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Found 15 results

  1. Mwantum Kiteti

    From draenei to hucowdraenei

  2. Anonymous

    Bunch of draenei pics from nyuunzi

    Damn that Draenei is fine. That dick is a little ridiculous though.
  3. From Boss to Bimbo (bimbo transformation) Alexis Saint stepped out of her limousine and onto the side walk. She felt the glare of the morning sun on her face, as she looked out at the street across from her Company “Saint Inc.”. She almost never got to see the building like this, she usually exited the limousine in the buildings underground parking, next to her private elevator. Then again normally the city wasn’t tearing up the street in front of her building and blocking the vehicle entrance. She would have to make a few call before noon and get these idiots fired. As she walked down the side walk, she found herself suddenly surprised as she stopped at a small shop window, the words engraved and painted on the window read, “Ms. Hawks Brew shoppe”. She looked up at her building across the street and guessed where her tenth floor office was. This place should have been in plain view of it, but she couldn’t remember having ever seen it. As Alexis stood there and looked to the right and left, she could clearly remember the two businesses on each side. The bar and the Shoe store, but she thought they shared a common wall. She looked into the store from the big window. That when she found herself looking at her own reflection. She wasn’t sure why, She stood there in a thousand dollar grey business suit, her red hair tied up tight and peering out past her glasses. The glasses were a prop, she hadn’t needed then in years, but she found it easier to intimidate people while looking over them. She was still admiring her business chic, when she heard a tap on the store glass. As Alexis looked in she could see a woman, she could only describe as “ultra-feminine”. The woman was tall, but curvy. Her look made it hard for Alexis to pin-down her age. She seem to be in the perfect balance of vibrant youth and vintage beauty. From the body of her luxurious full hair to her large natural, perfectly balanced breast and down to her flawless long legs, Alexis hated her on sight. Alexis knew she was attractive in a more athletic and erudite way, she still got a passing glance or long look, from most men. She had never been a seductress or won battles on her sex appeal, but she could still turn a head or two, not that she cared about such things. She considered sex and for the most part sexuality beneath her. So why did this woman make her so intersected about the whole thing. The truth was so obvious and that what made her mad. To be honest, compared to this woman she was almost plain. She was still fuming as the woman pointed to the door of the shop, Alexis instinctively turned her head, as the woman’s hand took the sign at the edge of the window marked “Sorry you Missed Us” and Flipped it over to read “ Come in we’ve been expecting you”. Alexis thought, she can’t be that perfect. With her curiosity peaked she walked in. It was worse than Alexis had expected. The raven haired woman greeted her with a voice that could have melted the coldest heart in the artic. She couldn’t figure out the accent, but it felt like a mix of English and something Italian or perhaps Greek. The woman wore a loose cotton sundress that seemed to still flatter her figure, and of all thing, she was barefoot. Alexis took in the small shop only to find it was a coffee house. The inside had a long counter with brass stools and fittings. The walls were covered in a warm stained wood and a few table leaned against them. The traditional equipment lined the wall behind the counter. It looked clean and neat if a bit antique. As Alexis took in the shop, the hostess seem to take in her. She looked at Alexis, “Your Ms. Saint, aren’t you, may I call you Alexis, please” her voice almost insisted that you be friends with her. Alexis, replied “only if you’ll tell me yours, and who your plastic surgeon is”. The woman let out a rustic but still charming soft laugh and added, “ I’m Penelope and I’m afraid this is all natural” the woman slide her arms down both sides of her body as if to drive the point home. Alexis replied sarcastically, “ Well Penelope ,Guess some of us just won the genetic lottery” Penelope smiled back and winked, “None sense, I think both of us know we make our own luck and decisions, I mean you of all people should know that, the way you developed that giant track of land in the amazon and then sold it before anyone figured out how bad the damage was, and when you maneuvered you way thru all those fat union retirement accounts and used them to finance your corporate take over last year, genius “ Alexis was almost, shocked, she seldom thought she had fans out in the non-business world. It seemed like she might have just walked into her biggest fan’s business. Alexis smiled, “you know most people think I’m some kind of corporate pirate.” Penelope filled a cup with a dark rich brew, Alexis could almost taste it from the aroma. Then slide it to Alexis, who tried to fish some money out of her pocket. Penelope simply waved for her to relax and pointed to the steaming cup of coffee. Penelope said with a smirk, as Alexis lifted the coffee. Then added “don’t worry I’ll have you pay for it all later”. Alexis felt it was a curious way of saying it, but took a sip. Alexis nearly drain the cup, it was so good, even if Alexis normally took cream and sugar. It was as if Penelope sensed this and produced both from under the counter. As Alexis watched her hostess pour what seemed like the whole sugar container into the cup, followed by most of the cream. She then topped it off with a little coffee. Then returned the refilled cup and one of the delicious looking pastries to Alexis “Some people are jealous, but to be honest Alexis I’ve always had a question?” Alexis sat back in one of the chair thinking she might have missed judged this woman, as she picked up the coffee and looked at the content. The light tan color looked like her preferred mix. Alexis wondered how all that liquid had fit in a single cup. She took another sip expecting it to taste too sweet or weak. Instead it was perfect. She drained half the cup and then looked down and scooped up the pastries. She hadn’t seen anything like it, before. She paused and took a bite of the pastries, then said “well with coffee and pastries like this I’m almost ready to move in, so I guess an answer is the least I can do”. Penelope watched as the thick ropey white cream, that had a strong resemblance to male ejaculate, poured down from her guest chin, as she stuffed the last of the pastry into her mouth. Penelope slide another one to her guest, this one was long with two bulges on one end and had the unmistakable shaped of a very large phallic. The powerful executive didn’t seem to notice, and instead scooped it up and began to suck the cream from the small end, while licking stopping to lick the glaze from the shaft. Penelope asked, “Well Alexis don’t you ever feel bored, wish you could have a little more fun in life, maybe be a little more wild?”. Alexis seemed so relaxed around this woman, She replied without thinking or trying to guard what she said, “Not really, I enjoy ruining little people, watching then suddenly realize I’ve out smarted them and taken everything, the more virtuous and needy the better” She finished draining the second pastries and her second cup of coffee. Penelope her another cup and said, “well it getting late and we wouldn’t want you to be late for work,”. Alexis looked down at her cup, “Do you want me to finish the coffee, before I go Penelope?” the powerful executive sounded as if she was asking permission of the Hostess before leaving. Penelope patted her on the head and told her, “Take it with you, but remember to bring it back after work, and don’t forget to wash it”. Alexis smiled and licked her lips, “sure thanks Penelope, I make sure its good and clean”. The hostess refilled the cup and then walked Alexis to the door, letting her out, with a sharp slap on the executive’s bottom. The as she walked across the street Penelope called after her, “do a good job and maybe I’ll give you a job”. Alexis looked back confused, “but I already have a job?” As Alexis watched Penelope simply walked back into her shop and let the door close. She headed across the busy street and into her building. She was going to be late and she knew it. She stopped to adjust her suit, it felt tight and hot. As she stood in the reception waiting area, she tried to adjust the skirt. No matter how she pulled or shifted, it didn’t feel right. Then suddenly it did, but Alexis couldn’t figure out how She finally it came to her, “why not pull up her skirt” so she did. As she stood there with her skirt above her waist band, she was once more muddled. She could have sworn she wore a very expensive pair of French cut lace panties, but when she looked at her hips, along with the room of strange men. Alexis wore a pair of ultra-tight neon green latex thong. She could see the puffy outline of her sex thru the small front panel, She stop to ponder what that was called and after a minutes or so, remembered. Suddenly the executive power broker yelled out, “it’s a camel toe, I have a camel toe” then burst into giggling. One of the girl that worked the reception desk, walked over and asked her boss if she was alright. Alexis still unable to stop giggling said “Yes I’m fine”. The woman helped her get her skirt back down and then to the elevator. Alexis couldn’t find the key to her private elevator so she had to ride the public elevators. As she stood there, the young receptionist hit the button for the top floor. Then stepped out and watched her boss disappeared behind the twin metal doors. The receptionist, considered call up to her boss office to make sure she made it. I mean she was a grown woman and she had said she was “all right”. Of course she didn’t seem “all right” at least she didn’t act normal, but something must have agreed with her, Ms. Saint was 45 and looked like she was 40. She had yesterday, but today she looked more like 25 maybe younger. Alexis stood in the elevator, she kind of enjoyed the way the way it made her butt and boobs jiggled. She finished her coffee and the deposited the empty cup in her briefcase. As she looked down, the top three buttons of her blouse popped off. The front of her silk blouse spread to show off her bra. Alexis was surprised and almost lost her footing. As she continued to look down she noticed her cleavage was pressing up, squeezing out of the top and around the cups of her bra. She suddenly realized her bra was kind of small, even if she had been a B-cup since college, As she watched she knew "had" was the right word. Her top was more likely a D or DD cup and it seemed to be growing. She watch her breast fight for freedom, jiggling and shifting. She was so enthralled that when the elevator opened on her floor, she forgot to get off. She also had failed to notice that one of her escaping button had hit the button to the lowest basement level. As she stood there, the door closed and the elevator headed down. As it reach the bottom, with a sudden jerk, her poor bra gave in and popped right across the front. Her huge breast popped forward then sagged slightly as gravity took hold. She let out a gasp and then took in a deep breath. It was a shock to find herself so unrestricted. She looked up at the doors. As they opened and four of the building janitors stood there, Alexis felt part of her want to cover herself, but she remembered an old business saying, "If you don't advertise you won't make a sale". So instead of covering her breast, She pulled up her skirt and began to rub her "camel toe" thru the thong's front panel of thin latex. The janitors looked shocked, they hadn't expected a sex show, as they had been waiting for the elevator car. They now all stood there with a nearly topless twenty year old Alexis, skirt up and rubbing her now very wet pussy.
  4. Mwantum Kiteti

    Race change pictures from H0K4CH4N

    Race change pictures from H0K4CH4Nd