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    Cow Job

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    Come Into Her Parlor - by transform-fan-comics

    his profile page on furaffinity. he is making comics also https://www.furaffinity.net/user/transform-fan-comics/
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    Come Into Her Parlor - by transform-fan-comics

    mor from this artist?
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    Shool water cat. Cat girl

  9. He awoke with a daze, but quickly realized that he could not move. He was stuck in... something. He gave the material a strong pull and it stretched ever so slightly. It was webbing. "Oops, sorry!" The voice was gentle and female, but the man in the spider's web couldn't see who was speaking to him. He squinted his eyes as a shadow moved towards him. As the figure entered the light, his eyes flew wide open in shock. It was a giant spider with a human's upper torso. She was oddly beautiful and obviously dangerous. The man silently prayed that he would not be devoured before being jerked back to reality by the feeling of a hand tugging on his shoe. "Hey! What are you doing?" "Ssshhh, just leave it to me..." She pulled of his shoe with a gentleness that matched her voice, the cool air brushing against his socked heel. Suddenly, she dug her hands straight into his socked foot, scraping his cotton covered sole and eliciting a torrent of laughter. A member commission for Spikedpsycho. To make your own fan request and download all of our transformation comics, purchase a single 1-month membership to transformfan.com! (Technically, this one's from Bondage Fan - but I thought the spider girl might be appreciated here!)
  10. Sauce: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/kgg84
  11. Krilling gives hope to most manlets
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