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Found 2 results

  1. (Woman to Pig) A TF Zoo Story The Tampa Fe Zoo is having a promotion! To participate, simply pick which exhibit you want to have a more up-close-and-personal-visit to, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the dolphins and soaring with the eagles in no time at all! All you have to do in order to see the Tampa Fe Zoo through a fresh pair of eyes is call the toll-free number below*! 1-800-639-2639 *The City of Tampa Fe is not liable for any instance of participants losing their mentality or having potentially unwanted modifications befall their body, both of which have been known to occur during the ‘quiz' section of the Tampa Fe Zoo’s promotion. We thank you for your compliance. ><—><—><—><—> • <—><—><—><—>< Hannah sat in the Administration Office of the Tampa Fe Zoo anxiously checking her phone. Although initially excited about the promotion she’d seen in Cosmos earlier that day, see had been immediately put off upon arriving by how she was apparently their first “willing” participant. What they'd meant by that wasn’t clear, but she didn’t love the sound of it. She only had to spend a few minutes waiting, however, as Hannah soon found herself being led her through a side corridor and into back room by an employee. Once it came time for payment, she thought it odd why they only took cash when it was such a large sum of money. She still handed over the cash she’d been to bring, determined not to let skepticism ruin a good time. The worker turned on the room's overhead lights to show a large, curved monitor in the middle of an otherwise empty storage area as a slam of a door told her that she was now alone. Hannah was surprised that no actual human would be present in the room for her registration but wasn’t bothered by it. Hannah much prefered telling personal details to a computer than to an actual person. Her her heels clicked upon the stone floor as Hannah stepped toward the room's center monitor, under which lay a control panel with touch controls and an on-screen keyboard. While the setup was unusually hi-tech for such a banal use, she only saw it as a welcome convenience. Hannah tapped the flashing 'START' button below her to begin the process. After entering her name, age, and measurements, she saw it asked for a short blurb of who she was. “I’m a model on Instagram," Hannah typed. “My entire life, people have told me how hot I am, and so I made a career out of it!” She moved on to the next query. It needed two things from Hannah: where in the Tampa Fe Zoo she'd want to travel, and what her purpose in having an intimate visit there would be. She had easy answers to both. Hannah flexed her fingers before entering in, “I heard the Petting Zoo has pigs. People love baby animals, so I thought piglets would make for a great photo op! I want people to see me caring for tiny piggies like a mother would. My Instagram crowd would eat it up!” Even though hated the idea of being that close to such dirty animals, she knew that keeping up a positive image on social media was completely worth putting up with the smell of pigs for a while. Satisfied with her answers, Hannah pressed the ‘NEXT’ button and heard the computer internally whirr and hum in response. It finished whatever computation it'd been making and displayed a text box on the monitor, reading: "Hello, Hannah! Our goal is to offer a life-changing experience that fully immerses you in our habitats. To accomplish this, your inputs have been processed into a quiz that prepares you to go face-to-face with the inhabitants of the Petting Zoo!” She rolled her eyes. Unless this 'preparation' involved her putting in nose plugs, Hannah didn't how a quiz could make her actually enjoy that environment. There undoubtedly existed some people who could have more fun at a Zoo by knowing animal facts, so she understood why the quiz was in place. That didn't mean she thought it could help her, though. QUESTION 1: WHAT ANIMAL IS PICTURED HERE? The first question seemed ridiculously easy. The picture was simply of a mother hog with piglets suckling from its breasts. As she tried to hold in her disgust at such a bloated swine, Hannah keyed in "Pig" in order to just move on. Curiously, there was no indication of whether her answer was correct or not. It didn't matter to her, though; Hannah didn't want to spend forever on the questions. She was too busy reading the next question to feel a corkscrew-like tail pressing against the inside of her panties. QUESTION 2: WHAT NOISE DO PIGS COMMONLY MAKE? Another easy question. Hannah confidently typed "grunts" in the text field and hit 'enter', pleased with how quickly she was completing the quiz. The thought of how soon she'd be able to be with the baby piglets caused caused a grrrooink to escape from her lips, its abruptness catching Hannah off guard. Did she just... oink? Hannah disregarded the notion as utterly ridiculous and had to reaffirm to herself that the piglets were to be props in a photo: nothing more. For a moment, however, the thought floated through her mind that it'd be wrong to leave such helpless creatures by themselves. It was during this pensive contemplation that Hannah failed to notice the gradual shrinkage of her hair, her brunette locks only 3/4 as long as they once were. Eventually, she managed to push the moral dilemma out of her mind and could focus on the third question. QUESTION 3: WHAT IS A PIG'S ICONIC NOSE LOCATED AT THE END OF? She chuckled at how easy the question was, her laughter containing more snorting than it normally did. Tapping the touch-screen with cocky pecks of her finger, Hannah submitted "snout" as her answer. For whatever — due perhaps to a too-foggied brain — Hannah wasn't cognizant of her nose and mouth pushing out of her face, creating a cylindrical snout with two large, porcine nostrils at the end. This all strengthened her sense of smell to the point where Hannah was forced to scrunch up her face at the scents drifting out of nearby restroom. Soon enough, the sound of water flowing through pipes underground filled the air, the position of Hannah's now stronger ears having shifted to the top of her head. Hannah's eyes also grew further apart, no longer pointing straight forward like a predator. Instead, each one lay on one side of her broad muzzle and pointed her pupils slightly waywardly, giving her a rather dumb and vapid expression. As her hair shrank to nearly a quarter of its original length, Hannah began on the next part of the quiz. QUESTION 4: PIGS CLEAN THEIR SKIN BY WALLOWING IN WHAT SUBSTANCE? Hannah blinked. Was the quiz really saying that pigs wallow in mud to keep clean? That must be why they were always so filthy! Upon entering in "mud" for her guess, every inch of Hannah's skin flared with sensation. Her once pale complexion turned a faded pink as tiny hairs sprouted all over her body, causing bouts of itchiness to erupt underneath her clothing. Too uncomfortable in her outfit to worry about being indecent, Hannah urgently stripped naked. The feeling of comfort that instantly engulfed her made her begin panting in relief, a broadened tongue lolling lopsidedly out of her snout. The skin of Hannah's neck thickened and rendered imperceptible a separation between her torso and head, which now had had no hair but the patchy coat of white, almost transparent stubble that covered the rest of his skin as well. Mud. The word had stuck in Hannah's mind. The thought of feeling its coldness drip down her back on a hot day grew so prominent in her mind that it could quell any internal protests of it being gross. Hannah recognized who she found the concept of mud disgusting minutes earlier, but that was before she understood why pigs wallowed in it! More imagery of how refreshing mud would feel slathered on her flaky skin stormed her mind. As the earthy scent of a mudhole almost seemed to waft into her nostrils, Hannah was finally able to put her attention back onto the computer in front of her. QUESTION 5: WHAT TYPE OF FOOT DO PIGS POSSESS? She kept her mudlust under control in order to better concentrate on the question, which was yet again an easy one to answer: "trotter". Hannah forgot in which High School class she would've learned that fact, but she was grateful to know it nonetheless. A shooting pain in her hands made Hannah collapse to the ground in agony. The nails on her fingers and toes elongated and thickened. Both of her hands restructured themselves to work as feet in service a quadrupeic gait. The sensation of one digit on each extremity merging with another one elicited a squeal from Hannah. Finally, after what felt like an endless series of tugs and pulls in her limbs, she was able to stand. Hannah knew for absolute certain that she was supposed to be standing on two legs, not four — she knew that! But something felt so natural about standing on her trotters that, despite the voice inside her head saying not to, Hannah accepted her new piggy hooves and was just glad that the Zoo had thought to make the height of the control panel adjustable. QUESTION 6: WHAT IS THE CONSUMPTION CLASSIFICATION OF PIGS? Yet another no-brainer! Using her porcine nose to tap the screen, she had to expend no effort thinking up the answer: "omnivore". Hannah's jaws tingled as 12 new teeth grew in, bringing the total number in her mouth up to 44. Ger brain seemed to pulse with neural activity as she began to be rewired as having a pig's diet. Thick saliva seeped from Hannah's mouth, her mind becoming consumed with images of all kinds of food she never thought appetizing: roots; flowers; tree bark; worms; even garbage. Before moving on with the quiz, Hannah laid eyes on the viscous puddle of drool by her feet. She needed to taste something — anything, or else she'd go insane! She licked the floor to lap up the liquid, and the taste of her slobber overwhelmed her. Unbeknownst to her, Hannah had grown thousands more taste buds on her tongue, which, coupled with the sharpness of her smell and an omnivorous diet, made eating the most euphoric feeling in the world. Absentmindedly smacking her lips, Hannah summoned enough concentration to answer the next quiz question. QUESTION 7: WHAT CAUSES THE TEATS OF A SOW TO FILL WITH MILK? Some part of her was still fighting. A tiny corner of her brain that recognized the ramifications of continuing and pleaded that she just flee. But because she was so far gone already, Hannah ultimately keyed in her answer: "childbirth". Her body bloated past 200, 300, and even 400 pounds until Hannah's 500-pound mass made standing an arduous effort. A husky moan flew from her lips upon feeling the weight of 14 teats dangle from her chest, each bulging with milk. The stimulation Hannah got from the liquid sloshing around inside her mammaries at the slightest movement made her breath quicken with pleasure. There was no part of Hannah's body that was human anymore. Hannah's lazy gaze drifted back on to the monitor upon the display beginning to flash with the message: "You're almost done! But before you begin your new life in the Petting Zoo, our algorithm has assigned you both a new name and a special trait that will help you better adjust to Zoo life. We hope you enjoy seeing the Tampa Fe Zoo from an all-new, fresh perspective as you take on the role of Mabel, the most loving mother sow in the Petting Zoo!" That was the word Mabel was missing all this time: 'mother'. Mabel was a mother, and the size of her teats came as reminder that she'd borne a farrow of twelve not three days prior. Mabel was a sow, and her groin quivered at the thought of a boar's musky scent. But most importantly, Mabel was a pig. Her head spun with a flurry of information until feeling too dizzy to keep her eyes open, and opening them moments later, Mabel realized her surroundings had changed. Instead of standing on cold, stone flooring, Mabel was lying on her side, cushioned by the straw spread across the muddy ground of a shed. She was in the Petting Zoo! But, then, of course she was here — it was her home, wasn't it? Mabel looked around and felt a sense of security; it all seemed right. She basked in the sunlight coming from a window of her shed until movement from the door frame caught her attention and brought her indescribable joy. It was her piglets: all twelve of them. And they were hungry. Mabel's teats began to preemptively lactate until each member of the litter could could choose a nipple to suckle on. Mabel let out loving grunts in total and utter bliss. While she cared for her little piggies, Mabel peered at all the zoogoers looking on from the outside area and sighed in satisfaction at her request having been granted.
  2. Some of my fantasies is to become a fat piggy. you are walking home, another long day of work or school. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl. It does not matter if you are young or old, or if your figure is amazing or plain. Try to imagine what you are wearing. Perhaps you like to dress more conservatively, or maybe more risqué. In any case, you are not expecting today to be any trouble. You’re not with anyone today, the path home so familiar that you are practically walking on auto-pilot. Lost in thought, you do not notice a man approaching you from behind. Suddenly, and violently, wraps his arm around your neck, and stuffing rag into your mouth. You’re in shock, unable to react in time, as you fall back into his grasp. As the reality dawns on you, the fumes of the rag enter your mind. You are scared, your brain firing off survival instincts, yet your body relaxes with your muscles numb and weak. You are practically a prisoner in your mobile body as you are dragged into the trunk of a truck. You try to scream, but your lungs cannot manage more then a silent cry. You don’t know how long the ride is back, as you drift in and out of consciousness. It still feels like a dream. You’ve heard of people being kidnapped, but never thought it could happen to you. You sleepily watch as the truck parks and you are dragged out towards a building. It looks like a hospital… You awaken again, this time with a start. You feel more alert, your strength coming back, allowing you to view your surroundings with clarity for the first time. It what looks like a doctors office. It lacks any decorations or reading of an actually office however. Most of your clothing has been removed. Your chest is bare, making your nipples freezing in the cold office, as only the underwear around your crotch remains. This was not be design however, but rather you awakening as just the right time, as a man in a lab coat is in the process of removing them. Unaware of your consciousness, you are able to kick him in the face, blood spraying out of his nose. You jump to your feet as he falls to the ground, and swing the door open. Your heart sinks, as you see you are not alone. Nearly a dozen, intimidating men, turn to see you. A few of them are carrying unconscious men and women, seemingly capture just like you. You try to make a break for it, but it is hopeless, as they surround you. The strongest looking of them wraps his arms around your naked waist, lifting you in the air, as another grabs your legs to stop you from kicking. You scream and swear as you are taken back into the office, the bleeding doctor being helped by the others. You are bent over table, your legs being held to the ground, and your arms pinned. You feel your underwear being lowered down to your knees as you continue to yell. In the corner of your eye, you can see one of them with a syringe filled with brown liquid. Then, you feel a prick it is injected into your left ass cheek. Your whole body feels like it is on fire. Your nerves are searing, and your muscles spasm. The men release you, as you fall writhing to the ground. A few of them are laughing as they exit the room. A woman in a lab coat has entered, taking the place of the man you injured. She begins to write on a clipboard, as she watches you. You are drenched in sweat, as you lose control of your bladder. You can barely form words as the spasms continue, your body trying with all its might to reject whatever was injected into you. Slowly, your body surrenders this battle, as the convulsions stop, though your muscles continue to seer. You feel sharp pain coming from your teeth. Your bottom incisors are growing. Their points become sharp, as they lengthen past your lips. You can’t help but touch your two white tusk like protrusions, confirming they are real. You try to get up, but your balance is all off. You can’t take more then a step before you fall back to the ground, landing on all fours. Despite your mind thinking a thousand things at once, you can’t help but notice that your hands felt nothing from that fall. Looking at them, you let out a shriek. Your numb fingers are swelling, taking on a pink tint as they do. You can’t move them, and can only watch as they become hard and stiff. Your other hand is changing even more rapidly, changing into what is unmistakably a hoolve. You scream at the doctor watching you, though find it difficult to form words with your new tusks. You beg to know what’s happening to you. She merely looks at you with cold indifference, as a new wave of coldness washes over you. You try and get up once more, but fall right back on your hooves. Your inability to get onto your feet make you realize that they too have transformed, and looking back at them confirms it. You scream again, though your cry sounds like a high pitched squeal. Your heart is pounding faster then ever before, as you feel your nose expanding, pushing forward so you can see it growing out between your eyes. You feel the snot dripping down your face as your nostrils grow wide. The hair on your head is falling out in large clumps. As if to compensate, short white hairs are growing out from everywhere else on your body. You can feel your ears growing, brushing against your newly bald head. They have become flat and floppy. You want to feel them, but your shoulders don’t allow your arms to bend enough to reach your head. Meanwhile, your skin is turning pink. You are crying without restraint. You suspect what is happening to you, what you are changing into, but your mind tries to deny it. It’s just to horrible to even consider. Instead, futile as it might be, you open your mouth to beg with the woman watching you. Your voice sound gravely, deep, and blocked. As you speak, you cannot help but let grunting noises interrupt your words. Realizing you ability to speak is being stolen from you, you let out another high pitched squeal. Your stomach feels bloated as the skin around your belly inflates like a balloon. You’ve never felt so full in your life, like you just ate twice your own weight in a matter of seconds. It’s not just your stomach thats growing. Fat and flab cover your limbs as your body expands. You try desperately to drag yourself across the ground, but you are way too fat for your arms cary. You’ve already gained two hundred pounds. While this happens, you feel something pushing itself out, just above your fattening ass. Looking back, you once again squeal. A curly tail as sprouted out of you. this one change, perhaps more then any other, sends you into a panic. Something about it makes you realize that you can no longer deny what you are becoming. You are turning into a fat, disgusting pig, and there is nothing you can do about it. Your face presses forward, joining your long, wide snout. Meanwhile, your feet elongate, while your thighs shorten. You are truly designed to be a quadruped now. Your arms are getting shorter, looking more like huge slabs of meat. The genitalia between your legs subtly shift position, growing larger as it does. It hurts, but also fills you with waves of desire. Though this lust is not like anything you are used to. It feels raw, and animalistic. Erotic thoughts swim through your mind in response, but it is not the picture of humans that fill your fantasies. The though of a pig off the opposite sex, the idea of mating and procreating with them, fills every fiber of your sexual desires. Through the mountains of lust filling your every thought, a small voice of horror rings out at the realization that the changes aren’t just physical. Your very mind is being taken away from you. You continue to inflate, becoming abnormally fat, even for a pig. Even the lady watching you seems surprised, as she writes faster. It takes all your effort to move your obese body even a few inches. You feel so tired, and lethargic. You feel like you need to get away, but you can’t remember why. Why are you so scared? Do you even have a name. Slowly, those thoughts begin to fade, as your brain forgets everything you used to know. You can’t read, or remember how you got here. You can barely even think. All you want to do is eat, and mate. You let out a frustrated grunt, eager procreate. The changes are stopping now, with no trace of the human you used to be. You are a swine now, and as far as you can recall, you have always been a swine. The lady watching you is saying something, but you can’t understand it. The door opens, and you are led into a truck with other pigs. You want to mate with the first one you see, but you are led away into your own little space. In the corner is a troff, which you eat the slop out of. However, there is still a small part of you, cut off from the rest of your body, that is trying to resist. You can’t remember your name, or what are words, but you know you are not meant to be a pig, and are not supposed to be eating this disgusting slop. But that part of you cannot reach the rest, which keeps eating. Finally, the truck opens, and you are led into a field with other pigs. You immediately begin to roll in the mud. It feels so cool against your hot skin. You lay there for hours, driving in and out of consciousness. When you awaken, you feel the old lust again. You drag your heavy body towards your desired mate, as they accept your advances. That small part of you that remembers what you’re supposed to be is screaming now, wanting to do nothing but prevent the act from occurring. But that voice is easily silenced by the mountains of animalistic lust coursing through you. You procreate once, then twice. That small voice of protest never truly goes away. But it has already lost. You are a pig. You were always meant to be a pig. And you will remain one for the rest of your life.