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Found 18 results

  1. Kathleen, Nadia, and Daniela were three backpackers who hadn’t known each other existed before last week, but were already the fastest of friends. The three brunettes were all backpacking across Europe, and had happened to share the same room in a hostel. Kathleen was the oldest of the group, one year out of law school. Back in high school, she’d been the ‘hot one’, captain of the cheer squad. Unfortunately, a little too much stress and a little too little sleep in high school had left her with a little more weight than she’d have liked. Even so, she was still overtly attractive, with shapely hips and a rather large ass-though she wasn’t fond of people commenting on such. The paralegal tended to be rather sarcastic and, according to many men she’d met since college, ‘bitchy’ on account of losing her figure. She wasn’t sure what to do with her life at the moment, much like Nadia. Nadia had just graduated with a shining degree in sociology, and unlike Kathleen, had maintained her figure thanks to a regimen of dieting, positivity, and ‘nightly encounters’. Consequently, she was undeniably the hotter one of the group, keeping her eye shadow and ruby lipstick on almost 24/7. She knew that the makeup accentuated her exotic features, and that whoever didn’t take a liking to her face would immediately be ensnared by her most prominent features: her huge breasts. Outgoing and energetic, she was the one who got the group together, convincing even Daniela. Unlike her other new friends, Daniela was still in college, having planned to make the trip with her sorority sisters after their study abroad session ended. Unfortunately for her, they decided to spend an extra week in the city first, planning to humor her and show up at their last destination. So far they were no-shows, which is why the shy girl was so glad to find some new friends. Even if they tended to tease her for hiding her curves beneath an unflattering hoodie. Tonight the three girls found themselves in a small bar in rural Spain, wondering what they should do with the rest of their night. “I mean, I’m not, like, saying that we shouldn’t go back to the hostel…” Nadia began, twirling a finger through her hair. “But we definitely shouldn’t go back there. “ Kathleen chuckled, nodding sagely. “Glad to hear that I’m not the only one who was a little creeped out by those guys. Not that I mind flattery, but nobody likes to hear that they have ‘nice skin’.” “Yeah, serial killers much? Didn’t make things better when they said that you had a nice ass, I have nice tits, and Daniela needed to show off her curves.” Nadia pointed to each of them in turn as she spoke before rolling her eye, taking a generous sip of her drink. “Sucks that they had to be staying at the same hostel as us.” Daniela smiled softly as she looked to the women, cradling her cup of tea with both hands. “I mean… I agree with both of you.” She said, a small blush trailing across her cheeks as they looked to her. She still hadn’t gotten used to older women valuing her opinion. “Right.” Kathleen said with a nod. “So we’re in agreement that we’ll just be on the streets for tonight. Until we come up with a better plan.” “Or a better invitation.” A male voice spoke up from behind them, and the girls looked to find a young man smiling in their direction. “And you are?” Kathleen asked, eyes narrowing. “Cisco. My name is Cisco.” He patted his chest with a smile. “I happen to be a farmer around these parts, and I can assure you that I am far too busy to be a serial killer. Plus my mother would probably protest.” “You live with your mother?” “It’s a family farm.” Cisco shrugged. “I realize that you Americans might not always think that living at home is a good decision, but out here it is the only decision. Plus, if it helps, you’ll only need to work for us in the morning; no other pay is necessary.” “And in return, we get…” Nadia arched an eyebrow, grinning nonetheless. She was already sold; she just needed the others to agree. “Full lodgings, heated rooms, and a home cooked meal from my mother. And say what you will about her personal manners, she is an excellent chef.” Cisco spread his arms wide, beaming innocently. “So, what do you say? I would love to have the extra help tomorrow morning.” “And that’s what you get out of this.” Kathleen said with a smirk. “A little easy labor, and all you have to do is recruit us? Sounds like a good deal.” “The best.” Cisco nodded. “So, what do you say?” Of course, they replied with a resounding ‘yes’. The farm was nice and rustic, with a complete three-course dinner seasoned with local spices that ensured they tasted exotic. After a good night’s rest, the three of them woke to find themselves a good deal more rested… Albeit a little strange. “Not that I’m complaining about the most comfy bed yet, but… Is anyone else feeling a little off? Maybe I’m not used to luxury anymore…” Nadia chuckled, massaging her breasts. “But for some odd reason, I could swear my breasts are heavier.” “Yeah, my ass feels big too.” Kathleen grinned back. “Maybe we had too much to eat?” She struggled to fit her slacks up her thighs, making a mental note to shave her legs at their next stop. She could have sworn that she’d had them clean-shaven just yesterday, but today they were covered in thin brown hairs. It looked like Nadia was a little hairier too, and Daniela… Well, she’d had the most to eat of all of them, so it made sense that she looked the fullest. Kathleen nodded to her with a small smile, chuckling. “Feeling okay?” “A little bloated… But, you know… I did enjoy that a lot more than you guys. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a home-cooked meal.” The shy girl smiled, slipping a hoodie over her body and zipping it tightly. Before they could carry on their conversation, Cisco called to them from downstairs. “Hello! Are you ladies ready to start a day off right, doing my work for me?” Daniela snorted with laughter at that, looking to her two friends. “Well, at least he’s honest.” They headed downstairs to find Cisco holding a paper in both hands, looking from it to them. “So, for today my mother would like Kathleen to clean the horse stables, Nadia to milk the cows, and Daniela to feed the pigs. It shouldn’t be too hard, I’d imagine. Call me if you need help, I’ll be here.” Daniela looked a little unsure as to splitting up, but Kathleen allayed those concerns with a casual smile. “Don’t worry, we’ll do our jobs, then meet up here. It’ll be fun.” The paralegal repeated those words to herself sarcastically as she walked towards the stables, a hand in each of her coat pockets. Even though she’d said them well, she still wasn’t the biggest fan of physical labor. But at least it would just be using a broom, not having to get near anything too filthy. She hoped. The brunette headed into the stables with this hope in mind, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the farm only had a single stallion. He looked to be of good size… She assumed. She didn’t really know horses, but he had to be healthy if he was this farm’s only one. With a hum, she set to work, doing her best not to focus on how the horse seemed to be following her with its eyes. The girl grabbed a broom from by the door, using it to push out the straw that had cluttered around the floor, as well as some scraps of rags that looked like they could have once been clothing. The thought of clothing led the girl to reflect on how uncomfortable she felt in her pants, and clothes in general. It wasn’t just like they were tight; they just felt… Wrong. It was like all of them were backwards, or inside-out. They didn’t hurt to wear, or even feel that uncomfortable. But something in her, something instinctive, protested the fact that she was wearing them nonetheless. “Well, I suppose it could be worse. At least the food was good.” Kathleen chuckled, bringing her elbow back to push another load of straw into a pile. A solid impact at her elbow made her freeze in place, and the sound of clattering iron elicited an oath that would make a sailor blush. “Great, just what I needed.” The brunette scowled as she looked behind herself, seeing a pile of fallen horseshoes. “But at least nothing’s broken.” The girl squatted down to pick them up, only for the sound of tearing cloth to fill the air-and for her pants to suddenly loosen on her legs. She blushed madly and looked behind herself, patting at her pants to confirm if the impossible had really happened. Sure enough, there was a large hole right between the plump cheeks of her ass. “So much for notheiiing being broken. Then again, it goes give mhneee a vuheeeighw.” A half-whinnied voice spoke up from behind Kathleen, and she turned in shock to find the stallion staring at her with something that she’d almost call mirth. “Nope.” The paralegal said, shaking her head. “I’m not buying it. No way, no how. Come on out, whoever’s doing the Mr. Ed impression; because I refuse to believe that there’s a magical talking horse.” “Phhbbt. Really, now?” The horse chuffed as it spoke, and this time Kathleen could see his lips move, tongue work to create that approximation of English. She wanted to believe it was a trick, but the anxiety that had begun with the tearing of her pants was now threating to overwhelm her. “Nuhuhuh… MNuhEEIGH way!” Kathleen’s head jerked forward as a loud whinny erupted from her lips mid-sentence, and she found her panic increasing only tenfold. “Wuhheigh. I’m Derek, by the wgnay. One of the guhuhhuys from your hostel. Wuheee went to this farm on an offer for a fuhreeigh meal, but it ended up with… Well, you suheiigh.” The horse flicked an ear, rolling its eyes in a manner that was far too human for Kathleen’s liking. The he nodded his head appreciatively towards her ass. “Bugghnyy the way, your ass looked great before as a human. But hgnny can’t wait to see what it looks lgnyyyke as a horse butt.” Kathleen whimpered at his words, unable to believe what he was saying. But the gurgling in her belly was only getting stronger; the funny feeling in her body getting that much worse. She groaned as she felt her frame begin to expand, torso thickening and ass swelling further, widening the hole in her pants further. It was like all of her worst fears of her body made real, her nightmares of growing out of her clothing coming to life. “NUHEEEGIH! Don’t LUHEEEIGH-look!” She whinnied frantically, trying to cover herself as her clothes got even tighter on her, threatening to split at the seams. “Why not? You’re suhuhsexy.” Derek nickered after he spoke, watching with even more interest as Kathleen’s hands twisted into hooves; her feet exploding from her shoes seconds later. Kathleen hyperventilated in response, animalistic grunts and nickers slipping into her every word. She pawed at her clothes feebly with her hooves, whimpering loudly as just how numb they were. “Not a horse! NuhuhuhEIGHot a horse!” Despite her fears, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of excitement at the prospect of shedding her uncomfortable clothes. They were tight and restrictive, after all… She shook her head, whimpering a little louder as she realized that the motion caused her ears to actually sway, a motion that she felt much more than she’d have preferred. Desperately, the girl tried to keep her mind off of the changes, even though her neck was itching madly with what could only be a mane. There was another itching that had spread its way along her body, one that she was sure was the growth of fur and a thick hide, but Kathleen didn’t want to reflect for too long on that. Even if they meant that she wouldn’t be naked if she lost all of her clothes, which had to be worth something… The girl grunted as her face began to extend from the rest of her head, nose and mouth stretching out into a broad muzzle. Her nostrils flared as her head got larger and larger, and her teeth felt thick and ungainly in her mouth. It was a terrifying transformation that was soon eclipsed by the lengthening of her neck, her growing spine curving and forcing her head to angle back. This discomfort, coupled with the growing bulk on her body, was enough to force her to fall onto her hooves, a descent that made her neck’s new angle make much more sense. Even though her back was parallel with the ground, it was still somehow natural for her to look ahead. She chuffed instinctively at the thought, wiggling her hind quarters as they grew larger and larger still, thick with both muscle and fat. Slowly but surely, she began to think that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to get rid of her clothes; to look just like a horse. After all, didn’t she seem more out of place in these half-torn rags? Before the girl fully understood what she was doing, she flexed her shoulders hard, using the motion to tear her coat, shirt, and bra along her back. As though it had been waiting for this, the transformation practically tripled in pace, bulking her up further and further so that the tear she’d caused propagated fully through her clothing, almost exploding it from her body with the loud sound of ripping cloth. It was liberating, especially since horses weren’t supposed to wear clothes. She’d never thought before just how uncomfortable clothes were to wear, but upon reflection, they were just so tight and restrictive. It was far better to be rid of them, and it looked like she wasn’t the only one in the room to feel that way. “Sughnneee? Sexuheeeigh.” Derek snorted, pushing against the unlocked door to his stall and walking towards Kathleen. “Damn, that ass phbrbrbt is thick!” He tossed his head with another nicker, staring at her ass shamelessly. Kathleen shook it at the compliment, grunting as a tail slipped from her spine, long hairs decorating its length. Loathe though she was to admit it, he had a point. Her ass was huge, and he did seem to appreciate it… And now that she didn’t have any clothes, it was that much easier for him to see. Come to think of it, since he didn’t have clothes either, it was pretty easy for her to see him too… And what a sight it was! His cock was already erect, thick and throbbing with the rounded head of an equine. “Mggneigh? Looks like huhuhgnyou like it…” She egged him on, glad that he still seemed to appreciate her ass even as a horse. “HNEEIGHll yes!” He whinnied loudly with excitement, licking his thick horse lips. “God, I just want to show you hgnow much hyy want it! Hgnyy’ll fuck you until ygneeuhuhuh-you can’t walk tomorrow, even with four luhuhegs!” Kathleen was a poet inside, so she knew that his words weren’t entirely something to be appreciated. Then again, they were certainly getting her wetter than she’d been in her life, and she was curious what it would feel like to have the thickest cock of her life inside of her. And if she was a complete horse too… The mare turned towards the stallion, presenting her dark, dripping horse cunt. “Wuhuhut’re you wgneeighting for, then?” It actually took Derek a second to process that, his jaw hanging slack for a matter of moments. Then he practically galloped towards her, leaping atop her back and driving his cock deep within her. It was utterly animalistic, without any sense of human foreplay, and Kathleen loved it. “UGNHEEEEEIGH!” The mare screamed with insensate bliss, physically quivering from how good it felt to have a cock this thick within herself. She hadn’t realized just how good it was to have a larger body to accommodate his thick length, one that was able to take his every thrust with passionate, unbridled pleasure. Instinctively, she began to rock back and forth against Derek, feeling his hefty equine balls swatting her ass, his thick cock sliding in and out of her. There was so much for her to enjoy; so much for her to savor! She whinnied again, spittle flying from her muzzle as she began to enjoy insensate pleasure, a new world of sensation becoming hers to enjoy. Idly, she wondered if the others were enjoying this as much as she was… Nadia wiped at her brow, doing her best to ignore the whinnying of the horses in the stable. It sounded like they were acting up, which meant Kathleen would be cleaning for a while longer. “Maybe this isn’t the worst job…” She fanned at herself as she spoke, feeling a little hot. The girl undid two of the buttons on her shirt as she moved onto the next cow, one whose moos were beginning to sound distinctly like moans of pleasure, almost human in nature. “Like, I didn’t even know that cows could sound like that.” She chuckled, undoing another button on her shirt as the damnable heat only grew. “And I doodn’t know they made chick with such fat udders.” Came a low bellow dead ahead of her. It was almost an exact mirror of what one of the guys at the hostel, Rob, had said to her; save for the fact that it now referred to udders rather than Nadia’s large bosom. Nadia, always one to jump to conclusions, realized then and there that the only logical explanation for a talking cow was that it was once a person, perhaps even one of the men from the hostel, no less. It was a thought that was startling enough to panic her, and she knocked over the milk bucket as she backpedaled from the cow she’d been milking. “UGNOO? MOOO! WUHOOOODDUHELL!” A torrent of moos spilled from her mouth as she stared at the bull with wide, terrified eyes. “Oooh, yeah. We oooosed to be people.” The cow she’d been milking said in a gentle British accent, tilting her thick head. “Looocky you get to be one of us.” If she was hoping to calm Nadia, the cow would be sorely disappointed. The girl panted hard, mooing loudly as she tried to increase her pace, backpedaling as quickly from the cows as possible. Unfortunately, her body chose this time to make several changes known to her, the first of which being a distinct increase in body mass. It started in her belly and breasts first, eliciting a low groan and a huff from the girl, the air pushing from her lungs as her chest expanded. “NOOOO!” She bellowed, eyes widening even as they began to darken to a deep bovine brown. “I’MOOO nOOOt a cow!” “Well, nOOOt yet.” Rob looked to her with the bovine equivalent of a smirk as she panicked. “But sOOOn enough…” Nadia whimpered loudly, stumbling away from the nightmare. One of the other cows got behind her, keeping her from getting too far from them. “Hey, I reckon becoMOOOng a cow is the best thing that cOOOld ever happen. YOOO’ll love the treatment, espOOOcially the milking!” Drawled the cow with a southern accent, twitching her ears. Nadia didn’t know how to respond to that; wasn’t sure how to even comprehend it. How could being a cow be any better than being a human? Surely there had to be something wrong with these bovine’s brains! She whimpered and grunted as her breasts swelled a little more, beginning to slosh as they filled with what could only be milk. Apparently a cow’s hearing was sensitive enough to hear that, because the southern cow spoke again, mirth filling her moo-laden words. “YOOO’ll see sOOOn enough.” “UHMOOO!” Nadia bellowed, shaking her head desperately, even as her ears lengthened, flopping over with their increased size and weight. She didn’t want to even think it was possible to enjoy a milking, but her breasts were so full… Soon she actually had to fight the urge to bring her hands to her breasts and milk herself, something the girl had never thought possible. It was an urge only made worse as her breasts expanded further, swelling to the point that her poor top could no longer contain them. With the loud snapping of buttons, the shirt gave way, exposing her fat, jiggling breasts to the cool morning air. Or rather, her breast. Both of her mammaries had merged together to create a single, large tit; one whose nipples were growing, soon joined by two more. Nadia screamed as she looked to her fat udder, falling back onto her rump and grabbing at it with both hands. To her horror and shameful delight alike, a surge of pleasure rushed through her, and the girl clutched at her developing udder harder. It was so full, so achingly large… Subconsciously, her hands cupped at her long nipples, pinching just a thin trail of milk from each of them. Before she could succumb any further; her fingers began to ache, stiffening as flesh solidified into hard enamel. Unfortunately, she’d already given too much of herself to her inner cow. The quick teasing of her nipples alone had left her wanting more; needing more. She grunted loudly and let out a deep low, rocking back as she pawed at her udder with need. Her arms and legs changed as she moved, eyelids fluttering as her joints creaked and popped, limbs getting longer and longer. Her spine extended into a short tail with a tufted tip, causing her to lean a little forward. And, most notable of all, her face began to grow, bones grinding against one another as her very skull changed from something human to something utterly animal. Her nostrils expanded on her face as she breathed in deeply through them, drinking deep of the nearby bull’s musk. It was a far cry from the tacky cologne he’d worn last night, instead acting as a potent aphrodisiac to the already addled brunette. Without fully realizing it, she rolled onto her hooves, a small moo slipping past her lips as they thickened. Her long ears twitched and her tail swayed, listing to one side as if to expose her sex to her nearby suitor. “YOOO know… I can’t help with the mOOOlking… But I can help yOOO with another of yOOOr urges.” Rob grunted, striding towards Nadia purposefully. He was so large, so forceful! She breathed in heavily, feeling her body change faster and faster from his very presence alone. Her hips loudly snapped as they outright tripled in size, splitting her jeans at the waist and baring her to the bull. By now, Nadia wasn’t sure what she wanted, knowing that she used to hate the prospect of being milked; but still desiring the feel of warm hands on her udders. She realized that just a few minutes ago, she didn’t want to join the herd; even though now she wanted nothing more than to live a life on the grass. Yet though she didn’t fully know what she wanted, Nadia knew what she needed. She turned her fattening ass towards Rob, looking back to him with wide eyes as her forming snout grew a little larger. “Fuck mmMOOO!” He eagerly obeyed, the desire he’d felt for her as a human now all the greater that she was a cow. The bull lifted his weight onto his hind hooves, falling heavily onto Nadia’s back and making her moan as his weight pressed onto her back. Hot fur shot out from her pores as her eyes widened, and she bellowed with bliss as the bull drove his cock deep into her, spearing her delicate flower with his thick meat. She’d never had her pussy this full in her life, and she reveled in the new carnal sensations of having an animal cock stuffed within her, stretching her wanting canal. Nadia moaned and mooed in turn, giving into the beast that she was becoming and spreading her changes all the faster for it. Her body bulked up, face stretched, bones broadened. Funnily enough, her makeup remained on her larger cow’s head, albeit spread thin by the growth of her head. She parted her lipstick-highlit lips with a loud bellow, savoring how its echo resounded around the plains. This was by far the most incredible fucking she’d had in her life! She could only hope that Kathleen and Daniela were sharing the same passion! Daniela crinkled her nose as she looked to the pile of rutting pigs, the group of them seeming to do nothing save wallow, fuck, and eat. This wasn’t close to her ideal job, but from the sounds of it, her friends were having to put up with much the same with the horses and the cows. “Well, the sooner I get this over with…” She muttered, hefting the large barrel of slop. She took what was meant to be a ginger step into the pigpen, but her added weight threw her off balance. She used too little force when setting down her foot, and so she slipped; falling into the mud with a loud splash and a squeal of distress. “Ew, it’s all over me!” She whimpered loudly, though she was at least grateful that more of the slop had ended in the trough than in the mud. Not that the pigs seemed to mind, some of them were already slurping up the food from the ground like the dirty animals they were. One in particular seemed to take an interest in her, turning his head towards her. Judging from his tusks, he was a boar. And judging from the way he looked at her, he was almost intelligent. “H-hey there, big grrnt-uy…” A snort slipped into Daniela’s words, though she didn’t notice. Instead, she was concerned for what was interesting the pig so much, hoping that it wouldn’t be anything too dirty. “Hey. I-orrnt hope that you won’t be such a stick in thrrrnt mud anymore.” He said, tossing his ears in a fashion that uncannily reminded her of one of the creeps from the hostel. “Matt?” She asked, eyes widening in shock. She felt a little silly for asking, but with his words and actions; how could she not? Her heart began to race in her chest as she realized that something was very amiss, and her tension was only heightened as the pig impossibly spoke once again. “Rrrnnright in one.” He nodded. It was too much for Daniela to bear, and she screamed in fear. “UHREEEEEE!” Both of her filthy hands shot to her mouth as she realized that the sound was more of a pig’s squeal, and she squealed again as her body started to grow. It was like some invisible hose was pumping her full of fat, a gain in weight plain across her body that she could feel more and more of with every passing second. Desperately, the girl pawed at her tightening clothes, but in just a matter of seconds even her hoodie was too tight on her to comfortably move. “REEEE! NoREEE! Rrrnt-rrrnt-RRRNT!” As her squeals devolved into snorts, her nose upturned on her face, developing into a pig snout one snort at a time. She could feel her perfect teeth changing as well, growing tusks forcing the others aside into a less uniform condition. “I don’t wrrrntnna be fat and rrrntpiggEEE!” Daniela sobbed, getting even bulkier, having to fall onto her side as her limbs shortened. The nails on her fingers and toes thickened, flowing over her digits and binding them together into a set of dark trotters. Small rips and tears began to fill the air as she floundered helplessly, sobbing with distress at how ugly she was getting. It actually seemed to unnerve the other pigs, namely Matt. “Rrrnt-hey! Hey!” He stammered, looking at her with wide eyes. “Yurrrnt-you look really good!” If pigs could smile reassuringly, he was surely doing so; his best effort to calm the girl plain to see. It was almost enough to calm her down… Almost. She twitched her nose and snuffled loudly, hoping that he wasn’t just saying that for flattery’ sake. “Rrrnt-EEElly?” “Oh, yeah!” One of the other sows said encouragingly. “Orrnt! You look better and better thREEE closer you get to being a rrrnt-pig!” “Yuuurnt!” A third chimed in, nodding eagerly. Daniela snorted with laughter at the sight of a pig nodding like a person, farting loudly as she did so. For a moment, she froze; worrying that they’d judge her for such a blatant breach of etiquette. Much to her relief, the lot of them seemed to find her flatulence amusing, most of them snorting and a few of them echoing the sound with gas of their own. The brief moment of calm she felt soon vanished; however, as her lengthening ears were greeted by the sound of tearing clothing. Daniela had completely missed the rips that had signified the beginning of the end for her clothing, not noticing them until it was too late. Now, her clothing was little more than rags on her body, the cloth little match for her body’s expansion. She fully realized that this was even more alarming, given that her clothing was loose-fitting to begin with. “Nooo! I’m sooornnt faaat!” She whined loudly, pawing at the scraps of cloth in desperation, trying to keep them on somehow. She realized that all of the pigs were staring at her, and in desperation, the girl dropped into the mud, the front of her body submerged in the filth. “Drroink-don’t look at meeee!” She squealed, tears dewing at her eyes as her hips and shoulders popped, forcing her into a four-legged stance. At least the mud felt nice on her skin, she thought, completely missing that her smooth flesh was becoming more and more akin to a pig’s hide with every passing second. “Whurrnt-rrnt-why not?” Matt replied, tilting his head. “You look good trrnt me.” He snorted again, as though he had no idea why Daniela would ever feel distressed about being naked in front of a sty full of pigs. And, much to her surprise, she didn’t have an answer for the question. The girl wallowed a little more in the mud, using it to ease her nerves while she searched for an answer. She knew that it should have bothered her, something about modesty or other… But it felt so good to be covered in mud like this! She listed slightly to the left; then to the right. Then something within her simply clicked, and she began to roll around within the mud, covering herself in it with loud squeals of pleasure. How could she not have seen that mud was so much fun? All of her life trying to remain clean now felt wasted! The other pigs snorted at her actions with amusement, but Daniela didn’t care. Instead, she continued to roll around in the muck, only slowing her motions as some delectable scent met her piggy nostrils. Her snout twitched as she shook her head, flinging mud to the left and right in the process. It was… The slop? Slowly, Daniela padded towards it, inhibitions melting away as she took a tentative bite. It was good! Her tail waggled as she ate another bite, then another. All the while, the girl completely failed to notice that there was some mud within the slop, let alone the fact that it consisted of gunk she’d once be hard pressed to call edible. “Srreee? It’s norrnt all bad.” Matt snorted, padding towards Daniela, snout twitching. He took a bite of the slop himself, motioning with his head towards the other pigs, who’d begun to rut with one another rather than watch the two of them eat. Daniela had never been one for promiscuity, but she certainly envied the way the other sows squealed as they were mounted, then penetrated by boars. Her pussy ached, and she began to feel a damp warmth by her backside. “Fuck mrrreee.” She said lowly, under her breath at first. Her piggish ears twitched as the word left her mouth; then she turned to the boar to her right. “Now.” It was oddly thrilling to be so direct, putting her hopes on the chance that he’d say yes. Luckily, he seemed to have just as much restraint as she did. The last word was barely out of her muzzle before he clambered atop her back, snorting loudly as he thrust deeply into her, piggish prick finding its mark with ease. Daniela’s mouth opened in an attempt to give voice to how incredible she felt, but only a loud, echoing squeal passed her lips. “RRREEEE!” She farted as she squealed, too far gone to feel even an iota of shame. In fact, if she felt anything regarding her new porcine form, it would have to be a delighted surprise. She’d never realized before just how good it could be to let loose all of her inhibitions, and how free it was to be fat, dirty, and smelly. Now that she was living it, it was an experience more pleasurable than any she’d had in her life. The sow rhythmically grunted beneath her boar as he plowed her hard, her fat body jiggling with every motion. She absently buried her face in the muddy slop again, taking another mouthful and chowing down with delight. There was nothing to stop her from trying to feel as much pleasure as possible; nothing to keep her from succumbing to temptation. Matt’s cock hit a particularly sensitive spot within her, and the girl let out a loud squeal of joyous surprise. Hearing this, he thrust there again, and again, and again. Slowly, Daniela began to even lose focus of herself, her every nerve afire with pleasure. She rocked harder and harder against her mate, eking every iota of sinful bliss she could from this. She clenched her folds around his cock; drove back against him so his balls thumped against her fat ass; squealed her passion to the heavens. It only took a matter of minutes to reach her limit, and she squealed loud and hard, eyes widening as she felt the onrush of orgasm. The sow’s mouth hung open as she panted raggedly, her pussy coursing arcs of pleasure through her world, driving all thought from her mind. And, much to her delight, it didn’t seem to have an end in sight, not even when Matt grunted from behind her, shooting his load deep into her piggy womb. It was the first pig orgasm of her life, and the girl soon learned just how long porcine pleasure could last. It was nearly half an hour before she regained her senses, finding herself a drooling, cross-eyed mess of a pig. Spent, Daniela collapsed in the mud, knowing nothing else she could do; nothing else to do. She snorted loudly, wallowing in the warm mud and loving the warm feeling of her boar on her back. There she remained, until Cisco rounded her up along with the other animals. “Hello, ladies.” The farmer greeted the three animals with a smile, waving to them. “Now that you’ve had a few hours and a few ruttings, I formally welcome you to the farm. I trust that you’ll enjoy your stay, especially seeing as how the three who’ve recommended you for this life are enjoying theirs.” Derek, Rob, and Matt had the decency to look slightly ashamed, though it was clear that they enjoyed the carnal fucking too much to truly complain. “ActOOally, it’s not bad.” Nadia twitched a bovine ear, her udder swaying beneath her. She coughed some cud into her mouth to chew absently, swishing her tail with content. Kathleen bobbed her head in agreement, cunt still warm from the torrent of horse cum she’d been filled with. She didn’t say another word, choosing instead to rub her snout against Derek’s. “Wree do make pretty grrrood livestock.” Grunted Daniela happily, eager for the impromptu meeting to be over so she could have another spin in the mud. Sensing her impatience, Cisco smiled. “Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t extend the same invitation to you that I did to your new suitors. So… Tell me, do you have any suggestions for our next ‘volunteers’? Nadia and Kathleen remained silent at that, not knowing anyone other than the locals. Daniela; however, twitched a porcine ear in amusement. “Rrrnt-actually…” The pig began, thinking of her friends. “I know a grrrrnnt-group of girls who’d love to help…”
  2. …a perfect moment in time when a woman turns mare captured here. ^._.Q
  3. Blackbunnyman

    Ass play

    The box had their address on it, but she could see no return address even after turning it over in her hands many times. It had only a last name on it, but it was Claire’s last name so she figured it was either for her or her husband and assumed it was okay to open it. Harold was not yet home anyway so Claire sliced it open with her keys and pulled out … a bridal? Claire frowned and pulled it out of the little box it had been so lovingly laid in. It was made of soft, supple black leather with a shimmering silver bit. It was molded to go around a human’s face and after examining it for a moment she determined that it would defiantly not fit around her husband’s head, even if it was buckled as loosely as possible but it would fit comfortably around her own. Claire frowned and licked her lips, curiosity squirming around her stomach. Clearly she had not ordered this herself, but it seemed odd for Harold to have ordered this for her without approaching her first. But then it WAS their anniversary so maybe Harold had meant it to be a surprise? Her husband made enough to be eccentric so it wouldn’t surprise her if he wanted to experiment. Claire thought for a bit before she raised it to her lips however before she could put it on she heard her husband coming home and she quickly tucked it in her purse. “Coming darling!” Claire called out as she checked her reflection in the mirror for a moment before she walked down the sweeping stairwell, smiling broadly at her husband. He was her senior by twenty years and originally she had been his secretary. He was balding and heavy set but had a smile that could still melt her heart. They made something of an odd couple, she was so slight and small compared to him and she knew everyone who saw her thought she was some sort of South American mail-order bride. Those who mocked her thick Brazilian accent and muttered about her sex life outside of her husband’s bed used to upset her but she had long since leaned to ignore it and she had no qualms about heading out to a very public dinner with her darling dear. They went out with their friends, talked and laughed before Harold had given a very lovely speech. During their entire outing Claire had the bridal in her purse and it made her face feel warm. It seemed so naughty to have it with her, and she almost wished she had left it in a drawer. Over the course of the evening she decided that she really must wear it to surprise him, since Claire hadn’t told him it had arrived. When they got home it was late, and Harold dismissed the remaining maid before they went upstairs and Claire slipped into something a little more comfortable. A bright red corset with matching stockings and garters, her legs always drove Harold wild. She hid the bridal behind her back and stepped out of the side bathroom to their elegant bedroom where Harold already sat on the bed, stripped down to everything but his blue pinstriped boxers. “You look lovely, Claire.” “Thank you darling, but I do have a surprise for you,” Claire said and she pulled the bridal out from behind her back. Harold looked surprised but Claire didn’t notice as she ducked her head to put on the bridal. The bit felt strange in her mouth but the leather felt nice against her cheeks and it was effortless to fasten it behind her head. And the moment the strap had been tugged into place Claire sealed not only her fate, but her husband’s as well. “Hey stallion, let me ride you,” Claire said. She had meant to sound seductive but the bit muffled her words. Not that Harold seemed to mind, Claire could see how hard he had grown as she padded forward. Claire felt something small wriggling at the base of her spine but the spell of the bridal had made her blind to the feeling as she strode to the bed and startled Harold. He kissed her lips, his tongue slipping against the silver in her mouth and Claire giggled. Suddenly she felt her panties rip off, exposing her bare ass to the world and Claire giggled again, thinking Harold had torn them. He kissed her jaw and Claire turned her head up so he could run his lips down the column of her throat when she felt something bumping against her calf. It felt soft and soothing but both of Harold’s hands were on her hips and Claire felt compelled to turn her head to look. A thin, ropey tail extended from her tailbone, complete with a tuft of soft brown fur at the end. As Claire watched little white hairs began to sprout on it, covering it. A cows tail? Claire blinked as some part of her mind struggled against the spell she had placed on herself. She shouldn’t have a tail…but Harold was squeezing her hips and he was turning her head so he could kiss her lips again and that just seemed just so much more important than some silly tail. And Harold’s cock felt bigger, it was straining against his boxers like it was reaching for her bare cunt and Claire gently rocked her hips back and forth so her wet pussy brushed against it. Her tail arched and swished with pleasure and she threw back her head as her ears pushed out of her hair. Soft snow-white hair sprouted out of them as they pulled up and away from her head. Claire felt this but the spell shrouded her mind enough that she didn’t notice it at all. Harold did, though, and he suddenly paused and grabbed her shoulders, holding her away from him so he could get a look at her. “Mm, no, why did you stop?” Claire pleaded. “Darling you … What’s wrong with you?” Harold said and the sting Claire felt from those words was enough to startle her out of her lustful haze. Claire reeled back and felt her tail move again as her hands flew up to grab her ears and clench them tightly. “Oh … Oh God! No!” Claire stumbled away from him as she clutched at her ears. While she had finally noticed her changes, the spell held her so tightly that she didn’t realize that she could just tear the bridle off her face and put a stop to it. Claire’s front teeth grew thicker and bigger, enough to start to come down over the bit in her mouth but to her horror she felt herself getting hotter. She was soaking wet and she ached for her husband to take her. And when she looked at him with big, teary eyes she realized that he had grown bigger as well. Claire felt a flush of humiliation that he liked seeing her like this before his cock popped free of his boxers and she realized it was splotched with dark skin and had taken a different shape. “Oh no! You too!” But Harold didn’t look down at his equine cock, but remained fixated on her. Claire swallowed and looked down at herself, feeling humiliated at her strange body still trussed up in sexy clothes. White fur was starting to grow in patches over her body, at her elbows and breasts and along her hip bones. “Harol-Har-Ha-Haa-HAAAW” Claire suddenly brayed and her whole body started to shake. “Hee Haww! Hee haw, Haaaaaaaaaw!” She brayed again and again as her nose grew wider and her nostrils flared. She tried to bury her hands in her face but her fingers were rapidly thickening and growing hard. Claire brayed again and she turned away from her husband as a second pair of nipples pushed out of the skin across her pelvis. They were small, hard, and dark and the feeling of cold air over them made her tremble. The skin under them started to soften and swell, until she had a second pair of enormous breasts that somehow managed to remain perky just above her hips. And, much to Claire’s horror, the breasts on her chest began to swell as well, until her corset couldn’t take it and it tore off completely, leaving her entirely naked outside her stockings, which provided little protection. Claire tentatively felt at her breasts, the top and the bottom set but in the meanwhile her hands had hardened completely into hooves. She brayed in distress before she felt her husband’s arms around her. One of his hands fell to fiddle with her new breasts while his other swirled around the nipples of her old. “It’s okay, dear Claire, I can touch them even if you can’t.” Claire brayed in surprise, but she felt the spell grabbing at her and trying to pull her back under. She pushed away from Harold and turned to look at him, confused and shocked to see how he had changed. He looked younger, with a full head of long golden hair that seemed to have connected all the way down his back in a mane. He was fit, better than she had ever seen him and his cock was massive and didn’t look even a little human. As Claire stared she saw something flick behind him and as she watched a long golden tail grew from him and swished. It was a horse’s tail and Claire felt a stab of jealousy. Why did he get to be a horse while she was stuck as a donkey? Neither was good but one seemed decidedly better. His ears raised from his head and pointed, as soft brown fur raced over them. And the look on his eyes…clearly he hadn’t been deterred by her protest. Claire’s ears flattened against her head and she tucked her tail between her legs in fear. But the spell was clawing at her and she found her eyes drawn to her cock. It was so big…she chomped at her bit nervously and Harold lurched forward, He grabbed the cord of her bridal and immediately the spell blanked Claire’s mind. She plaintively followed him to bed and fell onto her hooves and knees on the mattress, raising her tail to show him her cunt. As he stepped up to her Harold’s feet sounded heavier. Claire perked her ears and peered around at him, surprised to see that Harold’s legs had transformed to look like a horse’s, complete with pitch black hooves and soft brown fur. Claire whimpered at the sight and turned away, biting down harder on the bit ad her teeth grew flatter and her tongue grew thicker. Harold sank to his knees behind her and for a moment Claire felt his hot breath against her before he pushed his lips and tongue into her. Claire felt herself bray with everything she had and white fur raced over her body. Her feet felt strange, and when she lost feelings in her toes Claire knew that they were hooves, same as her hands, although her stockings managed not to tear. Claire was about to cum when instead Harold flipped her over and let her come down a bit before he pushed his massive cock into her. Claire threw back her head and brayed as her face pushed forward with every thrust. And so did his, his nose and upper lip merging as the bones pushed outward into a muzzle. When they came violently, Claire and Harold’s faces were completely those of animals. Harold wrapped his arms around her and they fell to their bed. She was more an animal than him, covered in for with four hooves, four breasts, a tail, and no ability to speak while he had only had his tail, a horse’s head, and his hooves … but being more an animal made Claire feel sexy and she lovingly stared at her husband. How people would react to them now, and what they would do with themselves didn’t seem important and Claire buried her face in his chest, falling asleep in his arms and forgetting the bridal still over her face.
  4. A Young Teen walked down the rural farm road. He was of a Decent build, about 5'6'', not too thin, not too fat. He kept his dirty blond hair a little shaggy, the bangs long enough to reach his blue eyes, which looked around for anyone who might see him. His hands were bundled in the pockets of his hoodie. He approached the closest fence and pulled a hand out of his pocket, revealing two sugar cubes. A beautiful Chestnut mare sat in the field a few yards away, grazing peacefully in the pasture. Behind her, a big red barn sat on a hill. Greg Whistled softly to get the mare's attention. Her ears perked and she raised her head. Greg held out his hand and whistled again. The Horse sniffed the air and trotted over to the fence. He stuck his hand out and the Mare bent down to lick up the two sugar cubes. As she chewed on them, Greg reached his hand out and patted the side of her face, making soothing noises. The mare bent into his touches, enjoying the attention. Greg smiled. He came out here every week for Edna, as he called the Mare. She was a beautiful horse, and he loved horses. He could tell you everything there was to know about horses. Which ones where best for show, for work, for riding, even the breed by looking at it. Now, Edna was by no means a pure bred, but she was still his favorite. Even if she wasn't his. He just hopped Brandon Hayes didn't catch him out here messing with his horse. He'd be pissed. That old man was so possessive, and he barely treated his animals right...After all, what was so wrong about showing some affection towards his animals? He fished out another sugar cube and gave it to Edna. She happily accepted it. After another moment of petting, Greg decided it would be best to leave before he got in trouble. Good thing too, because barely a minute later, old man Hayes drove by in his truck, suspecting nothing. It was lunch time as Greg walked through the door of his own house. “Mom! I'm home!” he called out. A woman's voice acknowledged from the living room. “Hey, Greg. You got a call from Leo. He said he wanted you to come over. I told him you'd be over after you ate.” His mom responded. Greg was his best friend, well, his only friend. He didn't talk to a lot of other people. Leo was one of the few he'd ever met that accepted him as a nice guy. “Alright, mom. Let me get some food. We still got that left over Ravioli?” he asked. He made his way to the kitchen, before receiving an answer. An hour later, Greg knocked on the door of his friends house. Leo opened up the door. “Hey, dude! What it is, bro?” they exchanged a quick series of hand shakes before proceeding inside. Leo was from California, initially. He was the same age as Greg, about 17, and he always talked about how he loved to surf. How he ended up here, up in Northern Arkansas was a mystery to Greg. He kept his blond hair shaggy, hiding his pierced ear. His green eyes always shone with enthusiasm and excitement, as if each day was a blessing to him. “Well, I called you over cuz I got something you might like. Come with me.” He said. He led Greg to his bedroom. Many surfing trophies hung on shelves on the wall. But on his bed was a wooden Cigar box. “Alright, check this out, bro.” He reached for the box, and held it, ready to open it. “I know how you like Horses, so, like, I went with my mom to the flea market. I found this, and I knew I missed your birthday, so, here.” He flipped open the lid to reveal a bundle wrapped in a velvety cloth. He picked it up and unwrapped it, revealing a horse, carved out of Marble. Greg gasped in awe. “It cost a pretty penny, but nothin' I'm gonna miss. Happy Birthday, bro!” He smiled widely at Greg's reaction. The rest of the day was spent playing video games and chatting about all manner of things. When Greg finally got home, he proudly showed off the marble horse figurine to his mom. Even though she wasn't into horses, she thought it was gorgeous. He took it up to his room and sat it up in a place of honor on his dresser. He ate supper, then promptly went to bed. He wanted to go see Edna again tomorrow. The next day turned out be a stormy one. The wind rocked the windows of his house and Greg was shocked into awareness by a loud clap of thunder that shook the walls. He could tell it was pretty close by. He turned to look at his alarm clock, finding it to be about 10 o'clock in the morning. It was as good a time as any to be awake, so he got up and preformed his daily rituals. Unfortunately, this wasn't pleasant whether to be outside in. So, he reluctantly voted against going to see Edna today. Instead he spent it in his room playing video games until the power died. Then he had to find other ways to occupy his time. He took out the Marble Horse again, and admired everything about it. The craftsmanship was unbelievable. Greg could almost see every hair on the mane, and tail. It was then that Greg saw the etching on the side. It was placed in a way that it blended with the black veins that ran through out the marble. On a hunch, he pulled out a flash light and found that if he shined it at the right angle, he make out a set of strange symbols. Was it Cuniform? Greg wasn't an expert of written languages, but he knew enough to know that sandscrit was thinner and taller, usually connecting. It wasn't hieroglyphics either, and Latin, at least, looked like real letters. Judging from the scratches and lines, it did look a lot like Oriental characters, but just a little more elegant. His mom being a foreign language professor at a local College, she decided to take it to her. He grabbed the horse and went to see his mom. “Hey, mom,” He called out to her, awaiting the voice to find it's origin, eventually connecting it with the kitchen area. “I found some kind of writing on the Horse Leo gave me. I think it might be chinese.” His mom looked up from the gas stove she was trying to light with a lighter of her own. “Well, it could very well be possible. Horses were everywhere. The chinese used them for war as much as the Europeans did. Mind if I take a look?” She placed out her hand to accept the gift. However as Greg reached his hand over to give it, it slipped out of his hands and fell to the tile floor. Greg made a dive for it, but missed and it broke into three pieces. “Oh, no!” Greg lamented. He reached down to pick up the pieces at the same time as his mom. Their fingers touched on a piece at the same time and a shock rolled up their arms and through their bodies. “Ouch!” His mom exclaimed. “You shocked me!” His mom said teasingly. But Greg was not in the mood. He picked up the pieces and stared at them. “Greg, I can put it back together.” His mom comforted. She knew how much he loved any thing to do with horses. “I'll just need to get some Superglue. We're just lucky it broke into big pieces.” The rest of the day was spent doing nothing. Along with the power, the phone line was down too. Supper was sandwhiches, because Greg's mom still couldn't get the stove to work. She glued the pieces together and set them out to dry. Greg went to sleep around 11 o'clock. The storm didn't stop. The next morning, it was quiet. The storm had finally died down. Greg pulled himself out of the bed and looked out his bedroom window. A couple trees had fallen and littered the yard, but they all had missed the house. It would still be a pain to clean up. It was still to wet outside to do anything without a vehicle. Greg went downstairs to the kitchen to fix up some cerial. He went to inspect the marble horse on the counter, but to his surprise, he saw two figurines now. One was the marble horse from before, now standing on it's legs. The other was a smaller one that looked more lanky, more like a foal. Where did you come from? He thought. He figured maybe his mom went out early and found another one, but that idea was dashed when his mom came down from her own room dressed for the morning while he was eating a bowl of rice crispies. As she went to fix a cup of coffee, she noticed the two horses. “Greg, where did you get this other one?” She asked. “Well, there goes that idea.” Greg thought. “I thought you might have gotten them.” Greg replied. “No, I went to sleep after trying for two hours to glue your horse back together.” His mom countered. “No matter what I did, the pieces wouldn't stay. So I just left it.” “Then where did the other piece come from?” Greg argued. His mom simply shrugged her shoulders. Just then the telephone rang. “Guess the phone line's back up.” Greg thought idly as he took another bite of cereal. His mom answered the phone and began talking with the person on the other end of the mouthpiece. After a couple minutes of conversation she said goodbye and hung up. “That was Mr. Hayes, calling. He said the storm knocked a tree over into the barn. He wants to pay you and a friend to help him clear the mess up. I told him you'd do it.” His mom said, a knowing smile on her face. “What? How much is he paying?” Greg asked, a little irked that his mom volunteered him. “He said $150 a person. I think you could bring Leo out there and spend some time with him. It's good money too. I told him i'd bring you down, so if you wanna go ahead and call Leo, we can head out.” Greg sighed. He didn't really like Mr. Hayes. But it was good money. Although, why he'd ask for Greg was a mystery. There were other people that could do the job. He called Leo and told him the news and 30 minutes later the door bell wrang. “Hey, bro.” Leo greeted as he stepped inside. “When are we leaving?” He asked. “Mom's upstairs in the shower still. I gotta show you something.” Greg said. He lead Leo into the kitchen explaining what happened to the horse the night before. “It brok inot pieces. Mom said she was gonna glue it together, but when I woke up this morning, there were two.” He showed Leo the horses on the countertop. Leo saw the two figurines and looked confused. “So, where'd the other one come from?” he asked skeptically. “We don't know.” Greg replied. “That's the question of the day.” Greg's mom came downstairs a minute later and the three left to go to the Hayes place. Mr. Hayes was waiting outside for them when they drove up the dirt drive way. He had gloves on his hands and saw dust all over his clothes. Greg's mom parked the truck she drove and turned it off. Everyone stepped out and Mr. Hayes greeted them and explained the situation. “Alright, I got the tree mostly cut up, but the debri is still there. I'm gonna give you too some gloves,” He said, looking at Greg and Leo, “so you guys can start pulling everything out. There's a pile outside where I started clearing it out, but you got here 'fore I got too far. In about, uh...” He looked at his watch on his wrist, “two hours I'll treat you to some lunch. Gloves are in the basket on the truck bed over there.” He said gesturing behind him. “Mrs. Weaver,” He said looking at Greg's mom, “Want some fire wood to take back with ya?” “Uh, sure.” She replied. “Haven't used the fire place in a while. I guess I'll take some if you don't need it.” Mr. Hayes waved his hand dismissively as the two teenagers ran of to get gloves. “I got a huge pile waiten' for me. I don't need it.” He replied. The tree that had fallen on the barn turned out to be a monster. When it fell, it took about six feet of the barn with it, splitting it nearly in half. The tree, they found, was nearly completely cut up. A chain saw rested at it's side, chucks of wood embedded in it's chain. “Whoa,” Leo said looking at it. “Looks like he jammed it up.” He slid the thick leather gloves more snuggly on his hands and grabbed for a broken piece of a wooden beam and began dragging it out. Greg couldn't help but look around a bit, trying to find Edna. He hadn't seen her in the field. He bent down and grabbed some pieces of wood, probably part of a stall, and carried it out. Mr. Hayes came back a few minutes later and began working to replace the chain on the saw. It was about 30 minutes later that he got it fixed and began chopping the other pieces into a more managable size, before moving on to the larger tree was now 2/3 shorter. The work took a while, and it was tedious, but as promised, Mr. Hayes left around two hours later and came back with McDonalds. They took a break and enjoyed the burgers. Leo went out to look around, leaving Greg with Mr. Hayes. Greg never really like Mr. Hayes. He supposed it was just finding a reason to hate him, because he seemed nice enough. Greg decided to try conversation. “So, Mr Hayes, I noticed your Mare isn't around. Is she okay?” “Oh, Nelly?” Mr. Hayes responded, chuckling a little. “No, she wasn't mine. I was just trained her. Unfortunately, the barn roof collapsing left her without a place to stay, so I took her down the road a bit to a friend. When I get the barn repaired I'll bring her back. Then you can ride her some.” Greg nearly spit out his coke. Mr. Hayes laughed. “Oh, come on, boy, I wasn't born yesterday. I know you come down her and give all sorts of attentions. She's always a bit excited after I see you walking away.” He chuckled again. “Are you mad?” Greg asked “Naw, I'm not mad. You like horses.” He said. “So do I. That's why i'm into the Training business. It's actually why I called you down. Tell you what. Meet me tomorrow, and I'll take you down to see her. I know she likes you.” Greg smiled as Leo came back. They got to work, and worked the rest of the day. They got the debri cleared out and Mr. Hayes put the cut wood in a pile to give to Greg's mom, when she came back down. She arrived a few minutes later and Mr. Hayes began loading the wood in to the truck as Greg took a walk around the pasture. He was thinking to himslef about Edna, and how the storm had destroyed the barn. Then his mind wandered to the horse figurine Leo had bought him. His hands were getting cold, in the fall air, so he stuck his hands into the jacket of his pocket, but his fingers bumped into something smooth and hard in his pocket. Curious and confused, grasped it, and pulled it out. His eyes widened in shock as he found himself holding the smaller marble horse, the one that looked like a foal. “How did you get in here?” he wondered aload. He hadn't put them in his pockets. He distinctly remembered not touching them. He turned and went back towards the barn to show his mom. When he reached the barn, she was closing the tail gate. Mr. Hayes handed a few twenty's to Leo then held some money out for Greg. Greg took the money and put in his pocket mutterng a quick thank you. In the distance, he heard Mr. Hayes call out a reminder about tomorrow, and as his mom was going back towards the truck, she noticed him. “Greg?” She asked, concern evident on her face. “You look like you just saw a ghost.” “Mom, I found one of the horses in my pocket.” he explained, whitefaced. “ I didn't put it there, I know, but it's there.” “Well, that's kinda ridiculous.” His mom answered, calmly. “Maybe you just did it without realizing it.” She went to sit down in the driver seat, but jumped up again, an astonished look on her face. She turned to look at the seat and Greg stood with his own door open as he saw what his mom had sat on. It was the other horse. His mom picked it up. “Now that's weird. I know I didn't pick it up. It was at home when I left just a few minutes...come to think of it, so was the other one...” She looked at Greg in confusion. Then he looked at his hands and patted his pocket. “Where's the smaller one?” Greg demanded. It had been in his hands. He remembered having it as he walked through the barn. He rushed back to the barn, set off balance by a sudden burst of wind. Lightning cracked in the distance. “Uh, oh.” Mr. Hayes called out. “Looks like tornado weather. Yall better come inside!” “Not until I find my horse!” Greg called out, rushing to the barn. His mom called after him and followed him, but he wasn't paying attention. He didn't know why would sacrifice his life for the Horse figurine, maybe it was the fact that it was sentimental, or that they were mystirious. He found it laying in a stall. He must have dropped it as he passed through. He reached down to pick it up, but once his fingers made contact, a static charge passed through his arm that he felt across his body. The hair on his skin stood on end, and he wandered breifly if this is what it felt like to be struck by lightning, but then his mom was grabbing him and pulling him away. They didn't get very far. An immense pain coursed through their bodies causing them to double over. The horse figurines faded from their hands, turning to dust and flying away in a gust of wind that tore through the barn, whipping violently at their clothing. They could feel their clothes ripping away, as if becoming brittle, turning into sand, as it was blown away, as well. Soon, both mother and son were nude, but neither really cared at the moment, as the pain intesified. They could feel every bone in their body. Every muscle, every pore on their skin, as it burned in pain. When it stopped, Greg found himself on the floor of the barn. He was still nude. He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily. He had time to look at his mom as an incredibly odd sensation took the place of the pain. His legs stretched out, and he watched them grow thinner, his feet crushing in on themselves as they too grew longer. His toenails turned black, and to his horror, began merging together. Then with a loud 'POP' his knees reversed. He emmediately recognized his legs. “Oh, no!” He called out. His mom let out a scream of horror, and he looked over and saw her on her knees, staring at her hands, only they weren't hands anymore. They were hooves, just like his own feet. He stared in horror at his mother, even as a long reddish brown tail sprouted from her tailbone. He could feel his own growing, and could feel the changes roll up his own body. He stood up on his unsteady hooves and looked at his hands, watching as his thumbs pulled up into his hands, his fingers growing thicker, fingernails growing larger, turning black. As he watched, his hands became hooves as well. “Why is this happening!” he begged to no one. To his side, his mom fell to all fours, her arms and legs now completely those of a horse. Her long brown hair pulled into her head in places, leaving a mohawk across her head, even as more grew down her spine, to about her mid back. Her breasts shrank into her chest, even as her chest barrelled out. She could feel something near her crotch, where it used to be, like a pulling in four spots. She bent her head to luck under her body, and saw, dangling between her legs, four teats. The flesh behind them ballooned outwards as liquid filled them. Her head was forced up as her neck gre longer, and thick. Her face began to push outward as her ears moved to the top of her head, elongating, and thinning out. She managed a single gasp of horror, before her face elongated as well, her eyes blurring as they changed to those of a horse. The final changes took over her face, leaving nothing physical of the old Mrs. Weaver, only a bald horse, but that changed, too as light brown fur sprouted from her body. She could only stare in horror and watch her own son's tranformation. Greg was now on his back, his hands and feet finished as well, fur was already covering his body, but that was the least of his worries. His eyes were locked onto his crotch, as he watched his penis shrivel away to nothing, his testicles following suit as the transformation turned him into a mare. “No, no, no!” He called, but his face chose that time to extend, becoming equine, his ears following suit. The panicked braying of a horse was the next sound to issue from his, now her, mouth. Greg's chest barrelled out, finishing the transformation, as the last of the reddish fur covered her body. She felt weak, now, and tried to stand. She didn't know what caused this transformation, or why her mother had to suffer as well, but it wasn't fair. She crawled to her feet, and shakily walked up to her mother, now so much bigger than she was. She realized she was hungry now. Very hungry. She nuzzled up to her mother, and her body seemed to know where to go, as her new snout slid between her mother's legs and found the teats. Her snout latched on to one and began to drink the warm milk that flowed from it. Mrs. Weaver relaxed as she felt her son, now daughter, feeding from her teats. Around them, the barn started to shift, shimer. The stormy sky above cleared away, the broken roof mended itself, the saw dust vanished. A stall built itself around the two horses. Even as Greg drank her mother's milk, she knew this was horribly wrong, but her mother's presence was a powerfull thing, knowing she was afe from anything around her. The barn doors opened and Greg detached herself from the teat to see Mr. Hayes walking up towards the two horses. He looked inside the stall and studied the two closely. “Hey, Beryl.” He said more to himslef, then Greg's mother, to whom he was obviously referring. “That's a pretty baby you got there.” He smiled down at me, now. “What will I name you, little girl?” He thought for a moment. “I'll name you Edna.” He decided. He reached around with his other hand and dumped the contents of a bucket into a trough. It smelled strongly of dried grass and something else. Beryl laid down on the hay covered floor of the stall and rested her head. Why had this happened to them? This shouldn't even have been possible. What was going to happen now? Her thoughts were interupted by a rather strong odor. She looked up and looked towards her now daughter to see that she had just done what a horse does naturally. She huffed in irritation and Edna hung her head in shame. She scooted away from the mess and moved towards her mother. She laid down infront of her belly, her snout close to her mother's teats should she become hungry again. The two promptly fell asleep. Epilouge- Mr. Hayes closed the barn doors and walked up to Leo, the boy he had called down to help around the Ranch. His Mom was already here waiting for him, so he should probably let him go. “Thanks for the help.” He said fishing into his pocket for the money he had inside. He handed him the $150 dollars. “Hey, before you go, you wanna see our newest horse?” He asked. “Uh, sure. Let me get my mom.” He went back to the car and drug his mom out as Mr. Hayes opened the Barn door again to let them in. He walked back to the biggest stall, used especially for this purpose. “They're sleeping now, so try not to be too loud.” He said. Leo and his mom looked over the edge of the stall door at the two horses inside. The mother was curled protectively around the baby foal, both fast asleep. “Awe...” Leo's mom cooed. “That's so sweet. When was the baby born?” “Last night, during the storm.” Mr. Hayes answered. “Found her this morning when I was checking for damage. Named her Edna. The mother's name is Beryl.” Leo simply smiled. He wasn't big with horses, but for some reason, he liked these too. “What are you going to do with them?” Leo asked. “I wasn't going to give either away.” He chuckled. “I like horses. That's why I'm in to training them. You can come down to see them anytime you want, I guess, just make sure I know about it. Beryl's a good Mare, but Mares get awfull protective of their young.” Leo simply smiled. He was going to love these horses. He knew it. Daguss Member Posts: 54 Joined: Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:34 pm
  5. The Queen's Latest Acquisition by W-H-Art ? ? "The queen has just flung drops of a powerful potion over her latest lover who she has grown tired of. Made from barley from the queen's garden, it will turn her into anything the Queen desires. Very similar to the potion the Greek witch Circe used to transform sailors unfortunate enough to land on her island. Queen Lab had a penchant for turning her victims into equines and exotic birds. Here, she is adding to her herd of Arabian horses that graze in her vast palace gardens."?