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  1. Kin

    Shool water cat. Cat girl

  2. Sauce: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/kgg84
  3. Witch Crafting Her Halloween Mount" (A unique take on "witchcraft'.) A commission for @pixelmorpher1 :iconpixelmorpher1: in a halloweentheme
  4. Kin

    Oh rats! by Unidentified-TF

    Stacy saw an ad looking for a volunteer to test out new experimental pills, she decided to try it out of boredom "what's the worst that could happen?" she thought to herself. After walking for a few minutes she saw the clinic advertised, she went in and asked a nurse for directions, she pointed her to the volunteer room. She was the only one there which gave her some second thoughts, "ah, you must be Stacy! nice to meet you" a doctor said, "...uh, yep that's me" she replied still thinking if this was a good idea. In about 30 minutes the doctor had explained what she was supposed to do "take 2 pills each day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, and do keep a diary to track your health" he said and handed her a bottle containing the pills. "Remember to return at the end of the month for your pay" he said with a smile. As she walked out the doctor quickly shouted to her "oh, and please if you notice some side effects or any illness contact me immediately, as you know this drug has only been tested on rats", this didn't sound safe to her but she thought "1,000 dollars are 1,000 dollars". She was going to sleep and noticed the pills on her bedstand "geez I nearly forgot this" she said to herself, "damn and I also forgot to take one this morning, it probably won't hurt to take 2 pills now, right?" she thought as she put two pills in her hands, and swallowed them, in a few seconds a sudden wave of heat spread through her entire body, "damn this got a hella kick to it". Her wavy chocolate brown hair started getting messy and her hair color changed into a brownish grey, "WHAT THE HELL... my beautiful hair!", hairs started sprouting all over her body and in a few moments it had grown into fur which matched her new hair color, she felt unbalanced and fell on all fours, her toes formed into paws and her nails became dark and sharp, "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME? THIS WASN'T MENTIONED ANYWHERE!", her nose elongated forwards forming a pink snout, her front teeth lengthened giving her buck teeth, her ears grew outwards into large rat ears, long whiskers sprung out of her face, her eyes turned yellow and her pupils went from a dark green to a dark red, "please stop, PLEASE! I don't want this..." the warmth subsided "oh thank god!", but the warmth returned intensively above her butt and a pink tail started to form on the end of her spine and elongated slowly and painfully out of her, after a few moments the warmth disappeared, "for FUCKS sake! If the can't fix me... I'm suing their asses!"
  5. Kin

    Join the army...

    paint girls 1531010373477.webm
  6. 1530741500723.webm
  7. Kin

    Girl pleasuring herself

  8. Kin

    Shower Girls Peeking