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KIN.AL Tries to be an anonymous and privacy friendly rule #34 board. I believe most of us know how important anonymity is and why you don't want anyone to know what you are into, unless you are new to the Internet or just found out about your fetish and want to share it with the world. 

Currently there are 6 boards.

  1. KinFolk ( Off-topic & Erotic content for Kin who still want to be human for some odd reason. Porn, Hentai, etc...)
  2. OtherKin (non human erotic content.)
  3. MutaKin (General Heterosexual & Lesbian Transformation)
  4. ModKin (Heterosexual & Lesbian Body and mind modifications.)
  5. WienerKin (Transgender content and transformation)
  6. VileKin (Every family has their undesirables. basically random and rule #34)

The global rules below are to keep the server steady and stable and for us not getting banned. 

  1. No CP or anything that sexualizes minors.
  2. No Real Death or Bestiality fetishes including those that looks like it's real. Fictional ones are fine. 
  3. Post quality content, content with no real value or below 3 stars might get removed. We do this because of limited storage space and my INTERNET takes ages to download backups.
  4.  Scat, periods, vore, gore all goes into VileKin.
  5. Content too nasty looking will end up in VileKin.
  6. Large files are frowned upon, use a file service to share large images and files. 
  7. Spam etc... will get you a ban. 
  8. Keep shitposting and trolling in VileKin please