 18, IQ of 120, you wanted to become a teacher because you like children, but your real dream is to become a housewife of a successful businessman, with your own children. your height is 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 90 pounds, you have an 43inch bust, 41-inch waist, 47 inch hips hourglass body shape with a round well-formed butt and 32 C cup tits in the shape of torpedoes that look perfect if I might say... Euhm...what? carry on. Your facial features are as follows, straight black hair reaching your shoulder, light gray eyes, white blemish free skin, cute upturned/celestial nose and full cupid lips. Audrey; 'How... How do you know all that?' Doctor Hayashi; 'Kawari knows everything about anyone... Everyone knows that Kawari is pure evil yet nobody gives a rat's ass, and you know why? because humans only want to be distracted so they can forget about their eventual demise, that’s why the Kawari 1 is so popular limitless distraction that you can take everywhere and use anytime with 1 petabyte of data which is as good as limitless. and those that can't distract them from it end up in the crazy cage, or realize life is pointless and end it. I noticed you didn't have a Kawari 1... smart girl. They didn't know your breast size though; boob knowledge is one of Hayashi's more useful talents. Audrey; 'I'm starting to think that the 7 years’ jail time was a way better deal than Menial.' Doctor Hayashi; 'You better believe it dearie, I'm starting to like you but you chose your own fate and there is no return from this road. You need to trust Hayashi, I'm the only friend you have in here and out there from now on, I can prevent the most horrible outcome of menial If I think the risk is worth it.' Audrey; 'You still haven't told me what menial is.' Doctor Hayashi; 'You are a smart girl, you probably noticed there are no guards here to protect me from you, Hayashi is a kung Fu master but with my age of 78 even a frail girl can overpower me... Too bad we are more than 60 meter underground and an elevator that only opens with ... well I’m not going to tell you that but even if you would find a way to use the elevator the security up is no match for a girl. I will inform you the reason why there are no guards though, it is because you will be sick after today... very sick, and you won't be able to do any harm even if you wanted to. ' Audrey; 'Like a bird in a cage then huh? I should be panicking why am I not panicking?' Doctor Hayashi; 'Because you realize the inevitability of your situation and you don't know the final outcome yet of menial... I wish... somebody else would be the first victim of this monstrosity that I created, I would free the bird in the cage if I knew the person really didn't deserve it, I illegally download hentai and porn all the time....' Audrey; 'I'm starting to like you too Doctor Hayashi even though you probably are the most insane person I ever met.' Doctor Hayashi; 'Just call me Hayashi please, the writer must be sick and tired of including Doctor next to my name, enough talk let's start with the Menial Procedure.' 5.Menial Beginnings; Stage 3 Doctor Hayasi placed a gas mask on his face and placed 2 tick gloves on his hands, after that he grabbed a huge bottle that had white crème in it and walked to Audrey. Doctor Hayashi; 'Let's start with stage 3, Sorry for the restraints dear, this white cream's purpose is to remove all hair permanently and it might sting a little. I don't want you to run around screaming when I apply this. I'll start with your hair. Audrey; 'You mean I will be hairless completely for the rest of my life? Why... why is that necessary? Doctor Hayashi; 'Correct dear, it’s a formality I agree but it has to do with the Image of a menial. No hair makes one look more clean, it’s very important for the particular type of Menial you will become.' Doctor Hayashi grabbed a handful of cream and slowly started to massage Audrey's head, the poor girl felt like her head was on fire and not long after she started to burst out in tears. Hayasi kept on rubbing and with each rub more and more of her beautiful black locks started to fall out. It only took 10 minutes and her head was as bald as a baby. Doctor Hayashi; 'There ALL... done, the worst part is over for stage 3, let's start with the rest of your body now. It took Hayashi 30 minutes to cover Audrey's entire body and face with the white cream except for the eyes. Audrey didn't feel no more pain since she had passed out, it must have felt like she stood on fire with all that chemical goo on her body and face. Hayashi decided the white cream stayed on Audrey long enough and started to spray it off with water, and removed the restraints Doctor Hayashi; 'Slap.... SLAP!... Wakie Wakie baldie, I'm sure you are eager to see you hairless. Audrey; 'Oh my... I can barely stand, what happened? Doctor Hayashi; 'Look in the huge mirror their hon, you can see your hairless self.' Audrey; 'For the love of God! I look horrible! I look like a cancer patient! even my eyebrows are gone and my vagina hasn't looked like that since I’m 12!' Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry you had to experience that dear, but look it on the bright side, you never need to shave again or worry about how your hair looks like. Enough drama! We start stage 5, I want you to wear this black underwear and press the red button on it when you are ready.' Stage 5 Audrey reluctantly grabbed the underwear, it didn't feel like normal underwear it seemed like there was a bunch of tech inside of it, the red button on it was weird also. With hesitation she decided to press on it and a red light next to the button appeared soon after. Audrey; 'Well now what? What... The ... Fuck? I feel like something is entering my Vagina! hhhmmmm.... This is soo ... weird! What the hell is it doing! Feels... So... Good... hmmmmm.... Doctor Hayashi; 'I'm sorry to say, but enjoy it while it lasts dear, it’s a special device that removes your reproductive organs once you reach the greatest sexual climax you will ever feel the only thing you will have left down there is a clean vagina with nothing in it. A menial has no need for reproducing. You will become asexual and nothing will sexually arouse you ever again. Doctor Hayashi watched as Audrey crawled on all fours when she was getting the best weird sex of her life with her underwear, he knew the device was almost finished, when he saw her nipples slowly disappear and getting replaced with skin, her breast was still there but they only where there as 2 sacks of C cup meat. The red light soon after turned green on her underwear while Audrey was soaking in sweat Audrey; 'Soo... Tired... I... Feel... Empty...' Moments later Audrey fell asleep. 5 hours later Doctor Hayashi; 'Audrey... Audrey... AUDREY...! wake up!' Audrey; huh?... where am I? Doctor Hayashi; 'You so lazy, you fell asleep again! at this rate it's going to be a long day. I need to test if stage 5 was a complete success, I will start with touching your boobs to see if you still get sexually aroused. Hayashi grabbed her tits and started to erotically massaging them, they still felt like female boobs but they were lacking the best part. Doctor Hayashi; 'Do you feel anything dear?' Audrey; 'No nothing, I... Feel... Washed out, like my ambition is gone, Am I even a woman now? my boobs look like a Barbie doll.' Doctor Hayashi; 'Interesting I had hoped my boob massaging skills would still raise some form of arousal, well if that doesn't do it nothing will. Stage 5 is a success! Stage 6 is a simple fluid you need to swallow you are going to throw up and will feel very sick but after this stage the worst part is over when it comes to pain. Stage 6 Knowing she had no other option Audrey swallowed it whole a couple of minutes past and nothing happened but not long after she started to feel pain in her bones and stomach, Audrey; 'aaaaarrrrgghhh!!' Doctor Hayashi; 'I can only imagine in how much pain you are now, this fluid is simplifying your digestive system and metabolizing your bone structure turning it into fat, in other words you will shrink a lot and gain fat mostly around your hips. your digestive system will morph in something that only can digest milk your body will burn the energy of the milk and the only thing that comes out of your bottom will be water from now on, trying to eat something else will immediately be rejected by your body.' Hours passed when Audrey's body slowly started to distort itself, her hips became wider and wider while she was getting a small potbelly underneath her breasts, her bubble but started to lose her form slowly and cellulite started to form. When the throwing up stopped, Hayashi helped a diminished Audrey on her feet. Doctor Hayashi; 'Ha! Well look who is the tall one now. It's measurement time!' Audrey; 'I'm thirsty...' Hayashi brought Audrey in his lab where he could test the success of stage 5, while giving her a large glass of cow's milk. Doctor Hayashi; 'Let me see now, we'll start with measuring your height, stand here please Ashley... thank you, before your height was 5 feet 7 inches I'm measuring now... 4 feet 3 inches, your weight was 90 pounds before now it's 100 pounds that makes you obese with your newly attained stature, but since your body turned pear shaped it's no big deal. Let me compare your measurements next, your bust, waist and hips measurements was 43-41-47 inches, now they are 38-47-60 inches your breasts seem to have deflated since they no longer need to contain any fluids. Stage 1 Doctor Hayashi; 'Try to stay still dear I’m going to inject you with stage 1 in your head, as you can see it's a pretty big needle that has gray ooze in it. Stage 1 will alter your brain chemistry slowly that is more appropriate for a 'Menial'. Hayashi injected the big needle in one of Audrey’s temples and injected half of it in her brain. Doctor Hayashi; ‘All done dear, you remember I told you about the favor I was trying to do to you? Well this is it, I should have injected it all but if my calculations are correct with only half the fluid you would still retain some personality of your previous self. Never show it to the people of Kawari though, they would consider you a failed product and end your life cycle.’ Audrey; ‘So what will it do then?’ Doctor Hayashi; ‘It will reform your skills and delete your previous talents, it would have reduced your IQ to 60 but with the current dosage it won’t drop below 80, also it will keep a part of your personality instead of turning you in a soulless creature since I injected only half.’ While Hayashi was explaining Audrey’s brain slowly started to realign itself, her brain started to get filled with household knowledge how to clean floors decently, how to obey your masters, how to deal with kids, and on and on it went, while at the same time she lost all of her former knowledge that she learned in school or by herself. Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Yes master, thank you master, Bubbles understands now, Bubbles only purpose in life is to obey and to be a loyal maid product, thank you for keeping my personality master.’ Doctor Hayashi; ‘Bubbles? Where did that name come from? Are you still in there Audrey, oh god I hope I didn’t miscalculate.’ With tears in her eyes Audrey said: Audrey/Bubbles; ‘Audrey was a great girl with a lot of potential master, Bubbles Is an appropriate name for a Menial don’t you think Master? Hayashi; Oh good bubbles, I understand, good of you to act as a complete menial already we wouldn’t want the Kawari company to know that you are still in there now would we know?’ Bubbles; ‘Yes master.’ Doctor Hayashi; ‘Right, Stage 1 was a complete success except for our little secret of course, now stage 4 is a funny one if you can see the irony in it, your human face still looks relatable as a human we need to caricaturize it if I may say so, so that a menial has a distinct look. I will basically inject growth hormones in your lips, ears and some other modifications.’ Bubbles; ‘Bubbles no like having funny face, current face only left that reminds bubbles of Audrey, master.’ Doctor Hayashi; ‘Come, come, bubbles need to obey, bubbles will look cute, bubbles is in good hands.’ Hayashi placed Bubbles on a chair and slowly started to sculpt her new face, he injected her with 20 cc of growth hormones in her ears and lips and 30 minutes later he noticed how they both grew way out of proportion, her ears and mouth were at least triple in size as they were before. Afterwards he grabbed some sculpting tools and started to reshape Bubbles her nose. He removed the bone structure completely and reshaped her now gone celestial nose in a very flat Asian like tiny nose.
  5. Blackbunnyman

    Serve the Princess

    “If you’re going to act like an animal, why don’t you just be one!” The servant shrieked, tears of humiliation beading on her delicate little lashes as she frantically tried to gather up her ripped dress and cover her skin. Hot pink seemed to ripple along the iris of her black-brown eye for a moment and Oria felt something a little more than her bitter words echoing off the old stone walls. The princess curled back her lips as she looked at the serving girl. She had been a gift from the mother of her husband to be, a snide little witch who probably found it amusing to give the most radiant woman in the land an even more beautiful girl from across the Triangle Sea. So far the servant had been nothing but trouble but today of all days had been the worst! When her fiancé had come to visit the servant had swept off to meet the prince’s mother and told the queen of all Oria’s wicked cruelties. Oria had been humiliated when the Queen confronted her, asking her why she had kicked a beggar off her skirts (as if it wasn’t obvious) and why she had taunted a knight’s blind daughter by nudging back her chair as she sat so she went crashing to the floor. Little things! And harmless, in Oria’s opinion. “How DARE you!” Oria screeched and she bent to grab the servant’s wrists, wrenching up her arms so the fabric of her rough dress fell away and exposed her breasts to open air. They were perfectly dark as the rest of her skin with a light dappling of the ink colored freckles that dotted the servant’s cheeks. Oria dragged the fighting girl to her feet and started to back her to the door. “You’ll be sleeping in the stocks tonight! Naked! Let’s see who the animal is after the guards have bred you like one!” All the fight seemed to have gone out of the servant as she fought to keep herself from being thrown out of the princess’s chambers. “No please! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Please don’t let anyone touch me!” She begged as she tripped and fell to the floor. Oria curled her lips in disgust and bent again, this time grabbing the servant by the hair to drag her back to her feet. But as the princess rose, she felt her body stop just short of standing straight-backed. It felt like her hips were being forced at an odd angle and as Oria tried to stand properly she felt a pain like she was trying to overextend her spine backwards. The feeling was so distracting that Oria decided it was worth more investigation than her rage and she let the girl go. The servant immediately skittered back to the corner of the room, under a wide window where she watched the princess by the roaring golden fire with big, fearful eyes. Oria put her hands on her narrow hips and tried to fix whatever part of her had stuck. Her old father was hunchbacked, but she had been born with a straight back and twenty two was far too young for her to develop one! But now to straighten herself out was now as impossible as it had been to bend her hips backwards previously. Not only that, but it seemed that the more she tried to stand the more her hips began to angle her spine downwards. Oria could not get her back to stay upright, and it became clear very quickly that she would soon fall to all fours. With a horrified cry Oria staggered away, to the table at the end of her bed just as her hips and spine aligned painfully into a quadruped position. She would have sunk to her hands and knees had she not caught the table and rested her arms and chest on the hard surface. Before Oria had the proper time to process what was happening and think rationally her nose suddenly started to broaden and thicken. “UUuuah??” Oria spluttered as she raised her head and her nose started to twitch and sniff. She could smell the heady perfume on her fair skin and the sweet cream soap she used to wash her golden hair. Only . . . . now it smelled unpleasant and far too strong. She tossed her head a little as her nose started to pull forward painfully, growing thicker as her lower jaw started to stretch as well. “No! No stop it! Stop this!” Oria pleaded as she turned her head to look at the servant but as she did the world swam around her eyes. She blinked, realizing that her eyes were now showing her two very different things. They were moving! As her face pushed forward her eyes were shifting to the sides, giving her an animal’s range of view. Oria wailed in terror and she shook her head furiously as she swatted at her own face, trying to push it back into a more human. But even as she tried, she felt like her shoulders were being pressed apart and her chest was being pressed down further into the table as her body fought against her attempt to stand. It felt as though her body had already succumbed to the transformation gripping her even as she desperately tried to resist. It started to hurt to keep her arms braced against the table, and even as she struggled to keep herself as upright as possible her shoulders started to go down, pressing into the table. “No!” Oria yelled as tears began to prick at the corners of her migrating eyes. One of her hands seemed to slip away from the table as her shoulder rolled back, and her arm lengthened until her hand lay flat on the ground without her bending her knee or lowering her thickening chest. Before it could happen to her other hand too, Oria flung her shoulder and entire arm onto the table and she anchored herself by wrapping her hand tightly around the vase of flowers on the table’s center. She just felt so . . . heavy! Her whole body was swelling up with a terrifying speed, after her chest finished thickening her belly did as well, muscle making her night gown strain against her once tiny body, the silky fabric digging too tight into her pale skin before her belly bulged quite suddenly and ripped her dress down the middle. Oria gasped, and she shimmied her legs against her jiggling belly. She couldn’t see it, her head was turned up to high now and she couldn’t move around to get a better view of herself for fear of falling onto all fours like some animal! Oria wasn’t going to let herself become a beast! Oria turned her head to look at the servant girl, who had stepped a little closer in apparent fascination. “T-turn me back, witch! Yo-y-you haaave no rigHT t-t-oo do this to meeEE!” Her vocal cords twisted as she spoke, and Oria coughed as she shook her head, her long blonde curls bouncing around her head. Oria took a deep breath, and as she inhaled her small breasts began to swell up as well, going from small lumps peaked with tiny pink dots into massive swells, each the size of a watermelon, tipped with huge red-brown nipples. They swung back and forth in the rip they had made in her dress, and as her chest thickened the ends of her nipples just barely brushed the carpet on the floor, and that sent a feeling Oria didn’t recognize throbbing through her body. “Yoooink! You c-caaa-grunt-an’t do this to grunt me! I’m a-a-a prin-p-priiinc-squeal!” Oria’s face turned up as she struggled to get the words out and her skull began to strink around her brain. Oria was still herself, but her thoughts were getting harder, struggling to form through her new brain. Discomfort made her stamp one foot and let out a series of grunts mixed with demands as her insides started to twist. New breasts grew from behind her old, row after row down her fat torso, and each one growing so huge and fat that the end of it brushed the carpet. Oria was unused to be stimulated in such a way, and her nipples grew hard. It was made even worse when her loins finally changed, and she felt a throb of animal lust cloud her mind. “N-n-oink! S-stop this! What arrrrre you do-do-do-squeal-doing to me!?” “Haven’t you figured it out yet?” The servant scolded. Oria’s hand finally began to let go of the vase as her fingers grew stiff and unresponsive. Oria squealed in horror as she finally fell to all fours, her hands now fully formed hooves at the ends of fat arms. Oria lurched back, her rows of breasts swinging on her chest and brushing the cold stone of the floor as she backed off the carpet. Unbidden, a moan of pleasure escaped Oria’s mouth as two little tusks poked up from under her lower lips. Her feet were still human, but her thighs began to thicken as the bones shifted in length, giving her a more animal posture. “I-I’m nooot an-n-n grunt an animal! Cha-channnnge me ba-baaaa-ba-squeal!” Her ears grew pointed and poked out from her beautiful hair and a small, corkscrew tail slowly curled out over her fat rump. The servant stepped forward and ran Oria’s tail between two fingers before she slowly ran her hand up the sow’s back, tearing away the last of her dress until the servant’s hand was on the back of her head. Oria allowed this, thinking that if she did she would become a human again. “I could, you know. Change you back. But only if you say it, right now. Say what you want in your heart and you will have it.” Oria blinked. That was it? She flicked one pointed year at the servant before she cleared her throat. “I want to beeeesqueal be chang-ch . . . I want to,” Oria struggled to get the words out, but as she spoke a sudden burst of the most intense lust rippled through her. Her face flushed and she sank down so her breasts were pressed to the castle ground. She squealed in pleasure as images filled her head. Men, women, all the people of the castle stroking her, petting her, making her their play thing! “Want squeal sex! Fuck! B-boar! Want boar!” Then, as suddenly as the lust had consumed her it was gone. Oria struggled to get back to her feet as she finally caught sight of the creature she had become in the mirror. She looked like some kind of human-sow hybrid! An animal on all fours, with rows of breasts and an animal-life face, but still with human flesh, breasts, hair, eyes, and – as she noticed- a very human pussy despite its new location. As though to mock her, her silver crown still sat on her head and glinted dully. Her arms ended in black hooves, despite still being shaped like human arms while her piggish legs were ended by human feet. The servant laughed loudly, and Oria looked up at her in fear as she realized what she had asked for. “Oh? Well if that’s what you want princess, you will have it!” The dark girl’s eyes flashed deep pink once more, and when she spoke again power carved every syllable. “The king will see you as he always saw you, as you were. In his eyes you will be a human princess with beauty and he will still parade you before all to see. But . . . to everyone else you will be this creature. A sow of a woman, desperate to fuck and they will! All who see you will be aroused, and they will have you because you’re just a sex toy and that’s what pigs like you truly want!” Oria balked, but as the servant said it, it became true. The princess grunted dumbly before she turned and trotted out of her chambers, eager to find a resident of the castle who wanted to make her theirs for a while, before she found someone else to serve. The servant chuckled at her handiwork. Someone like that was unworthy of her beloved prince, though before they left she thought he might have her thanks to her ‘suggestion’. The servant flicked her dark hair over her shoulder and slipped into the finest gown the princess owned before she slipped away, leaving to return to her true Queen’s side.
  6. Blackbunnyman

    girl's first moo

    Anita was a pretty little thing, with warm skin and curly dark brown hair. She had jogged every morning since she was twelve and the twenty four year old was now hard and lean, and proud of her well-toned body. Proud enough for her to now be a personal trainer so she could work with other women to help them get bodies as perfect as hers! Unfortunately that meant anyone who wasn’t actively working to be fit was beneath her and Anita had no qualms about ‘encouraging’ people by insulting them to their faces. Aside from making a few people cry Anita had never seen a downside to this tactic. That was, at least, until she had stopped a chubby little witch while the girl was on her way to buy a morning cup of coffee. Anita had been oblivious to the large stack of folders tucked under one arm and the dark shadows under the witch’s eyes that marked her as overworked and snappy. All Anita had seen was the pudgy girth around her middle and she had jogged on over to inform her of the health risks being a piggy could result in. In the end the witch had called Anita a nosy cow and shoved the other woman out of her way. Anita just shook her head and turned to jog the rest of the way to her apartment. Some people just never changed. Although Anita was about to change, more than she had ever imagined was possible. ***** When she got home Anita stripped out of her sweaty clothes and slipped into a ratty old ‘save the earth’ tee shirt and some pajama pants. It was a day off for her and Anita turned on the television, deciding it would be alright for her to spend a few hours just hanging out before she took her shower. She felt weirdly bloated though, and Anita leaned back into her couch and rubbed her tummy. That was odd, Anita didn’t usually feel bloated after a run. And her stomach felt softer somehow, but when Anita pulled up her shirt her stomach looked as toned as ever. Strange . . . Anita would have to eat a salad for lunch, she decided, just in case she was starting to gain a little pudge. The girl looked back at the tv, oblivious to the four tiny bulges that started to form on her lower stomach. They poked out, turning into distinct nipples before they hardened and elongated, growing out and out until they were as long and as thick as fingers. But the curse kept Anita from feeling anything weird as she giggled at the cartoons she had flipped too. The skin around her new teats softened, turning a bright pink that stood out against her darker skin then bulging out as well. Anita unthinkingly spread her legs as her new udder started to fill her lap and swell with milk. It wasn’t until her udder grew large enough to slip off her couch that Anita looked down and saw her new growth for the first time. For a few seconds Anita stared, uncomprehendingly. That had never been there before. It was still swelling too, filling up like a water balloon and starting to build up an uncomfortable pressure in her four teats and ripped out the crotch of her pants. It didn’t stop until her udder sat comfortably between her legs, large enough to hang a little past mid-thigh, teats not included, as so swollen it felt like she was about to spurt milk at any second. Tentatively, Anita reached down and felt her udder, shocked as it jiggled and she felt it move. She jiggled it again, this time much harder and the milk inside sloshed loudly before a tiny bit leaked out. That was all Anita needed to confirm it was real and she stood up, starting a scream of fear that rapidly turned into a grunt of pain as her udder was lifted away from the support of the couch and bounced painfully, leaking out a little more milk. Anita stood, her legs spread wide and shaking in fear and confusion. Why did she have an udder? That didn’t happen! Anita looked around and spotted the bathroom door cracked open. Yes. She could go there. Anita tried to swallow the lump in her throat before she waddled determinedly forward, trying to walk so her udder wouldn’t be agitated but with every step it swung far enough to slap one thigh or the other and spurt another little stream of milk. She was going to stain her carpet, Anita thought mournfully. But what she probably should have been focusing on was the fact that every time a little milk dripped from her teats, her ears slowly started to form points and grow furry a little more. By the time she reached the bathroom door and pulled it open, Anita sported two perfect cow’s ears. “Oh my god,” Anita whispered as she waddled up to the mirror, having eyes only for her very real udder. Her lip was trembling as Anita fearfully reached down, between her legs, and grasped one of her teats. It hurt so, so much. She was scared and shaking and her udder was so full. Maybe if she emptied it it would go away? Even the little spills of milk that had been accidental had felt good in a weird way. Anita tugged at her teat, and immediately a long stream of milk jetted out and splashed onto the tile bathroom floor. “Ah!” Anita cried, shuddering as a wave of pleasure overcame her fear. Immediately, without her consent, her other hand grabbed another teat and tugged that too, causing the same effect. Anita shut her eyes and tossed back her head, moaning with pleasure as she milked herself. As she did, a long tail slipped out from above her pants, covered in white fur and topped with the same beautiful curly brown hair that topped her head. Anita’s hips widened until her udder was able to hang naturally and her nose and mouth started to push out into a small muzzle. She was completely unaware of her changes until suddenly, Anita accidently let out a moo instead of a moan. That got her to stop dead in her tracks and for the first time Anita truly looked at herself in the mirror and whispered, “Oh moooooy god.” She saw her tail and wider hips, she saw her twitching white furred ears and the tiny horns hat now pocked out of her hair. She saw the small muzzle that had fused her nose and mouth together into one that marked her otherwise completely human face as something distinctly bovine. But somehow, Anita wasn’t completely horrified about it. It felt so good to milk herself. Surely anything that felt that good had to be right! Anita nervously licked her lips with her bigger tongue and blushed as her fingers reached down and wrapped around the two previously ignored teats. Her tail curled with anticipation and Anita was careful to keep her eyes open as she stared into the mirror, eager to see what would change next. “Moo!” She gasped as she started, her changes rushing through her rapidly once more. Her toes grew blocky and morphed into black hooves as silky white fur sprouted up her legs, all the way to her knees. Her hands started to morph as well, but fortunately her fingers only morphed into three and grew hard, black nails. Her horns pushed up further and her eyes changed from blue to a softer, bovine brown and her muzzle grew more defined. Then her transformation seemed to stall, even as Anita milked herself nothing else changed. But a hot feeling, unlike anything she had felt before, had started to build in her stomach. With every motion it grew and grew until Anita couldn’t take it anymore. She collapsed onto her hands and knees. Her body shook, magic making it ripple before, quite suddenly, her whole body bloated out as she let out a great moo of delight. Gone was her tight, hard body. It had been replaced with something so beautifully, wonderfully bovine! Anita’s thighs and arms were thick, as big around as her whole body had been before it seemed. Her belly was huge, so large that while she was on her hands and knees it filled out so far it was pressing against the ground, and her breasts now sagged almost as far, her nipples now resembling her teats but lacking any milk. Anita looked up, at her reflection and blushed at what she saw. Her clothes were shredded and the sun kissed skin that poked through looked wonderful. And it was so perfectly off set by the white of her fur! Anita looked down at herself, her new double chin slightly restricting the motion but it felt so good to Anita. A cow! “There, see?” A voice said and Anita looked up, immediately recognizing the girl she had run into earlier, now looking far too skinny in the cow girl’s eyes. “I told you that you were a cow! What do you think?” Anita didn’t question how the girl had gotten into her room but she now understood this woman was why she had been transformed! “Can yoooou mmmake mme a full coooow?” Anita asked, her voice much lower than it had been. She shifted around, still able to move when she got up to hands and hooves despite her new, jiggling belly. “Please? This feels sooo gooood.” But the witch only grinned then knelt in front of her magical creation. Anita’s tail twitched and she wondered why the woman didn’t do this to herself. It was dreamy. “Tell you what,” The witch said, running her hand through Anita’s hair in a way that made the cow girl wet (strange, she had never been horny for a girl before). “I’ll take you to a nice, private pasture that no one but me knows about and I’ll give you back your mind so you can live with other lovely, fat cows for the rest of your life. Doesn’t that sound nice?” The witched asked in a sweet voice. Anita smiled at her, not knowing what she meant and let out a happy moo.
  7. Anonymous

    The Warlocks Kennel by tfdreamer92

    A woman looking for a job goes to a Warlocks manor, and gets a Breeding job The birds sang in the trees surrounding the patio of the Manor as Elrick moved to sit on one of the chairs, a book in his hand and a glass of ice tea. The man was dressed in a pair of black dress pants, and a white dress shirt, his black hair tied back in a short pony tail. He opened the book, one on proper Kennel care, his soft blue eyes scanning over the pages as he sipped his tea, The Warlock had recently felt the urge to build a Kennel on his property, and he had done a wonderful job of it to, but he had been looking to fill it. Though, not in the fashion that many would expect. So, he had recently put an ad out in the local paper, seeking “help” for the Kennels. Now all he had to do was wait. He hadn’t bee sitting long before he heard the sound of feet crunching on the gravel driveway. He looked up and saw a figure approaching, and as it got closer, he saw that it was a girl. From what he could see, she was dressed in a light hoodie and a dark skirt, her hair brown and down to her shoulders. She was almost skipping up the path, and Elrick had a good idea of why she might be here. “Hello there,” she called to him as she approached, her voice bright and chipper. “I’m here about the Kennel help.” He smiled and set his book down, getting to his feet and nodded; this was far easier than he had expected. “Wonderful, I’m happy to hear that you’re interested in the position. I’m Elrick Wormwood, the owner of this estate, and the Kennels.” He said, offering her his hand to shake. She smiled and took his hand, squeezing it a bit hard as she shook it happily. “Sandra Hedges, though my friends call me Sandy, and I would love to! I’ve always wanted to work with animals, specially Dogs.” The Warlock smiled as the two of them headed off down a side path, him taking the lead as he led her towards a large, barn looking building. “Sadly, my dear, I don’t have any Dogs yet,” he said softly. “But I do expect my first one some time soon.” He opened one of the two sliding doors to the building, revealing the large open space inside, with sunlight streaming in through the windows and rafters above, the ground looking like hard dirt. Sandy was a bit bummed that she wouldn’t get to play with any of the Dogs right away, but at the mention of one arriving something soon she perked up. As they entered the building, she looked around the large space as they entered, seeing the high ceiling and dirt floor, surrounded by wooden walls; this couldn’t be the Kennel’s, could it? “Is this a storage space or something?” She inquired as she continued to look around. "You can say that. More like the welcoming area for the new Dogs," he said, waving his hand at a glass charm hanging by a window, making it spin slowly, the light dancing through it. "I have to get a few things for it, but I'm hoping to make it as welcoming and calming as possible. See that charm in the window? Look at how pretty the light is coming through it." From what Sandy knew of Dogs, getting them used to a new home was an important step.. She watched him idly play with the charm he had by the window, and though that it was very beautiful. "This is totally a good space for welcoming, lots of space, just put some toys and things out here and it'll feel like home." She said, already picturing doggy play areas, probably more elaborate than what would be put up. She looked back at the charm at his suggestion. "Yeah that is pretty cool looking... something special to you?" She asked, walking towards it and leaning over to see how the light flashed through it. "It is really beautiful..." Elrick smiled as the rune engraved deep inside the crystal glowed with the sun light as it turned. "You can say that, a gift from an old teacher. Just stare deep inside it, watch the lights dance about...Let yourself get lost in them." he said, and as he spoke softly, faint silver tattoos, looking like delicate vines, appearing on his tongue as he used his magical talents to, hopefully, enthrall her. Sandy squinting as she stared into the glass, she found herself wanting to see it, to really study it. "Wow you're right... you can really get lost in these..." She stopped squinting, she didn't need to really see the lights as the danced about, to think sunlight could be bent to be so beautiful. She put her hands on her knees as she leaned forward, no idea the peril she was in. "That's it, look deep inside the lights. Feel yourself relax, your mind at ease as you look at the pretty, dancing, lights, and listen to the soft sound of my voice." he continued, smiling as he watched her. Memories of tutelage under an old Archfey returned: never to fast, always be subtle. She nodded slowly as she continued to stare deep inside of it, and felt that his voice really did help her relax, that and these pretty lights, so pretty there was no looking away from them. It was as if the things she normally worried and stressed about were melting away. "Okay Elrick... I will..." The Warlock smiled as he watched her body go limp, her eyes glued to the spinning crystal as he walked up behind her, running his hand down her back, as if petting her. "That's a Good Girl. Just keep watching them and listening to my sweet voice. You feel safe here, don't you girl?" Sandy moved slightly as his hand ran gently down her back, it honestly felt nice. She couldn't help but smile as she dimly looked into the crystal. "You... do have a really sweet voice... and your right sir... I do feel safe..." She idly wondered why he had referred to her as 'girl' but bringing it up would only distract from looking at this beautiful glass crystal. "You're such a good girl Maddy. I bet if you had a little tail, like the Dog's I bet you love so much, it would be wagging right now cause you're so happy to be here, with me." he said as his hand moved to the small of her back, glowing a faint purple as a small nub of flesh grew from her lower back, smiling as it wriggled, growing longer and longer, until it was the size of a normal canine tail, the skin soon covered in silky brown fur. Sandy moaned softly, it felt so nice and relaxed as he spoke, bringing up how nice it would be to have a tail. Maddy agreed, knowing that it would probably be wagging right now. "Hehe... yeah you're right... I'd love that so much..." Of course, she figured this impossible, even in her dulled state, it would be quite the shocker to find that thanks to Elricks hand, that a fleshy nub quickly grew out, longer and soon coated in soft fur. The tail grew down under her skirt, and once long enough, lifted slightly and began to wag back and forth. Elrick smiled as he watched her new tail wag back and forth happily. "It's the cutest little tail ever," he said softly, still applying his magic as he continued. "I'm thinking the very first Dog I'm going to get is a lovely breeder type, but she's got to be perfect. Good strong hind quarters for starters." He said as his hands slid over her rear, making it plump up a bit before he moved to her legs, her thighs and calves turning into the perfect canine legs, her feet turning into dainty canine paws. Her new tail showed no signs of slowing down as it kept wagging, flipping her skirt about as it did. She listened to every word he said, as his hands moved to plump up her ass cheeks, before turning his magical attention to her thighs and calves, making them perfectly canine and covered in fur. She felt some discomfort in her feet, unknowing that they were becoming beautiful paws, complete with pads and dark little doggy nails. "Sir...a dog like that would be... perfect... a nice good breeder... such a good girl..." "Oh yes, she would be perfect. Such healthy frame and teats for feeding her puppies," he moved his hands up along her hips, smiling as they creaked softly as they became a bit wider, perfect for her future liters of puppies before he dragged his hands softly up her torso, a few nipples appearing in rows as he cupped her breasts. The whole time this was happening, smooth brown hair was growing over her changed body, tan along her thighs and belly. "Yes... yes of course... she would need teats... healthy frame..." Sandy idly repeated, the flashing light seemed to change constantly, and never look the same twice, there was no looking away. Her skirt again stretched tighter, this time as her hips were widened in preparation of a lifetime of constant breeding. Sandy groaned softly as Elricks' hands moved up her torso, leaving new nipples in his wake before reaching her modestly sized breasts. She mused lightly to herself that she was feeling warm, but it must have been the sun coming through the window, not at all her new coat of spreading silky fur. Elrick smiled as he massaged them for a second before he slid his hands down her arms, watching as her hands grew claws and pads, but still stayed human looking and dextrous. "She'd be a very pretty puppy...like you, my sweet Pup." he smiled, whispering softly into her ears, which made them twitch and grow pointed. Sandy whinpered with delight she pushed her chest into his hands as he felt up the soft mounds. She then shivered as his hands worked down her arms, leaving fur sprouting down her shoulders to her hands, taking on pads and claws but keeping their general human shape. As Elrick spoke his next words, Sandy's heart nearly skipped a beat, was his praising her? It felt so good, deep down to hear that. "Pretty puppy... like me? Really sir?" She softly asked, this question getting the most attention off the crystal as any so far. She felt this powerful urge to make him happy. He smiled and nodded. "Oh yes Girl, you're so pretty, and coming along so nicely. Soon you'll be ready for the Kennels and bearing your first litter of puppies." he reached up and scratched her softly behind one of her ears, both growing longer and larger, moving up the sides of her head before they flopped over halfway down. Her tail began to wag quicker, if that were even possible, upon hearing that he seemed to be happy with her. "Really?... I'll be ready... for the kennels? Sir that sounds so nice... I can't wait..." She smiled as she felt his hand scratching her ears, feeling him moving his hand along with them as the now came to rest atop her head, standing tall, only to flop half way. Elrick smiled as he watched her nose darken and dampen, then her face slowly starts to stretch out into a short muzzle, smiling as he watched her pant softly, her tongue growing longer as her teeth changed to a mix of canine and human teeth. "You're such a good girl." She gasped suddenly she could smell so many new scents, almost enough to overload her darkening nose. She opened her mouth to pant, feeling a stretching feeling as her muzzle formed and pushed out, changing her teeth as well. She licked her lips and smiled. "I’m... I'm a good girl? I... I really like that... I want to be... a good girl..." "And you will be Maddy. I know you will." He smiled, snapping his fingers softly as a pick collar appeared around her neck, with a golden tag that had her name engraved on it. "Now, let's get you over to the kennels so you can see your new home." Her ears perked up as he snapped his fingers, feeling the weight of a collar appear around her neck, not too tight yet not too loose. She finally broke her eyes from the crystal and turned to look at him, smiling brightly as her tail took off wagging wildly as she nearly dove in to grab his arm, holding it and nuzzling it as she giggled. "Really really? I can't wait thank you thank you!" Exclaimed the hyper bitch. He smiled and ruffled her soft hair with his hand, smiling as he led her along gently with his arm as he headed over to the Kennels, a building not far from the Manor. He opened the door with his magic, revealing a space that looked a bit like a stable, but each stall was equipped with a Bed, a small table, a toilet area complete with flush, and a food and water bowl. "Here you are dear, your very own room." Sandy giggled and playfully squirmed as his hand ruffled her hair. She loved receiving his attention, in truth she greatly craved it. She followed him to the kennels but was surprised to see hers. It was like a luxury suite for a doggy. "R-really? This is my room? It's so big!" She let go of his arm to hurry inside, looking around and sniffing, and then giggling as she hugged him tightly around the waist. "It's so perfect!" "Just like you are, my sweet Pup,” Elrick said with a smile. “Now, I think a Good girl like you needs a special treat. Something that I feel you’ve been waiting for." Those words got her attention, she looked up at him inquisitively, ears perking. "A special treat? What kind of treat?" She asked, her tongue poking from her muzzle as her head tilted. Elrick chuckled and smiled, a hand moving from his pants poked and resting near his crotch, which had an obvious bulge in it. "A good girl like you will need a litter, won't you? You are a breeding bitch, after all.” Sandy’s eyes looked down as he rested his hand near his bulging cock. She looked from it and then up to him as her excitement clearly was building up. "Y-you mean... you'll give me my first litter?! You really will!?" Her tail took off like a rocket, wagging wildly, for as long as she could remember she wanted a litter! It was her duty as a kennel pup. He nodded and smiled softly. "Of course, Girl. I know you've wanted it for so long, and you've been such a good girl today." He smiled as he snapped his fingers, making her clothes vanish, except for the collar. Yipped happily; it was an amazing feeling to finally be naked, thanks to the snap of her master’s fingers. Her collar remained of course, and with every sway of her torso made the gold name-tag bounce and clink lightly against the metal loop. "Thank you thank you thank you!" She said with the excitement of a puppy, before dropping to all fours and turning away from him, sticking her ass out while her tail wagged with enough force to make her hip sway along. He smiled as he watched her, giddy with excitement, as she dropped into a mating stance as her lips looked damp and ready. He smiled and undid his jeans, pulling his cock out of his boxers and knelt behind her, lining himself up before he pushed into her. She bit her lip in anticipation, her ears hearing him undoing his jeans, and fishing out that cock of his. She took deep breaths, smelling this intoxicating scent that she knew right away was the scent of her master’s cock. Her whole body shivered as he pushed his cockhead into her damp pussy, the pleasure making her let out a long whine. "Ahhrrrooo~!" "Good girl," he said, pushing more of his 8-inch cock into her needy folds, smiling as he gripped her hips, stroking the fuzzy fur softly before he sank in all the way. He rested there for a second, before he started pulling back, before pushing forward again. She couldn't help but brace herself as he pushed himself in little by little, it felt so huge inside of her. She found herself thinking of her litter, and how badly she wanted them to be here, she wanted to give birth to so many puppies and these would be the first. Her body pushed slightly with his thrusts. Her tail kept wagging, as her tongue lolled in and out with her harder pants. Elrick thrusted deep and firm, smiling as he looked down at his sweet puppy, the first of his soon to be breeding stock, smiling as he hunched over her. "Come on Girl, I want to hear you. Hear how much you love this feeling; how much you love me." Sandy let out a gasp and a moan as his thrusts hit her and pushed her deeper into her pleasure. She felt him hunch over and arched her back to feel him press against her. "Master I love you so much, more than anything else in the world! I want nothing more than to make you happy! I want to be a good girl, masters good girl~ it feels sooo good too to get special treats, master must love me so much~" He smiled and kissed the back of her neck as he started to thrust harder, listening to her sweet praises for him. "I love you too dear...so very much." She closed her eyes as he kissed her neck, teasing the sensitive skin. At the same time his thrusts grew stronger, making her gasp louder, and even yip when one hit just right. "Rrrff! Oh god m-master you feel so good, oh god oh god fuck me fuck me breed me...!" She began to say, trying to thrust herself back to meet his forward thrusts. Elrick chuckled and smiled as he felt her response, matching her thrusts as he angled himself to hit her spot again and again. "That's a good girl. Keep this up and you'll get your first litter." Her form was tilted as he moved to angle himself better, she felt so good under his thrusts that her torso sank into a highly submissive pose while her ass stuck up proudly, tail wagging about but all the action happening deep inside her pussy, where masters cock rubbed over her g-spot again and again. Maddy gasped out and nearly screamed, each pass over her spot making her body jerk as a jolt of sexual bliss passed through her form. Between her cries of ecstasy, Maddy kept mumbling "Breed, Rfff! Puppies, want... puppies... make master happy!" "Ooooh! And you will Maddy my dear, you will." he grunted with the effort, thrusting harder and faster into her, moaning softly as he felt himself edging towards a climax, one that they both wanted. By now Sandy's furry pussy was drenched in her juices, the wetness matted her fur down her thighs. The thrusts began to make wet slapping noises every time he thrusted fully in. Maddy's tongue lolled out as her eyes rolled up her head as she was thrusted little by little to her own climax, she needed him, needed him to fill her up and to make her dreams come true. Elrick groaned as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her, holding onto her hips as he continued to pound her. He wished that he could drag this out a bit longer, but he inevitably came, slamming his cock inside of her as he moaned loudly, his balls tugging up as he unleashed a torrent of cum, filling her slit and womb with his seed. Feeling his cock pulse and his balls tighten, Sandy knew instinctively that her wish had come true, her true special treat~ She braced herself, eager to get it and wanting to make sure not to lose a drop. She threw her head back, and let loose a long-pleasured whine, wildly panting and gripping the floor as her womb was saturated. Her body went limp in his grasp, her chest heaving as she fought to catch it. Her form simply quivered as it had been washed over by a feeling of pleasure the likes of which she had never seen. Elrick rested with his cock still buried inside her, panting for breath from the exertion, but after a few moments, he caught his breath and pulled her back, so she could rest against him as he sat back, stroking her hair and smiling sweetly as he stroked her tummy fur. Those moments of stillness were fantastic to her, even when he rolled back to sit with her still over his cock now against his back. She closed her eyes and panted, but soon began to lick his cheek in appreciation, whimpering happily to him. "You're welcome Girl." he said softly, one hand going to play with her breasts, massaging them softly in slow circles. "Such a sweet Puppy you are." She lifted her arms and let her hands dangle at the wrists in a purely puppy pose while her master played with her breasts, ones that would soon be swollen with milk to feed all her puppies. "Hehe thank you so much master, I can’t wait for our litter!" She panted, tongue still hanging from her mouth. "I know sweetie. Neither can I." he said as he kissed her cheek softly, smiling softly as he stroked her fur with his fingers, imagining what the future had in store for him. ? It had been a few months since Elrick had brought Sandy to the Manor, and in that time, he had been able to get 6 more girls interested in the Job offer, and like Sandy before them, all had succumbed to his spell. They all were of different breeds, and all were loyal to their Master. In that time, Sandy had also progressed well along her pregnancy, her womb filling with a healthy litter of puppies, and she was due at any moment now. She still held a special place in Elrick’s heart.
  8. Ashley Juggs is Always Number One by Changeme Jenna thought about the contract she had just signed and smiled. This was it! This was going to be her step to number one. She'd always been number two in porn next to Ashley - that damn Ashley Juggs, she thought, keeping the spotlight from her for too long. She had finally managed to get the lead in a huge porn franchise though, managing to steal it from Ashley before she even heard about it. The 'Fuckables' series was going to be the next big thing, and she was going to be the next big porn star. She walked into her apartment, putting her purse down on the couch. Jenna wasn't afraid of letting people know she was in porn; she was trying to become the biggest star in it after all. She had a shelf full of the stuff, including every video from her self-proclaimed rival, Ashley. She had to study her enemies, after all. Jenna walked towards her bedroom, looking at her videos of Ashley's on the shelf: Asses in Bloom, Number 1 Fuckers, Deadly Pussy, it went on and on, and she thought about the incredible luck she must have had to be in practically every major porn film in the last five years. She grimaced as she opened the door to her room, it was almost as if Ashley had some kind of magical power to just be in good porn movies, she thought, and losing her grimace as the silliness of the idea got to her. "Hi Jenna, nice place," Ashley lay on the bed in Jenna's room. "W-what?? How the fuck did you get in here!" Jenna was flabbergasted. She knew she locked the door, and furthermore why would Ashley come here, breaking in or not. "Oh, you know. Just around the area and decided to drop by. Nice porn collection by the way. Always nice to meet a fan," she smiled darkly at Jenna. Jenna was not amused. "I like to keep tabs on my enemies. What do you want?" "Now, now. While I am here for some business, we're also going to have lots of fun tonight, so relax." Suddenly Jenna felt her body lose tenseness. Unable to work up her anger, she was confused, "Wha...what's happening? What are you doing to me?" Ashley moved into a seductive pose. "Nothing you won't like, sweetie. And I know you like me. Why don't you come a little closer?" Jenna found herself walking towards the bed. She was breathing hard now, and she knew she was getting wet down below. "You look a little flushed, maybe you should lie down." Ashley led Jenna onto the bed, where she slowly took off her blouse and slid down her skirt. "Ahh...stoppp..." Jenna moaned, but unable to do anything. Pulling down her panties, Ashley moved towards Jenna's exposed lips, "Let me help you with that." "AHHN! AAHH!" Ashley began furiously licking Jenna's pussy, causing her to yelp and moan in pleasure. She flicked her tongue across her clit multiple times, making it grow engorged. Just as Jenna was approaching orgasm, Ashley pulled away. "Go ahead, finish yourself off." Awash in pleasure and confused, Jenna managed to moan out, "Huhhh? Wha- Whyyyy?" "Just do it!" She insisted as she reached over and bit her earlobe, causing her to yelp and thrust her fingers inside her pussy. She was rubbing herself furiously and getting frustrated as she felt nothing. "Ah, ah! Not like that. Rub your little red clit, that's the best way," Ashley offered. Jenna listened, and was rewarded with gushing pleasure. She quickly brought herself to orgasm, leaving the spot beneath her vagina stained with her juices. "You're a wet one aren't you? That should be fun," Ashley mused. Jenna breathed heavily as she recovered from her orgasm. Looking down at herself, her situation started kicking in, and she started to freak out again. "Why...why are you doing this to me? Why are you here?" "I'm just helping another fan out." "I'm not a fan! I hate you!" "Hate? More like obsessed, judging by your collection out there. So obsessed, that seeing me here is making you all horny again isn't it?" Suddenly Jenna felt a warmth rush through her, "no! I'm not-- uhn! Oh god!" "Ooh look at your little clitty; it's all raring to go already!" Jenna looked down, and saw her clit was very red and very swollen, sticking out a half inch passed her nether lips. "What's...wrong...it's so...big!" "I bet it feels great too, you should feel it." Ashley flicked Jenna's red nub with her fingernail, causing Ashley to yelp in pain and pleasure. "So sensitive, I bet masturbating with this is great. Let me know." Jenna worked herself furiously once again, rubbing herself faster and harder, directly on her engorged clit. Ashley watched in amusement and encouraged her, "Look at my breasts, don't you want to suck on them? Come on, you really got to work it, grab your little clit with your fingers!" Jenna took hold of her clit between her thumb and forefinger, and started motioning up and down with it. The pleasure was stronger now, and she managed to work herself up and into another orgasm, pictures of Ashley and her breasts flashing through her head. "What's wrong with me?" Jenna was catching her breath, feeling worn from working herself to two orgasms in a row. "Nothing is wrong - that's just how it feels to be in love with me." She grabbed Jenna's hand and placed it on her chest. "Look, you're touching my breasts and feeling horny again, even though I'm still wearing a shirt and bra. You're just a little pervert in love." Jenna felt a rush in her own chest as she felt Ashley's tit in her hand. Was she really in love with her? She couldn't look away from her body, ogling it and feeling horny already, no longer considering what she was doing in her bedroom in the first place. Hand still on her chest, Ashley reached around Jenna, removing her bra. Jenna gasped, and her free hand moved down to her own pussy to start getting herself off again. Ashley stopped her, "this time let me. You play with your nipples, but don't bother with your tits - it won't do a thing for you." Jenna nodded as Ashley moved down on her. She took Jenna's large 1.5 inch clit in her mouth and began working it with her tongue. Jenna moaned deeply as she played with her nipples. Ashley played with the tiny shaft, keeping Jenna in place as she writhed around, unable to keep up with the pleasure, and orgasmed for a third time, yet quicker than ever. Juices leaked into Ashley's mouth, which she swallowed and slowly slid her mouth off Jenna. "Oh god...oh god... I need a break. We need to...I need to stop," Jenna said as she laid spread out on the bed, eyes closed and catching her breath. "Your clit does look pretty worn out. It's quite a nice size now though," Ashley remarked, touching it gently with a finger. Jenna opened her eyes and looked down. Her eyes nearly doubled in size when she saw down below, her clit was 3 inches long, lying flaccid on her leg. "OMIGOD I have a PENIS!" She jumped out of bed, her tiny new penis flopping around, making Ashley giggle. Jenna quickly put back on her bra and panties, yelling the entire time, "What did you do to me?! I'm not a fucking guy! I have a vagina not a dick! What do you want??" Jenna froze as Ashley quickly stood up and put her face inches from her own. "Shhh. You're no woman. You're a lovely boy. A boy in love with me." "No...I'm a porn star...I'm going to beat you..." "Beat off to me, yes. Look down. You don't have breasts." Jenna looked down to find her bra loosely hanging off her frame. "You look ridiculous with your dick bulging out of those panties." She cupped Jenna's new package, causing her to moan. "You know, I would -love- it if you beat yourself off for me. Go on." She took Jenna's hand and placed it into her panties, grabbing her penis. "I-I..." "Do it for me." She breathed into Jenna's ear. She removed her loose bra once again, and pushed her onto the bed. Ashley stood over Jenna and started feeling herself up to give Jenna a show. "Come on, baby, work it! Jack your dick off for me!" Jenna had her penis firmly in hand now, massaging it and feeling it get hard. "Do you like what you see Jenna? Your cock looks happy. Tell me what it likes!" "Oohhhfuck! I love it! My cock loves you! I love you Ashley! Ahhh!" Jenna spurted a thick white stream of cum, landing on her stomach and bed. Her orgasm was so strong she felt herself going cross-eyed as she moaned. Ashley stopped feeling herself as she looked down at Jenna. Her now 5- inch penis was limp on her stomach, cum sprayed everywhere. Her flat chest and tiny nipples made her body resemble a 15 year-old boy's. Jenna's eyes fluttered open and she started squinting, unable to focus on anything. "You know what they say, too much masturbating makes you go blind." Ashley pulled out a pair of thick-rimmed glasses from seemingly nowhere, and placed them on Jenna's face. "That should be better now." Jenna took a moment to try to focus before everything became clear again. From now on she would always need glasses to see anything. She looked at the cum everywhere and was about to do something about it, when Ashley stopped her. "Don't bother, you're just a dirty pervert now, you don't care." Jenna felt the will to clean up leave her. "What am I? What's going on?" She was tired, sore, and her head felt fuzzy. She wasn't sure what was what, but looking ahead of her she saw one thing she recognized, Ashley Juggs. "Ashley?" "That's right. And I have one more gift for you, little man." Again from seemingly nowhere, she pulled out a new toy. She slipped the fleshlight over Jenna's flaccid member, and turned on a switch, making it start to vibrate. To Jenna everything was in a haze, and felt like a dream. Her cock went hard again despite feeling worn out, and she began moaning. "I can't...not anymore..." "Not anymore? But you still have the rest of the night, honey, there's no stopping now." Ashley walked over to the TV in the bedroom and turned it on. Playing on it was a DVD of one of Ashley's porno's, set to loop playback. "Look, it's your favorite movie. You can't stop cumming now, you have a whole lifetime of cumming to catch up to." Walking back over to Jenna, she licked her neck, then grabbed her by her balls and whispered, "Now cum for me, Jimmy." Jenna, now thinking of herself as Jimmy, instantly came, a stream of jism landing on his leg and the sheets. His cock stayed hard as his eyes remained fixed on the television, working towards yet another orgasm. Ashley took her finger and tasted a bit of the warm cum, licking her lips, "I always love making my fans happy." She left Jenna, now Jimmy, to enjoy the rest of his night. ------------ The next morning Jimmy woke up. His room resembled a dirty teenage boy's room, with clothes strewn about, trash on the floor, and all his belongings were now things more suitable for Jimmy instead of Jenna. His fleshlight was still on his cock, and dried cum was everywhere. He felt sore, and he could hear a porno playing on the TV. "Must've stayed up all night again, ugh." He dragged himself over to the shower, dropping the fleshlight to the floor. Taking off his glasses, he squinted as he adjusted the water. He had the craziest dream last night about Ashley Juggs, his favorite porn star. He had just read about Ashley Juggs getting the lead role in a huge new porno. He couldn't wait for it to come out, and he felt himself getting hard again. He started jacking off in the shower, thinking about how it must be some kind of magic that Ashley Juggs was able to get in the best pornos all the time.
  9. A Rapid Change in View by Calypso Calypso Mark sat in his room, spending the saturday lazily playing his Play- station, having folded up his ransack futon into a couch to sit on. With summer just beginning, and finally being free of the prison of High School, Mark was content to relax and zone out for the time being. Not that he had much to look forward to over summer, being single and with most of his friends having left town for the summer. "Well fuck, at least I got into a decent college, life will turn around there....." It wasn't as if he was bad looking, standing at about 5'9, lean and with a face many a girl had described as 'oddly cute' with a tangled mess of dirty blond hair, but that didn't help him get a girl-friend. Mark through down his controller. Suddenly not feeling it anymore.... Silently cursing his luck that mom was home in the kitchen, preventing him from snatching up any booze and drowning his sorrows away. Just as he was wallowing further into depression Mark was bolted out of his head by a knock on the door. Before he could get up to open the door his friend Trey burst in with a smile ear to ear. The kid was practically bursting with excitement about something... Odd considering Trey was perhaps the only person of a lower social standing than Mark. Trey was taller at about 5'11 with long brown hair and the beginnings of a scraggly beard. "Heheheheheheh, Mark your never going to believe what I found!" Mark had never even heard a laugh out of Trey and now he was positively giggling. "You know that old creek behind the new housing complex? I was smoking out there when I saw this drifting down stream!" Trey pulled out a odd looking bone, full of crazy runes and writing. It looked almost like a vertebrae with more spikes, and kind of creeped me out. "So you found a creepy looking bone, big deal. I wouldn't mess with it if I were you, Who knows what someone was using that thing for." Mark said, watching the bone suspiciously as Trey sat down on the couch next to him. "Oh I know what they used it for, Magic! Whatever you say or think becomes real, its fucking sweet!" Trey said, continuing to grin ear to ear knowingly "WHAT" Mark yelled, jumping up from his seat. "How the fuck would you even know?! And its crazy regardless!" Trey just continued to giggle, "Well I may have already used it." He said looking Mark dead in the eye. "Bullshit" Mark said, sitting down again on the plush, spacious bed, its silk sheets ruffling under him. "You don't normally pull jokes this long man, its starting to get old." Mark was beginning to loose his patience. "Awww comeon, don't be that way, don't you want to see some magic, Marcy?" Marcy looked over at her friend Trey, who was sitting a bit close to comfort. While he was a good friend, she sometimes thought he came on a bit strong. It wasn't like they were dating but she was glad her parents were both at work, Mom would have had a field day if she knew Marcy was bringing boys into her room. God even knows what Daddy would do. Marcy watched as Trey eyed her up and down, even though there wasnt a lot to look at. Marcy was a decently attractive girl, if a bit of a tomboy at times. She had long brown hair and some modest curves in all the right places, sporting a hoodie, dirty jeans and a b-cup bra. Marcy got up and walked around the room, "So I thought you were going to show be some 'magic' or did you just come here to eye me up?" She didn't find his laughter very funny. "Aww whats wrong with that? Maybe I wouldn't have to try so hard if you showed off more of that smoking hot body." Marcy sighed, he always knew how to push her buttons. She was sensitive about her rather ample rack, with her thick black hoodie only barely concealing her double D breasts. But maybe he was right, if she wasnt so self-couscous she could definitely wear cuter clothes. She had a super cute dress she had always wanted to wear but was to shy because of all the cleavage it showed off. Not that her v-neck shirt didn't show a bit of tit, but it was still a bit modest. "And don't act like you hate the attention either." He snapped back. "D- don't be ridiculous!" She blushed, secretly wishing she had the time to put on a pushup bra before Trey showed up. Sure she was busty but her motto was you could always be bigger. Her tiny shirt strained to confine her tits, and her jean shorts showed off more thigh than her mother would be conformable with. All the while Marcy's thong dug up her plump behind and was starting to get wet in front. She always got wet when Trey stared at her. "You should be proud of what you have, I mean how many hot Latina girls have such perfect F-cups like you Maria?" Trey said as he stood up and walked over to her, taking a squeeze of Maria's melons. "O-only me.." she said shyly, but one could easily see the pride in the Latina girl's eyes. After all, even the girl's mother was jealous of the girls immense tits. They perfectly complemented her gorgeous body. Her long sleek black that normally went down to her ass was tied up into a set of twin pigtails that Trey always liked her in. She was suddenly burst out of her head as Trey came up behind her and took a full grab of her tits, causing them to spill out of her shirt since Trey never liked her wearing Bras. Her breathing was coming in short gasps now and her nipples were sticking straight out nearly an inch long. "Trey!" She wasn't expecting him to be so forward, he may be a little kinky at times but was always went at a slower pace! SLAP!! His hand came down hard on her ass, the thin mini-skirt doing little to absorb the force." dont want to hear back talk from a submissive little slut like you baby!" She loved it when he called her that, it made her so horny she could barely stand it. Her ass still stung and her lacy string excuse for underwear was soaked through and through. She dropped to her knees, plump lips salivating for what was to come next. He unzipped his fly and out popped 10 inches of man. Maria shuttered at the thought of what this dick had done to her. Just a few minutes with this baby had turned her from a naive girl to Trey's personal slut. She tenderly licked it, starting off slow, but apparently Trey had other ideas. Grabbing her pigtails and forcing himself into her mouth. She moaned as her hair was pulled, loving every second of being used. She loved being so naughty for her lover.
  10. Perspectives on a Treadmill by Maracuja There's nothing worse than posing chicks in a gym! When I arrived, there was only one treadmill left. I grunted to myself, because that meant, that I would spend my 30 minutes warm up looking straight over to one of those poser chicks. The treadmills were positioned in a circle around a deeper area of the cardio-area, overlooking stepping- and spinning-gear. Of course there was the possibility of looking around the room. But if I wanted to avoid getting off balance, stumbling and be rocketed of the treadmill, I had to look straight forward. And there she was. Probably most men's wet dream. But not mine and definitely not now! I'm 6 ft tall and with 220 lbs more than a little overweight. After I had mistreated my body for most of my 40 years, I had finally decided to do some sports. Before I even wanted to think about weights and all those heavy machines, I planned to lose some lbs with cardio only. For now. There were some other fat people in my gym, which felt a little encouraging. But there were a lot of sports-illustrated-bodies around as well, if you catch my meaning. Every sight of them brought me down. The men, because I knew I did not have the discipline to get there myself and the women, because I knew I could never look good enough, to even hit on one of them. Maybe now you've got an idea, why I'm not that happy right now... I start with a low walking pace. After I programmed the treadmill, I take a second closer look at the sight over to the other side of the room. The bright pink of her top caught my attention as soon as I entered the room. Of course this covers only as much as it has to, leaving her arms, shoulders and stomach as uncovered as the upper part of her breasts, which are by the way fake as hell, since I have never seen double d's on a 20something old, 5 ft 5 girl with no more than 100 lbs. Of course she's blonde, fits the picture as much as the dark tan. She wears her white i- phone on her upper arm, listening to some music via her white earphones. She is not running very fast but it seems like magic that her melons don't jump out of her top, testing the fabric on its strength. Although I hate her being here, I feel an erection starting to rise. Therefore I'm glad wearing baggy clothes to hide my frame as good as I can. As I carry myself forward step by step I start to wonder how I could be sweating that much already. My shirt seems to stick to my upper body anywhere at once. Or did I put on that red lycra running shirt I just bought? Obviously those massive breasts confuse me more than a little. On second thoughts the relation between her breasts and the rest of her body isn't that extreme. Although her purple t-shirt hides both a little I'd guess d-cups on a 5 ft 9 girl in her late 20s with about 130 lbs. isn't that uncommon. Maybe someday I should try my luck with asking her out. I mean, I'm shaping up more and more and with my body-fitting new gear she should have realized it by now. I speed up the dial to 7mph and start to think about how I would react, if the woman on the other side would make a move towards me. We're about the same age and the same height but that's about all we have in common. Her not even shoulder-long dirty blonde hair looks like a mess. She has at least 30 lbs. too much and a face and shoulders that look almost like a dude. Her taste in clothes isn't much better. She always wears baggy grey clothes that show of sweat as soon as she start doing something in here. I on the other hand am a bit of a ladies man and only my height of 5 ft 8 holds me back from modelling. Now comes the great finish of a 10min sprint with 9 mph. What I love most about that part is that feeling every part of my body vibrate with every step, my hair brushing over my neck and all to the rhythm of loud r&b music in my ears. My program helped me losing a lot of weight and showing of every muscle I trained over all those months. Of course tightening my physique is the ultimate goal since I don't want to end up like a Schwarzenegger-packed freak. I'm always sad watching the person on the other side going through that torture. It must be hard even to put a heavy blob like that into motion. How could someone let it get that far? I don't know why, but looking down on my own heaving breasts and catching some of the athletes around sneaking peaks at me is my highlight of the day. It totally urns me on. If the only knew that my butt is so firm that you could crack nuts on it. The taller guys could probably grip my complete waist with only their hands. Maybe after the treadmill stopped I should open my platinum pony-tail and give them a little show for extra attention. I mean that is what I'm doing all this for. I straight up even a little more pushing my most expensive assets into the world and put on a concentrated look with my lips forming a little "O" - men love that. For at least 10 more years I won't have to think about wrinkles, since I just turned 19. The only thing disturbing my mood is that fat ugly guy on the other side of the room, at least twice my age. Unfortunately I have his attention as well. I hope he's gone when I come out of the locker room later with my leather hotpants and my 5 inch red patent leather pumps that I picked out for the evening. I'm invited to a motto party and those things fit perfect to the leather corset that I'll wear - not only I will get lucky tonight. Just now I caught that sweatball staring at my tits again and pretending not to have done so. There's nothing worse than old and fat creeps in my gym!