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Found 23 results

  1. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=69354776 Gal-up application 【Gal-up application】 It is attributed to the black gal whose exposure is intense, and it is made into the same black gal using an application. I am tampered with the numerical value of the application, the tone is also gal, and the values are dyed in gal ...
  2. Jordan

    the “Sexy Snap” app

    “A pop singer swelling into a hyper thick bimbo“ The public use the “Sexy Snap” app.
  3. Anonymous

    Sudden bimbofication by Master-TF

    Love the body [HASHTAG]#bimbo[/HASHTAG] [HASHTAG]#bimbofication[/HASHTAG]
  4. I am posting some stories I have found recently and really found I enjoyed. I do not claim any authorship rights over these stories, but I am also unaware of any restriction against reposting them on this board for people's enjoyment. If you are the author and do not want this story here, please contact me via PM or e-mail and I will gladly take it down. A Bit Like Revenge by Kotep Sometimes, there can be a fine line between romantic and frightening. Chris had found that he didn't care about that line any more. A year. Moving two towns over. An extra hour to get to work. And then it was suddenly all for nothing? They were just over? He wasn't buying that. He'd tried the 'whatever I did, I'm sorry'. He'd tried letting her have some space and asking her a few days later. It was then that she'd told him it was time for him to get his things moved out of her apartment. And really, that was the trigger. That was where he'd snapped. If he couldn't hold onto her, what did it mean for other girls? For his whole love life? For one, both were nonexistent outside of his ex-girlfriend. Was he defective as a guy? He was going to prove that he wasn't. He was going to make her want nothing but him. That was the explanation for the rented room across the alley from her apartment, for the order that he'd placed online, the box filled with wires and knobs and settings that he'd fiddled with, then snuck into her A/C vents, for the cameras that were set in tiny, hidden places, installed while he was moving out the last of his things. He'd made a copy of the key, he could always sneak back in and swipe them if things weren't working. Chris sat in the chair, one arm over its back, binoculars to his eyes. The lights flicked on in her apartment, and through the sheer curtains he could see movement inside the apartment. Then, he turned toward his computer, and tapped the key to bring up the living room video feed. Megan swept the door closed behind her. Her day of running errands had been uneventful, which made her happy. It meant that her life was sliding back toward something that felt like normal. "Hey there, Aldous," she said. Megan looked down at the gray fluff coiling itself around her feet. He meowed a few times at her. She reached down and scratched behind his ear, but shook her head. "No, it's not dinner time for cats yet." Megan wasn't the sort of girl anyone would be going crazy for, but she had an earnest cuteness that matched her soft demeanor and light frame that left her the sort of girl who you could get a crush on and write a sappy poem for. As a research assistant, she had little need to dress up, but she still looked cute even without spending half an hour on her looks every morning. She popped open the refrigerator to find something for her own dinner, and picked out some leftover spaghetti from a few nights back. She scooped the mass of noodles into a bowl, then paused. She sniffed the air. She leaned down closer to the spaghetti and sniffed again. "Well, spaghetti's fine. Must be the A/C," she said to herself. She put the pasta in the microwave and turned it on. The living room was only a few feet from the kitchen, so she walked to the sofa, sat down, and turned the TV to the evening news. While Megan listened to the story, her hands crept down to the hem of her shirt and gently curled her fingers around it, then lifted it up off her head in a smooth motion. She tossed her hair, letting it fall back onto her shoulders, then moved her hands back down to her chest. Her short but neatly manicured nails slid over the small mounds. She shifted how she was sitting in the sofa. Her heels were more firmly planted against the carpet, and she was leaning back slightly. Her fingers tugged at the edges of her bra. Her nipples stretched forward against the silky but sturdy fabric. Whatever trance she had been in was broken as the microwave began beeping. She stood up, bra hanging lower on the heavier mounds. She walked back to the microwave as if she she always went around at home with just a bra on, and peeked inside. The pasta didn't quite look ready, so she put another minute on the timer and started it again. "Ugh, really?" she said under her breath. Megan shot a faint frown toward the TV, and grabbed the remote to flip through the channels until she got to entertainment news. She set the remote down, and lightly bit her lower lip. She shifted her weight forward and leaned against the sofa. She ran the broad side of her tongue between her lips. Her eyelashes fluttered three times, and the third time they looked thicker and darker. She was starting to breathe more deeply. She smacked her lips softly. Her lips were looking flush, tender, softer. Her jaw went slack, and she slowly ran the tip of her tongue in a circle around her mouth. She closed her mouth and pouted her lips. Gently plumped, brushed with a deeper red... Then the microwave began to beep again. Megan got up, and on her way back to the microwave, dropped her pants on the floor, leaving her in just her socks and underwear. Absently, her hands slipped behind her, brushing over her hips. Her nails dragged against her hips as she gently scratched around the waistband of her panties. As she stretched the waistband with her hands, her hips were shifting outward to make use of the extra room. A gentle sway found its way into her step. From the microwave, she removed the spaghetti, then tossed a spoon in the bowl and began to walk back to the sofa. In the time it took for her to get there, the sofa had gone from worn plaid weave to crisp black leather, while the leftover spaghetti twisted, swelled and split into leftover takeout kung pao chicken. The stove and oven were looking more and more out of use. Megan dropped down onto the sofa, bouncing on the softness of her ass. Her half-inch glossy nails pushed the strands of hair out of her face, leaving small lighter marks that spread into changing streaks with repeated brushing. Her hair kept wanting to fall into her face as she jabbed at her dinner with chop sticks. Chris's heart was pounding, rooted to his video feed as he watched Megan slowly becoming the sort of girl who would be simply addicted to his cock. He didn't care that she was looking less and less like herself. On its way from the bowl to her lips, a piece of chicken slipped from her chopsticks, and fell into the cleavage her lacy lingerie bra was holding snugly. Megan pouted and sighed, setting the bowl and chopsticks down. As she got up to get a napkin, she flicked the channel off of the entertainment news show and onto a reality show with juicy trumped-up sex and drama to keep her amused. On tiptoes in her stockings, Megan grabbed a napkin from the counter, wiping off her nails and her soft breasts. She tossed the napkin into the trash, then stood there, facing the TV but slowly moving her hands over her breasts. Her nails dug in against the skin. Her slender fingers squeezed her heavy tits. Her fingertips slid toward her nipples, pinching and tweaking them gently. She looked as if she couldn't see how the mounds were swelling out into her hands. When the TV went to commercial, Megan let out a deep, warm breath. Her hair was losing its straightness and growing more wavy as the brunette color leeched from it, looking lighter and longer still. She crossed into her bedroom, more dimly lit than usual, with a tiger-stripe blanket on her bed, and drew something long from her bedside table. Megan sat back down in front of the TV, breathing deeply of the scent that no longer even registered to her mind. With one hand, she reached up to the corner of her lips, feeling her smooth purple nails graze across the tender pillows, and licking them almost as if she knew it would cause her lips to pout even more. With the other, she pushed down her panties, and began to push her favorite vibrator inside of her. Chris would have loved to know what she was feeling, but her face said it all. Her eyes went unfocused, glazing over, mouth sliding open. Then her eyelashes were fluttering, dark eyeliner tracing along the outlines of her eyes, turning her gaze more striking, more dramatic, more feral. Her cries started short and chopped, then deepened into lower, longer moans as more of that shaft disappeared inside of her. Megan's stockings were patterned with leopard-print, and the colors were becoming stronger. Her feet, curled in pleasure, were held that way as the soles of high-heeled shoes formed beneath them, furthering the transition from stockings to boots. All over her house, muted decor was becoming wilder, like the sort of girl Chris had secretly wished Megan had been. Her wide hips moved against the thick, buzzing shaft deep inside of her. Her long, tiger-striped nails held it steady. Her mouth was spread wide into an O, slowly contracting as her lush, glossy pink lips swelled, becoming able to suck like none other. Her frizzy hair pushed back behind her head was a wild mane of bright blond that bounced and shook around her. And her breasts. Bouncing with every motion of her hips. Thick nipples, stiff and proud, tender to the lightest touch. And the size, they were...huge. Far more than just a handful any more. Each was giving her head a run for its money, and winning. Then she orgasmed. It was wet and hard, leaving her squirming and crying out names and cursing while juices ran down her thighs and beaded on the leather of the couch. She laid out, exhausted, letting the vibrator switch off and slowly extracting it from between her legs. "Shit...ohh...girl, you need to get fucked," Megan groaned. Chris was simultaneously awed and frozen, suddenly struck by a fear that she was going to see him at the window and get freaked out and he wouldn't even get a chance with that amazing wild sexpot his ex had become. But there was no need to worry. She wasn't going to be very observant from now on. Megan swung her hips in a strut as she walked into her bedroom, then curled her lips around her fingernail to suck on it lightly. She already had on boots, so she went to her closet to get herself into some more clothes. She decided on a pair of tight pink shorts, clinging snugly to her hips and ass, and a leopard-print bikini top with pink trim around the edges. The top was little more than a pair of triangles stretched across her huge tits, and she wore it without a bra, making the bumps of her nipples all the more visible. Clicking in her platform heels, Megan headed to the other end of her bedroom, bending down over the terrarium where she kept her pet python. Without even a hint of hesitation, she coaxed the snake into her hands and lifted its head up towards hers. "Lucy, mommy's going out for a bit of fun. Be good while I'm gone!" Lucy flickered her tongue at her owner, and Megan gave the snake a light kiss on the snout, before letting her back down and closing the grate over the cage after tossing in a few dead mice. Chris had wanted a wild girl, and the device had more than done its job. Chris held his breath as the phone rang, watching on the screen as Megan dug her cell phone from her purse and picked up. "Um, like hi?" she asked. "Hey, it's Chris!" he said. He bit his lip. He didn't want to sound too excited and freak her out. "Oh, hi Chris! What's up?" "Look, I know things have been all kinds of crazy but I just wanted to ask...if you'd like to meet up with me sometime, or I could come over, and we could cuddle, or maybe a bit more," he said. He approached it hesitantly, not sure quite how open Megan had ended up. "Aww, sorry sweetie but I was being super serious when I told you I wasn't into guys. And like, it's still the same. Otherwise I'd totally suck your cock, but I'm gonna go find some cute girl. Kay, see ya!" He pulled his phone away and looked down at it, mouth open as the pit of his stomach dropped through the seat of the chair. All of that. All of that, and she was still saying she was gay? There had to be something wrong with that device. There...just had to. Once she had left her apartment, Chris made his way across the street, letting himself into the apartment building, then into Megan's apartment. It was nothing like he remembered, obviously, but the layout had stayed the same. Just that instead of a poster of whatever artist it was she was fond of, it was a big pin-up photograph of Megan on a bearskin rug that sat above the A/C vent. He didn't have his screwdriver with him, so while he could pop off the grate and reach in to mess with the machine, he couldn't take it out. He turned on his flashlight, pointing it in so he could see the dials and controls, flicking them, twisting them, clicking them through the settings to try to see if he'd left something unset that would have kept Megan from realizing that she wanted him. "Aw, fuck," he said through his teeth. He drew back his hand from the machine and looked at the cut on his finger. A bit of warm blood was dripping onto the metal bottom of the vent. He got up, pressing his fingers around the cut, and hurried into the bathroom to wash it off and bandage it up. Bent over in front of the sink, he felt a faint tingle run up his spine, but he barely bothered to care what it was. He was going to patch himself up, set that machine up as high as it would go, then slip back out and hope that it made Megan realize how much she wanted him. He put on a bandage and began to clean up, but by the time he'd dabbed up the blood and tossed the wrapper in the trash, the bandage was loose, so he had to put another one on, making sure again that it was tight around his more slender finger. What was really happening to him didn't really click together until he looked up at the mirror, and saw a feminine face looking back at him, hair reaching down toward his chin in length, and with a noticeably girly gasp as he stepped back from the sink. "What the hell? Oh, no. No no no," he said. Chris rushed back to the vent, laying down on his back to reach the machine and trying to switch off every setting. It wasn't supposed to affect guys. This piece of shit was like super defective. "Fuck," he said, immediately sitting up as he heard his own thoughts. This was bad. And just for compound badness, he could hear voices behind the front door of the apartment. Giggling. Megan was coming back. He pushed the grate back into place, and as quietly and quickly as he could, retreated into the spare bedroom where he had put most of his things when living with Megan. He pushed his ear up against the door, swatting away growing lengths of dirty blond hair and trying to keep his breathing calm as he listened to the two female voices coming from the living room. Come on, go into the bedroom so I can sneak out, he thought. Chris backed away from the door slowly and took a seat on the bare bed, trying to calm his heart and collect his mind. He was going to get out, he didn't need to worry, he...wait a minute. No. He reached down between his legs. No no no. He slipped his hands underneath his pants, and felt nothing but panties covering a soft, warm, and very female mound. Chris was a girl now, and they were still in the main part of the apartment, talking away and providing no clues as to when they would be slipping off to Megan's room. She looked down at her fingers, able to watch the slow growth of acrylic nails, while around her, the muted tones of the room were beginning to morph into pastel pink. She looked down at herself, and her modest bust was held within a pink baby tee with a glitter heart across the chest. "No, this is stupid, stop it!" she said sharply under her breath. She was affecting nothing, though. Her waist was being pinched in, and she could feel it, just like she could feel the shifting of mass to her wider hips. With the slow growth of her hips, stretching her pink sweatpants, she couldn't help but think how good they'd be for birthing, and what a shame it'd be to see them go to waste. "I-I don't want to get pregnant!" she said quickly, terrified and indignant at once. She could almost hear her mother's voice telling her that when she met the right guy, she'd definitely be ready for it. And the thoughts of wearing nothing but an apron, of pleasing her husband as thanks for bringing home the bacon, they were popping smoothly into her mind. She knew though that they were fake, that she didn't have a mother like that, that big tits didn't run in her family, but it was so real, even next to the memories she knew were the real deal. Chris reached up, hefting her soft breasts, pushing her legs together and letting out a reluctant moan. Chris's body was quickly responding to her new narrative, even despite her attempts to squeeze it back down to a more moderate size. Chris was the all-American, corn-fed gal, and she had the curves to match, even if it made her a bit pudgy and she still wasn't as busty as Miss Two-Ton-Titties Megan. "Like, cut it out! I'm not a farm girl! I'm...uh..." Chris's mouth went slightly slack, letting her lips plump up while she tried to remember the big-city names that suddenly escaped her. The girly decor in her room was expanding, her wardrobe filling with all sorts of clothes, while her own clothes were looking smaller and smaller on her own body. "Y-you can't...I'm not..." she began to stammer to no one, her voice warmed by a light injection of a faint but sweet accent. She grabbed at her hair twisting itself up into big golden braids, but with her long pink nails, it was useless to try to do anything. Her high-heeled sandals dug in against the carpet, squirming and tugging at her pants shrinking up her soft, thick thighs. As Chris's eyelids fluttered, the room dissolved into a haze, and she fell back onto the bed, legs spread wide. She couldn't see who it was, but she could see a shape above her and feel something moving into her. Each thrust pushed away her thoughts of having grown up here in the city. In their place was rushing in thoughts of her farm, of her mother raising her and her sisters on her own, of striking out on her own to come to the big city and make it as a model or something. "No!" Chris cried out in vain. As she struggled, her breasts were only pinning her down more. As she was spread wide open by the unseen force, she could only think more of what her mother told her about how girls were supposed to act. Chris was hanging on. Despite all odds, she was keeping herself together. Until she felt the explosion of warmth, wetness, washing over her and filling her. Her lips curled perfectly. Her eyes were a sparkling brainless blue. Deep between her heavy breasts, snug in the pastel pink tank top with a glittering heart in the center, was a tiny little rhinestone cross. Chrissy reached up, gently laying her fingers across the cross, having to reach around her soft and so delightful and fun to touch breast to do so. She licked her lips and let out a giggle. "Just y'all wait, I'm gonna find a guy to do that to me all day," she said. Chrissy pulled herself up onto the tall heels and wiggled her way over to the door, feeling like a glass of milk after all that. "Like, hey Chrissy!" said Gigi, the girl that had once been Megan. Gigi sat up and looked over the couch, looking as wild and feline as ever. Some girl with blue streaks in her blond hair and bright blue lipstick on her thick, plump lips peered up over the edge of the couch. "This is my new girlfriend, Thorn!" Gigi said, nodding over at the 'alternative' bimbo. "Oh, uh, hi there Thorn, always nice to meet Gigi's friends," Chrissy said, and put on a brightly polite smile. "Y'all want me to make some iced tea for you or anything?" "Sure thing!" Gigi said to her. Gigi and Thorn ducked back behind the couch, and Gigi stretched out on top of the girl she'd met at the club. "She's my roommate. She gets kinda upset about how I like girls but she's toootally into girls too, I just know it," Gigi explained. "We've so got to do a threesome with her," Thorn said. The two girls grinned and giggled together as Gigi moved her lips back to Thorn's nipple, sucking and teasing it lovingly, and moaning out a thanks to Chrissy as she set the two iced teas down on the coffee table. The bimbo took a long look at the two on the sofa, bit back a moan, then hurried back toward her room, legs gently pressed together. Within the A/C ducts, the machine wound to a stop. Its power supply was depleted, and it switched into a recharge mode. It took quite a while to get its power back, and Chrissy and Gigi had since moved out by the time it was recharged. Alyssa breathed in slowly, thinking faintly that she smelled something odd just as the A/C had kicked on, then sighed, shrugged, and licked her lips.
  5. This is a fun little story I wrote as a trade with fortunefox, there's lot of fun transgender themes in both directions! Enjoy! Original posted at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6827980/ ---- Mouthing Off I dropped down on the bench next to Fortune, handing him a bag of popcorn. The fox-squirrel took the bag with a nod then sank back on the bench, his large tail flicking from side to side. "Thanks, Cleo," he said as he dug his hand into the bag. With a smile I reached over and took a handful of popcorn, munching on it as I relaxed on the bench with him. Around us the carnival was in full swing, the midway was busy and hundreds of furs were milling around the place, hugging up to the booths and trying to win at the rigged games. No one was really paying attention to the mouse and hybrid sitting on a bench and just people watching. Catching sight of a lion I laughed around my popcorn. "Wook at 'im!" I said around a mouth full of popcorn, motioning towards the feline. He was way over built, his arms and chest huge with muscles that strained under his too tight shirt. He pants were no better, almost painted on his super sized legs and hugged at his crotch. Fortune snorted a bit. "You don't get that big just by working out, guy must have been on steroids for years." "It's a pity what some people will do to their bodies just be huge like that. He would be cute if it wasn't for the ten layers of muscles." "He probably can lift your car." I smirked at this. "If I ever forget my jack that would be useful, otherwise I don't think he would be that fun. Anyways, he looks like he could crush me in bed." "Oh, that would be nasty," he replied with a chuckle, eating some more of the popcorn, his eyes scanning the crowd. People watching was the whole point of our trip to the carnival, watching the freaks and geeks and making fun of them. Not that either one of us were any less geeky, we both had glasses and long hair, his white where mine was red. Neither one of us were that fat, I could use to lose a few pounds around the middle, but it wasn't enough to make me anymore then slightly chubby. Fortune was lucky to have one of those metabolisms where he was perpetually thin no matter what he ate. We continued to eat our popcorn as the people went past until the fox-squirrel found someone to laugh at. "Look at the mare over there," he said, motioning to the left. I scanned over the area but all I could see was a zebra. "Which mare?" "The one with the implants," he replied. My eyes flicked over everyone again before I finally found her, she was in the back of the crowd near the ring toss game and it was clear she was looking for a different kind of fun. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a dark blue t-shirt that hugged firmly at her breasts. It was pretty clear that she wasn't wearing a bra and had some work done as they jutted out against the pressure from her tight clothing. "Wow," I said softly. He chuckled. "I know! What a Bimbo, she's so airheaded that it's a wonder she doesn't float away." I gave him a slightly look, my tail flicking up against his, teasing the big fluffy tail with mine. "How do you know that?" "Look at her, she's trying to play the ring toss game like you can win it. Come on, you have to be a totally airhead to think you can actually win that one." Laughing I took another handful of popcorn, the bag almost empty. "You have a point there," I said, the froze with the popcorn at my lips. I couldn't move at all, I could hardly breath. A chill starting to run down my back, making my fur stand on end. Then without a word I stood up, letting the popcorn fall from my hand. Beside me Fortune stood as well, the bag falling from his lap to land on the ground. Together we started walked across the midway, each step odd and jerky, our legs moving in time. I tried to fight against it, but I couldn't stop it, I just kept moving, step by step, unrelentingly forward. It was like being a marionette. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that my friend had a blank look on his face. There no expressing, not even a hint fear. I suspected that I was the same way. Even worse, no one seemed to notice us as we trundled though the crowd, pushing people out of the way as we marched forward. After crossing the midway we headed towards a small tent between two of the rigged games. There was a small sign next to the tent, but I couldn't turn my head to read it, instead I just marched inside, Fortune following right after me. Inside the tent was impressive, thick carpets covered the ground and tapestries and mirrors hung from the walls. In the center of the room was a low table covered in a bright purple clothing, on top of that was a stock of cards, crystals, small jars of herbs and, of all things, a crystal ball. A single lamp hung from the top of tent, casting everything in a yellow glow. "Now, what do we have here," a low voice said from behind us. I wanted to turn around to see who it was, but I couldn't, luckily the owner of the voice walked around us and to the table. It was on odd looking woman, she was a heavy set rat with a full chest and a slight hunch. She didn't look to old, but still had lines through her grey fur around hey dark red eyes. The only thing wore was a body hugging dress that didn't flatter her in the least. She sat down at the table, picking up the deck of cards and started to shuffle them. "A mouse and a fox-squirrel that think they are better then everyone else." I wanted to frown at this, but still couldn't move. I also wanted to know how she knew Fortune's species, it wasn't clear exactly what he was, the two halves of his bloodline mixed very well together, the only odd things were the longer tail and large eras. "I think you need to learn some humility, the both of you," she said, then with a flourish dealt out a pair of cards face down on the table. The rat smirked at us and leaned back. "Take your fates," she said. Without a word Fortune and I both reached out and took a card, flipping them over on the table. My card had a well muscled fox, shirtless and carrying a sword and a spear, his card had a rabbit girl on it with large breasts, covered in grime and wearing some scraps that barley kept her decent. With a nod the rat stood up and smiled. "And they are sealed," she said, then turned and walked out of the back of the tent, the tapestry falling behind her tail. A shiver ran down my spine as she left and I found myself free to move again. "What the hell was that?" "I don't know, but let's get out of here," Fortune replied, turning back to the entrance of the tent, he grabbed at the flap but his hand just skittered off of it. He tried again with the same effect. I rushed to his side, grabbing at the fabric of the tent, but I couldn't grab it either. With a growl I swished my tail and rushed at the fabric, hitting it with my shoulder. It didn't give at all, in fact I hit it and slide down away from it like it was made of glass. "What the hell?" I asked, rubbing my shoulder. "Did you hurt yourself?" he asked, bending down next to me, his voice a bit breathless. "I'm fine," I replied, coughing, my throat feeling sore, in fact everything was starting to feel sore. I started to rub my shoulders as I climbed back to my feet, feeling my pants starting to dig into my hips. I turned back to look at Fortune, standing eye to eye with him. A moment later the fact that was the case started to sink in. He was a good six inches taller than me, there was no way I should be looking him directly in the eye. With a gulp I realized that I wasn't looking him in the eye anymore, I was looking down at him, and how far I had to look was growing with each passing second. "Cleo, what's happening?" he asked. I looked down at my body, the bottom of my t-shirt was starting to rise up over my hem of my pants, pants that were starting to get tighter with every passing moment. At the same time his clothing was starting to get baggier on him, the buttons on his shirt puffing out as the fabric gathered around them. "I don't know," I replied, my voice raspier then before. I coughed again and felt something shift against my throat. Reached up I felt something pressing out under the skin. "What the hell," I asked, shocked at the sound of my voice. It was deep, far deeper than it had any right to be. Pushing past my now shorter friend, and nearly stepping on his long tail, I moved to one of the mirrors in the tent. As I pulled my hand away I let out a gasp, I had developed a rather prominent adam's apple! Beside me Fortune rubbed his sides, shivering a bit. "I feel strange," he said, his voice becoming higher pitched with each and every breath. It was a woman's voice, as much as mine belonged to a man. "You're not the only one," I replied, a sharp pain running across my hips and over my tail. I flicked it out, reaching back to rub my hips, I could feel my ass starting to deflate under my touch, my hips changing as well. Oddly it didn't help the pants, if anything they were getting tighter! Fortune shifted from foot to foot, his long tail swaying across the floor, as I watched his white hair started to grow longer, falling down his neck, then past this shoulders. As it grew it also got fuller, bouncing as he shifted from side to side. Without thinking I reached out and stroked his tail, running my fingers along the length of it, causing the fox-squirrel to let out a soft churning and shaking his hips even more. Another jolt of pain crossed over my chest, my bra getting tighter and starting to press down against my chest. I looked myself over in the mirror, my larger frame made my shirt so tight I could see the outlines of the bra as it flattened out my breasts. No, it wasn't the bra. I reached up and touched my chest, feeling the soft flesh of my breasts shrink inch by inch before they seemed to vanish completely! With a cry I pulled off my shirt, nearly ripping it in the process, and threw it to the side. I struggled with my bra, tight across my chest and back, working to get the hooks free. I finally pulled them apart and yanked the thing off my chest. My breasts were gone, in their place was a pair of rather large pecks, my small nipples almost lost in the fur of my chest. Under them I watched my abdominals twitch as my slight belly started to thin out, the muscles getting more defined. Soon I was sporting quiet the six pack. Fortune reached out and touched my abs, then ran his hands up over my chest. His fingers were thin, the fur short trimmed and his claws were perfectly filed. I looked up at him and gasped softly, his shirt wasn't hanging off of him anymore, it was jutting out from his chest. "Take your clothing off," I ordered him. My friend nodded, taking a step back and starting to pull off his shirt, I watched him with one eye as it came off then let out a pleased gasp. While I had lost my breasts, he seemed to have found them, and then some, where I had a C-cup he was well into the Es and I could see his breasts were still growing. Each one was capped with a large nipple that was already hard and jutting forward. I licked my lips and reached out to rub them as he pulled off his ill fitting pants. As he bent over I watched his rear end starting to swell out, filling into a perfectly full round ass that I couldn't help but reach out and grope, teasing it with my large hands. He stood back up, his growing breasts shaking, and turned to face me, his shaft was jutting happily from his crotch, but was smaller than I had expected it to be. Even so it was a good size for him. "You're turn," he said, running a finger down my chest to the hem of my tight pants, his airy voice full of lust. Taking a step back I worked at my pants, having to force open the button on the fly then yanking down the zipper. The button on my tail was easier to open, then I grabbed both my pants and panties and pushed them down in one go, kicking them to the side. Standing in front of the fox-squirrel I placed my hands on my hips, my pussy slick with my growing lust. A moment later I felt my hips pop and twist, narrowing under my hands. At the same moment his hips popped out even winder. I danced from side to side, my tail flicking as I watched his body shake. His breasts were even larger now, dominating his chest and jiggling with even the slightest movement. His hair reached down to the base of his tail, full and almost glowing in the light of the tent. "Oh, what's that?' he asked, pointing down at my crotch. I looked down, an easy trick down that my breasts weren't in the way. My pussy was looking puffy, dripping in excitement, my clit growing larger with each moment. Reaching down I touched it as it pulsed in pleasure, swelling out under my fingers, the tip starting to take on the shape of a cock head. Letting out a groan I looked back at my friend, watching as his own shaft got smaller, his balls already pulling up into his body. He was rocking from foot to foot, rubbing himself as his manhood shrunk. As my head spun in pleasure I grasped my growing shaft, pleasure arching through my body. I started to stroke along the length of it, feeling it pulse and swell out. My other hand slipped down to rub at my swollen neither lips, feeling them throb and pucker, pulling together before sealing. Then with a pulse I felt my new balls starting to grow, pressing down heavy against my fingers as they stretched out my new scrotum. Biting my lip I looked up at Fortune, our changes still mirroring each other as she was starting to rub and teasing her tight looking pussy. I turned away from my friend to look at myself in the mirror, letting out a low whistle as I saw the man reflected back at me. I was hot, I mean fucking hot! Six feet tall, buff and muscular without being stupidly huge. I had some nice definition in my arms and legs, and the tight six pack of abs really showed off all the time I put in the gym. The only thing that marred it were the small glasses the framed by violet eyes, but that was a small price to play, and I made up for it with an impressive cock that jutted firmly from my crotch. Looking back at... I struggled to remember her name, I wanted to say Fortune, but I knew that was wrong, it didn't fit her, it was too classy. Finally it came to me. "Cherry," I said, my head spinning as I looked her over. She was fucking sexy, with all the right curves, a wonderful ass and a chest worth shooting a few loads over. Even just standing still she exuded sex, it was just in her nature, she would have to work hard to be anything other than a bimbo, and she didn't like to work hard. The squirrel-vixen giggled as she came up to me, pressing her breasts against my arms. "Yes, Antony?" Her chest was soft and full, with just enough give to be pleasant. She may have had stripper tits, but she was all natural and perfectly soft. Leaning down I kissed my girlfriend, pulling her close to me as my cock rubbed at the fur of her tight belly. "I want to fuck you, right here!" She giggled and looked around the tent. "Here? That's so naughty!" "And you love it!" I said, grabbing her ass and yanking her even closer to me. Cherry fell against my chest, her huge breasts taking up all the space between us. She pressed herself up, standing on the very tip of her toes as she kissed me, her lips firm against mine. I kissed her in return, pressing my tongue into her muzzle, teasing her with it as my large hands roved over her back and down to squeeze her perfect ass. After a few moments I broken the kiss, then gently pushed down against her. She was smart enough to take the cue and quickly sank down to her knees on the thick rug. Taking my shaft in her hands she slowly stroked all ten inches of it, then bending down she licked the fat tip. A shiver ran though my body at her touch, my pleasure focused completely on my cock. It was a truly wonderful feeling, one that made me want to grab her head and starting fucking her muzzle, but I held back. I knew what my bimbo could do and I knew there was more to come. She started to suck the length of my shaft into her muzzle, teasing along the underside with her tongue, taking her time until her nose was pressed firmly in my crotch. She topped herself by flicking her tongue out to lick at my balls. Whimpering I reached down and ran my hands through her long white hair, teasing it as she started to work her mouth up and down my shaft, churring softly as she worked. She had such a talented mouth, but it wasn't a surprise with how hot she looked. I humped at her mouth as she picked up speed, slurping along my poll, working her paws along my shaft as she sucked over it, her long tail swaying behind her in a long arch. Watching her work I found it so hard to believe that my friend had been a man only an hour before, being a bimbo so suited her more than being a tweedy guy. Finally I grunted, feeling my orgasm starting to build at the base of my shaft. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off of me. She looked up and pouted a bit, small trail of precum running from her lips to my cockhead. "Get on the table Cherry," I said, pointing to the table in the center of tent, the rat lady had apparently cleared it off for use. The squirrel-vixen smiled and jumped to her feet, hurrying over to the table. She sat on the edge, spreading her legs to show off her cleft. I could smell her arousal as easily as I could see it, and I found it easy to move down to her. Grabbing her legs I pushed them further apart then pressed my nose up against as I flicked my tongue out to taste her juices. Her taste was wonderful and sent a new rush of pleasure through my body. I pressed closer and started to work at her, licking around in her pussy, exploring it with my tongue. Above me Cherry started to moan and squirm, her hands grabbing at my short cut red hair, right behind my ears. I flicked my tail as I kept eating her, enjoying the flavor and the feeling of her squirming above me. I had never gone down on a woman before, not being gay, but now that I was a guy it felt like exactly the right thing to do. My bimbo girlfriend grabbed at my hair, starting to hump her hips at my face, my nose rubbing up against her clit. She was starting to gasp and shake above me, her hips pressing around my face. Pulling away from her I looked up, catching her eyes from between her M-Cup breasts. "I want to fuck you properly!" Letting out a giggle she let go of me then leaned back, slowly laying herself down on the table. Her breasts jutted high above her, the fat nipples hard in her excitement. I took a step forward, move up between her legs my hard cock perfectly level with her eager pussy. Grabbing my shaft I moved closer until my head pressed at the soft folds of her neither lips. Bending down I looked at her, her blue eyes glowing with lust behind her own glasses. With a grunt I grabbed her huge tits and thrust myself into her pussy. I sank in with no trouble at all, the soft folds parting and holding tightly around me as I buried myself into her, bringing a gasp from her lips. It was a perfect fit, her cunt holding me in all the right ways. Cherry shook under my, whimpering as I started to grope and tease her jugs, starting to fuck her with long powerful strokes. Each thrust send her body and breast shaking in my hands, soon I just had to lean down and suck her nipples into my mouth, starting to tease and nibble at it. "Oh, oh Antony! Pound me!" she gasped in her airy voice, her hands pawing at my back. I was happy to do as my girlfriend ask, starting to fuck her with all my force, the table rocking each time my hips slapped against her. I was glad for how solid the table was as any lower quality it would break under us. I used all my force to fuck her, digging my feet against the ground to get just a bit more leverage. She squirted and gasped under me, each thrust making her squeak and moan, the volume rising as she got closer and closer to her climax. I finally had to let her tit fall from my lips before arching my back, grabbing her hips and plowing her like she needed to be. My own lust burning so brightly I worried that I would burst into flame, instead I felt my balls pull tight as my cock grew rock hard. With one last thrust I slammed hard into her, grunting out as I started to cum, my seed exploding out of my shaft and flood into her womb. A moment later Cherry came as well, letting out a scream and arching her back as her pussy clenched around me, milking my cock for every bit of my cum. We were held together like that for ages before our climax started to fade and I found myself falling against her, panting hard. "You're such a good fuck," I gasped out. She giggled under me and whimpered happily, still coming down. In front of us I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and found the rat had returned. She was watching us with a narrow smile on her face. I looked back at her in return, my eyes straying to her large breasts, she must have been quite the hottie in her day and still had a little of it at her current age. "You seem to have enjoyed your punishment," she said. "I did," I replied, thrusting a bit more into the squirrel-vixen as my shaft starting to grow limp. "Though can we turn back?" She smirked a bit. "Of course, if you both want to turn back." I thought about it for a few moments, my mind running over the choices as the haze of my lust started to fade away. I could stay a man or go back to being a woman, small and nimble with cute breasts, or tall and muscular with a big cock. It only took me a few moments to make up my mind. "I want to go back," I said. The rat nodded and leaned down to look at Cherry. "And you?" A look of deep concentration crossed over the bimbo's face. "Be a man?" She nodded. Cherry made a face. "Hell no, I wouldn't have my tits!" With a laugh the rat got up and clapped her hands. "Then your new life is your life," she said, clapping her hands. I felt a wave of power as I was locked into my new muscled form, under me my girlfriend giggled, so happy to be a bimbo. In the end, she was right, she was better as a bimbo and perfect as the eye candy on my arm. ---- ?