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Found 3 results

  1. Witch Crafting Her Halloween Mount" (A unique take on "witchcraft'.) A commission for @pixelmorpher1 :iconpixelmorpher1: in a halloweentheme
  2. The Halloween Costume by Mddubya (WG, Magic) Female race change, weight gain, etc… The Halloween Costume (Inspired by Wilson Barbers) mdduyba Jan had known of her husbands Steve fetish for big women for years. He hadn't actually tried to hide it. She'd found his stash of old Plumpers and Big Women magazines, and had seen him frequenting web-sites depicting BBW's in various stages of undress and sexual acts more times than she could recall. But he had made it quite apparent he loved her the way she was, and had never encouraged her to gain any weight at all. Not that she needed to anyway. Standing 5'6" and weighing in at 130 lbs she was by no means a bean pole. She had curves where a woman was supposed to have, in spades. 34D-26-36 put her in the range of damn near perfect in most men's eyes. But she knew he would have loved it if she could somehow occasionally been heavier, if only for a few hours of fun in the bedroom. So when she was driving downtown and saw the new shop, Ye Olde Costume and Majic Shoppe, she couldn't resist stopping. Halloween was right around the corner and she and Steve had been invited to a big costume party. She doubted what she was looking for even existed, a realistic looking fat suit, but hey, it was worth a shot, right? But as soon as she walked in the door, the shop owner suddenly appeared from nowhere and said, "right this way, I have just what you're looking for". She was about to ask how he knew what she was looking for, but she found herself looking at an amazingly realistic looking fat suit. It was like a pair of coveralls almost, it had arms and legs and of course, a full body and was flesh colored and totally realistic looking. Almost obscenely realistic looking, the nipples looked as if they had been plucked right off her own breast, same shade, shape, only somewhat larger, as if it was indeed her own nipples, just stretched out due to their larger size. She couldn't believe the realism, the skin looked totally realistic, not vinyl or plastic, it even felt like real skin. It even had the same birthmark as she did, a small brown spot on the left side. Before she even realized it she was trying it on and standing in front of a full length mirror. As she stared at the image in the mirror, it seemed as if the seams at the wrist and ankles all but disappeared before her eyes, the flesh tone was that close to her own. Wow, even her face and extremities seemed bigger, to match the body of the suit. When she moved the suit shook and jiggled as if it was indeed her own flesh, the huge sagging breast swayed and bounced, she felt herself blushing at the realism, embarrassed to be naked, (or appear so) in front of the stranger, and was astonished to see the breast and chest area of the suit turn red. "Omg", Steve is going to love this", she was thinking to herself. In the back ground she could hear the shop owner giving her a warning, probably about the care and cleaning of the suit, (like she'd ever wear it again), lol, this was definitely a one time deal. But she was too enthralled with the image staring back at her, and wrapped up in the totally realistic feelings of the huge tits and fat belly, it was as if they were really hers, she could feel them pulling down. ("So this is what it feels like to be fat huh?" "Thank gawd I'm not fat like this,") she was saying to herself. "I'll take it", she quickly told the store keep before slipping out of the suit. She couldn't wait to show Steve on Halloween. For the next several days she kept him in the dark about her costume, only telling him he was going to love it. Steve was going dressed as Dracula, luckily she had seen the dress size needed on the box, and had bought a size 24 Elvira dress and black wig to go along with his look. While Steve waited down stairs she slipped on the suit, again marveling at how real it looked, and felt. As she began applying her pale make-up she could have sworn she was dabbing it onto her very own skin. As she was dabbing it onto the breast it even felt and looked like the nipples got hard. Jan shook her head, that was impossible, right? Donning the long black wig over her own long blonde hair she was quite satisfied, she made a hot Elvira, albeit a plus sized one, but a hot one none the less. Damn, she had a mile of cleavage showing, "should I wear a bra?" But she dismissed the idea, "Steve will love it, and besides, I have no idea what size I'd need anyway." When she walked down the stairs, ("damn, that sure seemed tougher than usual"), Steve's mouth dropped open in shock, then a huge grin spread across his face, and as her eyes drifted down, it was obvious he approved by the instant erection he was sporting. Jan did the best pirouette she could pull off at this size and tried to run into his arms. Tried being the key word, she soon discovered that running was a lot more difficult as a BBW. The huge titties were doing their best to escape from the confines of the dress. Her legs, the legs, were rubbing together, and the/her belly was flopping and jiggling all over the place throwing off her balance. Again the thought ran through her head, ("thank gawd I'm not really this big, I don't think I could deal with this all the time.") Steve watched in amazement as Jan came down the stairs and did her pirouette, "holy shit", and when she ran into his arms her couldn't believe how her whole body shook and jiggled. As he hugged her he couldn't believe it, it really felt like he was squeezing her, not a bunch of padding. he could even feel her nipples, or the nipples, harden and burn holes into his chest. Jan read his mind and said, "yes we have to go to the party, I put too much effort into this get-up to not at least make an appearance." At the party everyone was astonished at Jan's costume, at how realistic it looked. And of course, the two of them won the best costume award, a nice bottle of wine to take home. But Jan found herself constantly bumping into things, either with her belly or her, no wait, the hips of the costume. She kept forgetting to give herself a wider birth as she'd walk past something. More than once she knocked something off a table with her wide hips and ass shelf. And somehow, it seemed as if she could feel each and every bump and bang. But that was impossible, right, so she just dismissed it as her over-active imagination. And as the night wore on her back began to hurt somewhat from her tits, the tits, hanging freely and flopping around in the dress. Jan thought to herself, (no wonder big girls never go braless). All through the night Steve couldn't keep his hands off Jan, and finally after hours of him begging, they said their goodnights and headed home. Once home they made a bee line for the bedroom. Steve opened the wine and poured them both a big glass, not that they needed it, Jan was already quite buzzed, and Steve quickly joined her after gulping his first couple of glasses down. There was never a doubt Steve wanted her to leave the suit on, but both were shocked when Steve reached down and found a wet pussy, covered with black hair, waiting for him, (where did that come from?). And when she raised her fat arms up over her head, he saw the thick growth of black arm-pit hair there. (who knew Elvira didn't shave her armpits?), This was too weird, to both of them, but Steve wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, and they were both far too turned on to question it at that point. What ensued was several hours of the best sex they had shared in years. Jan was amazed at how she could feel every touch, every caress, and yes, even every suck. When Steve began to suckle on the huge distended nipples, her pussy gushed. And when he entered her pussy she could feel her body, the body, shake and quiver. Somewhere in the middle of their love making Jan heard a clock strike midnight, which wouldn't have been weird, except they didn't own a chime clock. Finally, somewhere around 3am they both fell asleep exhausted. Steve woke up first and laid there staring at Jan sleeping. He still couldn't believe it, the suit looked so real. He literally couldn't see where the suit ended and Jan began, her hands looked fatter, her fingers pudgier, even her face was rounder, and somehow she had a double chin, almost a triple chin. As he looked closer he saw Jan's birthmark, in the same spot as always. A shiver ran up his spine, "wow, this thing is unreal it's so lifelike." He gently tugged on the black wig and was surprised when it didn't lift up. When he pulled on the thick black triangle of hairs covering her pussy he was shocked to see they were attached. "What the fuck?" He knew they had made love 2 nights ago and she was freshly shaven, and besides, she was a natural blond anyway. The tugging finally woke Jan up, she smiled up at him and asked if he had enjoyed last night? "You know I did babe, that was stupendous, where did you find this amazing suit?" Jan went on to tell him about the new shop she had run across, and about the weird little man that had waited on her. When she asked if he was ready for round two he laughed and said, "as amazing as last night was, I kind of miss my skinny little wife, let's get this suit off of you first, then we can do a comparison fuck." "I'll help you get it off, I swear I can't see the seams at all." He followed her into the bathroom, amazed at how her enormous ass rolled and rocked from side to side with each step. "damn", he thought to himself, "look at that, cellulite, that's a bit too much realism." Jan lifted up her hair, "there is a zipper right here, its just hard to see." As Steve searched for the zipper, Jan was trying to pull the wig off from the back. "Uhhhh, babe, I don't see a zipper anywhere," "OMG Steve, I can't get this wig off!" Jan began yanking harder and harder on the wig, but it wasn't coming off, because it was her hair, it was attached to her scalp somehow. She began clawing at the wrist of the suit, trying to find the seam, but somehow she scratched herself and drew blood. How was this possible, how could the fat suit bleed? "I don't know what is going on Steve, but we have to get downtown to that shop, maybe the weird little man can explain this?" Jan lumbered over to the closet to find something to wear before she realized nothing in there was going to fit her now. Putting back on the Elvira dress they hurried out the door. But after driving around the downtown area numerous times Jan cried, "I swear, I know it was here, but now it's gone!" Finally they gave up searching for the nonexistent store and headed home. "Steve, I don't know what is going on here, but I'm going to at least hop in the shower and wash this pale make-up off, and shave off this pussy hair and my underarms." But as she scrubbed, it soon became obvious the make-up wasn't going to come off either , or it wasn't make-up. Picking up her razor she began to lather up the luxuriant growth of thick, silky black hairs covering her pussy. But with each path of the razor, smooth skin would show through the shaving cream briefly, only to be replaced by the long silky black hairs again instantly. A couple of passes across her under-arms revealed the same thing, she would shave off the hair, but it would instantaneously reappear. When she stepped out of the shower Steve was standing there holding a piece of paper, looking as pale as she was. As she dried off she read it, in big bold print, "WARNING, DO NOT WEAR SUIT BEYOND MIDNIGHT, AFTER THE WITCHING HOUR, ALL CHANGES BECOME PERMENENT AND IRREVERSABLE" "Omg, you mean I'll look like this from now on?", Jan screamed. Steve tried to console her as best as he could. Stroking her hair and holding her close. But even as he was doing so, he couldn't help but think about how he already missed her blonde hair. Holding her soft fat body close, he tried to recall last nights sex, but all he could think about was the cellulite on her wide ass now, the heavy sagging breast covered with all the stretch marks and blue veins showing through her pale skin. And the hairy pussy and underarms, a shudder ran up his spine. Jan took it the wrong way though, "Well, at least you find me sexy this way don't you hunny?" "This is what you've always found sexy after all." Before he even thought about it, Steve said, "well, actually…….", then he caught himself, but it was too late, Jan had heard him, heard the trepidation in his voice. Finally he admitted, it was the thought of the transformation that had excited him, thinking about how the bbw's were so opposite of her, or rather, how she used to be. But now she is a bbw he thought silently. The following morning the two of them headed out to buy Jan some new clothes. But after stopping at all her favorite shops it soon became apparent that her old fashion style just wasn't going to work. Her 3 favorite shops didn't even carry anything in her new size, and when she finally did find something that sort of fit her in the 4th shop, it looked utterly ridiculous on her. Eventually they ended up at Layne Bryant's, once Jan's favorite shop to ridicule. How ironic, before she made fun of the women that had to shop here, and now here she was, one of them. After getting fitted by the salesgirl she found out she now wore a 46EE bra. Gone were the cute, sexy lacey cups and straps, replaced with miles of underwire, and an industrial strength look and feel. Where before she would wear a push-up bra to give her ample cleavage oomph, now it was a struggle for the bra to just hold the girls up off her fat belly. Instead of dressing to show off her narrow waist, now she was trying to camouflage her significant girth. The short mini-skirts designed to show off her shapely calves were replaced with longer, loose fitting dresses to hide her tree trunk sized legs. The sexy high heels she had always worn were now too tight on her fat feet, and balancing her increased weight on them soon proved to be too painful, so they were replaced with sensible flats. Luckily she was able to at least find a few tops that showed off her acres of cleavage, so she didn't feel like a total frump. But as she was standing in front of the mirror modeling the last of her purchases, the sales girl dropped a hint that maybe her long straight, jet black hair wasn't the ideal look for her. Not even thinking about that mornings experience with shaving they headed off to the malls hair salon. But after four hours of attempts at coloring and perming, she walked back out into the mall with the same exact hairstyle. It wouldn't take color or a perm. It was still board straight and jet black. As they walked through the mall Jan was suddenly assaulted by the aromas of the food court. Realizing just how hungry she was, she practically drug Steve in that direction. Upon reaching the counter she was surprised to hear herself order 2 large cheese burgers, a large order of fries, and a large chocolate shake. And Steve soon found himself surprised at how turned on he was watching her devour her order. It was almost sensual to observe how much she was enjoying and savoring her food. Watching her sensually suck the juices off her chubby fingers soon had him fidgeting uncomfortably in his seat. As he sat watching her, he slowly began to see the beauty in her new form. Ok, sure she wasn't built like a bikini model anymore. But there was definitely an inherent beauty and sexiness in her new look. He had always been a tit-man, and lord knows she had tits for days now. So what if they were covered with stretch marks and veins, those saucer sized nipples and aureoles made up for that, didn't they? Jan soon realized what was happening and finished wolfing down her food. Once she was done they rushed home for another round of fat sex. And so became their routine. Steve found himself only turned on by watching Jan eat, even though Jan did try dressing sexily, well, as sexily as she could find. After much internet searching she was able to locate several tops and skirts in her new and expanded size. And eventually her look more or less morphed into that of slutty Goth bbw. But in spite of her new style it soon became apparent that Steve was the most turned on by watching her eat. And not just eat, but over-eat. Jan soon came to enjoy the act of eating as much as Steve enjoyed watching her do so. Maybe it was the feeling of making up for all those years of dieting, but before long Jan was seldom seen without something in her mouth. It didn't take long before Jan was not only used to overeating constantly, but couldn't even imagine not doing so. It soon became obvious that she was addicted to food in such a way that dieting would be out of the question, even if it would have done any good. But somehow, (no doubt due to the majic involved), all of their friends and family remembered Jan as always having been a big girl and hearty eater. For the longest time Jan's newfound appetite didn't effect her weight or size. But about a month before Halloween she began to notice that her clothes were indeed becoming tight. Finally there was no denying it, she had outgrown her size 24's and 46EE bras and was forced to go up a size. Standing in the harsh lights of the dressing room as the salesgirl measured her for her new bra, Jan could not deny the fact that she had indeed gotten fatter. Her double chin had a new neighbor, and her cheeks had gotten so chubby the shape of eyes seemed to have changed. Not only that, but her already huge breast had grown exponentially. And with their added size came an increased weight, now they did hang down to the cavern that her navel had become. And the already existing road map of red stretch marks and blue veins had expanded to include several more counties it seemed. After what seemed like an eternity under the lights in front of the mirror it was announced that she needed a 48EEE, and size 28 clothes. Omg, no wonder her back was killing her. She bought the only 48EEE they had in stock, (a special order that had never been picked up), and ordered 3 more. So much for being able to buy bras off the shelf. Driving home Jan caught a glimpse of something out the corner of her eye. Even with the tilt steering all the way up her huge tits prevented her from turning around in her seat to look behind her, so she quickly hooked a U-turn. " Omg, I can't believe it, Ye Olde Majic Shoppe". As soon as she walked in the door, ok, waddled in, the shop keeper recognized her somehow. "Oh my, looks like someone didn't follow the instructions did they?" Jan tried explaining how they had gotten distracted, as if a good excuse would have mattered, but he cut her off. "Let me guess, you want to reverse the spell, right?" "Well, you my dear, are in luck." "Believe it or not, I have a brand new product that can indeed reverse the effects, that is, as long as you haven't become gluttonous and gained even more weight since last Halloween! " "You haven't have you my dear, have you?" "well………., sort of kind of maybe, but just recently." "Its just that eating is sooooooooo sensual and sexy now, I can't seem to help myself. I'm always hungry now, constantly" "oh dear, that is too bad to hear, if you had watched what you ate this past year, and had maintained your weight as set by the suit, I could reverse it with another suit. But now, well, you have totally altered the genetic makeup of the suit, which has in turn altered the DNA make-up of your body. " "No my dear, due to this turn of events, You are indeed, a BBW now, borderline SSBBW in all actuality." "Loosing weight is from now on an impossibility, No, you'll never lose any weight, but if you continue to eat voraciously, you will indeed gain even more. Jan collapsed back on a chair in shock, thank goodness it held. There was a moment there when it was in doubt, as her fat ass plopped down into it she heard it creaking and groaning, and had prayed it wasn't about to split apart. Finally it held. Jan sat there in the rickety chair gathering her thoughts. She had gone from having high hopes this nightmare as almost over to realizing this was it. That she was doomed to be a fat, slutty looking woman for the rest of her life. The End, ????????????????? Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:22:32 No.1784 ? Part One "Ladies and gentlemen! It is with great honor that I present to you our veteran bounty hunter; Ms. Black!" The room was filled with cheering people, all members of the Organization. The room was set up much like a stage would be set up for a typical high school graduation. The Organization treated events like this like it was a big deal. But the only person that counted it as a big deal was the bounty hunter getting released. That is what this ceremony was all about. When a bounty hunter is released from The Organization, it means that they are free to go. The only reason The Big O makes it a big deal, is because it doesn't happen very often. On the stage sat all the remaining nine bounty hunters. When Black's name was mentioned, everyone looked to their left and saw a rather stunning woman walk onto the stage. There were cheers, whistles and hollers from the crowd of engineers, scientists, and workers. However, the remaining bounty hunters just sat in envy with only minor claps. When Black stepped onto the stage next to the CEO aka Ms. White, she faced the audience. "When Black first came to us, she was arrested for possession of heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other various illegal drugs. She was given a choice and she chose to become a bounty hunter. And might I add, one of the best I've even had." Black only stood there and remained silent. The whole room was silent. Until once again White broke the silence. "She has now reached her goal after working for us for seven years and is now a free woman." Black still remained silent, looking down at her feet. In the back of her mind she thanked God she could see her feet now. "Her IQ is restored and her breast size is back to a healthy C cup." This in turn made most of the other bounty hunters look down at their stupendous busts. White then turned her attention to Black. "Would you like to add anything?" "I would like to stay." White looked at Black in subtle shock. "I'm sorry?" "I want to stay and be your right hand woman." At this point, Black was staring directly into White's eyes. Black certainly had this intensity about her that none of the other hunters had. When she first came The Organization in 2017, she was a little goth girl of age 22 by the name of Angela Jackson. Back then she was a hardcore drug addict that would get violent with family on a regular basis. One day, she nearly beat her mother to death when she refused to take her to a friends house that she knew did drugs as well. This is when a past hunter of The Organization came and picked her up (rather forcefully). When she accepted to become a fellow bounty hunter, she got prepped and became Ms. Black of the Organization. Her breasts were enlarged to the starting size of EE cups and her IQ lowered to the usual 80. Due to her crime of possession of many different drugs and assult, the Organization felt the need to send her on missions every now and then to stretch out her time in facility. But when she was on a mission, she never failed one. It proved to the Big O that she was serious about getting her life straight once she got out. But in her time, she began to realize that she never got a letter from her parents or anything from her friends. This is when she realized that no one wanted her; except for The Organization. "I'd like to stay." "Well…um…this is certainly different." White was having a bit of trouble forming words. This was indeed the first time a hunter wanted to stay. So naturally she was at a lose for words. "Then…it shall be done!" With that the crowd cheered. White held her hand to settle everyone down. "From now on, Black will be my right hand woman and you will treat her as such!" No one had any complaints, except for some of the other hunters who would get annoyed with her about her constant success and being a huge over achiever. ````` FIVE HOURS EARLIER ````` "I fucking can't believe Black is getting released today! This is bullshit!" Ms. Orange yelled. "Why is it bullshit? She did her job, she didn't fail, what's the big deal?" Ms. Purple said trying not to sound just as jealous. There was a group of eight hunters in the room. This was the room that was set up with TV, games, and anything else to keep the hunters entertained. The Organization facility didn't act like a typical prison. It acted more like a home for the elderly. There was certain times for entertainment, bath times, and of course, time for when they had to go to bed. When the hunters weren't out on a mission, they were lounging about in normal everyday clothes. Depending on the size of their breasts, depended on the clothing they wore, clearly if a girl had EE cup and smaller, they had less revealing clothes. And of course, if they were above EE cups, they had some or a lot of cleavage showing. It was a way of telling everyone who they were doing in the facility. The eight girls that sat in the room all had code names. Each one had a code name of a color, much like Reservoir Dogs, only with tits. The two earlier was Ms. Purple and Ms. Green. Three of the girls were trying to watch Doctor Who, these girls were Ms. Red, Ms. Yellow, and Ms. Blue. Ms. Orange and Ms. Brown were gossiping and flipping through a fashion mag and looking at some of the hot guys in there. Ms. Grey was listening to Orange and Brown gossip while she pained her toe nails. Ms. Purple was a woman in her late twenties with 36 DDD cup breasts and an IQ of 86. No one would ever consider her stupid, but she had her moments. She sported long straight brunet hair that could tickle the top of her plump butt. Apart from her chest, her ass was one of her better features. Considering she had Hispanic blood in her. This would also mean she would have that Latina attitude that she was proudly showing off in the room with Green. Her real name was Maria Sanchez. She was arrested for assaulting a public official while heavily intoxicated. Ms. Green on the other hand was arrested for same reasons, only she started a brawl at a local Irish pub and landed one man in the hospital. She sat on one of the chairs across from Purple, arms crossed under her 34 DDs. Green was one of the few bounty hunters that was arrested as a man. At the time HE was named Charlie O'Keefe. He was in his 30s when he was arrested and brought to the Big O. Clearly he chose to be a bounty hunter, he just didn't realize that meant becoming a woman. But he soon began like being a girl, a sexy Irish woman. She had some long slender legs that were crossed so she would be more comfortable. Her skin was rather pale which made her red hair pop more. She liked to keep it short, much like a pixie cut. She had the right body and face to pull it off beautifully. She was more or less one of the bounty hunters that didn't seem to fail many missions. She was only a few cup sizes away from being realized. Their attention was soon brought over to the TV when the Doctor Who theme blared through the room. "Turn that shit down!" Purple yelled. Ms. Red jumped and hoped over to the TV and turned it down to make Purple happy. "Okay…bitch…" She said to herself. Ms. Red was a hit or miss. There were missions she passed and failed and her chest showed it. She sported a pair of F cups that fit tightly in the tank top she wore. Now she wasn't real bright, but she was certainly brighter than others. She could keep up with what happens in Doctor Who quite easily. We all know how crazy that show can get. Her name was Ashley Robinson, 22 years old and fresh out of college when she was arrested for a hit and run. Granted she was a skittish little thing, so when she hit a poor man walking across the street, she sped off. Just a day later, she was scooped up by the Organization. She got up from the TV and brushed some of her shoulder length dark brown hair out of her face. "Oh! This is a good episode!" Next to her was Ms. Yellow. Not to be pulling the racist card on you dear reader, but Ms. Yellow was indeed a Japanese woman. Her name was Himiko Watanabe and she was arrested for smuggling illegal imports into America from Japan. She was sent because she knew the most English and had been to America several times before. Since she was rather good at being a bounty hunter when she came to The Big O, her bust size decreased quite drastically. The Organization even stopped giving her missions for the time being because she would go through them so quickly and professionally. However, she did have a decent share of failed missions, only because the Big O gave her missions that they knew she would fail at. Her shirt hung loose, considering she was an F cup a couple of weeks ago, now she was down to the default EE cup. "Is this the episode with the 'brink and you're dead' thing?" Yellow asked Red with her adorable Japanese accent. Red only nodded happily. Between the two sat a quite confused Ms. Blue. She had been watching this weird show about a flying blue box that was bigger on the inside, with aliens, and historical figures, and all kinds of strange stuff. Was this a history show? An alien show? What? Blue only sat and watched this strange show. Blue was definitely one of the dumber hunters, sporting a large 36 FF cup that was stuffed into a tank top tighter looking than Red's. It was unfortunate for her since she only passed a handful of missions. Blue was the youngest of the hunters at 18 years old. Megan Kingsly was arrested for underage drinking and driving. Certainly a much smaller offence, but none the less caught the Big O's eye. "I don't…get it…" Blue said to the other girls, but was then cut off by a large set of butt cheeks shoved in their faces blocking David Tennant's gorgeous face. Blocking their way was Ms. Orange. Orange had a bigger ass than Ms. Purple did and Purple hated her for it. Considering that Orange was a woman of African decent, she got away with it wholeheartedly. Often she would flaunt her ass to the other girls. Which is the exact reason she was in The Organization, she was arrested for prostitution. Booty Boo was the name she called herself when she was on the streets, but her real was Tamika Boon. According to most people on the streets, she was the best! She was also pretty good at her missions, but secretly she would fail a couple just so she could have her breasts boosted a little so that she could be a little more even up top with her butt. But of course, she would become a bit more dim in the process. As of right now, she sported a healthy 34 FF. Her band was smaller than Blue's, so that would technically make Orange's breasts a tiny bit smaller. "I'm just grabbin' some mags! I get my black ass out of the way!" She shuffled off back to where she was sitting. Orange tossed a couple of magazines towards Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown was another large chested hunter who followed in Orange's footsteps. They were almost like sisters. Brown would follow Orange where ever and would get sad if she was off on a mission and she was left behind. Brown was arrested for attempted murder on a friend of hers gone bad. Her name was Tori Mandilla. She was often rejected by many people and when her best friend turned against her, she wouldn't have it. When The Organization got a hold of her, she had already stabbed her friend in the side with a pocket knife. Her friend lived. When she got into the facility, Orange took her under her wing and cared for her like a little sister. But when it came to missions, Brown would often get scared of failing. So she would try extra hard to succeed, but would sometimes fail. This in turn gave her 34 EEE cups. Not as big as Blue or Orange. While everyone was engaged in whatever activity they were doing, one hunter remained silent while painting her toenails. She was on her last one when she got up to grab a can of soda from the refrigerator. Ms. Gray was certainly one of the more mysterious hunters of the lot. She didn't really converse with anyone. She was up there with Ms. Black. Just by looking at her you could tell she was right behind her in getting released. She had D cup breasts and a very slender body. She was also one of the oldest hunters. At age 45, she looked amazing! If the other hunters didn't know any better, they would have assumed she was at least late 20s. Gray or Maria Slater was arrested for murdering her husband, plain and simple. She hated him and wanted him dead. So one night, she put a bullet in his head while he slept and waited for The Organization to sweep her up. This was also 10 years ago. She was certainly upset about the fact that Black was getting released before her. She was there longer and passed more missions than failed. Okay sure, Black had not failed one mission, but still, give a woman some credit! Green looked around and noticed something. "Hey, has anyone seen Pink?" At the mere mention of the name, most of the girls groaned. "Oh geez, you mean the walking tits?" Purple said. "Aye, the walking tits." Green said. "You know, you guys should be more supportive of her. She hasn't exactly done very well ever since she started here." "Oh please, she hasn't passed one mission since she got recruited." Orange said. Purple chimed back in. "I mean, seriously, Blue has passed more missions than Pink has and Blue is a retard." Blue lifted her head when her name was mentioned. "Did someone call me?" "See what I mean?" Green shook her head. "Okay, I know, Pink is definitely the dumbest out of all of us, but am I seriously the only one who supports her?" All the other girls nodded, with the exception of Gray who stood in the kitchen area sipping on her soda. "You're all fecking bitches!" Green stood up. "We're suppose to be helping one another to help get each other out of here sooner rather than later!" "Oh shit! Green is getting all patriotic!" Purple said teasingly. This made all the girls laugh, causing poor Green to blush. "Awww, look, she's blushing!" At this point, Green stormed out to her personal room, leaving the group of girls laughing. "Where are you going, Green?" Purple called out. "To look for Pink!" "Well make sure she didn't forget how to put her bra on!" "Feck you!" When the door slammed shut, this left all the girls in an awkward silence. This was soon broken when Purple started to snicker. "So, who wants to bet she forgot how to put on her bra today?" This then made the girls begin to bet clothes instead of money. Anonymous 02/03/17 (Fri) 03:23:03 No.1785 ? PART TWO Green walked through the long hallways of the dorm section. There was one main hallway that had several different doors on each side with each door having a name of one of the hunters on it. Each dorm was a rather large one consisting of a main living room, a kitchen area, a main bedroom, two bathrooms, walk in closet and a spare room for whatever activities the girls would like to do. Sometimes and we mean sometimes on a blue moon, some of the girls like to sleep over at one another's dorm. What they did was a mystery, but sometimes there were many noise complains (if you catch my drift). Green's small heals clicked with every step on the marble floor of the hallway. It was a good walk for her, considering that the hall was a lengthy one. Eventually she made it to a door with a cute little sign that was labeled "Pink". She hesitated for a moment before knocking on the door. She didn't hate Pink, nor was she her favorite. But considering that this girl has had it rough and has had no one to have her back, Green couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She took a breath and knocked on the door. No answer. "Pink? You in there? It's Green." She pressed her ear up to the door and heard cartoon playing on the TV. She rolled her eyes. Typical Pink, if she wasn't taking hour long showers or playing with her toys, she would be watching TV. "Okay, I'm comin' in." Pink was never one to lock her door, mainly because she would always forget such simple tasks. Green poked her head in first and glanced around. When she saw that she was not in the living room she opened the door all the way and let herself in. She walked over to the TV and found that the Powerpuff Girls were playing. She flipped the TV off and looked around the room. "Oh, she redecorated." She said looking at the set up of Hello Kitty merchandise and pink throw pillows. Quite frankly, it was almost as if Green had stepped into an eight years old's dream house. Green sat down on the couch and picked up a magazine that was laying on top of the coffee table. She was flipping through the pages reading about what celebrity is going out with who and what NOT to wear before she heard something coming from the bathroom. Green lifted her head up in response to the sound. She listened and sure enough heard something that sounded like a painful moan. She stood up and headed over to the bathroom. "Pink? You in there?" "Help…me…" Panic filled Green as she was scared something had happened to Pink. Again the door was not unlock and she burst into the steaming shower room. Suddenly Green was knocked to the ground by something large and soft. When she lifted her head up after the haze had cleared from her head, she was greeted by two massive breasts. When she full came to, she saw there was a head past the monster melons. Ms. Pink was certainly an interesting addition to The Big O. Tiffany Anderson was arrested under a false charge of drug possession. She was already a natural blonde and was one of the few people in the real world that had natural D cups. Another unfortunate fact was that Tiffany was already playing up the dumb blond act, only thing was, she was acting. She dropped out of high school, mainly for her failing grades. She wasn't a trouble student, she just struggled. She grabbed a job at a diner and made decent money there, but one day she had a run in with the wrong people at the wrong time and she landed in The Organization faster than you can say "dumb blond". The poor girl was often sent on missions the Big O would know she would fail at. She started out like all the other hunters; with EE cups. But with every failed mission came a punishment. Every other week or so, the other bounty hunters would laugh as they watched Pink walk to her room with a heavier chest and lowered IQ. As of right now, she was a whopping 34 J cup! So naturally that would make her IQ a laughable matter. She was still able to speak, walk, run and operate simple machinery, with some help of course, so it wasn't as though she was am adult baby. "You, like, okay?" Pink looking down at the nearly knocked out comrade. Green shook her head. "Aye, luckily the impact was softened. She said jokingly. Then she remembered. "I heard you from outside, it sounded like you might have needed help." Pink gasped! "Did, like, someone send you to help me put my bra on?!" Green only looked at the girl. Seriously? She actually DID need helping putting on her bra? "Don't…don't you know how to put a bra on, lass?" Pink blushed the same color as her name. "No…Pink don't remember." Green rolled her eyes. One of the things she found annoying was Pink's habit of talking in third person and sounding like she was a baby. "Fine…where is it?" Pink pointed to the large pink lace bra that was sitting on the toilet. She picked it up and marveled for a moment at how huge it was. She looked at the tag and nearly collapse a the mere sight of the size. She finally gathered the strength to help this poor dumb girl out. "Right, lift up your arms." Pink did as she was told and lifted her arms like she was making a letter "t". Green heaved the bra around and pulled them up to the girls massive breasts. The bra must have done something to them, because when she looked to see if the cups were cupping her breasts, she found that Pink's cleavage was much more inviting. Her cleavage was impressive before, but now it looked creamier and much deeper. A part of her was jealous at how large her boobs were, but she was also grateful she wasn't as stupid as Pink was. "Don't these hurt your back?" Pink let out a giggle. "You talk funny!" Green sighed. "I've told you before, I'm Irish." "What is Irish mean?" "Never mind. Just let me finish clasping you bra…and….there we go." She said once the last hook was hooked. Pink turned around showing her bra stuffed tits in their full glory to Green. Green again was almost mesmerized at their sheer size and all out perkiness. For their size, they were surprisingly VERY perk. Once would almost think they were fake. But the Big O had a very strict "no implant" policy. So, everyone knew how natural everyone's boobs were no matter what size. Remember when we mentioned about bounty hunters getting released from The Organization? That they would be let loose if they passed missions? Well, there is something that happens to a hunter if they fail one too many missions and become far too stupid to even complete a task of making frozen waffles. When they get far too stupid to take care of themselves, they are sent to a place called The Pit. There is an elevator that leads straight too it. Almost every Halloween, there are horror stories told about The Pit. But it's no joke. When a bounty hunter it sent to The Pit, they are pretty much turned into cattle. Not literally turned into cows, but they are hooked up to a series of tubes and injected with various different chemicals that would do certain things. One would be injected into the breasts to induce lactation. Another would be injected into the abdomen so that it may stretch with ease. Another would be injected into the clit so that it may swell and make it easier for the machine to slip inside. When the hunter is ready to to, the machine would come to life and begin to impregnate her with several infants at once. But another tube would be hooked to her mouth so that she would be feed on a regular basis. She would be impregnated only because the real world is always looking for women who can't give birth. There had only be one reported hunter who suffered this fate; Ms. Velvet. According to Ms. White, she is still down there. Long story short, The Organization is looking to make Pink Ms. Velvet's next door neighbor. ````````````
  3. Anonymous

    Halloween (WG, AP)

    Halloween (WG, AP) Kim and Brandi loved to have fun. They loved to party but, even more than that, they loved to play tricks on people. Halloween was their favourite time of year. They loved dressing up in elaborate costumes and fooling the people who knew them quite well. However, the novelty eventually wore off, and they wondered what they would do next. They saw the notice only three days before Halloween. A local church group, very strict in its view of celebrating paganism and superstition, was hosting a gathering of sober, upright, God-fearing citizens for a reception honouring community leaders. There would be alcohol, but it certainly wouldn’t be a party. “Oh my Gawd, Kim; we’ve totally got to crash this”, Brandi giggled, staring at the poster. “Yeah, like they would leave us in”, snorted the brunette. Brandi spun around. “No! Listen! I know this, like, witch that could totally get us in. I’ve heard she can do real spells an’ stuff!” Kim looked at her blonde friend increduluously. “Honestly, Brandi, you can be, like, such a blonde sometimes. There’s no such thing as magic.” “There is at Halloween”, her friend retorted. Kim sighed. “Look, let’s just get the zombie costumes and scare the kids, just as we planned to do.” Brandi pouted. “That’s for teengers, Kim. I want something that’s more of a challenge!” she said, eyes widening with delight. Kim shook her head. “Look, trust me, I’ll call her and talk to her. I’ll prove to you I’m right.” Brandi gazed imploringly at her friend. “Pleeeaaasseee?” Kim sighed. “Ok, whatever; it’s Halloween; I’ll humour you. But I’m still ordering the zombie costumes.” Brandi squealed and hugged her friend. “Awesome! Meet me at the “Old Friends bar at Berkeley Mall at 4:30pm tomorrow. Josh is going to be there with his camera to record what will be the most awesome Halloween ever.” “You’re going to bring your boyfriend?” “Yeah”, Brandi answered defensively. Kim sighed again. “This had better be good.” The following afternoon, Kim met her friend at the bar. Getting her drink, she went over to Brandi and Josh. Brandi sprang up. “Right on time, BFF! Here, let Josh take a picture of us – as the ‘before’.” Josh duly obliged. As he turned the camera over to look at the pic he had taken on the LCD screen, Kim turned to her friend. “As the before what?” Brandi smirked and glanced at her watch. “You’ll see. Let’s go.” “But my drink…” “Come on!” They walked down one of the main hallways, bustling with people, and Kim almost lost Brandi when she suddenly turned left. Doubling back, she trotted to catch up with her friend. “Why didn’t you just tell me that you needed to go to the bathroom?” “I don’t; we’re going in here.” “But that’s a maintenance closet”, Kim replied, confused. Rather than reply, Brandi turned the handle of the door and walked in. Groaning, Kim followed. Her friend had really lost it this time. Kim gasped when she walked through the door. It was a large, warm room, suffused with a reddish light, even though she couldn’t see any lights. There was no furniture except for small, round table in the middle. In the corner, a brazer was burning sweet-smelling incense. She then noted the woman seated at the table in a long, tight-fitting black dress, long jet-black hair parted in the middle. “Friggin’ awesome”, she breathed. The woman looked up. She had perfect features, but somehow Kim couldn’t describe her as beautiful. She was…too perfect. “Ah, you have arrived. Good.” Kim couldn’t place the accent. It could be a very mild Irish accent, but could just as easily have been British. “Everything is ready. Did you bring the money?” Brandi reached into her shoulder bag and took out a bundle of notes. “$800, as agreed”, she said, placing the money on the table. The woman counted it. Apparently satisfied, she nodded. Kim’s eyes widened. “Eight hundred bucks? Are you crazy, Brandi??” The woman stared at the dark-haired girl coldly. “Did you think real magical disguises would be cheap?’ Stunned, Kim couldn’t say anything. Rising, she older woman pointed to two sets of clothes on a sofa that Kim hadn’t noticed before. “I chose what would go best with your disguises. I suggest you change before drinking the potion.” Kim raised her hands. “Ok. That’s it; show’s over; you got me good, Brandi. Now, let’s go.” “Sit down!” Kim fell onto the sofa in shocked obedience. The woman seemed to tower over her. “You are being given a privilege accorded to your kind only on Samhain. Do not mock me, girl.” Brandi interposed herself. “I’m sorry, ma’am; she meant nothing by it.” Sniffing, the woman said, “You should waste no more time.” Taking off their own clothes, they put on the ones provided by the sorceress. Kim pulled on a drab skirt, the waistline of which was too large, but somehow it didn’t fall off. She buttoned a white blouse, also too big for her, and pulled on a sweater. A necklace completed the ensemble. “I look like my grade nine teacher”, she muttered. Brandi, in contrast, quickly donned an old-fashioned dress and cardigan, her eyes flashing with girlish glee. Kim noted that they were several sizes too big for her. Finished, they both turned to look at the woman. Without comment or expression, she nodded and offered Brandi a phial of liquid. Kim looked at it apprehensively. “Hey, Brandi, do you know what’s in that?” Instead of responding, Brandi winked at her friend and gulped it down. Kim gasped as she saw her friend start to transform. She shrank in height and widened, growing fatter. Her hair grew shorter and darkened in colour as it did so. Her face grew fleshier and significantly older. In thirty seconds, a respectable matron stood where her friend Brandi had been. “Oh…my…Gawd…!” Kim breathed. “Brandi, are you…ok?” Brandi laughed. “You bet your ass, BFF” she replied, in an incongruously deep, older voice. “I mean”, her features turning stern and solemn, “I’m quite all right, young lady.” She burst out laughing. “Ok, ok, your turn.” The woman handed her another phial, filled with the same-coloured liquid. Hesitantly, Kim drank it. It tasted sweet. Immediately she felt strange, light and heavy, hot and cold, all at the same time. She felt a pressure on her waist as the skirt suddenly felt tight. She looked down, seeing her breasts get looser and narrower, resting on the paunch she now had. She lifted her hand to her face; her skin felt looser. Nodding with satisfaction, the woman gestured to a full-length mirror that had suddenly appeared. “The $800 dollars also includes a vision of how what you have planned will look.” Kim walked over to it, feeling strange as she did so. It was like she was wearing a heavy suit. Glancing over at Brandi’s corpulence, she could only imagine how her best friend was feeling. She was suddenly aware of a glass in her hand. “How did that get there?” she wondered. Standing alongside her friend, they both stared at their reflection. Brandi giggled, although it sounded more like a cackle to Kim. “This is awesome! We look exactly right! Are these the best costumes ever or what? We’ll fit right in with those sanctimonious old fossils, and who knows what fun we could have.” “But I look old”, Kim retorted. “Brandi looked at her. “You still look better than a zombie, hon.” Looking back at the mirror, she smiled. “What?” Kim asked. Well, I’m just thinking how the “after” pic that Josh will take of us will turn out…” There was a pause, and then she cackled again. “…and if he will still want to make out with me after!”